summary: He didn't know what he wanted, she couldn't wait for him forever…but they both knew…that was a lie. SasukeXSakura

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Chapter 1: Letters

"But we were happy here…" whispered the pink haired girl, her voice cracked as it choked on her petite sobs. "Mama, daddy…! I don't want to go-!"

Her small pale hand clasped onto the hem of her mothers shirt, with a small tug she shook her head. Her short pink hair flying around her shoulders as she cried. Her mother sighed lightly, casting a semi enraged glance at her husband.

"Sakura, hun, please stop crying…" she ran her fingers through her daughters hair. "I promise it'll all be okay! You'll make new friends, trust me."

Sakura's deep green eyes turned up to glance at her mother. She scolded, "But I don't want any new friends…I like the ones I have!" Sakura sniffled.

"That is quite enough, Sakura." Her father's voice startled her, "We leave tomorrow, so I suggest you get your act together."

Sakura looked away from him and down to her bare feet. Giving a soft nod, she silently agreed. She'd rather not argue with her father who has always demanded respect from her. The sobs didn't cease as she slowly trudged from the living room.

She could hear her parents quietly start to scold one another when she left the room. One telling the other that they didn't care enough, while the other rebuttal the fact that she had to stop all the nonsense. They had been fighting more and more so every day.

Slipping on sandals, Sakura blindly made her way to the outside of her house. Quietly, she walked down the sidewalk and across the street to the familiar house that she knew as well as her own. She stopped short at the white fence. Her eyes wandered over to the mail box that had that fan like symbol on it.

Sakura frowned. She was going to miss seeing that everyday. To always ask her friend what it meant and beg him to tell her stories that she only wish she knew about her own family.


The pink haired girl glanced up and she smiled faintly at the raven haired boy. He stood on the front porch of his house. That porch was her favorite place of all. It was the place where they would always eat popsicles in the summer and drink lemonade his mother would make for them both. In the winter and fall they would watch the snow fall or the leaves make the grass disappear beneath their orange colored leaves.

They would watch the sunset together and wait to try and count the stars. Time would always get away from them and by the time they both got to 100 different stars, both their mothers were calling them in for the night.

The boy frowned at Sakura's insecure smile and jumped down the porch steps, jogging quickly over to the fence she seemed to linger by. He furrowed his brow as he took in her red puffy eyes and the sadness reflected in her usually happy emerald eyes.

"So what my parents told me is true then…" he whispered, glancing away.

Sakura nodded, holding back the fresh tears. "Yeah, Sasuke." she murmured, "It is."

Sasuke jerked his head from the ground to Sakura's face, "But you can't go!" he all but shouted, "You're my best friend!"

Sakura bowed her head shamefully, "I tried to make them not to!" she sniffled, "It's not fair…"

Both became strangely silent. Sasuke stared hard at the ground and Sakura rubbed her eyes vigorously. She didn't want to cry in front of Sasuke, he didn't need to see her sad. This was their last day! She walked over to his house to be with him before she left.

Sasuke lifted his head, his face replaced with a small hidden smile. Sakura stared at him, slightly confused with the look. He extended his hand out to her, "Well come on, Sakura." he smiled fully now, "Let's have fun!"

Sakura smiled back at him, "Right." She extended her own hand, taking hold of Sasuke's. He grinned and quickly pulled her into a run. "Where are we going, Sasuke?!" Sakura laughed as her worries seemed to fall behind them the faster they ran.

"You'll see." he simply answered. Sakura blushed lightly but smiled. Her hand gave his a gentle squeeze which he returned. The time was theirs.

Sasuke led Sakura to the park. The place that held memories for them both, just as strongly as Sasuke's front porch. The two climbed on the jungle gym before heading to the merry go round and ending their fun on the swings.

"I'll beat you this time Sasuke!" she taunted with a wide smile.

