Greetings everyone! This new fic of mine is planning to last 10 chapters...if possible...maybe more...anyway, this fic contains characters that are really, REALLY OOC so be warned. It's a crossover between the G1 universe and...I'll keep you guessing but if anyone out there is smart enough to know then congrats, you're a physic! Now enjoy! This fic conatins mature mech on mech action, torture, violence, drug use...possible non con but I'm holding back a little...ask via reviews! Pairings are Optimus Prime x Hot Rod, Prowl X Jazz, Hound X Mirage, Ratchet X Wheeljack and a few others I will inform later on in the story!

A Nightmare Beyond this World

The hallway was dark and gloomy. The only light were the purple shaded ones that gave the place an eerie atmosphere and a frightful mood. The air was cold and a foul stench wafted down the deserted hallways. Nothing moved and there wasn't one sound to indicate any life. It was almost dead and it felt dead and, if the gods allowed it, this place should be for the dead alone. However within the darkness shadows moved quickly and silently as if the beings were part of the darkness themselves. Soon red glowing lights appeared in the shadows. The small red lights were paired up closely together and it became apparent that they were the eyes of whoever was lurking in the dark. The eerie glow was almost terrifying to behold as they glowed in the dark as if they were some sort of evil and vile monsters Soon voices echoed down the hallway. Quiet at first but then they got louder and louder.

'I heard he disobeyed him again! He screwed up the mission and everything y'know. Did you see how pissed he was?'

'He always does! Why doesn't our grand leader just kill him? He fragging ticks me off half the time!'

'He is his toy remember. A plaything that needs to be tamed...I should be the one to tame him...I have ways of making them obedient...'

'Oh can take him like you did with me...ooh I'm getting excited just thinking about it. Oooh I wanna watch! Why doesn't he ever let us watch?'

'Hmph...he's probably just screwing with again...humiliating him.'

'Ooh slag...I wanna see it...I wanna see it...oh frag I wanna see his humiliation! I wanna see him screaming for mercy...ooh slag it makes me so fragging hot!'

'Can't you keep your horny vocal unit down for a nano-click you-'

Then without warning a set of doors nearby opened and the shadows vanished as quickly as they had appeared. From the open doorway emerged a dark figure with burning red eyes. He was limping as he left the room and making small gasps of pain with each step. His red eyes glared straight ahead and he growled in frustration after enduring his...punishment. Before he could leave he heard a voice within the dark room behind him.

'Next time my loyal pet...I expect you to obey my every command! Understand?'

The figure growled once again but he responded,

' master...'

The doors closed behind him after the answer was given and the figure surrounded by darkness clenched his fists tightly and sneered.

'Pity there won't be a next time!'

Standing within the small washroom within his quarters Hot Rod was trying to relax but he wasn't succeeding. Gripping the wash basin he looked at his youthful face in the mirror and let out a long sigh. Yet another night in that wasn't right...their quarters and once again he was too nervous to go to bed. Mainly because Optimus was still up and if he was still up then that meant only one thing. The Autobot leader wanted to Bond with him.

'Why do I always freeze up like this?' he whimpered.

It wasn't like they hadn't done it before it was just that Hot Rod, even though he didn't want to admit it, was incredibly shy when it came to bonding. He still couldn't figure out how he managed to go through with his first time but he still remembered how it went. Optimus was so very, very careful and so very gentle but he still clung onto him for dear life and almost crushed him in his arms. Optimus wasn't able to move properly after that. They had done it every now and then but Hot Rod had found it a little difficult to relax even when Prime was kissing him up in such a seductive manner. Hot Rod had tried to find ways to boost up his confidence and even had chats with Ratchet who just told him that since he was a little new to Bonding a part of him might still be rejecting it. He had talked to everyone he trusted about it but he got similar answers or little jokes. He had been told by Jazz that if he kept it up Optimus might lose interest in him. He had meant it in a teasing manner but Hot Rod panicked. He loved Optimus very much and couldn't bear to lose him so he marched right up to him with a very red face and said,

'Can we bond tonight?'

