"We'll dance for her," Kahvi said, and I went and cried, and then I wrote this:

We'll Dance

A poem of ElfQuest,

Concept © WaRP graphics

We'll dance for you, my friend, we'll dance

The battle's day is closed and done

The shadows chase away the sun

From the shelter children run

To greet the warriors, less by one

Beyond the mountains, dark and tall

The High Ones wait for noble souls

The palace, place of final rest

Is revealed to you at last

Fly there, the battle lust's not fed

We will avenge the blood you shed

We will remember love and care

We will remember all things shared

We will remember hope and glee

And sacrifice, and victory

Stone fists, silk voice and fire eyes

A body in the circle lies.

We will not cry, my friend, no tears

Will mark the ending of your years

Life is good when brief and fast

Memories will serve to last

We will still laugh while we still miss

Life is a storm - and death is peace

Such is the Go-Back way. Time fleets

Waiting bitter - ending sweet

So fly, my friend, beloved once!

Be death well met to mind and sense

The battle day is done, and hence

We'll dance for you, we'll dance