Ordinary to Extraordinary

Chapter 2: Space Trash Part II


Isabella Marie Swan


September Age: 18

13th 1985

Kimberly Harts Cousin

Pink Pterodactyl Ranger


Jettson Kenneth Scott

Age: 18


August 12th 1985

Jason Scott's Brother

Red Tyrannosaurus Ranger


Willis Benjamin Cranston

Age: 17/18


December 23rd 1985

Billy Cranston's Half-Brother

Blue Triceratops Ranger


Kirian (Kee-Ree-en) Cho Kwan

Age: 18


August 22nd 1985

Trinity Kwan's Sister

Yellow Sabertooth Tiger Ranger


Zeke Ross Taylor

Age: 18


June 12th 1985

Zachary Taylor's Brother

Black Mastodon Ranger


Anthony 'Tony' Mason Trueheart

Age: 19


April 14th 1983

Tommy Oliver's Nephew and David Trueheart's Son

Evil Green Dragon Ranger


The time was have with the new generation of MMPR may seem like History repeating itself and there is a reason for that. There is a saying, Those who do not learn from a mistake repeat them. This is the same thing, only the originals know of their mistakes as rangers, so it is safe to say that the next team would be similar, and make some of the same mistakes, because they weren't their and didn't know to change them. Of course at the very end of Season 3 or 2 I haven't decided if I want to have the Ninjetti Powers make a appearance yet, there will be a BIG twist. I have said to much on the matter, just read to find out what I Mean.

Warning: The Cullen's will not be coming in for some time so please be patient.


"Its about time! Hey Ian the crew is here!" The man known as Fred yelled to his partner as the second crew stepped foot on the moon. "Good timing." Fred said as he greeted the other new comers. They found the spot which housed the unknown metal object and with the others help began to dig it up.

"This may take some time." Fred spoke as they continued to dig.

Earth: Youth Center:

"Listen up Angel Grove! Today we are blasting off the newest hits by Nickleback, Pink and other artists, but first your local forecast." Came the announcers voice from the radio as Students from around the town sat and drank smoothies, or worked on their Martial arts, or even Gymnastics, as Bella was doing at the moment just that.

She had her long brown hair up in a pony tail and a Pink and black Leotard and her pink sweat jacket on the mat. She did a simple Illusion and a the flipped into a hand stand were she did a split and then flexed her body to bring it down so it turned into a straddle split just barely touching the beam. She went back into the headstand and flipped back onto her feet were she did aerial and then a dismounted with a roundoff. She aced the dismount standing perfectly still with her arms in the air before she let them fall and grabbed her water bottle.

Kiri walked over clapping. "Great job Bella, Kimberly taught you well." She said and Bella laughed using her towel to get the bit of sweat on her face. "Thanks, its been a year or two so I thought for sure I would choke. Hey is Will getting lessons from Jett?" She asked and Kiri nodded crossing her arms as she leaned against the bean along with Bella.

"Yeah...he really isn't that bad ether...oh no...Greg and Vinny." Kiri spoke and Bella looked and scrunched up her nose letting out a small 'Eek' Indicating her disgust. Greg was a big kid, probably over 300 pounds with a tough attitude that had brown hair and blue eyes, he was Bulks younger cousin. Vinny like his cousin Skull was skinny and had black hair but green eyes unlike his cousins brown. They were your local bullies.

"Oh look its the dweebs." Greg said as he came up to Jett, and Will. Zeke saw this and stopped jamming with his class of want to be dancers and walked over crossing his arms, much like Jett did. Will just looked uncomfortable.

"Come on Greg don't be like that....we are all equal." Jett said and Vinny laughed a nasally laugh and Greg shushed him and looked at him.

"Is that some of you Martial art code or just something your mama tells you at night?" He says and laughs as does Vinny. Bella and Kiri glare having heard all this and walked closer.

"As a matter of fact, its both. Why don't you leave." Jett said and Greg got up in his face. "Why don't you make me?" Jett blinked and dropped his arms from his chest a opened his mouth to speak but Bella spoke first. "Come on Jett, they're not worth it." She said and the two bullies finally took notice of them.

