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This will be a series of one shots about important moments in Sam's life going from baby to now. It's told by the one person that was always there… Dean of course.

I was there…the first time…

An hour after you were born, I held you. Of course to a four year old it felt like I'd been waiting forever. Dad brought me into the hospital room and I couldn't see you at first, you were wrapped up tight in mum's arms. Dad helped me up onto the bed. Mum looked so tired but happy, dad too.

Mum held you up so I could see you. Your face was all screwed up and pink.

"This is your little brother Dean. His name is Sam."

I was so happy, I wanted a brother, some one to play with.

"Sammy," I called you.

Did you know I was the first one to call you that.

"I wanna hold him." I demanded.

Mum and Dad shared a look, I guess it was of concern. You were only an hour old and I was only four.

"He my brother." I said.

They agreed that I could hold you. As long as I let them help and I was really careful.

"You have to look after him Dean and be really, really careful." Mum had said. "You're a big brother now."

I nodded.

Mum pulled me so my back was up against her on the bed and dad sat at my side. They put you in my arms. Mum helped me to support your head.

You looked at me wide eyed and then eventually closed them and went to sleep. In that moment I never thought I could love anything as much as I loved you, and 26 years later that's still true.

I held you for ages. The four of us sitting on the bed. Eventually mum told me I needed to go home with dad and go to sleep, it was late. She went to move you out of my arms. You started to cry, loudly. Mum rocked you, dad rocked you. It didn't help. You just screamed. Dad said this was the first time you had cried, that you hadn't even cried when you were born, you came out wide eyed and silent, like you were in shock from your change in surroundings.

"I hold him again." I asked.

They gave you back to me, nestled up against mum again. And you stopped. Cut off mid cry, and just stared at me.

"See I'm already a good big brother, I make him happy." I told mum and dad.

They smiled. They were so happy. We all were.

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