A Nightmare Beyond this World XI

The storm continued to howl across the desert as Megatron waited for some sort of window they could use to get back to their base. The Decepticons had taken shelter in some caverns to wait the storm out but the chances of this storm stopping looked very slim. The seekers themselves had a hard time trying to fly in it and Starscream was an expert flyer so if he had a problem flying then this was a problem. Megatron glared into the darkened sky with burning optics. Even though they had Soundwave back in their possession with Hook working on him to remove the virus Megatron was still not satisfied with what had happened. Yes they managed to keep their secrets safe from the Autobots and yes the Autobots were still without a leader but he was not happy. In fact he was craving for one thing and one thing only. He wanted that Auto-brat to come crawling to him begging for mercy.

'He made us look like fools!' snarled Starscream.

'I oughta rip his slagging head off and throw him down the pits!' snapped Dirge.

Megatron growled. Another thing that made him angry was the fact that the Autobots were there. How did they know about the meeting? Was this all just some Autobot trick? Did that brat trick them so he could wipe them all out? Then again the Autobots seemed to be going after the brat as well. The last he saw of that little trickster was when the storm started and he ran off with the Autobots second in command chasing him. He had wanted to follow too but the storm was picking up so they had no choice but to hide. As time passed Megatron tried to think. What was going on? This storm was unnatural, the young Autobot suddenly betraying his own kind and now the Autobots were hunting him down like a wild beast. Nothing was beginning to make sense anymore. That was until Hook called him over.

'Megatron my lord! Soundwave has something he must tell you!'

As soon as he heard this Megatron immediately rushed over to Soundwave. Hopefully he would provide some information that would make sense out of this whole thing. Approaching the Decepticon officer it almost pained him to see that he was still twisted and damaged in some areas but his Decepticon nature kicked in and he bent down with a snarl. Soundwave was leaning against a wall with Hook nearby still working on him. Even though he needed the rest the Decepticon looked up to his leader and awaited his command.

'Soundwave! I want answers! What in the name of Primus is going on?' demanded Megatron with a snarl.

Soundwave made a small choking like noise before he replied.

'Forgive me Megatron but...that brat...is not of this world...it makes no sense I know but...I have proof now...'

The Decepticons nearby looked confused as did Megatron. What did he mean the youth was not of this world? Soundwave sat up a little as he tried to explain.

'A gate was opened...between our world and his...a world that mirrors our own in...a dark way...he switched himself with...the Auto-brat we knew...so that he could get what he wanted...however...if he is not returned...this universe is doomed...'

Some of the Decepticons nearby suddenly looked a little freaked out but Megatron growled in anger. Soundwave wasn't an idiot but this story sounded a little stupid.

'Where did you learn such things!?'

'He told me...some of it...but after some calculations...using our own space bridge technology...his presence here will...be catastrophic...the storm you see outside...is a result of the gate opening...the reason the storm is ceasing to die down...is because the gate is still open.'

Starscream was now a little nervous. However he too didn't believe in such things of jumping other universes, it was illogical. Megatron seemed to be thinking the same thing.

'None of this makes any sense to me Soundwave! Do you know where he is? Where did he hold you and Prime prisoner?'

The injured Decepticon sighed but replied.

'In...one of our old bunkers...the one to the north of here...he holds Prime there...however that Autobot officer was chasing him...he might of reached him by now.'

Megatron snarled but then a sudden thought hit him. Optimus Prime was still missing and now the second in command had gone running off in a dangerous storm to track down this imposter. That meant the Autobots were without a leader and should be falling apart without someone to guide them. After what happened today they must be low on morale. This would be the perfect time to strike. Looking around he knew some of his Decepticons could not make it through the storm but some of them could. Standing up he addressed his Decepticons.

'Decepticons...without Prime or his second in command the Autobots are venerable. If we take them by surprise we could beat them and then use them to locate that fragging brat! I will go myself along with a small number...you all can't go and Soundwave is unfit for combat. Hook, you shall return to base with Soundwave. The seekers, Combaticons and Stunticons come with me! This is our only chance to strike!'

It did sound like a good plan but Starscream didn't like it.

'Are you insane!? Yes the Autobots would be weak and defenceless but we won't be able to make it all the way to their base! And what about the brat! Soundwave has already told us of his location! We could have Prime and the Brat with no effort wasted!'

Megatron growled in anger.

