A/N: Hey all your California Dreams fans! This was my favourite show growing up, so when this idea popped into my head, I knew this had to written. This fic came about sometime last year and I posted it on my friend's forum but I thought it would be nice to have it in its entirety here. I really want to thank Tracey, Angie, Grace, Val, Louise, Ju, Linda, Ruth and all the PWL gals for their support and love. This one is for you ladies, enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Together Again

Tiffani ran her hands through her hair and let out the breath she didn't know she was holding in. Under the moonlit sky, she was nervously standing in the parking lot of Sharkey's. It had been more than five years since she ate her last burger here, five years since she's seen most of the band and more importantly the friends she had parted ways with. Putting a brilliant smile on her face, she walked through the front doors.


Before she could say anything, a blur ran into and tackled her in a hug.

"Oh, I've missed you!"

Tiffani immediately recognized the voice.

"Sam, you're choking me."

Sam loosened her grip around her friend's neck and took a small step back. Her recognizable long hair was now cropped in a short pixie cut with streaks of dark red framing her face. She was wearing a black and white lace dress.

"Sorry," she apologized.

Laughing, Tiffani shook her head.

"It's okay. I've missed you too. I love what you did to your hair."


Tiffani took a quick sweep of the place. Streaming from the ceiling were strings of pearlescent blue lights and the tables were lined with checkered linens. Although Sharkey's had a more sophisticated look, its standard surfboards still decorated the walls. She scanned the rather large crowd for a familiar face before Sam's voice broke through.

"He's not here," she said simply.

"Oh, I know, I-I just thought…" Tiffani shook her head and frowned. "Wait, who's not here?"

Sam was about to say something else, when Tony approached from behind her.


"Hey, Tiff, you look great."

"So do you."

While Sam cut her hair, Tony grew his out, long enough to see individual curls. He looked dapper in a gray vest and jeans. They exchanged a quick hug when Tiffani spotted Lorena.

"Tiffani, it's so good to see you again," she greeted as she swung her arms around her friend.

"You too. We should have done this sooner."

Lorena grinned from ear to ear, dressed in a blush off the shoulder cocktail dress.

"Well, we're here now. So, how have you been?"

"Good, we've been busy following a pod of endangered whales. How about you, how was your fashion show in Milan?"

"Oh, it was fabulous," she gushed, flipping her flowing hair. "They loved my designs."



Following behind Lorena, Tiffani saw Sly and Mark.

"Miss Smith," said Sly, suavely kissing the back of her hand. "You're looking as beautiful as ever."

"Why, hello to you Mr. Winkle."

Sly took a hold of the lapels on his sport jacket and smirked.

"I'm not the same Sylvester of old."

"Cos, saying that enough times won't make it true," Mark commented.

Sly simply rolled his eyes.

"How are Cate and my precious God-sons?" Tiffani asked giddily.

"Cate's doing well, she sends her love and the twins are growing up way too fast," replied Mark, proudly. "They miss you."

"Oh, I know, I'll be flying in to New York to visit soon, I promise."

"That's assuming you can pry them away from their favorite uncle."

"Sly, for the last time, you're their only uncle."

"That hurts, Cos, that really hurts," Sly said, dramatically clutching his chest.

Reaching around, Tiffani draped an arm around each Winkle and hugged them both.

"I knew there was a reason I've missed you two."

Sharing a few laughs and ordering some drinks, the gang settled down at one of the tables.

"How long is everyone in town for?" Tiffani asked.

"I have a flight back to London first thing tomorrow morning," Sam replied. "On the up side I'm almost done my masters and Tony is in town filming a movie."

The couple traded large smiles.

"So, lovebirds, when's the wedding?" demanded Lorena.

The smile on Sam's faced widened as Tony gave her a squeeze.

"Next summer," Sam said dreamily. "You guys are all coming and that's not a request."

"We wouldn't miss it for the world," Tiffani said.

"Am I invited?"

Everyone turned to face the familiar voice.

"Matt!" Sam screeched as she tackled him into a hug.

"Sam, easy," said Matt in a strangled voice.

"Don't feel too special, she almost killed all of us," Sly said which earned him an elbow in the gut from Sam.

"Can't say I didn't see that coming," Mark replied.

Sam gave him the evil eye as he cowered behind Tony.

"Lorena, Mark, this is Matt Garrison. He's the one that started the Dreams," Tiffani introduced. "Matt, this is Lorena Costa and Mark Winkle."

"It's nice to finally meet you," said Mark as the pair exchanged handshakes.

"Likewise. I've heard some of the songs you wrote from Tiffani. You guys did good replacing me."

"It was no easy task," Tony said. "But Mark was a great fit."