And now here he was in his washroom to afraid to go out into his room and onto his berth because Prime was still up. He had hoped that Optimus would have just fallen asleep but he was lying there reading a book of some sorts. Gritting his denta tightly and tried to take control of the situation. He could do this. He had done it before so no big deal right? He just had to relax and go through with it. Listening to himself it sounded like he was about to go through some sort of torture. He did enjoy the pleasure of it but he hated the painful parts he always experienced. Trying to ignore it all and taking one last deep breath he slowly left the washroom and into the bedroom. Optimus was lying under the sheets reading his book and he looked up when he spotted Hot Rod coming out of the washroom at long last.

'You OK Hot Rod?' asked the older Bot.

The youth nodded but clearly his nerves were failing him. He sat on the edge of the berth and sighed as he tried to keep calm. He didn't know why he was so nervous about Bonding with someone he loved. Maybe it was because his body didn't react well to the pain that he experienced sometimes and like what Ratchet said, a part of him was rejecting it out of fear or something. That and that he had really sensitive valves. He flinched when he felt Prime's arm wrap around him and drag him backwards until he was sitting right next to him. Hot Rod gasped out of surprise but soon felt Prime's lips against his. Optimus only ever took off his mask for kissing and consuming Energon. Also to hide the nasty scar he earned during the war. Hot Rod didn't really give a dam about the scar for he enjoyed kissing Optimus. It was the only thing he could do without freaking out. With their glossa's licking and sliding over each other Hot Rod did make a muffled yelp when he felt Prime's hand rest of his groin armour. Pulling out of the kiss Optimus looked down with concern.

'You sure you're OK?' he asked again.

'I-I'm fine...really!' squeaked Hot Rod trying to form a smile on his flustered face.

Optimus frowned and pulled back a little, folding his arms and raising his brows.

'You're panicking again aren't you?'

Hot Rod opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. He couldn't deny it once again he was too freaked out to go through with it. He was feeling really bad for Prime too since this wasn't fair on him. He sighed and shuffled a little.

'I-I'm sorry Prime...I'm trying but...nerves just keep kicking in...Ratchet did suggest that you should just take me and ignore me or-'

'Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute!'

Optimus had halted the youth from speaking any further. Last time he took Bonding advice from Ratchet it ended up rather...messy. He had heard from Wheeljack that Ratchet was a perverted Bond-maniac when he was younger and that put him right off. Making a small grumble Optimus hoisted the nervous Bot so he was leaning against his chest and looked down at him with a tired smile.

'Listen Hot Rod I know you're a little scared but let me try has worked before.'

Hot Rod blushed a little as Prime nuzzled his neck. Optimus was way more experienced than him so that did make him feel better about it sometimes. Hot Rod just closed his optics and tried to relax as he felt the Autobot leader's lips and glossa gently caress his neck and shoulder. The youth made a small moan and arched his back a little. This was the part he really enjoyed. The kisses and the touches that Optimus administered on him were a godsend and he always ended up collapsing from the very experience. Then Optimus did something a little different. His free hand travelled down from Hot Rod's chest right down to his groin armour. Before Hot Rod could even react Prime had already removed the protective armour and almost literally shoved three fingers up into the tightened valve. Hot Rod then cried out from the shock but Optimus used his other hand to cup Hot Rod's chin and forced him to look up, crushing his lips against his and gently forcing his glossa into his mouth.

'O-oh Primus...'thought the youth as he tried to relax whilst those fingers probed and moved around within him.

Usually Optimus would just use the one or two fingers to prepare him and then take him. He had never used three before and he never moved them like this before. Also he was pretty sure he was all prepped and everything for the Bond but Optimus continued to probe him and even dared to slip in a fourth. It felt so pleasurable but it still made the youth feel a little uncomfortable. His muffled gasps and groans as Optimus continued to probe him seemed to make the Autobot leader relieved that things were going well. Then Hot Rod felt something a little odd happening within him. He felt like something was building up like a warm and explosive feeling right where Optimus was probing him. The more Prime continued the more the feeling grew until Hot Rod began to cry out every time the fingers went in or out. He then found one of his hands moving on their own as it gripped the large blue hand and it almost seemed like he was trying to force him to probe even deeper. Feeling a little embarrassed Hot Rod broke the kiss and closed his optics. If he looked down he knew he would have begged Optimus to stop for now he felt lubricants dripping out of his valve and down his thighs.