'If you would shut up Starscream and let me finish you would hear the rest of my plan! Whilst we attack the Autobot base the rest of the Constructicons will go to the bunker and capture both Prime and the Brat!'

Starscream growled but held his glossa. It was a good plan in a way. The most powerful Decepticons attack the Autobot base whilst the Constructicons minus Hook go capture Prime and the Brat. Optimus Prime wouldn't be able to handle all of them at once and there was no way that Brat could even fight one of them. Once the Decepticons were aware of what they were doing they prepared to leave. Hook carried Soundwave out of the carven with the intent of taking him back to base for repairs. The Constructicons transformed and drove off heading towards the old bunker. Megatron waited till they were gone before he led his team towards the Autobot base. They had to travel by foot since the storm was too strong to fly in. The Decepticon leader was determined to end this once and for all.

The whole thing sounded illogical. It sounded like a story you would only tell your Sparkling for a bedtime story. However all the facts and what had happened up till now made the story sound a little more logical. It sounded even more logical since he had been informed of the whole thing by a blue optic Megatron who offered to help. Now here they were walking through a storm to get back to Autobot base. The blue optic Megatron was in front taking the lead. Behind him was Optimus Prime who was helping Prowl to walk since he was still a little beat up. In Megatron's arms was a knocked out Hot Rod imposter and every time Optimus looked at him he felt a little strange.

'I still find this a little hard to believe,' sighed Optimus.

'Tell me about it,' muttered Prowl.

They both found it strange that someone so young and almost innocent looking was nothing more than an evil little cunning monster that was responsible for this whole mess. It was even stranger that the one carrying him was a kind and caring Megatron. He offered to help sort this whole thing out and he continued to say how terrible he felt for what had happened. Prowl presumed that now that they had the Imposter this whole thing was wrapped up but what Megatron told them next made the two Bots horrified at the very thought.

'I still find it very hard that an evil Optimus Prime is wandering around...I find it even harder there is even such thing as an evil Prime at all!' snapped Prowl.

The blue optic Megatron looked over his shoulder and sighed.

'Well to be fair I find it hard to believe that the Optimus Prime behind me is a good and just leader. Besides the one I'm carrying now is proof enough.'

He had him there. Optimus himself couldn't even begin to imagine that there was an evil version of himself. Then again he was walking behind a good version of Megatron who was carrying an evil version of Hot Rod so nothing more was to be said. What really worried him was what Megatron had told him, that the dark Optimus Prime had grabbed the real Hot Rod when they jumped through the gate. The thought of Hot Rod at the mercy of this evil monster scared him in a way. It almost felt like he was hurting him. Another thing that got him thinking was the way the evil Hot Rod acted around him. It was like he knew him and he knew that Optimus loved him but in some small form he was slightly afraid of him. He wanted to be in control of the situation so he held him prisoner in an old Decepticon bunker and almost flipped when his plan failed. Was his behaviour a result of living with this evil Optimus Prime for so long? If that were true then what about the real Hot Rod? What was this evil Prime doing to him right now? The blue optic Megatron noticed the worried look in Prime's optics and guessed what he was worrying about.

'Do not worry he won't...kill him.'

That still didn't make Optimus feel any better. Megatron sighed as he tried to think of something to cheer Prime up. When he first saw him he couldn't believe what his optics were telling him. He wasn't as intimidating or scary as the dark Optimus Prime he knew for so long. He seemed more noble and kind even though he was in an unfit state. He was even concerned about the dark Hot Rod after Megatron knocked him out. He was nothing like the dark Optimus Prime. As they continued to walk through the desert Optimus tried to sum everything up so it would all make sense. A Hot Rod from another universe opened a gate and switched places with the Hot Rod they all knew. He tried to gain their trust and as time passed he tried to eliminate those who threatened him including Wheeljack and Jazz. When he realized he was in trouble he fled the base with a weakened Optimus and tried to make a bargain with the Decepticons. However it was a trick to wipe out all the Decepticons and Autobots. However the gate was opened again which meant the real Hot Rod had returned but a dark Optimus and a good Megatron followed and if they don't return then something terrible might happen to the universe.

'This all sounds like some fictional tale!' muttered Optimus.

Prowl couldn't agree more. However his major concern was getting back to the base and alerting the Autobots of what happened. They had to find both Hot Rod and this dark Optimus before something terrible happened. As they got closer and closer to the base Prowl suddenly detected a transmission and from the sound of it, it sounded like a distress signal and it was coming from the base. Optimus noticed the concerned look from his officer and stopped.

