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Nemu wore a steady expression on her face as she stood facing Head Captain Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai, three other captains assembled at her left, four at her right. She had just finished explaining, word for word what had transpired, starting, in vivid detail with how Mayuri Kurotsuchi had abused her and continuing on to recount her struggle of that night and how Captain Soi Fon had come to her rescue.

A range of expressions could be seen on display by the eight captains. Unohana and Ukitake both looked, sad, sympathetic. Zaraki looked bored and apathetic. Kyoraku looked amused and agreeable. Hitsugaya and Komamura looked stark and serious. Kuchiki and Yamamoto himself bore no discernible expression at all.

"So that is your story, Lieutenant Kurotsuchi? You are guilty of insubordination against your superior officer? Captain Soi Fon is guilty of engaging in deadly combat with her fellow Captain, going so far as to use bankai with the intent to kill?" Yamamoto spoke in his aged voice, his glare intimidating.

"Correct," Nemu said with a placid nod.

"These are serious crimes that are not to be taken lightly. You both shall not escape punishment," said the old man, staring ahead.

"I understand," Nemu said, nodding simply again.

"But surely Captain, the reason for the crimes must be considered in deciding the punishment," started Kyoraku, smirking, and giving a self assured nod.

"A good motive doesn't absolve one from one's crimes, Captain Kyoraku. We must remember that the Gotei 13 operates by a strict set of rules. Infringements can never simply be ignored," said Hitsugaya, his voice cold.

"While that is true, Captain Hitsugaya, can't it not be said that Captain Kurotsuchi has infringed on some basic rules of how the Gotei 13 operates himself. In considering that, was this not at least partly justified?" Unohana spoke, her voice serene and gentle.

"Were Captain Soi Fon not involved I could agree with your stand, Captain Unohana. Lieutenant Kurotsuchi clearly has justification to challenge her Captain's behavior toward her. It would have been an intra-divisional dispute. Captain Soi Fon stepping in from the outside to challenge another Captain's authority, and going so far as to use her bankai, is what makes it harder for me to see justification," said Komamura in a low growl.

"I understand your point, Captain Komamura. However, if everything the Lieutenant tells us is taken as truth, then Captain Kurotsuchi intended to take her life. Should it not be considered that Captain Soi Fon acted to prevent this, that she moved in with the intent to prevent one of her fellow shinigami from perishing?" Ukitake said in a steady voice, a somberness in his eyes.

"I understand the points that you and the rest have brought up, Captain Ukitake, but we must take into account the special circumstances surrounding Lieutenant Kurotsuchi. Is she not an artificial life-form, created by Captain Kurotsuchi for the sole purpose of service? Considering this, would it be viewed the same as stepping in to protect a normal shinigami's life?" started Kuchiki, completely callous.

These comments aroused simultaneous protest from Ukitake, Unohana, and Komamura. Yamamoto spoke in a strong voice to quell the noise. "Silence!" He turned to the one captain who had yet to speak, "Now, Captain Zaraki, if we may hear your thoughts on the issue."

"Tch. A fight's a fight. Soi Fon won fair and square. The winners entitled to the win, it's as simple as that," Zaraki said in a low growl.

"So, am I understanding that the four of you, Captains Ukitake, Unohana, Kyoraku and Zaraki, are in favor of letting the obvious crimes committed by these two, Captain Soi Fon and Lieutenant Kurotsuchi, go unpunished?" started Yamamoto, his voice holding powers.

"Indeed," said Unohana.

"That is correct," said Ukitake with a solemn nod.

"That's right," said Kyoraku with a quick laugh.

"Guess so." Zaraki shrugged.

"Very well. But the four of you do not make a majority. I am correct in believing that the three of you, Captain Komamura, Hitsugaya and Kuchiki, are in favor of some form of punishment?" said Yamamoto.

"Is it not necessary, Captain Yamamoto?" started Komamura in a confident voice.

"Breaches of our law cannot go ignored," said Hitsugaya.

"For the health of Soul Society, it would do us well not to encourage this matter any further," said Kuchiki stonily.

"Lieutenant Kurotsuchi, what is it you think should happen to yourself and Soi Fon for what you have done?" asked the Head-Captain, staring at the girl.

Nemu gave a slight gulp then nodded. She spoke, "I have no problem with receiving punishment. I only ask that Soi Fon be spared any. I ask that I be burdened with whatever you decide for both of us."

"I'm afraid that that is not something for you to decide," said the old man in a deep voice.

"I apologize, Head Captain," said Nemu giving a nod.