"Pretty ladies, why don't you drop the losers and come on a double date with us." Greg asked winking and Bella and Kiri both looked at them disgusted, Bella snorting.

"Yeah right...not a snowballs chance in Hell." Bella said and they looked shocked and angry. Just as they were about to speak a earthquake started.

"Earthquake!" Someone yelled and the five teens looked at each other before both Greg and Vinny had run off screaming like children. Bella had slipped her shorts on before walking over but the only thing covering her torso was the thin spandex of her leotard, she when she fell into Kiri she was not surprised when they both tripped but she was surprised when her shoulder hit a sharp edge on the chair. "Ow...What is going on?" She asked as she and Kiri got up. Kiri looked at her shoulder patting it softly only seeing a scratch and the beginning of a ugly bruise.

"I don't know, but something tells me this isn't normal." Zeke said and Then Jett said in a leading type voice. "Hold on." They each disappeared in different colored lights.

-Command Center-

"Aiy Yi Yi! Zorkon, Princess has been released from her space dumpster." Alpha 8 a obviously feminine robot said as she walked in circles. "Calm down Alpha, we must get help." A giant floating head spoke, the only thing different between the old head and this one was this one had a scar on his left ghost like cheek. "No anything but that!" Alpha said understanding where Zorkon was going with his words.

"I am afraid so, Teleport here five teenagers with attitude." Alpha sighed dramatically, for a robot, and punched some buttons, not 40 seconds latter five teens feel to the floor. Each got up and looked around one in Blue came forward looking at the controls.

"Observe these controlling devices, they are magnificent." He Spoke, and Kiri walked forward as well, after standing up. "Where are we?"

"I don't care where we are I just want to know where the exit is." Zeke spoke and Bella looked around slightly fearful she scoffed and said in a mellow tone. "Not exactly the mall is it?" She said, and chuckled as she thought, 'Spending to much time with Kimberly.'

"No don't touch that!" A voice said as it came forward scaring everyone but Kiri and Will.

"A fully sentient, multi-functional automaton. I've never seen anything like it." Will said and Kiri just nodded, to amazed to say anything. A voice came from behind them, making them turn around. "Welcome humans."

Jett asked while looking up at the person in the plasma tube. "who are you?"

Tilting her head to the side. "Like, what are you?" Bella asked blinking. She had seen other odd things but this took the cake.

"I am Zorkon, an inter-dimensional being caught in a time warp. Six thousand years ago, about a thousand years before my brother Zordon of Eltar, I was trapped in this warp by my arch enemy, Princess, a evil women bent on taking over the moon and the Planets surrounding it. Eltar was her first stop, and it was then that the Power began and it was there the Power was sent to this planet, and so the Power rangers became one again. It has been over 10 years since the Power coins were destroyed, thankfully though the power coins my brother had were replicas of Eltars. I have the Originals." The man said and the others blinked before the Robot put his hand on his chest. "And my name is Alpha 8, My brother were Alpha 5, 6, and 7, and am the only Female Robot on earth." Alpha said and Bella looked at the head and asked almost feeling a since of Deja vu.

"Excuse me, but, like, will somebody come back to Earth and pick me up because I'm totally confused." 'Definitely spending way to much time being a Teenager.' Bella thought before shaking her head, her hair hitting her in the face from it high pony tail.

Zorkon looked down at the teens before him and said. "It's quite simple, my dear. This planet is under attack again and I have brought you here to save it, like those before you, I believe you each know them."

"Oh yeah, right." Zeke said, rolling his eyes.