'What is it Prowl?'

'Optimus...I'm receiving a distress signal from the base...slag! Did the Decepticons attack during the confusion?'

Megatron halted and looked at the two Bots. The pair of them were greatly concerned as Prowl opened the transmission and to the Autobot officer's horror it was from a panicking Jazz.

'Prowl? Prowl where are you? Something weird happened! Optimus came back but he was all...different! He suddenly attacked us. We're all holed up in the command room but...slag...he's trying to break in! Prowl please...get back here!'

Prowl looked to Optimus in confusion and panic. Megatron however knew what had happened. The dark Optimus must have made his way to the Autobot base to try and figure out what had happened to him and if he knew the dark Optimus Prime he would be going nuts to see Autobots who weren't evil and obedient to his command. They had to get back at once. As the Bots and Con began to pick up the pace not too far away the Constructicons spotted them but weren't sure what to say or think. They had just seen their leader with Optimus Prime and an Autobot Officer and it appeared that he was helping them.

'What the slag is all this?' snapped Scrapper.

'We better contact Starscream,' suggested Long Haul.

As Scavenger tried to contact the Decepticon second in command all the Constructicons began to think that today was getting weirder and weirder by the second.

Hot Rod cringed as he watched the dark Optimus beat the door with his bare fists, determined to get inside and hurt Autobots who he presumed had betrayed him. After entering the base he viciously attacked Ironhide and the Autobots quickly noticed that there was something up with this Optimus Prime. They all retreated to the main control room but that wasn't stopping the dark Optimus. He was banging and slamming his fists into that door and it looked ready to cave in. The youth could see the fury and anger in his optics but also the confusion. He had guessed that the dark Optimus had no idea what had happened to him or where he was. When he saw the good Autobots he lost it and presumed him he had been betrayed. He didn't know what to do. The good Optimus Prime wasn't here and everything looked like a complete mess. What could he do? Optimus had thrown him aside to beat down the door so he could just run but where to?


Hot Rod tried to think. He could try to contact one of the Autobots within but the dark Hot Rod had done some damage, the Autobots thought he was some sort of imposter. Before he could even try to contact the Autobots within Optimus suddenly looked to him and snarled.

'Get them to open that door or I'll break your legs!' he ordered.

Hot Rod bit his lip and looked around to find some sort of escape route. The dark Optimus saw what he was planning and uttered a low and dark chuckled.

'Going to run? Where are you going to run to? You can't hide from me you slagging fake!'

Running now seemed like a good option right now since the dark Optimus was now slowly advancing on him with an evil intent. Bolting from the scene Hot Rod ran and he tried to think of what to do next. What could he do? What would Optimus do? He looked over his shoulder and to his surprise he found that the dark Optimus was not chasing him. However to be safe he ran to Ratchet's med bay. The medic had a terminal that could link him to the command room where he could contact the trapped Autobots. Running in and sealing the door he ran to the terminal and quickly opened the connection.

'Please pick up, please pick up,' he murmured as the connection opened and waited for someone to reply.

He was on the verge of giving up as time ticked by but at long last someone finally answered the call. A face appeared on the screen and Hot Rod recognized it as Jazz. At first Jazz looked a little shocked but then he suddenly looked angry.

'You! What do you want!? You slagging monster!'

'Wa- wait Jazz! It's me! I'm the real Hot Rod! I'm not the evil one! Please listen to me!' begged Hot Rod.

Jazz continued to give him a dark glare and some Autobots in the background got curious. Soon a few more faces appeared and one of them belonged to Ratchet. Hopefully the Medic would believe him.

'Ratchet it's me! I'm in the med bay. That Optimus Prime trying to get to you isn't the real Optimus Prime...he's an evil one! I don't know what had happened whilst I was gone but I'm telling you the truth when I say that I'm the real Hot Rod! You have to believe me!'

The Autobots on the screen didn't seem to be buying it but Ratchet suddenly stepped in and looked at him. Even though he was looking at him through a screen he felt a little different around this one. He didn't give off that dark feeling he had felt around him earlier but he had to remain alert.

'I can't say I believe you right now...I can't even trust you right now...but if you can help us then please explain what the slag is going on!?'

