Ordinary to Extraordinary

Summery:Charlie forced Bella to go stay with her older cousin, Kimberley Hart in angel grove after the Cullen's left. What will happen when her life takes a sudden turn for the Extraordinary?

Time line: Twilight – 2002 – 2003

Two years before Dino thunder and a year after Ninja Storm.

Preface : Space Trash: Part One

'You don't belong with me Bella.'

'Please don't do this!'

'Your not good for me'

'I Love you!'

'I don't'

'You don't..love me?'


'If that's how you feel'

'Be safe, Bella'

I sat up in bed in a cold sweat as my dream replayed in my minds eye. No, that wasn't a dream, it had been real. He had finally done what I had always thought he would, he had left me. I wasn't strong enough, wasn't skinny enough, wasn't Pretty enough....I wasn't not Human enough. 'Why Edward...Why did you have to leave me?' I thought as I collapsed into tears for the thousandth time since he left me in September. Three days after my birthday, 'some birthday.' I thought sarcastically. I sniffed and got out of bed, Charlie hadn't seen me in almost three months. I had always been sure to go out during his sleep or when he wasn't home.

As I cracked open my door and looked into the hall. I sighed and walked quietly to the bathroom; Three months ago I couldn't move from point A to point B without tripping, but in my depression it seemed like my hidden grace had come out. I was almost there when Charlie, he was the only one who could have, flipped on the hall light. I jumped about a foot in the air, but to my shock and his I didn't trip, I landed on the balls of my feet before I set them flat on the floor. 'I forgot how graceful I used to be before I moved here..with all this rain and snow.' I thought and smiled slightly to myself as I looked at Charlie who seemed shocked to see me.

"Bella?" He asked, he must have been shocked, I mean who else would I be? He walked forward and pulled me into a hug and it was my turn to be shocked. Charlie wasn't the most emotion giving type, so any sort of affection like this was unusual. "I missed you...are you OK?" He asked and I breathed out as he let me go and stood back worry written over his face. I wasn't okay and I let him know by falling to my knees in tears, being as short as I was it was probably a long way down for Charlie to bend but he did anyway. I felt him pulled me into his chest and I balled my eyes out before drifting into a restless sleep.

Next Day..........

I opened my eyes with a yawn, my heart burst with new pain as I saw the sun was shinning. It used to bring me happiness but now...it reminded me of them. I noticed almost instantly I was in my fathers arms, in his room, I unwrapped myself from his arms and sat up. It had been a while since I was in his room for any reason, and not to my shock it looked the exact same as when mom lived with him. Brown walls, Orange and White decor and some Black and Grey thrown in here and there; It was very warm and welcoming. I walked to the bathroom almost in slow motion, but once I was there I surveyed myself in the old full length mirror.

I looked anorexic, like I had not eaten a good meal in a month or longer. To tell the truth I probably had not. My hair was limp and unlike its mahogany brown waves that usually shone with Red and Carmel highlights it was almost black from the dirt and grim caked into it oily base. I was disgusted, I may not have been a normal teenage girl but I was very prideful on my hair, even if I didn't show it on the outside. My eyes, that once shined with light and happiness and were a light doe brown with specks of Grey, were now dull dark brown almost black with no light, no soul to them.

'I let myself go..why can't I forget him like he never existed, isn't that what he said?' I thought to myself and then to my shock..sort of...a voice answered back.

'Because you love him...he is your soul mate he always will be.' No matter how creepy the voice was it was wright. I loved Edward and I would be damned if he tried to tell me otherwise. Though that didn't matter much any more, I had watched him leave, buried our love deep in the past, or at least tried to. Now I was left with the memories, both good and bad and no matter how hard I tried they'd never leave me alone. They were apart of me, just as the cold scar James had given me in Phoenix now was.