"Ah, a non-believer. Look behind you at the Viewing Globe. Your doubts will be answered in the images you see." The five teens went over to the Viewing Globe and Zorkon began his explanation. "This is Princess Repulsa, an intergalactic sorceress who is bent on controlling the universe. She has come back into existence after being thought gone forever. With her henchmen and her Putty Patrollers she plans, for the second time, to conquer Earth. She is the Older sister of Rita Repulsa, observe the past Rangers." Zorkon said and showed first a slightly attractive women with black hair, a Black dress in Purple and Blue and green eyes, she had a staff with a Crescent moon on it, then it changed to show a women similar, but younger in appearance, and a lot more replusive, with a harsh laugh, it changed again this time to show a scene similar to this one, each teen gasped as the recognised the teens. One was Black and looked very similar to Zeke only shorter hair and darker skin. The other was a bit Hispanic and has short black hair and brown eyes, very similar to Jett, the next was a geeky boy, more so then Will who despite his intelligence wasn't all the geeky looking, and Blond hair and blue eyes, similar to Will.

After that was a girl who could have been Bella's twin, fraternal but still the resemblance was uncanny. Her hair was brown, lighter then Bella's and her eyes were doe brown like Bella's only without the Grey. Beside her was another taller girl with long straight black hair and black eyes, a very similar image to Kiri.

"Our sisters, brothers, and cousins?" Bella asked as they turned back to Zorkon.

"What does all this, have to do with us though?" Kiri asked as they looked back up at Zorkon.

"You've been chosen to form an elite team to battle Princess. Each of you will be given access to extraordinary powers from ancient creatures you call dinosaurs. They will be slightly more powerful then the original teams, because these are the original coins." Zorkon replied.

Bella raised an eyebrow sceptically, not wanting to believe she had escaped one evil to be thrust back into another. "Dinosaurs?"

Zorkon nodded, belts appearing around the bands of their jeans. "Behold, the keys to your powers."

"Whoa! What are these?" Jett asked as they looked down at the keys.

"Those are your power morphers. When in danger, raise them to the sky, calling the name of your dinosaur and you will morph into a formidable fighting force known to one and all as the Power Rangers." Zorkon said, looking down at them proudly.

Bella's eyebrows shot into her hair line in surprise and confusion and she asked, confused. "Morph?"

"Metamorphosis!" Chris exclaimed, grinning, the first time he had talked since their first arrival.

The others looked at him confused and Kiri sighed and translated. "It means to change."

Zorkon nodded and continued his explanation. "As Power Rangers, you will have access to a universe of Power and will command a fleet of fighting Machines called zords."

Kiri shook her head and was dangerously confused. "I don't get it." She said.

Zorkon only smiled and turned to Jett as he morphed into a red spandex suit with diamond shaped in white on his chest, gloves and boots, a hosteler was at his left side and his helmet held the design of a T-Rex. "Jettson, bold and powerful, you shall command the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord." Jett looked down at himself and held his belt looking at the morpher at the same moment that Zeke looked up at Zorkon and he morphed into a black spandex suit the same as Jason only a different helmet design.

"Zeke, you are clever and brave and cunning at the same time, you shall command the Mastodon Dinozord." Zeke repeated the same action as Jett and Bella looked at each of her friends in shock before she felt Zorkons eyes on her and looked up at him as she appeared in a suit similar to the guys, except hers was pink and had a skirt and yet another different helmet shape. "Isabella, graceful and smart, the Pterodactyl Dinozord shall be yours." She could hardly believe this and most of her wanted to forget it, it was just a dream it had to be. Will shoved his hands in his pockets and looked down a slight blush on his face and Zorkon spoke to him. "Willis, patient and wise, you shall command the powerful Triceratops Dinozord." Chris changed into a suit much like Zeke and Jetts only it was blue and had the out line of what was the Triceratops on his helmet.

Kiri looked up at Zorkon. She was speechless as he addressed her. "Kirian, fearless and Swift, the Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord will be under your command." Lily's suit was yellow and feminine but unlike Bella had no skirt. They looked at each other as their suits disappeared, and Zorkon said, nodding to the globe behind them. "Observe the Viewing Globe." They complied and went to the viewing globe and Zorkon continued. "Just as the Five of you work together, so do your zords. When you need help, you need only to to turn to the power of the dinozords which will come together to form the mighty Megazord. Each Zord also has a Fighter mode, the Tyrannosaurus will combine with the Mastodon to form the Dinofighter UltraZord and the Sabertooth Tiger and the Triceratops Dinozord will combine to form the DinoFighter Megazord. The Pterodactyl will Form the Pterofighter Zord."