"I tried," replied Mark, blushing slightly.

"How are you and Jenny?" asked Tiffani.

"We're doing well. Jenny really wanted to be here but she's on tour with her a cappella group."

"Wait, Jenny Garrison, she's your sister?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, you know her?"

"She was in a recital I performed in at Carnegie Hall. She's incredibly talented, must run in the family."

"Thanks. I'll be sure to pass that onto her."

"What about you, Matt, what have you been up to?" asked Tiffani.

"I finished my engineering degree last year."

"Right, MIT," Sam added. "I can't believe you traded California sun for snowy Boston."

Chuckling, Matt shrugged his shoulders.

"I happen to like the snow and the people. Actually, I joined a band a few weeks ago."

"So there's no chance we can sway you to come back to us?" Sly pleaded.

"Sly, you know my heart will always be with the Dreams. Speaking of which, where's Jake?"

All eyes went straight to Tiffani.

"Why are you all looking at me for?" she asked meekly.

"We thought you would know. None of us heard from Jake since our last gig," replied Lorena.

"Well, I haven't heard from him either," Tiffani said. "I guess fame really got to him."

"You obviously haven't listened to his newest CD," muttered Sly.

His comment earned him another elbow in the stomach by Sam.

"He released his second record already?" Tiffani questioned.

No one answered as they all tried to look away.

"Actually," Sly said, breaking the silence. "It's his third."

Everyone glared at him.

"You guys, why didn't anyone send me a copy?"

"Because…" Lorena floundered for the words.

"We didn't want you to get hurt," Tony cut in. "We remember how hard it was for the two of you."

"That's sweet, but I'm okay."

The gang exchanged worried looks.

"Look, it's been hard, I'll admit it. But I've moved on and I'm enjoying my new job in Fiji," Tiffani put on a brave smile as she stood up. "I'll prove it to you, let's play a song for old time's sake."

"Tiffani, one problem, what are we going to play with?" Mark said waving his hands in the air.

"My dear cousin, leave that to me," replied Sly with a wink.

He darted from Tiffani's side and disappeared for just a moment before returning with a small army of people with all of their instruments.

"I had them in the back just in case the Dreams were resurrected once again," Sly said theatrically.

Each of the band mates eagerly went to their instruments on the stage.

"I can't believe you kept all of these," Matt exclaimed, picking up his old guitar.

Strumming a small tune on her bass, Tiffani couldn't help but grin. The feeling of it in her arms felt strange and familiar at the same time. Looking up, she watched Mark play a few chords on the keyboard and Tony drum a beat. Her eyes then fell on the guitar sitting untouched near the front of the stage. The grin on her face fell. As much as she thought she had moved on, seeing his guitar brought back many memories. Noticing her discomfort, Sam placed a reassuring hand on Tiffani's shoulder.

"You know, it's okay to miss him."

"I know, Sam," she sighed. "It's just…"

Tiffani was interrupted by the loud screech of feedback when Sly turned on his mic.

"Attention, ladies and gentlemen," Sly announced to the crowd. "Tonight you are all in for a treat because we have, in my opinion one of the greatest bands ever, here for your entertainment. Please give it up for the California Dreams."

The crowd applauded as Sly gave the band two thumbs off before jumping off the stage.

"Hi, everyone," Matt greeted. "It's been five years since we've been together and it's a real honor to be here tonight. So, here's the first song that we've ever played on this stage."

He traded encouraging smiles with each of his band mates.

"Let's do it. One, two, three, four."

Although Matt and Mark had never performed together, they played the familiar melody effortlessly just as Matt began to sing.

Surf dudes with attitudes
Kinda groovy

Laid back moods
Sky above and below
Good vibrations
Feeling mellow

Matt exchanged smiles with Sam before she took to the microphone.

Won't give it up
Don't want to stop
Don't wake me up
Don't wake me up if I'm dreaming
California dreams
Just let me lay here in the sun
Until my dream is done

Following Matt's cue, Mark took his turn singing.

Warm dreams, ocean breeze
Let's go cruising
You and me
Salt air, sun-bleached hair
And the summer
Take me there

Tiffani beamed her famous smile as she sang.

Won't let it go
Want more and more

Don't wake me up
Don't wake me up if I'm dreaming
California dreams
Just let me lay here in the sun
Until my dream is done

Noise and confusion
Tough times in the neighborhood
Let me keep my illusion
These dreams are good

After Tony's part, Matt took centre stage and performed his signature guitar solo.

Don't wake me up
Don't wake me up if I'm dreaming

California dreams

Just let me lay here in the sun
Until my dream is done

As the band finished playing the last cadence, the room was once again filled with the sound of applause.