'Just because he is gone doesn't mean you have to cause others around you pain.' The voice said, and I knew it was once again wright. I was taking down my father with me in my self pity party. I had wallowed for three months and though he didn't physically show it I Knew he was tired from it all. As I walked out of the bathroom and to the kitchen I felt my stomach rumble in hunger. When was the last time I ate? I couldn't really answer that as I couldn't remember the last time I ventured out of my room. I poured a bowl, a big butter bowl of Cereal and cut bananas and strawberries into it before eating it. As I was my father came in behind me; Made himself some cereal and sat down across from me. He ate in silence before looking at me in a serious way.

"Bella..I want you to move to Angel Grove to live with Kimberly." He said in one breath and I spat my mouth full of food out, it unfortunately hit Charlie in the face. He closed his eyes and wiped his face as I began to speak.

"Kimberly? How...Why? I thought she lived in Florida now?" I asked. I remembered my cousin Kimberly. Kimberly Anne Hart was my fathers, Sisters daughter. Unfortunately Aunt Belle was a bit of a...Bitch and Uncle Frank was never around. From what I last heard Uncle Frank had left for Mexico with his secretary and Aunt Belle was living it up in Paris. Kimberly had a nice childhood though, but once she was 18 she was sent packing, she took her opportunity to go to Florida for the Pan Globals. She had not competed though because of Leukemia, which was now under control, supposedly gone. The last time I saw her was at my 14th birthday party while on a visit to Angel Grove, Kim had been 18 at the time, ready to leave for Florida. We had always been alike, and shared similar interest, most I had never shared with the Cullen's because it never seemed pertinent. We also looked a lot alike, same brown hair, though mine had a darker tone, and same doe brown eyes, though mine had specks of Grey in them making them seem lighter, and we both stood at 5'2 1'2 though it was still nowhere near as short as Al...I winced from the pain in my heart. Thinking of any of the Cullen's hurt, They had been like family to me and them leaving would forever hurt me.

"She did, but she moved back to Angel Grove two years ago, I already talked to her, she said she would love to see you again. Please Bella...you need to get away, start over fresh, California may be the best place to try." Charlie said and I sighed. He was wright, Forks held to many memories, as did Phoenix, and there was no way in hell I was moving to Florida. I refused when Kim asked me to come stay with her when she did live in the place and I wont go now.

"OK Daddy, if you think it will help." I said, using the name 'Daddy' had been something I hadn't done since I was eight years old and I could tell it made him happy to hear it again. As soon as we were both done I went upstairs to begin packing my stuff. I was almost done when I tripped, this wouldn't be uncommon but what tripped me was. The floorboard was sticking up and inside was a few things I never thought I would see again. The Ticket to Jacksonville, the Photo of me and E..Him, and my Lullaby. I Felt my wounded heart rip open and I Knew I could not take them...it would hurt to much. So I shut the floorboard and stood up dusting my jeans off and slinging my bag over my shoulder. I went to put it into Charlie's car and then with his help we moved all my shit to his car as well. Five boxes and a duffel bag latter we were done and ready to head to the airport.

I just Hope Angel Grove is ready for me.

Moon Palace :

Few thousand miles away on the moon history was about to repeat itself. A space shuttle had just landed on its surface, two space men came out and began to look around.

"Do you remember why we do this? There is nothing but space trash up here." The first man spoke and his partner chuckled and hopped ahead of him as they both bent to take samples of the soil. As the other man was scraping some up he hit something hard, and metal like.

"Hey Fred! We have something over here!" Came the first man's voice. The second man, Fred looked up and walked over looking down shocked at the buried thing on the moons surface.

"We should get some men up here...it would take a few days but we can't dig it up on our own." Fred said the the second man nodded he stuck a mini flag into the soul to mark their place before standing up and going back to the ship with his friend.

Three days latter

Angel Grove:

"Bella! Time to get ready for School!" I heard Kimberly yell from what I assumed to be the bathroom. I groaned, I had only been in this place for three days, after my plane landed I was ambushed by not only Kimberly but her fiancée, who was soon to leave for a trip with Anton Mercer and her two high school best friends, Trini Scott and her husband Jason.