"Tell me how you would like this situation to be resolved, Lieutenant Kurotsuchi. Your position as a lieutenant is understandably in question now. It would be perfectly appropriate to revoke your position within the Gotei 13 all together," said Yamamoto staunchly.

"I would like nothing more than to be transferred to the Second Division and left in Soi Fon's care," said Nemu with a hopeful smile.

"Then it shall be done," the old man said, clicking his staff on the floor. The captains began to murmur.

"But sir, isn't that giving in a little much?" started Hitsugaya at once.

"I agree. This would create an irreparable rift between the 12th and 2nd divisions," Kuchiki said in a strong but still cold voice.

"You needn't worry. Both the involved parties will still receive proper punishment," said Yamamoto over the noise of the others.

"A compromise then? Little Nemu gets what she wants, but still gets punished for her crimes," Kyoraku nodded, tipping his hat.

"What punishment have you decided on, Head-Captain?" asked Ukitake in a low voice.

"One month of confinement in the Maggot's Nest for Lieutenant Kurotsuchi!" the old man decided in a powerful voice,

"Understood," said Nemu with a nod. One month wasn't a very long time. This punishment was very lenient in her eyes.

"That seems appropriate. What of the Captain?" started Komamura in a slow voice.

"The cost of damages to Captain Kurotsuchi and his division will be totaled and withdrawn from the funds allocated to the Second Division," the elderly Captain said in a deliberate voice.

"That's all?" started Hitsugaya.

"Four of us are against any sort of punishment if you recall. Considering the likely cost of everything it takes Kurotsuchi to repair himself, it's more severe than it seems," said Unohana in a soft voice.

"Then it is decided. You may all be dismissed!" Yamamoto called.

The Captains began to file out. Nemu was soon surrounded by three shinigami, prepared to escort her away.


One month passed fairly quickly. It was a month of solitude. That was for sure. Perhaps as a twisted joke, she had been given Mayuri Kurotsuchi's old cell as her holding cell. She spent day after day sitting there with nothing to amuse her but her thoughts. Apparently, though the Maggot's Nest was under the jurisdiction of Soi Fon herself, she had been prohibited from visiting Nemu. The guards who would bring her her food always treated her with nothing but kindness.

It wasn't all that bad for Nemu. She wondered if the Head Captain had known this would be the case. Nemu wasn't like normal shinigami who would be driven mad by the loneliness of this cell. She had lived all her life thus far all alone, preferring the times when she was by herself to the times when she was with Mayuri Kurotsuchi and in pain.

Soi Fon had changed that. That's where the difficulty that did exist came from. Being alone wasn't necessarily painful on it's own, but when she would sometimes think of Soi Fon, and how she longed for reunion with her, that made it hurt in a very peculiar way. When she reminded herself that it was only a month's time and then she would be able to serve at that woman's side, she could usually suppress this pain.

Then the night finally arrived. A guard arrived at the door of Nemu's cell and unlocked it for her. He bowed to her as he told her she was free to go. Nemu smiled as she stood. She continued to smile as she walked up the stairs and past the other inmates and finally to the main gate. Walking outside into the dark of the night, the smile escalated to a whole new level. The one constantly on her mind the past month was standing there waiting for her.

"Soi Fon--" Nemu started, her voice showing both surprise and excitement.

"Nemu," Soi Fon said, looking away momentarily, her face somewhat red. "This month must have been difficult."

"Only when I thought about you," said Nemu perfectly evenly. Soi Fon's face soon became entirely red.

"R-right-- er, let's go home," said the Captain in an unsteady fashion. Nemu smiled. Home was now with this woman.

"Sure," said Nemu nodding happily. The two began to walk toward the Second Division.

"Honestly though, saying stuff like that…" Soi Fon said in a soft voice. Nemu was confused. Soi Fon was acting differently now than ever before. Nemu also could find nothing peculiar in the honest truth she had spoken.

"It's true. I thought of you constantly this past month," said Nemu simply, nodding again.

"I thought about you a lot too…" Soi Fon started as awkwardly as before. She seemed to then detect the confusion in the other's eyes. This made her smile and give a short laugh. In a more typical tone she said, "You really cost me a lot. You better be worth the price."

"Understood. I will try my best to please you," Nemu said with a nod. This made Soi Fon blush again for some strange reason.

"S-so, the Maggot's Nest, are you glad to be out?" asked, Soi Fon, seemingly intent on changing the topic of conversation.

"Of course I am," said Nemu with a strong nod.

"Then I hate to inform you, but you'll be returning there tomorrow," said Soi Fon coldly.