Hot Rod sighed and prayed what he was about to tell them would make them believe him. So he told them everything. How he got stuck in the storm and saw a bright light. When he went to investigate he got knocked out and when he awoke he found himself in a dark world. A World where Autobots were evil and Decepticons were good. After getting help from the good Decepticons he was able to get back to this world but he was followed by a dark Optimus Prime who made Megatron look like a pansy. Now he was trying to get them and do Primus knew what to them. After explaining it all to him he waited for a response the Medic looked at him with wide open optics.

'Do you expect me to believe all of that?'

Hot Rod sighed.

'I'm telling you the truth! I have to do something Ratchet! Where is Optimus?'

The Medic looked grim as he explained.

'He...he disappeared. Prowl went to look for him.'

Hot Rod's optics widened with horror. Was this because of the dark Hot Rod? Had he kidnapped him or something? What had happened whilst he was gone? Looking around the med bay he suddenly realized someone was lying on one of the berths. Upon closer inspection he was horrified to see that it was Wheeljack with scars welded on his body. He was on a life support machine and he looked terrible. What had happened to him? Running back to the terminal he quickly questioned Ratchet.

'What happened to Wheeljack!?' he cried.

Ratchet suddenly looked horrified.

'Slag...I left him in the med bay!'

The medic had been so concerned with getting everyone to the command room he had forgotten all about Wheeljack who was still lying in the med bay who was still recovering from his ordeal. Hot Rod was still wondering what had happened to him until he recognized one of the scars on his body...a scar a titanium chainsaw would do...like the one he had. Had the dark Hot Rod done this as well? He looked back to Ratchet who now looked both worried and scared after realizing that he had left his mate out in the open.

'Ratchet! Ratchet listen! I can look after him and keep him safe but we need a plan! I need to find a way to contain that dark Optimus Prime!'

Before Ratchet could answer he heard a voice in the back ground and it sounded like he was panicking.

'Ratchet! Decepticons had entered the base!'

The situation was getting even worse and Hot Rod wasn't even sure what he could do. Ratchet looked back to Hot Rod with a grim face.

'I....I'm not sure. Is there anything in there that may help you?'

The youth looked around the med bay until he found himself looking back at Wheeljack. He was in a stable condition but maybe Hot Rod could wake him up. They could get to his lab and get a weapon or something. Either way maybe Wheeljack had some idea what was going on. Leaving the terminal quickly he leaned over the sleeping mech and tried to bring him back on line. He switched on his systems manually and tried to regain his conscious.

'Wheeljack? Wheeljack? I need your help!'

Nothing happened for a moment. However to Hot Rod's joy he heard the systems and circuitry below him whirr into life and within seconds Wheeljack's optics suddenly came on line. For a second Wheeljack looked around confused but when he saw Hot Rod he suddenly yelp and jumped back so violently he fell off the berth. Hot Rod gasped as he tried to help the Engineer but Wheeljack tried to push him away.

'Get...get away from me!' shrieked Wheeljack.

'Wait Wheeljack! It's me! I'm Hot Rod!'

The Engineer was still panicking when he suddenly fell silent. He fell silent for a good reason and Hot rod soon caught on as to why. They both could detect movement from outside the med bay and they both could detect that they weren't Autobots out there. Wheeljack looked back to Hot Rod and then back to the door.

'what is going on?' he snapped in a harsh whisper.

Hot Rod waited until he was sure no one was outside the med bay before explaining to Wheeljack what he had told the other Autobots. He hoped Wheeljack would believe him since he was the nerd of the Autobots and he was into the strange and unexplainable. However he guessed that it was the dark Hot Rod who injured him so he might not trust him but thankfully Wheeljack was buying his story.

'I knew it! That little fragger switched places with you! I knew he wasn't you!'

'How did you know?' queried the youth.