Sasuke shook his head, "We'll just see!" he laughed as they swung higher and higher. The world seemed so small to them when they were on the swings. Almost like they could touch the sky if they pumped hard enough, if they got to that height.

As soon as they reached the highest point the swings let them, they both jumped off. Flying momentarily through the air before landing briefly on their feet before rolling to their backs on the sand. Both laughing hysterically at how far they jumped.

Sakura smiled brightly, "I beat you." she rolled onto her side, her emerald eyes sparkling.

Sasuke sat up, "No way." he smirked, "It was a tie."

Sakura giggled, "Cheater!" She followed his move and sat up as well.

Sasuke glanced at Sakura, "Okay, fine. You win…this time." Sakura rolled her eyes before laughing. He watched as Sakura sighed and stretched in the evening sun. "I'm going to miss you." he whispered finally.

It was strange to Sasuke to be so close to a girl. He had heard his father talk about it several times to his mother about the subject. That an eight year old boy should have plenty of guy friends like his older brother and that a guy friend should be coming over more frequently than a girl.

His mother didn't see anything wrong with it and neither did he. To him, Sakura was his best friend. She was there when his pet died, there when he first moved, there when his brother would tease him and there to count the stars and eat popsicles with. Gender didn't matter to either of them.

Sakura glanced at him back, her eyes saddened and she nodded softly. "I'm going to miss you too, Sasuke." she muttered softly. She sat up straight before furrowing her brow, "Promise me, Sasuke, that you'll write to me when I'm gone and that you won't forget me, ever!"

Sasuke smirked, "Of course!" he patted her head, "How can I forget a pink haired girl like you?"

Sakura blushed lightly before lightly pushing at his shoulder, "You promise…?" she asked again, already knowing his answer.

Sasuke held out his pinky, "Pinky promise." he nodded and she raised her own pinky to link with his. They both breathed a sigh of relief at each other's promise before Sasuke asked, "Guess what?"

Sakura hummed a soft reply, "What?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

He grinned in response, "You're it!" he poked her nose before dashing away. Sakura blinked several times before the jest of what he did came to mind. Grinning, she scrambled to her feet before chasing Sasuke down the street.

"No fair Sasuke!" she called as she chased him, breaking into laughter.

Their game of tag ended as soon as it started, quickly picking up on another game. Their energy didn't wane until the sky began to change color and the air chilled. Both kids settled in Sasuke's backyard, Sakura didn't want to go back to her house until she really had to. The sound of moving and her parent's bickering was too real and this was time for playing. The time that was like a dream…her last dream.

Sakura stared wide eyed at the sky, the day was the most fun she had ever had. Lots of games, hanging out with her best friend…popsicles and lemonade. She smirked, raising her hand to cover the sun from her eyes. It wouldn't be long until that sun went down the horizon.

Sasuke glanced over at Sakura, "Hey, Haruno."

Sakura shifted onto her side, smirking, "What, Uchiha?"

Sasuke pressed his lips together before he pulled his necklace off. Sakura knew that was Sasuke's most prized possession, he never left the house without it on. Her emerald eyes locked onto the dangling emblem, the fan that also happened to be on their mail box, or anything that belonged to the Uchihas, for that matter.

She frowned lightly thinking again how much she was going to miss seeing it everyday. Sasuke extended his hand out to Sakura, the necklace swung in front of her face for a moment. She stared down at it before shifting her eyes back to Sasuke.

He nudged it forward again, "Take it." he murmured, his eyes locked on the ground, a light blush staining his cheeks.

Sakura smiled, "But Sasuke…it's your favorite necklace! You can't expect me to just…take it." she nudged his hand back.

Sasuke shook his head, "I'm not giving it to you." he noticed the confusion on Sakura's face and smiled, "I'm lending it to you." He placed the necklace in her hand, "That way, you have to come back and give it to me someday."

Sakura stared down at her hand for the longest time before smiling brightly. She knew he wouldn't give up and the concept of her having his necklace gave her the hope that she would come back. "Okay." Sakura glanced at Sasuke and quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks."