'Oh slag...oh slag...slagslagslagslagslag!' he whimpered in a small tone.

He found that his hips were bucking against the thrusting of the fingers. The hot lubricants gave off a smell that made the youth feel dizzy and hot at the same time. His cries got a little louder when Optimus resumed to kiss and nuzzle his neck joint. He couldn't help but cry out when he felt his glossa trail up and down his spoiler. He couldn't think straight and he was desperately trying to keep his position for he feared that he would fall over any second. Then that hot feeling within him suddenly exploded within him and he made a shaken gasp as lubricants poured out of his valve. He opened his optics for a split second only to close them once again when he saw Prime's hand covered in his Bonding lubricants. He felt the fingers retract themselves from his ports and he flushed when he heard what sounded like licking.

'I-is he licking it off!?' he wondered in his mind and trying not to picture it.

However he dared himself to look up at Prime and his guess was correct. The very sight of Prime licking off the fluid from his hand made Hot Rod blush like mad and he hid his face from view, squeezing his optics shut. His face had gone bright red and his vents breathed out hot air as he tried to regain control of himself. Optimus certainly never done anything like this to him before. Then Optimus suddenly hoisted him up again and the youth forced his optics open when he realized that the older Bot had spun him round completely until they were face to face. Optimus had a determined look upon his face and Hot Rod flushed a little since he believed that he was so fragging handsome even with that monstrous scar. Before he could figure out what was going on Optimus captured his lips again and gripped Hot Rod's hips tightly, forcing them down.

'OH FRAG!' screamed Hot Rod, breaking off the kiss suddenly and arching back.

He had been caught off guard and Optimus had manage to slip his Bonding spike within the youth's valve. The sudden mass that entered him caused him to arch back so far Optimus had to pull him back up. Hot Rod felt extremely dizzy and he whimpered a little when he began to feel the older Bot moving his hips, thrusting in and out. Collapsing against him, Hot Rod gripped Prime's shoulders and tried his best not to cry out. Since his valves were soaked in his fluids it didn't really hurt but he wasn't used to Bonding in this position. All he could do was let Prime continue what he was doing and hold on.

'Try to relax,' gasped Prime, feeling the tension build up within the youth.

'Uhh...I-I...ooh...I am...' lied the youth.

Optimus smirked and he once again captured the youth's lips in a passionate kiss. Soon the movements got faster and Hot Rod found that his own hips were moving in rhythm with Prime's. He wrapped his arms round Prime's back and buried his head into his shoulders, trying to suppress his moans but he couldn't suppress his cries. The pace was quickened, Optimus continued to stroke his spoiler and kiss the trembling youth in his arms and Hot Rod's cries were getting louder and louder. Then Optimus bit his lip as he crushed the youth's hips against his, unleashing his pent up energy and lubricants into the smaller Bot. Hot Rod suddenly tensed up, throwing his head back and crying out as soon as that powerful feeling hit him. His sight had gone hazy and his mind was in a mess. He wasn't even sure of where he was right then and he felt like he was falling. Before he could even think of what just happened everything went black.

Was this a dream? Where was he? Why was it so dark? Everywhere he looked there was nothing but darkness but he could make out that he was in some sort of dimly lit room. It wasn't that big but it almost felt so very familiar. It was like he had been in that room before but he had never seen anything like it before. Trying to look round he could see nothing but upon looking down he found a large pile of data-pads and notebooks in front of him. He also saw blueprints of some kind but he wasn't even sure what he was looking at. He tried to say something but nothing came out of his vocal unit. However when he tried it again words did come out but words that made no sense to him.


Looking up in confusion he found himself staring into what must have been a reflective panel. Looking within it he could make out a figure looking back at him with glowing red eyes. It was too dark for him to make him out and everything seemed to be fading into nothingness. The last thing he remembered was a dark smile that looked so very familiar.