"What? But I've served my sentence. I shouldn't have to…" Nemu started, shock and disappointment on her face.

"You are my new Third Seat, Nemu. The Third Seat of the Second Division traditionally acts as the head of the Detention Unit within the Special Forces," Soi Fon explained, smirking. Nemu was relieved.

"I'd be happy to take the position," Nemu said gratefully.

"Good to hear it," said Soi Fon. After a pause she added, "I actually wanted you to be my lieutenant, you know, but Omaeda had a fit about it. When I thought about the irony of putting you at the head of the Detention Unit, I decided I might as well let him have his way."

"Irony?" Nemu started, not quite understanding.

"You served many years as Mayuri Kurotsuchi's prisoner. Starting tomorrow it will be your job to keep men just like him locked up and away from the rest of us," Soi Fon said, smirking some more. This notion made Nemu smile for some reason.

"I like that idea," Nemu said, actually giving a very soft laugh.

"I'm glad," said Soi Fon smiling affectionately at Nemu. After a moment her expression became more rigid. She said, "But you must remember this, Nemu. You shouldn't expect treatment any better than anyone else within the squad. In public you and I are captain and subordinate, you must remember that."

"What are we when not in public?" Nemu asked immediately, staring straight ahead. Soi Fon was caught off guard by this somehow. Her face turned red again.

"Y-you had to ask that, didn't you?" Soi Fon sighed while looking down. After a very long pause, she began to speak, "I-I still remember than night very clearly, even if I was in a lot of pain through most of it… I'm not sure you understood what it meant… when we…"

"A kiss is a gesture used to show affection between two who are close," Nemu said, recalling the information she did know.

"I think I want to be close with you, Nemu… if you don't mind," said Soi Fon, still looking at the ground. Nemu felt a certain warmth at this. She looked up. She was staring at the Second Division headquarters.

"So this will be my home now?" Nemu started as they made their approach. Soi Fon looked up, seemingly disoriented and confused.

"Uh, yeah. I guess I'll show you around," she said with a smile.

Soi Fon proceeded to give Nemu a full tour of the Second Division. She was introduced to all the officers, who greeted her kindly while Soi Fon leered at them. She found the Lieutenant to be a peculiar albeit strangely amusing sort of man and most the others seemed pleasant enough. When it was all done, Nemu was finally shown to her room. it was a fairly large private bedroom. It looked quite comfortable. Nemu sat down on the bed.

"So, you think you are going to like it here?" asked Soi Fon, standing before her.

"It doesn't seem real… somehow I don't feel like I deserve this…" Nemu started, shaking slightly. She didn't understand the emotions she was feeling, but they were overwhelming. Soi Fon sat next to her.

"Adjusting to something so different so suddenly would be hard. There's no reason it wouldn't be. But your life's been hard thus far. You deserve whatever comfort I can give you," said Soi Fon, catching a tear that fell from Nemu's eye on her finger.

"You really are too kind to me…" Nemu said, her eyes averting from the others beautiful smile.

"I had a whole month to sort it all out. Why I did what I did, what my feelings really were…" the Captain said in a deliberate voice. Soi Fon looked up. With emphasis she then said, "I love you, Nemu."

Nemu's heart beat strangely. Love. She momentarily lost track of the word's meaning. She just couldn't stop looking at Soi Fon now. She was beautiful, unbelievably, amazingly beautiful. She was coming closer. Nemu felt anticipation sweep over herself as their eyes met. She subconsciously parted her lips. They were soon met by Soi Fon's. Nemu's brain buzzed with an erratic pleasure she couldn't explain as the woman's kiss intensified in pressure. Her arms, in need, went to the back of the other's neck. Soi Fon's hands went to her waist as the kiss continued for a while longer. Inevitably their lips would part.

"That was… I never knew anything could feel so…" Nemu started, her face turning red as she stared into the eyes of the woman still embracing her.

"I've never actually done this before. My first love, she wasn't interested in this sort of thing with me, no matter how much I wanted it," said Soi Fon. "But if you want, Nemu, then I want to show you a lot more."

"Please! I want to feel everything," said Nemu insistently, before joining her lips to the other's suddenly again, surprised she did so.

Soi Fon made a contented sound then did something Nemu didn't expect. She extended her tongue into Nemu's mouth. The feel of this was incredible. Nemu extended her own tongue to meet it. She treasured the heavenly contact as their tongues brushed back and forth against once another. As her tongue continued to dart playfully about Nemu's mouth Soi Fon's hands went to the back of her sash, untying it and tossing it to the floor.