Zeke was beyond unbelieving, he couldn't save the world, someone else could deal with it. "Power Morphers? Megazords? Uh-uh," He shook his head, turning to face Zorkon. "This is just too weird for me. I tell you what, it's been real, but I gotta go."

Bella nodded, in total agreement with her friend. She wasn't a fighter, she had always been the Damsel in Distress, and she had promised she would be safe. She kept her promises, even if they were to jerks. "Yeah, see ya." Kiri and Will followed them but didn't say a word and Zeke asked as Jett stood staring up at Zorkon.

"Y'a comin? Jettson!"

"What?" Jett asked, turning partially, while keeping his eyes on Zorkon. He wasn't sure if he believed the being but he didn't feel wright leaving.

"Let's go, Jett." Zeke said, waving them to follow with his arm as Bella turned to stare at her friend who was still starring at the floating head.

Jared nodded. "Yeah." he replied and he followed Zeke out.

Zorkon nodded. "Very well then, let the Power protect you."

Alpha sighed. "Well, now that didn't go very well at all, did it? Aye-yi-yi." Alpha shook her head.

Outside the Command Center:

Bella sighed as they walked out of the Command Center. "Great. He could of sent us back into town."

"Guys, we shouldn't have left." Jett said as they worked their way down the mountain, though it seemed to never really end. "I mean, he chose us to save the world. I say we do it." Zeke snorted but didn't say anything though Kiri looked over at him and asked, unsure. "Do you really think we can?"

Zeke's arms were out at his sides. "Hey guys, you don't even know what you're even talking about, I mean were were talking to a giant floating head!" A blast hit the ground near them, throwing the five friends to the ground.

"What was that?" Kiri asked as Will helped her up, Jett doing the same for Bella

Gray clay humanoid things appeared around them and Zeke called out, dropping into a defensive stance. "Look out!" As the things attacked.

A couple of them grabbed Bella who said, trying to kick them away from herself. "Let go of me!" She flipped backwards and threw the two holding her arms to the ground.

"Zeke!" Jared called and the two nodded at each other.

"Right! These two are mine." Zeke called, smirking.

"I got your back!" Jett replied as he and Zeke stood back to back. Then they started fighting. Zeke with a dance style and Jett with his knowledge of martial arts.

A couple of the Putties were about to go after Will when he said, taking off his beanie. "Wait!" The putties looked confused until Chris shoved his beanie into his pants pocket. They rushed him and he ducked. Unfortunately, they grabbed his arms and tossed him aside.

Bella was tossed at him and Will caught her stumbling against a rock facing as Kiri , Jett, and Zeke joined them in the heap of bodies.

"This day is too weird!" Bella said, looking at the putties with slight fear and disgust. This would never have happened to her in Phoenix.

"What do we do now?" Kiri asked, looking at her friends. Jett looked down at his belt and held up the Power coin.

"Zorkon said these power morphers will give us power. Let's do it!" Jared said as they got up, raising the coins to the air and yelled.






In flashes of colored lights they each stood in the original power ranger uniforms, the only difference was that they had more defined colors and suits.

They dropped into defensive stances and said in unison. "POWER RANGERS!"

In the Command Center, Alpha and Zorkon were watching. Alpha exclaimed, excited.

"Zorkon, they did it! They made the metamorphosis!"

"Good, teleport them to Angel Grove City. Princess has sent down Goldar." Zorkon said, watching his newest team. It had been so long since he had mentored a team, so long since he himself stood as the Red Mighty Morphin Ranger on Eltar some six thousand years ago.

"Right away, Zorkon." Alpha the necessary buttons, back with The rangers they were teleported and as they were Will exclaimed, grinning under his helmet. "We're teleporting again!"