Sasuke blushed and shrugged, "Hn." He smirked before glancing back up at the starry sky.

"Thank you so much."

"Oh it's nothing! Sakura is such a lovely girl, I'm just sorry you have to move." Sasuke's mother ruffled her son's raven hair. "Sasuke really is going to miss her."

Sakura's mother glance down at her own daughter, "As is Sakura." she ran her slender fingers through her pink hair. "Is there anything you need to say to Sasuke, dear?"

Sakura glanced up at her mother, the tears in her eyes again. Giving a small nod, she stepped forward. Sasuke did the same, his eyes were slightly red, the faint sign of crying apparent. They stared at each other for a moment before Sakura whispered her good bye for the final time.

Sasuke nodded softly before he embraced her. Sakura relaxed in his hug, "Remember…" she whispered to him and he nodded. The words he was forming in his mind couldn't fall from his lips the way he had hoped and wished they would. Sakura pulled back, her hand lingering over her own chest, tracing the design of the necklace that was tucked underneath her shirt.

Sakura's mother thanked the Uchiha's once again before Sakura's father urged them to the car. Tears streaked Sakura's petite face and Sasuke's mother whispered condolences and grief for the little Haruno. Sakura's father patted her as she climbed into the back of their vehicle. Her legs curled automatically and she leaned her head against the window.

Her peripherals caught sight of her raven haired friend and she pressed her finger tips against the glass window. Sasuke raised his head, his hand twitched at his side but remained there instead of reaching out. Sakura's other hand pressed against her chest, where the necklace was. She closed her eyes tightly before slowly waving as the car started to pull away.

Sasuke walked with the car before he picked up his pace into a sprint, chasing the car down the road. His eyes wide with a tear or two rolling down his face. Sakura smiled faintly before his body was nothing more than a speck on the horizon. "I'll be back to return this to you. I promise."

The memory of their goodbye engraved in her memory and his image burned in the back of her head for several nights.

Sasuke stared forward for the longest time, his face stoic and very much unlike a child his age. Sasuke's mother placed her hand on his shoulder and calmly whispered, "Let's go inside, Sasuke." Without a word, he followed his mother inside. His eyes shifting back to the horizon, in case that car came back.

It never did.

Two days-


How is your new home? How are you doing? I told you I would write! It's strange to see your house empty and that for sale sign on your yard. It's lonely, but mother says school is going to start soon. I hope your taking good care of my necklace. It really feels weird without you here. Itachi doesn't want to take me anywhere anymore, he doesn't have any "time." I just think he doesn't want to be seen with me. Brothers. Well, I hope your move went well. Make sure to tell me everything that's going on at your new city and home, okay? I'll write to you soon.

-your pal,



I hate this place, but I am doing well. I'm glad that you did write, I knew you would. It's strange not being able to see you like I always did. It's lonely on this side too. My parents are still fighting, even more now since the move. It's not helping and sometimes I can't sleep cause I'm worried one of them will leave. I'm scared, but mother keeps telling me they're both just cranky and love each other very much. I believe her. So far, no one likes me. My neighbors are all old people and I'm the only kid. The move did go well, I finished unpacking, my room is actually bigger! I miss you. Of course I'm taking good care of your necklace, if I'm going to return it someday, I should. I wish I was back there, in Konoha. Write back soon!

Love Sakura.

Sakura and Sasuke sent each other letters nearly every single day, responding to each other in great detail. It was almost as if Sakura had never moved. They sent each other pictures and drawings, nic knacks, etc. They also consoled each other through their letters and gave advice to the best of their ability. As soon as school started, the letter sending became less.

3 weeks time-


So how have you been? School? Your parents? School has been going pretty good here. I actually made a new friend today, his name is Naruto. He's a knucklehead, but he's a good guy. Its weird again to see all these faces but not yours. Sadly, I have almost forgotten what yours looks like. But not your hair of course, I can still say that your hair color is the most unique of all! Itachi has disappeared…mother is worried but I'm not all that worried. He told me he'd be back.