The captain gave a purr as their mouths split to a trail of saliva connecting them. She smirked intensely as she pulled Nemu's shihakusho open, revealing Nemu's sizable chest. Nemu blushed as the garment was removed all together, followed quickly by the accompanying short skirt, leaving her in nothing but a pair of white cotton panties.

"You really are beautiful," said Soi Fon with a smile as she kissed Nemu again, lying her back on the bed in the process.

Nemu gave a soft moan as she felt the other woman's hand reach for her bust which it began to massage gently. Her body began to react in strange ways. Her nipple hardened under Soi Fon's touch. This seemed to please the other who began to grope the soft, pliable flesh more roughly, more excitingly. Nemu could feel some sort of fluid begin to leak from out of her sex. She gave a moan. All the while Soi Fon kissed her hard, fully with her tongue. When she broke this kiss to line Nemu's neck with soft kisses, Nemu was left panting and salivating.

Soi Fon's kisses radiated further downward, until they reached the girl's chest. Nemu gave a soft pleasured cry as she felt her lover's lips about one of her nipples. Her tongue soon brushed across it, only intensifying things. The tongue, Soi Fon's whole mouth began to move ravenously, attacking Nemu's entire breast in the most pleasurable of ways while a hand shot up to attend to the other. Nemu was moaning uncontrollably by the time her partner began to slow down.

When Soi Fon did pull off of her, it was only momentarily. She broke from one breast only to greet the other with an equal degree of white hot kisses and flickers of tongue. This time her hand did not go to the other breast though. Instead it slipped down to Nemu's thigh. Nemu gave a soft gasp. Soi Fon lifted her head and moved to kiss her deeply. She then let her hand penetrate Nemu's panties. Soi Fon shook from anticipation as she felt her lover's hand brush across her now sopping wet sex.

It was beyond anything Nemu had ever felt, having Soi Fon touch her there. Mayuri Kurotsuchi's malicious blade had never provoked a sensation anywhere near as numbing as the woman's able hand as it moved agilely, running up and down Nemu's sensitive core until she felt like she was going to melt. Then Soi Fon suddenly stopped. It was almost cruel. Her tongue slipped back into her own mouth and her hand halted its motions. It pulled up, but not completely out of Nemu's panties, just to the hem. It slowly pulled the small piece of cloth down and off. Soi Fon straddled downward across Nemu's body as she tossed the small garment aside.

Again, anticipation overtook Nemu as she shyly spread her legs wide, ready and eager to experience whatever amazing pleasure her lover now had in store for her. Soi Fon did not disappoint her. She dove right in. Nemu shook-- she almost kicked-- as she felt Soi Fon's tongue bury itself readily in the depths of her dripping slit. As that tongue began to move erratically, Nemu couldn't help but writhe in bliss. Pants escaped her lips regularly between the incessant moans. The feel of Soi Fon's tongue was just amazing, and the woman wasn't slowing down. She continued to lap up Nemu's sexual juices as quick as they poured out of her. It was overwhelming, it was incredible. Nemu felt like something within her was about to explode. Then that something did just that. A soaring bliss swept over the girl. A sharp cry escaped her lips as her body bucked and shivered from a mind-blowing intensity of feeling.

"Enjoy that?" Soi Fon asked playfully, as she raised her head, lapping up some of the fluid covering her face.

Nemu, though out of breath and feeling somewhat light, decided to reply with actions. She sat up, threw her arms around the other, and began to kiss her madly, reveling in the foreign taste of her own fluids.

"Heh. You think you could try to do the same sort of thing to me?" Soi Fon started as the kiss broke.

"I will try," Nemu managed to say, not entirely hiding her eagerness.

"Heh, good," Soi Fon started. She stood. She removed her captain's haori in one swift motion and let it hit the floor. Her sleeveless, backless shihakusho and pants didn't last much longer. Nemu's eyes widened as she stared upon her lover's slight, but incredibly beautiful unclothed form. She could feel her head cloud over once more with a strange desire. She was kissing Soi Fon the second she reclaimed her position next to her on the bed.

Nemu's hand slowly wavered to the other woman's chest. She had enjoyed being touched there, so she supposed Soi Fon might as well. This seemed to please Soi Fon who playfully swirled her tongue against the other's. Nemu began to massage the other woman's chest more fully, enjoying the feel of Soi Fon's already hard nipples against her palm. Eager to move things along, Nemu broke the kiss and moved immediately downward to take one of these pert nipples into her mouth.