"Where are we going?" Bella asked, confused, but feeling the power she has never had before curse through her.

"We're going to save the world!" Jett replied, as they flew over the mountains.

"Alright! Let's do it!" Kiri grinned and they landed on top of a building.

"Look at that!" Jett said, as they stepped back. "That Monkey's huge!" The monster shot a blast at them and Jett said, glaring as he dropped into a defensive stance mirroring the T-Rex. "Back off, Fang Face!"

"The good guys are here!" Zeke dropped into a stance as well that foreshadowed his Dinosour

"Get off our planet!" Will said as he dropped into a stance conned for the Triceratops.

"Cause we're the Power Rangers!" Kiri said, taking her Unique defensive stance.

"And we're not backing down!" Bella yelled and dropped into her stance, mirroring the graceful yet deadly Pterodactyl.

" WE NEED DINOZORD POWER NOW!" They yelled in Unison hands raised to the sky.

The Earth opened up and the mighty Red Tyrannosaurus dinozord emerged from the ground, Roaring as it raced to its owner.

Deep in the forest miles away, the Yellow Sabertooth Tiger awoke and leaped over the trees. Running for the first time in 10 years.

From the desert rose the Blue Triceratops who raced to aid his friends. It calls of victory heard once more.

The Pink Pterodactyl awoke from her slumber in a volcano and soared up into the sky where she flew to meet her friends. Imiting a high pitch yell as she came swoping in graceful arcs.

The rangers looked briefly at each other before jumping into their zords. Bella felt the wind rush by her and woundered if this was how the Cullen's felt when they jumped or ran?

Jett logged on, punching some buttons and inserting his power coin, "Yes! Alright! Loged on!"

Will grinned and made a fist before nodding and giving and determined "Let's do it!" over the linked zord speaker phone.

While the boys had got into there zord first Kiri looked over at Bella and asked, smiling. "Going up!" They each landed in their cockpits and happily logged on.

Zeke got in his Zord and said, grinning under his helmet. "Zeke here, this is kickin!"

"This is Will, all systems are operational."

"Kiri here, ready to rock!"

"Bella here, let's send her packin'!"

Jett grinned and as they brought their zords together he spoke. "Megazord Power, on!" Their zords came together in tank mode before they began to speak to each other again.

"Kiri here, this is amazing! I feel like I know how to drive this thing!"

"Perfect, I do too! It's almost like second nature to me!" Will exclaimed, excitement clear in his voice.

"Alright guys! Let's go get that over grown monkey!" Jett said.

Bella, Will, Kiri, and Zeke nodded. "Right!" they said in unison and came to where Goldar was. He was glaring at them, "You and your weapons are no match for me Rangers!" He spoke and Jett looked at his friends. "Alright guys, let's see what this baby can do!" The others nodded and used the controlls to get the Megazord to move as it took on Goldar.

He used his sword like a pro, and dealt the zords bad blows, almost making it lose its balance and Jett said, looking at his friends.

"Alright! Let's send this monkey back where he came from!" and the other nodded while Jett gave the command, "Activating Megazord Battle Mode!"

A mechanical, monotone voice came over and said. "Megazord sequence has been initiated."

The Megazord went forward and punch goldar, sending him flying a bit but with it wings it was able to stop. he got up and Will said, looking over at his leader.

"Jett! That blow didn't even phase her!"

Jett looked at Goldar and sighed, his friend was wright. He griped his hand into fist before he noticed Goldar was coming at them. " She's coming at at us!" As he reached them, Zeke said as they braced themselves. "Hold on!" It was only a matter of minutes before Goldar had struck them with his sword and knocked the Megazord over and he just stood there, cackling.

"You fools! I am not going to fail my Princess!" He said.

Jett called, looking up while holding out his hand causing the megazord to do the same. "POWER SWORD!" The Power Sword dropped from the sky and in the now standing Megazords waiting hands. Goldar looked at the zord and then the sword as if remembering and said, backing up.