Hot Rod woke with a startled yelp after that strange dream. Gripping his sheets and his vents activating to keep his panicked systems cool he sat up and tried to set his mind straight. What the slag was that? What was that place? Who was that strange figure in the mirror like panel? The youth groaned for his mind was still too tired to be answering these questions. Instead he flopped back and tried to relax. It was only after he moved his legs a little did he feel something odd.

'W-what?' he squeaked looking under the sheets.

After spotting what gave him the odd feeling his face went as red as Prime's armour and in a panic he ran off to the wash room and examined himself. Lubricants were dripping out of his valve nonstop and his legs were covered in it. This never happened before after he Bonded with Prime...then another thought hit him. Where was Prime? Looking back into the room he saw that Prime's half of the berth was made up and that there was a note.

'Morning Hot Rod, hope you're feeling alright. Early morning business to take care of and whatnot. I'll see you later.


The youth smirked a little. Optimus was always working this early in the morning so it didn't surprise him. However he still had to figure out what was wrong with his valve and there was only one Bot he could ask. Activating his Comm Link he connected himself to the Comm Link of the Autobot Medic and the youth prayed he hadn't called him at a bad time. He used to have the worst luck for doing so and always feared Ratchet would come and get him for it. Within seconds a voice so loud rang throughout his systems so loud it made him jump.


After recovering from the shock Hot Rod responded, gritting his denta's when he realized that he did indeed call Ratchet at a bad time.

'I-I'm sorry Ratchet but I...I have a little problem.'

Hot Rod flushed a little and suppressed a gasp when he felt a large amount of the fluids drip out of him. Ratchet grumbled on the other line but he was willing to listen.

'So what is it?' he asked.

'Er...I was wondering if you could come up here and...take a look?'

'Wha- RIGHT NOW!?'

Hot Rod flinched since Ratchet had a really powerful voice but continued to respond to the Medic's angered cries.

'Please Ratchet...I'm not sure if it's serious or not...'

Ratchet sounded like he was about to snap but instead he grumbled and said he'd be up as soon as he could. The youth was thankful for this and whilst he waited he cleaned up the sheets on the berth while trying to keep his face from going red. What happened last night made him feel a little strange. He was always used to Bonding in the missionary position but what Prime did last night was supposed to make him feel more confident and a little less afraid, at least that's what he thought. It sort of did but he felt like he was drugged through most of it. It was nothing like he ever felt before and somewhere deep down he wanted to try it again. He did feel a little pain here and there but nothing major, just the lubricants dripping down his legs caused the panic. Was this because of the way Optimus took him? Before he could dwell on the matter any further there was a knock on the door. Hot Rod quickly grabbed a sheet and covered his lower body before opening the door.

'Thanks for coming Ratchet,' he said with a smile.

Ratchet looked tired and annoyed but he had bought his tool bag and everything. Yawning as he walked in Hot Rod closed the door and waited for the Medic to put his tool bag down. Ratchet grumbled and folded his arms whilst he looked at him trying to figure out what was wrong.

'So why did you interrupt me from a slagging good massage that was soon to be followed by one slagging good Bond?' he snapped.

Hot Rod flushed a little and felt apologetic. Ratchet hated it when he got interrupted from something like that. He gripped his sheets and nervously looked up at the Medic.

'Y-you promise you won't tell anyone?' he squeaked.

Ratchet sighed but nodded. Hot Rod's face went bright red as he loosened the sheets and dropped it to revel his stained legs. Ratchet's optics widened for a second which was then followed by a small blush. Then he smirked and gave Hot Rod a devil like smirk.

'So you finally went all out on him?' he snickered.

Hot Rod shivered slightly when some more fluids dripped out but he whined at Ratchet's little remark.

'N-no...I mean yes...I mean he went...I mean will you please tell me what's wrong!? It won't stop dripping!'

Ratchet chuckled and patted his red hand on the berth indicating that he wanted the youth to sit down so he could examine him. Hot Rod did what he was told and he tried not to blush as he was ordered to spread his legs. Ratchet began to explain whilst he pulled out some tools.

'This usually happened after your Bonding fluid chamber system right around here has been strained a little causing it to think you're still in the mood and make it overflow. That and some of this stuff isn't from your own body.'

Hot Rod went all red and Ratchet laughed.