'Stupid kid and his stupid feet.' I thought as the kid behind my seat once again kicked the back of mine. I gritted my teeth, I was in no mood to deal with this shit. I was never one for long flights and I absolutely hated being this high in such a metal death trap. I threw my head back against the seat just as the kid kicked it again and I swear I almost got whip lash.

Just as I was about to turn around and give the kid a piece of my mind the flight attendant came on the speaker phone. "All passengers please buckle your seatbelt, we will be landing in San Fransisco, California in a moment." I heard and I followed the instructions, feeling my stomach heave as we descended. It was only a few minutes before it was over and I breathed in and got up, grabbing my bags and exited the plane. My stuff was being shipped at a latter date, Kim had said I could borrow some of her old cloths until they came and even suggested a shopping trip, I wasn't surprised, she was a bit of a shopping addict.

"Isabella! Isa..Isa!" I heard someone scream and looked in the general direction to see a women, who shared a almost identical appearance to my own. Her hair was lighter, and shorter, only to just past her shoulders and her eyes were pure brown, her facial features were also more Pixie like. I smiled and started to jog over, noticing for the first time the three others with her.

One beside her was a male and though he didn't have the long hair I remembered I knew it was still him, Tommy Oliver. Behind them was Jason Scott and Trini Kwan..both of whom I remembered from my stay in Angel grove before Kim left for Florida. They were all older but still the same at the same time, odd considering they should all be at least 23 or 24.

"Isa! This is great..I haven't seen you in forever!" Kimberly said as she jump me and pulled me into a hug. I was stricken by the similarity to Alice, and again I felt my heart break open, but I couldn't allow that here. I was going to get better for all our sake.

"You remember Tommy? Jason and Trini?" Kim asked and I nodded, Ever since we were little Kim had called me Bella or Isa, and she was the only one who I had allowed to call me Isa.

"Of course, Hi big bro, big sis! Mullet head." I spoke and Tommy laughed as did the others.

End Flashback:

"I'm Up!" I yelled and yawned, stretched and sat up. Throwing the blankets off I got up and walked to my mirror, well really it was Kim's old room. The walls were a soft Pink and the carpet was once white but I had it changed to Black a day ago. My bed was once done in Pink and White was now in Pink and Purple with Teal curtains and other odd and ends around the room. It was perfect and I LOVED it.

I groaned once I saw my hair, a rats nest wouldn't be able to describe it necessarily. I walked to my closet and got my cloths out for the day. My stuff was late, it wasn't going to arrive until tomorrow, so I had to wear something of Kim's when she was my age. It was actually really cute though I would not have worn it in Forks...it actually resembled something from my time in Phoenix. A Jean vest type shirt that cut off three inches below my breast just under my ribcage and Black Shorts that came up high, just above my belly button. Kim had said she had gotten away with the type of cloths in school so I didn't have a worry about a dress code. I got our a pair of converse in Pink and White and a pair of pink socks. 'Hmmm...seems like I am wearing a lot of pink now days.' I thought to myself and gave a short laugh before grabbing my Pink and Blue book bag and headed down the stairs. The book bag was once Kim's so it was a bit worn but I had fallen in love with it when I saw it.

"Hey, how are you today?" Kim asked as I entered. Tommy was sitting at the table his hair now short and dark, something that though odd on him made him look all that much more attractive. 'Your very lucky Kimi' I thought as I sat down and grabbed a grapefruit. Tommy looked at me and chuckled. I raised my eyebrow at him and he smiled and answered my unspoken question.

"I remember Kim wearing that...only her shorts were white...looks good on you Bell." He said and I smiled back, I liked to think I was like Kimberly, she was so strong and it was she I was keeping my hurt bottled up for, I wouldn't spoil her life with my defeat.