'I checked out his medical report and compared it to the earlier ones...they didn't match. He had some kind of programming done to him that seemed alien to me. After investigating it further I was able to access some of his memory files. I knew Ratchet said that accessing someone's memory files without their permission is wrong and all but I saw things that made no sense and found things that were otherworldly...anyway after comparing the data from my latest invention I discovered-'

As Wheeljack continued to ramble on and on about how he figured it all out Hot Rod tried to sum it all up. What Wheeljack found within the evil Hot Rod must have been the emotion altering thing Starscream had told him about. Wheeljack continued to ramble on about how he suspected Hot Rod after the storm, the fact he gave off a bed vibe and he was behaving quite odd. When Wheeljack tried to confront him he was drugged and torn up with a titanium chainsaw. He made it look like the Decepticons had done it to him to stay safe. It was the last thing he remembered before he woke up to find the youth staring down at him. At first he thought it was the evil Hot Rod but after calming down and listening to the youth's story he realized he was in the presence of the real Hot Rod. Plus he wasn't giving off the bad vibe he got off him before. Even though it was a relieve to have one of the Autobots believe and trust him they still had a few major problems. Optimus Prime was missing, an evil Optimus Prime was trying to harm the other Autobots, the Decepticons were attacking the base and the evil Hot Rod was still missing. They had quite a job to do and little time to do it in.

'We need a plan Wheeljack! We have to get both the dark me and the dark Optimus Prime back through the gate or else our universe might collapse!' explained the youth.

Wheeljack pondered and quickly hatched a scheme.

'We could lure the Decepticons to the dark Prime and he could take care of them...if the dark Optimus is as bad as he sounds then he should be able to handle himself. Then we can get everyone out whilst they're all distracted and regroup. We can attack them whilst they're busy fighting each other! I'm not too sure where the evil Hot Rod is though so we're just going to have to deal with the Cons first.'

That did sound like a good plan and it sounded like their only choice for a plan at the time. Running back to the terminal he found Ratchet looking anxious and worried.

'Ratchet...Wheeljack is fine but we got a plan! I'll lure the Decepticons to the dark Prime and he can take of them. Then while they're busy fighting we can get you all out of there and regroup!'

That seemed to have calmed the Medic down and he liked the idea. A few other Autobots who were listening in also thought it was a good plan but Ratchet realized that the youth would be putting himself in danger. After what the evil Hot Rod had done the Decepticons were out for blood and wanted nothing more than to see his twisted corpse burn before their optics.

'It does sound a little risky though...are you sure you can do this?'

Hot Rod nodded.

'I'll do it! Don't worry about me!'

As Hot Rod ran off to aid Wheeljack back onto the berth Ratchet was now certain he was talking to the real Hot Rod. Wheeljack sat on the berth for he was still a little weak but he promised that he will try to help Hot Rod by accessing Teletraan-1's security program that never activated for some reason. Hot Rod promised he was going to lock the door after he left to ensure the Engineer's safety.

'Be careful kid,' warned Wheeljack.

Hot Rod nodded and quickly stepped out of the med bay after checking that the coast was clear. He had to find the Decepticons quick so he had to think like one. If a Decepticon entered an Autobot base whilst no Autobots were around they would...head for their Energon Supplies. It was a long shot but it was the only place where Decepticons would go. Making his way there quickly but carefully he heard noises and voices coming from down the hallway. As he got closer he recognized one of the voices and he suddenly got a little scared. It was Megatron...the Megatron he knew too well.

'Where the slag are the Autobots!?' he snarled.

'Who cares!? They left their Energon supply chamber wide open!' laughed Swindle.

'This could be some Autobot trap!' sneered Starscream.

'Lighten up Screamer!' snapped Motormasher.

Peering round the corner he grimaced when he realized there were quite a few Decepticons in there drinking away at the Autobots Energon. It made him a little angry and he knew Prowl was going to be pissed since one of his roles was to keep track of the Energon supplies. Megatron was in there looking annoyed whilst the Seekers, Stunticons and the Combaticons were drinking away. Would the dark Prime be able to handle all of them? As he planned what he was going to do Starscream suddenly pricked up his audio receptors. Megatron noticed and snarled,

'What is it Starscream?'

Starscream seemed to be receiving a transmission from someone and what he seemed to be picking up was confusing him. It appeared that he was talking to the Constructicons for he was calling them "slagging builder-blockheads" or something like that.

'What the slag do you mean you saw Megatron out in the desert? He's right here!'

Megatron now looked confused and he himself contacted the Constructicons.

'Scavenger what is the meaning of this!? ....What do you mean you saw me with Optimus, the brat and another Autobot!? .....You're making no sense at all!'

Hot Rod suddenly brightened up a little. He must have been talking about the Megatron from the other Universe. At first he was a little shocked but then again it must of been a good thing for he was with Optimus and it obviously must of been the good Optimus...his Optimus...that meant he was now safe and sound. Could it be that they were on their way to the base? If so he had to act fast. He waited till all the Decepticons were looking away before jumping out.