'It can happen in certain positions and it depends how deep he penetrated-'

'C-could we just drop it and just fix it please!' wailed the youth after getting to much information forced upon him.

Ratchet smirked and he pulled some armour and plating away to get where he needed to go. The Medic was indeed a pro when it came to Bonding since he knew everything about it and practiced it on his own Bondmate. However Optimus wasn't really all that keen on it when Ratchet offered to give him some EXTREME advice after some sort of incident that he'd rather not talk about to anyone. Trying to get Bonding out of his systems Hot Rod tried to change the topic to keep his mind of the pain he felt as Ratchet fixed his Bonding systems. In fact there was something he wanted to ask the Medic.

' don't think I'm too immature for Prime do you?'

Ratchet looked a little surprised but he continued working away on the youth's body.

'Why do you ask? He likes you like he would with any other Bot. He felt a little strange since he was dating with someone who was a few million stellar cycles younger than him but he doesn't really see you as an infant. Why?'

Hot Rod shuffled a little and tried to relax.

'It's just that...I'm not really into the stuff he likes and he's way more experienced than me in certain fields. Plus I have been told by someone that I was a little too young for him and that Prime deserved someone much better-'

'Who said that!?' snapped Ratchet looking up suddenly.

The youth flinched and looked away slightly.

'S-someone back on Cybertron.' He squeaked.

Ratchet grumbled and started to work away again.

'Well you know what they say...opposites attract. Plus you and Optimus do have something in common, you like playing that Battleship game against each other and he believes you have good leadership qualities. Also Optimus isn't complaining about you but he does come to me with his worries every now and then. He thinks that you think that he's only using you for Bonding while other times he's worried about your health.'



Hot Rod flushed a little when he discovered that Optimus was indeed concerned about him but then a little worried that Optimus was doubting a few things about their relationship. In fact it was Hot Rod who asked Optimus out first since he develop a small crush on him for quite a while. He was overjoyed when he agreed and since then they had been together as a couple. Plus like Ratchet said, opposites attract and he was the complete opposite of Optimus in a few ways or more. After Ratchet had fixed up the Bonding system He closed him up and walked off to wash his hands.

'I would recommend that you wouldn't Bond for at least an Earth week. I'll let Optimus know but he is a little busy this morning. You just relax till then OK?'

Hot Rod nodded and showed the Medic out, thanking him as he left. Smiling a little he proceeded to clean himself up and he felt a little happier that Optimus was serious about him after all. Now the only thing he could worry about was that dream. What was it about? And what was the figure trying to say to him? Trying not to think about it too much he proceeded to the washroom to clean up.

Optimus grumbled a little after Ratchet gave him a little telling off for what he did to Hot Rod. He panicked a little that morning when he spotted the Medic heading up to his room after getting a call and he waited for the Medic to return to find out what happened. He also felt a little guilty after hearing what the Medic had told him and wondered if he could sneak off to check on the youth but Ratchet reassured him he was just fine.

'All you did was strain him a little nothing major. Lots of couples had it happen to them...Mirage and Hound are a good example. Anyway he was more worried about the way he's been acting around you in your relationship with him. He thinks he's too immature for you.'

Optimus looked a little surprised and then he looked worried.

'I hate myself sometimes,' he muttered.

'Why?' asked Ratchet.

Optimus himself was now starting to look a little flustered and he gave the Medic an embarrassing look.

'Well...I do really like him. I enjoy his company and he can be perfect in every way. However I sometimes wish...well...I just...oh slag I can't say it.'

'What? You can tell me! Nothing leaves this office remember!'

The Autobot leader sighed and scratched his head. His face plates were a little red and he shuffled on the spot a little before he explained further.

'...I just wish he was a little more adventurous during a Bond. I know it's his first time in a relationship and he freaks out every now and then but...slag now I'm starting to sound like you!' chuckled Prime.

Ratchet smirked and relaxed in a nearby chair.

'I know what you mean though. When I started dating Wheeljack he was pretty much like your Hot Rod but now...let's just say I have good times with him...really good times. Listen Prime don't feel so disgusted with yourself. He will eventually gain the confidence but for now just let him deal with it on his own.'