"This isn't over Rangers. I'll be back!" he disappeared and the rangers cheered.

Youth Center:

At the Youth Center, the former Mighty Morphin rangers- Zach, Kim, Billy, Trini, Jason, and Tommy - were all wondering how that was happening. They were sure the power was gone, they even had the suits to prove it. The coins were still in Trini, Jason, and Zach's possession but they had cracked, becoming useless. Each ranger had the original power suits in their possession somewhere, as it had been the only thing besides the useless coins to survive the powers defeat.

"Weren't the dinozords destroyed?" Kim asked as she looked at the screen, her face severe and even a bit hurt, she was staring longingly at the Pink Zord.

Billy replied, looking at his wife of eight year, Delphine, they had come on a visit the week before to see not only his brother but his parents as well. Delphine looked human at the moment, Brown hair and Blue eyes. He sighed and looking at the other rangers, answered Kim "I thought they were, but maybe I was wrong." The rangers looked at each other, it was unusual for Billy to speak in such small words, something was wrong. and Tommy asked, looking around at the others.

"So then, who are they and how are they doing this?" The former rangers looked at each other and realized that, even between them, they did not know anything. If the Zords and powers were back did that mean Zordon was also?

"Tommy I am worried about Isa, she was here when the earthquake happened..." Kim stated shaking a bit at the end and Tommy pulled her into his chest. Billy and the other looked at each other and sighed, "The same for our siblings. My Sister was here." Trini said and Billy nodded.

"My Dad called and Informed me that Will was out enjoying time with his friends."

"My Brother was here as well." Jason said and Zach nodded.

"Mine too Bro." Zach said as he patted Jason on the back.

Though it was almost painfully obvious no one thought to question if their siblings and cousin were the new rangers, as they say it runs in the family.

Command center:

Back at the Command Center, Jett, Zeke, Bella, Will, and Kiri had teleported in after their big battle. They took off their helmets and Zorkon smiled down at them before speaking.

"Congratulations on a job well done. Now that you have become Power Rangers, you must follow three basic rules or lose the protection of the Power. First, never use your power for personal gain, second, never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you to, and finally, keep your identities a secret. No one may know you are a Power Ranger."

Bella looked up at him and asked, slightly confused, "Not even Kimberly, Tommy, Trini, Zach, Jason or Billy?" Naming each original ranger, Zorkon shock his head.

"That is up to you Isabella, if you wish they may know." He said and Bella nodded, but she knew she would tell no one, she didn't want anyone worrying.

"Wait a second." Zeke Began, walking forward.

Zorkon looked down at the Black Ranger, and asked. "Yes, what is it, Zeke?"

"I'm not sure we're all up to this. I mean, we were pretty lucky this time." Zeke said, looking up at their mentor, who would one day become like a father to them.

"Luck had nothing to do with it. The six of you have come together as fine a group of super heroes as there has ever been, and there have been quite a few." Zorkon replied, looking at each of them with unspoken pride.

"No way, really?" Bella asked, grinning her helmet under her arm.

"You've been through an extraordinary experience together. You need each other now and the world needs you, just as it always has." Zorkon said.

Jett grinned. "Yeah, alright. I'm in." He said and Zeke nodded as he demorphed along with Jett.

"Me too!"

"You can count on me." Kiri smiled, never in her wildest dreams had she imagined this.

Will gave Zorkon the thumbs up, before speaking "Affirmative! We are in this together."

Izzy smiled. "I...don't know. This helmet is could cause a bad case of Helmet hair." She spoke as she demorphed like her friends and twisted her foot as she looked at the ground her arms over her chest.

"No, Bella...we can't do it without you!" Kiri said and Bella smiled and looked at them before going, "Psych! I'm so in." She said thinking of how she said a silent 'Sorry' to the Cullen's.

Jett grinned stuck his hand out in the middle of the circle the five of them had formed. Bella, Kiri, Will, and Zeke put their hands on top of Jett's and they jumped up, saying in unison.