'Hey Decepti-BUMS! Can't get any Energon on your own so you resorted to stealing from us goodie-goodie Autobots? How pathetic!'

The Decepticons whirled round and their optics suddenly darkened when they spotted the youth. When Megatron saw him he suddenly bared his fangs, his optics narrowed down to a piercing glare and his anger and rage was almost emitting from his body. He clenched his fists and roared.


Hot Rod bolted the moment the Decepticons gave chase and he ran as fast as he could. He could hear their thundering footfalls that were almost on top of him and their vents pumping air so fast he could feel it on his back. He ran towards the command room where he could still hear the pounding of large metal fists against a thick metal door. He dared to look over his shoulder to see a clawed hand reaching out to him. He dodged it and sprinted round the corner. Looking up he saw the dark Prime and to his horror he was now prying the dented door from its frame.

'OPTIMUS! WE GOT COMPANY!' he screamed.

The dark Optimus suddenly looked up from his task and his red optics widened in surprise to see the youth being chased by an army of Decepticons. The Decepticons noticed him too and almost halted in their tracks allowing Hot Rod to run behind the confused dark Optimus. Standing well back he prayed this plan was going to work. Megatron looked at Optimus with wide open optics.

'W-What the slag!? Who is this? Who the slag are you?' snarled Megatron.

That seemed to have pissed the dark Prime off and he charged at the Decepticons. He suddenly threw a punch at Motormasher which sent the large Con flying back and slamming against the wall.


That seemed to have scared some of the Cons for some of them suddenly bolted while others chose to fight this monster version of Optimus Prime. Hot Rod was overjoyed as his plan was coming to fruition but it wasn't over yet. Running over to the damaged door he was able to peer in to see some of the Autobots backed up against the far wall in fear.

'Ratchet! Guys c'mon! It's safe but we have to go now!'

At first nothing happened but at long last Ratchet appeared and he tried to open the damaged door. Ironhide finally came over to assist and once the door was removed the Autobots quickly ran out. Hot Rod directed them to the Med Bay whilst keeping an optic on the battle with a few Decepticons and an evil version of Prime. Some of the Autobots gave Hot Rod a look that implied they were still suspicious about him while others just looked over at the battle with wide open optics. Ratchet stayed behind to make sure everyone was gone and Springer appeared who suddenly looked at Hot Rod with a shocked expression.

'It's...it's...IT'S YOU!'

Hot Rod almost yelped when Springer embraced him suddenly but to feel the love from another Autobot almost made the youth collapse against him. However the reunion was cut short when Megatron suddenly stepped out of that brawl with the dark Prime. He was intent of killing the youth. Noticing Megatron had spotted them Ratchet quickly ushered the two Bots to run.

'To the Med Bay! Quick!' ordered Ratchet.

The Bots bolted as Megatron charged at them. The dark Optimus hadn't noticed since he was still kicking the Combaticons up their afts and making the Stunticons cry. Hot Rod looked over to see the murderous intent in the Decepticons optics was aimed at him. Was this because he thought he was the dark Hot Rod? The Autobots needed to regroup and prepare to fight back in the med bay but if Megatron was chasing him that might a little difficult. He had to lead him away.

'Guys! I have to lead him away from you or we won't be able to strike back!' he cried.

Springer looked over at him horrified.

'No way! He wants you dead!'

'I have to! Get to the Med Bay and regroup! I'll deal with Megatron!'

With that Hot Rod bolted off in a different direction and as he predicted Megatron forgot about the other two Bots and chased him. Springer wanted to help but Ratchet halted him.

'Relax he's fast and if we're quick we can assist him!'

That was true but Megatron was more powerful than the youth and if he got his claws on him he was as good as dead. Looking back to Ratchet he shook his head.

'I have to make sure he's gonna be OK!'

Ratchet grunted but agreed, allowing the green Autobot to chase after the Decepticon and the youth. Far ahead Hot Rod wasn't sure where to go with this crazy Decepticon chasing him. He yelped when he felt the blast of a Fusion Cannon shoot across his spoiler but he continued to run. Whatever the dark Hot Rod had done it had pissed Megatron off big time and he wanted him dead. He knew he couldn't keep this up. His energy was drained and he was tired. He had to hide but where? He turned a corner but in doing so he almost tripped but was able to keep his footing. However the little trip gave Megatron enough time to grab him, his claws gripping the wounded spoiler which made the poor youth cry out. He tried to break free but he was quickly spun round and found himself staring into a pair of dark red optics that had "kill" written all over them. Megatron's vents were pumping to try and cool his overpowering rage and his Fusion Cannon was set at a very high level.