Optimus sighed and relaxed into his own chair. He was glad that he didn't hurt Hot Rod but he hated himself for what he did last night. Truthfully he had been stressed lately and when Hot Rod walked up to him and asked if they could Bond that night he got a little excited. However he had to keep reminding himself that Hot Rod was new to this whole thing and he was trying to rush it. Bots he had dated in the past were experienced so he didn't really have a problem with it at first but now he had to be careful.

'Anyway, getting off the subject, I hear that you, Wheeljack, Perceptor and Skyfire are going to study the Earth weather with one of Wheeljack's inventions. I understand this will help with our Energy problem.'

'Ah yes. Wheeljack believes that if he could harness the power of the Solar-Energy, the winds, storms and the rain he could somehow control it and he could convert it into Energon. However he wishes to study it first so we're waiting for a storm to come.'

Optimus smirked from under his mask at the very thought of Wheeljack running around a storm trying to study while Ratchet and Perceptor dodge lightning bolts and Skyfire trying to fly through it. He wished them luck anyway and continued with his own work and wondered how Hot Rod was doing. He remembered right after he overloaded Hot Rod passed out and since he was so tired he just tucked him into the berth and fell asleep whilst watching him. He regretted not noticing the damage but at least he knew he was all better now but he hoped that what he did wouldn't shake up their relationship.

The day dragged on. Ratchet, Wheeljack, Perceptor and Skyfire where outside studding the power of solar energy. Hound and Mirage were out patrolling whilst sweet talking each other. Ironhide, Smokescreen, Jazz and Brawn were playing a game of cards. Grimlock was trying to teach his Dinobots some manners since Optimus had told him off for being so rude whenever someone talked to him or any of the other Dinobots. Prowl and Red Alert were going over the security of the base. Inferno, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Bluestreak and Trailbreaker were being entertained with one of Kup's war stories. Springer was relaxing in the rec room whilst listening to Blaster play some tunes on his music system. Huffer and Cliffjumper were out looking for trouble. Teletraan-1 was looking out for any Decepticon threat and Hot Rod had gone out fishing since he developed an interest for it. The sun was blaring down on him and the scenery around him was all so peaceful.

'What a day this is,' sighed the youth as he stretched his limbs.

He was fishing in a nearby river and wasn't that far from the base so he felt safe. All the other Autobots were so busy or too busy relaxing. Life at the Ark was like any other when the Decepticons weren't causing trouble. In the distance he could see Wheeljack reading data off his little invention while the other three bots he was with stood back from it to be safe. Since he was near the base and near help Hot Rod decided to go for a little recharge whilst waiting for a bite. Switching off his optics he sighed as the sun warmed his armour in such a relaxing way. Soon he found his systems dying down and he yawned one last time before drifting off into a pleasant recharge.

He was there again. A dark room but this time he saw things moving around the dark. He saw red eyes glaring at him and evil voices echo around him. What was this place? Why did he know it and who were these strange creatures? He tried to move but found he couldn't. He tried calling out to these shadows but nothing came out of his vocal unit once again. Then the voices around him got clearer and he understood what most of them were saying.


'I should...with...elect...whip...make...obedient...'

'I wanna...wanna see...feel pain...hehehe...'

'Turn him...pile...slag...Lord...Pr...make...beg...forgiveness...'

These voices sounded so eerie and scary. Worst of all he felt like they were directing these words at him. Why? Who was he? Was he in someone else's body? Was this really a dream? Then he felt pain shoot right through him. Someone had grabbed his arm and was squeezing it hard and painfully. He was hoisted off the floor and then came into optic contact with a large figure covered in darkness. The only thing he could see where those burning red eyes and the fear building up within him. Even the voice scared him.


Hot Rod started to struggle and cried out for help but nothing happened. His body wouldn't respond to his thoughts and no words came out his mouth. However he heard a voice. A voice that sounded so very familiar. A voice that seemed to be echoing in his mind alone.

'Soon I'll leave this disgusting world behind. Soon I'll be so far away where you can never touch me. Soon I'll be free...all I ever wanted was your...that's was'

The words faded. The room with those figures hiding in the dark faded. Everything faded into nothingness.