I smiled as Kim came over and gave me a present, wrapped in Pink and Black paper.. "You really shouldn't have..." I said and opened the box to find a set of keys. Two, one looked like a house key the other was was shiny and silver. 'They didn't!' I almost screamed in my mind before looking up at her. She giggled and grabbed me and dragged me to the door, as soon as she opened it I fell in love.

In the driveway was a hot Pink but light at the same time sports car. I wasn't sure what kind but it put me in the mind of a Porsche or Mercedes. The inside was Black and Purple Leather, with White dice hanging off the mirror. I squealed, something I had not done in...ever and ran over to it. I wasn't always so exited about Pink, but for some reason it just called to me.

"Wow...I am so glade we chose the Pink one and not the Blue one." I heard Kim say and I silently agreed. 'Yeah great job Kimberly, Blue would have been a bit of a heart breaker.' I thought and had a flash of me and HIM at Prom.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" I Said and grabbed both into a hug. Before I ran into the house and grabbed my bag and ran to my new car. "I catch ya after school!" I yelled as I got in rolled the window down and turned the car on, I rived the engine and drove away almost as fast as one of them wood, waving as I drove. 'I guess some things just rob off.' I thought as I slowed down a bit, from 120 to 56..I didn't want to get pulled over on my first day to school.

As I arrived at Angel grove High I was not surprised to see other expensive cars, but by far mine was the only Pink one. Though I did spot a Red Mercedes, a yellow car, which I couldn't not recognise..a sunfire from what I could see on the bumper, a Blue truck, a Black Jaguar, and a Green Jeep..Like Emm...'God why must they always pop into my mind, dammit!' I thought slamming my hand onto the horn and wincing as it went off.

"Hey, you do realise this is the school parking lot right?" I heard a male voice ask and I jumped slightly and turned to look out my window. Standing bent down a bit was a man, he sort of resembled Jason, only younger and had brown hair not black, his eyes were the same Black though. He was extremely well toned and I assumed he was a martial artist.

"Sorry...I didn't realise. Hi I'm Isabella Swan." I said as I went to opened my car door. The boy backed away and and let me open it, I stepped out and stood in front of him, it was when I noticed he toward over my short 5'2. He had on a Red sleeveless shirt with a hoodie wrapped around his waist and a pair of army pants.

"Right...your Aunt Kim's cousin. My brother, Jason Scott talked about you coming to stay here. You don't remember me do you?" He asked and I tilted my head to the side, Jason had a brother my age?

"Jett Scott..Jettson actually but I think my parents were.." I cut him off by snapping my fingers. "High...Oh my god, I missed you Jett!" I said and hugged him. I hadn't seen him since I was 4 or 5 years old. At the time me and my mother lived here, I was the all American girl then it was almost imposable to tell me and Kim apart, we even wore matching cloths.

"I missed you to Shorty." He said and and I let go and hit him on the chest, slightly hurting my hand. 'That might bruise.' I thought before speaking. "I am not short..I am just small." I said and he held out his arm to me. "I am sorry Princess Isabella...Will you allow me to escort you to class and maybe to see some of our other friends?" He said and I raised a eyebrow..other friends..it couldn't be?

It was though. As we entered the school three others appeared. One was oriental with long black highlighted hair, her cloths were a simple Yellow and Black Tank top and a Yellow skirt. The other two were male, one was Black, with black hair and black eyes, he were a Purple over shirt, that was over a Black tank top and Black jeans. The last was a sandy blond with a blue Te-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

"Bella!" They shouted and I blinked, and smiled before hugging each one. I couldn't believe I forgot my first friends.

"Kiri, Zeke, Will, oh how I missed you." I said and Will smiled and said in the big words I knew only he was good with.

"Likewise Isabella, It was most possibly the most tedious years of my life." Though in reality it wasn't that hard to understand, the way he spoke it was like Latin. "Huh?" I said and everyone laughed, but it was Kiri who came to our rescue, just like always. "He said he missed you too. Girl I missed you most, I don't know How I survived with all this male hormones flapping around me." She said and I laughed, it was like being with them made me forget, and hopefully that would stay the case.