Write back.

Your pal



I'm glad that school is going great and that you've made a new friend. School has been pretty rough to start out over here, but I've finally made some friends too. None of them as memorable as you either. I'm doing great, hair still pink and all. I'm sorry about Itachi, like you said, I'm sure he'll be back. Dad hasn't been home as often either. Mother says not to worry, that he's out late because of work. But when she thinks I'm not awake, I can hear her cry. They still fight a lot too.

Write back.

with love,


The letters that started out every other day, turned to a weekly routine and then progressed into a monthly routine as the two began to drift from their childhood. Each of them going through problems that they related to each other often, but more often to the their current friends that were there to comfort.

Sakura glanced through her pile of letters that she acquired over the years. She smiled softly as she remembered her childhood friend, her fingers trailed over the necklace underneath the fabric of her shirt. She wondered how he looked now. Sakura frowned, she had somehow wished that by some miracle their friendship could have survived the long distance. But the letters that were sent had became more and more vague, until the letters between them were sent yearly--if at all.

Sakura couldn't just blame Sasuke, it was her too. She was caught up in her life, in her drama that she didn't have time to write to her friend. And with technology improving, she hardly wrote anything down by pencil anymore. Sakura's thoughts trailed off when she heard her parents bickering again, she glared her door before shutting it. Their muffled voices still carried upwards and she sighed as she picked up a pencil and quickly reread Sasuke's latest later.


Nothing new.



Vague. Almost too vague, but she knew the old him and not the new him. Surely he changed…she did. Sakura sighed and began to write back.


Parents are getting divorced. Other than that, I guess that it. How is school going? Your family?

- With love


After so many years, he was still always surprised to find that letter in the mailbox addressed to him. It relieved him in a way, but also enraged him in a another. Was a childhood promise really that important that they had to pretend to be interested in what the other wrote?

Sasuke sighed, that wasn't him speaking. That was the voice his father had imprinted in him. Sasuke scoffed, he wasn't always so bitter. Sakura knew that. Sakura knew the real him and that was the real reason why he still wrote to her. He still missed his friend even though he would never admit it now like he could so easily do so then. But in a way, he wanted to get rid of anything and everything that reminded him of his weaker life.

But old habits were hard to die and on days when he really wanted to get away, he pulled out the letters he received and read them. Sometimes he didn't bother opening the most recent until he knew he would actually write back. He read his name in the neat cursive writing and couldn't help but smirk a little. His name had dramatically became neater over the years.


Mother is alright. Itachi comes and goes when he pleases now, the druggie. And father, who cares. Sorry about your parents. Are you going to move again?



I don't know. They won't tell me the details, but if anything, dad will. Shocker there. I'm just surprised it lasted this long. Sorry about your father and brother. Wow, how many years and we're still writing to each other. It's times like these when I really do miss your presence and often wonder what it would have been like if I stayed. Sorry, self thought there.

With love


Sakura rubbed her eyes before putting the post stamp on the letter. Pressing her lips tightly together she sighed lightly before slipping the letter through the slot. Sakura thanked the postage lady before trudging out of the post office.

"Are you done here?"

Sakura glanced up at the blonde haired woman clad in black before giving a soft nod. "Yeah."

"Are you all packed?"

Sakura nodded again, wiping her eyes as tears pricked them again. "Y-yes." The woman placed her hands on Sakura's shoulders and led her to the car.

"Shh, shh. It's alright." she sighed, "It's best we head to the wake, huh?"

Sakura lowered her head, the tears pouring from her eyes. "Right." she whispered softly.


My mother died the other day. In a car accident and my father doesn't want me. Didn't even bother to deny it. So, I'm moving back to Konoha with my mom's sister, Tsunade. Back to my old house. I'll be see you soon again, Sasuke.


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