Hot Rod sat up and gasped after switching on his optics. It happened again. What was that? Where was that place? Who was that talking? He groaned in pain as his head started buzzing from the shock of it all. What kind of dream was that? It felt so real. Even the pain he felt was real. Rubbing his arm where it hurting he suddenly detected a presence behind him. Looking up he spotted the large robotic form of Grimlock who peered down at him with his dark blur visor.

'Why young Bot in pain?' he asked.

Hot Rod smirked. Grimlock rarely cared about others but he had a soft spot for Hot Rod since the youth always petted him when he was in his Dinosaur mode and treated him in such a friendly manner.

'I just had a bad dream Grimlock,' sighed Hot Rod as he packed up his fishing kit.

'What dream? Is it bad thing? Me Grimlock will crush the bad thing!'

Hot Rod chuckled and walked with Grimlock back to base.

'Dreams can be a bad thing or a very good thing Grimlock. They're in your head and you only see them in your sleep,' explained the youth.

Grimlock appeared to be very confused.

'So how can Grimlock crush bad thing if it only comes when Grimlock is asleep?'

Hot Rod tried not to laugh but he continued to try and explain to the Dinobot leader how dreams worked. Eventually Grimlock ran off to try and find a dream to crush leaving Hot Rod to go back to his room alone. Putting his kit away Hot Rod then set up his battleship game set and waited for Optimus to come back whilst he tried to set up a good form of battle plan. Optimus always tested him in this game to see how good his judgement in battle was and so far Hot Rod only managed to beat him once...out of two hundred matches.

'This time though I'm gonna win!' snickered the youth.

'I seriously doubt that if you put your cargo ship out in the open like that,' came a voice behind him.

Hot Rod jumped when he heard Optimus Prime's voice and he looked up to see the Autobot leader looking down at him with some concern. He must of heard about what happened that morning and he was still concerned that Hot Rod was in some form of pain. The younger Bot sat on the chair and ushered Optimus to sit on the opposite one so they could start the game.

'I'm feeling better now! Really so please don't worry so much.'

Optimus shrugged as he set up his pieces.

'Yes I'm trying not to but I ran into Grimlock a while ago claiming that a bad thing called a dream hurt you and he was trying to crush it.'

Hot Rod tried to stop himself from laughing at the very thought and that seemed to make Optimus a little more relaxed. Soon Hot Rod began to explain that Grimlock caught him having a bad dream and he thought it was hurting him. Optimus got a little curious what the dream was about but the youth couldn't really explain it. He just told him that he felt like he was in another place and that he felt really weird. The Autobot leader was a little curious but he forgot about once he managed to sink Hot Rod's tanker. The game carried on through the night in which Optimus won again. Hot Rod sulked a little but he shrugged it off vowing he would win next time. Soon they were snuggled under the sheets in their berth with Hot Rod trying to relax in prime's arms. Not because he was afraid of Bonding again, Optimus was aware that he couldn't Bond with him for a week. It was just he didn't want to dream that dream again. It felt real. Too real. However the fact that he was surrounded by the warmth of his lovers arms made him feel so sleepy. Soon his optics were shutting down until he was surrounded by the darkness once again.

Meanwhile in a place so very far away and yet so very near within a dark room someone was working away on a project he had been working on for a very long time. He was surrounded by notes, opened data-pads and tools. His red eyes focused on the task at hand. He was so very close to completing it. It was only a matter of time before it was finished.

'Soon I leave this slagging world behind...I'll leave them all behind! Soon I'll have a new life and it will be mine...I just have to get rid of that one last obstacle and then it shall be all will be mine...MINE!'

He snarled through his teeth and looked at his notes again. Since he discovered this other place, this other world he had desired to enter it and leave this foul one behind. He knew his master would hunt him down if he ran off. No matter where he hid in this Universe he knew that he would be hunted until he was out of places to hide. However he knew he wouldn't be able to follow him if he left for another Universe...of course he also had to make sure that his master wasn't even aware he was gone. Smiling evilly as his plan was coming together he just had to finish this device and then get rid of that final obstacle.

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