She bathed the sensitive numb in saliva, licking it again and again. Soi Fon's hand found the back of her head and began to pet her affectionately while holding her head to her chest. After a few moments of passionate licking, Nemu shifted herself to the other breast. She treated this one with equal attention, eliciting some very soft moans from her lover's lips. Eventually, she let her hand waver downward, finding it's way to other's thigh. It slipped into the woman's panties.

Nemu was greeted by an incredible wetness. It was very warm. Her hand moved magnetically to the woman's sexual core. She shivered slightly as she touched it, soft and silky against her fingers. It was an enticing feeling, but Nemu wanted to do what Soi Fon had done to make her feel so incredible. She wanted to taste the woman on her tongue.

She broke from Nemu's chest. She slipped downward. Her hands went to the woman's panties and tugged them off. Soi Fon gave a short laugh at Nemu's eagerness and aided her in removing the small garment, tossing it aside. She then split her legs, displaying her glistening pink slit before Nemu's immediately entranced eyes. She radiated toward it slowly, filled with a sort of hunger. She became slightly tentative as she was right before the tender organ.

Nemu excitedly cast her tongue out of her mouth and across the woman's sex. She didn't stop at a single lick. After the first, came a second and then a third. Soon Nemu had lost count. She was mesmerized, transfixed, so set on delivering pleasurable licks to the sensitive flesh that she almost missed out on the increasingly sweet moans leaving her lover's lips. Her tongue just continued to run up and down the juicy slit, collecting the delicious flavor. Her tongue would then dart up to the woman's clitoris, which when pressured seemed to bring Soi Fon the most ultimate pleasure.

Soi Fon's hands went back to the top of Nemu's head, holding it in place as her moans became higher and more erratic. Nemu could hear the woman pant and feel her begin to shake. She offered no relief, attacking the other's clit recklessly. Soi Fon gave a loud cry. She gave a short quick as her body tensed. A small stream of fluid hit Nemu's tongue. She licked it up happily.

"That was great," Soi Fon said in a single breath, between pants, reaching out for the others hand. Nemu took it and the woman pulled her up into a deep loving kiss.

As it broke, Soi Fon smirked. One of her legs slipped under one of Nemu's. The other went over Nemu's other. Nemu was confused. "I don't think I'm done with you just yet," the woman purred as they became more entangled.

Then, before Nemu knew it, Soi Fon's slippery wet sex was upon her equally sopping slit. Nemu gasped, never having considered such a thing. The feel was electric. She could feel her warmth mix with that of her lover. Then Soi Fon began to move and it was like everything was on fire. Nemu moved in time with her. She threw her head back and gave a short cry with every pleasurable motion. Soi Fon did much the same.

Nemu clinched down on the bed as she made and received thrust after thrust, overcome with the warmth and sensation they were sharing. It was intense. Pleasuring Soi Fon had reignited the fire within her and she could already feel everything inside her approaching that magical level of before. Soi Fon continued to relentlessly groove against her. The wonderful powers of friction force soon made Nemu's heart skip and her body tense and shake. She cried again as she was overcome with a purest pleasure. In seconds Soi Fon joined her, behaving very similarly, her cry even louder.

Then they both stopped. Soi Fon fell forward and collapsed in Nemu's arms. Nemu held her lovingly, more grateful to Mayuri Kurotsuchi then she ever had been. He had created her and because of that she was here to experience this heavenly bliss. Her hand stroked her lover's hair. Soi Fon looked up. Their lips met then quickly split.

"I love you," said Nemu. Nemu had never really understood the emotion of love. Now she was sure she did.

"You're incredible," Soi Fon cooed. "I'm glad I decided to help you."

"As am I," Nemu said in a soft voice. "Please, let's not stop."

"I apologize, but we must. Get dressed," Soi Fon started, pulling herself up and looking ahead seriously. Nemu was confused by the change of mood.

"Why?" Nemu questioned, looking sad.

"You remember my nightly training sessions don't you? One's scheduled to start in about fifteen minutes," Soi Fon sighed. Nemu's eyes widened.

"Umm, oh. So I am to attend?" Nemu started.

"Are you not my third seat?" Soi Fon asked, with a smirk.

"Yes, Captain," Nemu said with a short giggle. Soi Fon placed a brief kiss on her lips.

"Don't think for an instant that anyone else is going to be your sparring partner tonight," she said as she stood up.

"After training is done, could we…?" Nemu started tentatively.

"Sure," the Captain laughed as she picked up her clothes.

Nemu smiled. Her life had changed so much for the better thanks to this woman and the strength she had allowed Nemu to find within herself.

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