'You have no idea how much I'm going to enjoy this!' he snarled aiming his Fusion Cannon into the youth's face.

Hot Rod grimaced. He couldn't shake free and he was too weak to fight back. Was this it? Was this his time to die? As the Fusion Cannon began to hum as it charged Hot Rod prayed that the plan had worked. That they would get the evil Prime and the evil Hot Rod back through the portal to stop the chaos. That Optimus Prime would be safe and sound back in the base. Optimus Prime. Hot Rod wished that he could see him one last time. To tell him how he missed him. To tell him how much he wished he was a better mate. To hold him. To lean against him and listen to his pulsing Spark underneath his chest. All these thoughts and wishes were the only thing on his mind as he waited for his death. He gritted his denta's and waited for the end to come.

'Good riddance Auto-Brat! Oh...and don't worry about Optimus...I'll be the first to inform him of your demise!'

The Fusion Cannon was ready to fire and the youth closed his optics as Megatron prepared to fire. He expected to hear the blast of Megatron's deadly weapon but to his confusion he heard the sound of metal hitting metal. Megatron's grip on him suddenly vanished and upon opening his optics he found the Decepticon leader had been knocked to the floor. Before he could even guessed what had happened he suddenly found himself being spun round again and crushed into a sudden embrace.

'W-what!?' he suddenly thought.

It took him a second to calm down and when he did he suddenly realized how familiar this feeling was. He was being held in big, strong arms. Someone was gently patting his spoiler in a soothing motion. A head was resting on top of his and it was uttering small soothing sounds that sounded very familiar. He could detect the gentle pulse of a familiar Spark from the chest he was pressed against. It suddenly dawned on him who it was that was holding him.

'It's OK...I got you now...you're safe...'

That voice...it made him tremble as his emotions began to overwhelm him and he started to sob as he collapsed against the figure that held him so tight but gently. It felt like an eternity since he had a moment like this. To be held by the one you loved. Looking up at long last he found himself staring up into those old and loving blue optics he just loved to gaze at.

'Op...Optimus?' he choked.

The big red and blue Autobot Leader held him close and uttered soothing words to try and calm the youth down. After they had arrived at the base they found it to be in complete chaos. As Optimus, the blue optic Megatron and Prowl made their way to the Command room they stumbled upon the red optic Megatron who was about to blast Hot Rod's face off. Without even thinking Optimus dashed over and deliver a powerful blow to his arch enemies face, knocking him off balance and off his beloved mate. Now that he was holding him he felt like it had been ages since he held him like this. As he sobbed and trembled in his arms Optimus looked down at Megatron with threatening optics.

'I'll rip your Fusion Cannon off and blast you with it if you even think of harming him or any of my Autobots again!' he snarled.

Megatron sat up and massaged his jaw where Optimus had hit him and glared up at him. However when he spotted the mechs standing behind him he thought he blew a logic circuit. Standing right behind Optimus Prime was...was himself! He was looking up at himself and now finding it very hard to process this through his CPU. He looked like him but his body was a lighter shade of silver and his optics were blue. Hanging over his shoulder was another Hot Rod but his colour scheme was darker than the one in Prime's arms.

'W-what...? WHAT IS ALL THIS!? IS THIS SOME SORT OF TRICK!?' he howled.

Optimus realized that Megatron must have been confused as he was and thought it would be best if he explained it to him. However before he could even begin to explain they heard the sound of screaming. Looking up they watched as battered Stunticons and Combaticons fled down the hallway, heading towards the exit. Megatron looked over, angered that his Decepticons were fleeing but soon he saw why. Appearing at the end of the hallway was the dark Optimus Prime. His body was covered in dents and one of his receptors had been ripped off but he was still walking tall and he had a dangerous glow in his optics.

'Cowards!' he howled after the fleeing Decepticons.

He then turned and found himself staring at puzzling site. Megatron was lying on the ground; a Bot that looked like him was standing nearby holding the fake in his arms whilst another Megatron stood behind him carrying what appeared to be his mate over his shoulder. The Bots and Cons started at each other unsure of what to think or do.

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