I absolutely have to post this because Kalli will be happy that I do.

I started writing it AGES ago and she wants to read it.

Hope you guys enjoy it too!

I don't own anything except my made-up characters.

I got this idea while watching 'Yes, Dear'.


Dedicated to Kalli.



Sam sighed as his five year old son, Noah, started to paste his macaroni art onto his construction paper. He wasn't even making any geometrical shapes, and Hunter, age 7, was desperately trying to draw a cat—it looked like a cow. Sam reached over to try and help Noah first, Kalli reaching over with the wooden spoon she was using to stir mac a cheese with and hit his hand.

"Ow!" Sam exclaimed. "I'm helping him!"

"Leave him alone!" Kalli replied. "Let him make the picture however he wants to!"

Sam sighed again and tried to focus on his paper. He and Dean had retired from hunting the minute that Sam and Kalli had gotten married. Dean and his wife and three kids lived downtown, and had been married exactly one year before Sam and Kalli tied the knot—blame Kyla. When Kyla found out she was pregnant with baby number one, Dean simply told her he'd provide for his child. Two years and another baby coming later, Dean was starting to rethink his stance on marriage—especially 5 months later when he found out not only did he have a daughter, but he was getting a son. Then Kyla said he could see the kids and marry her, or walk out of their lives forever—he chose marriage.

"Seriously, Sam!" Kalli said, smacking his hand with the wooden spoon again.

Sam looked up at her. "Ow! That really hurts!"

"Does this look like a cat to you?" Hunter asked his mother.

Kalli looked over at the drawing and had the same reaction to it as Sam had—it looked like a cow. However, she wasn't going to tell her son that he wasn't cut out for being an artist, because she firmly believed he could be what he wanted. Still…it looked like a cow…were those udders? Maybe it was nicer of her to squash his hopes now.

"Is it supposed to be a cow?" Kalli asked him.

Hunter nodded. "See? Whiskers."

"Aren't those horns?" Sam asked his son, getting smacked with the spoon again as he tried once more to help Noah, and realizing he was never going to get away with it.

"Duh, Dad, those are ears!" Hunter exclaimed.

Sam nodded slowly and then went back to trying to read his paper, knowing he had to get to the office soon. He and Kyla had jobs, while Dean and Kalli were the stay at home parents. Sam had absolutely no idea how Kyla got Dean to stay home, but he was quite certain it had been through threats. Trying to get his mind off of everything and sighing when Kalli said Hunter's cat as a nice attempt, Sam got up, kissed his wife, and headed towards the front door. He opened it to see five faces beaming at him, Dean's hand poised and ready to knock.

"Honey? The circus is here!" Sam called to Kalli.

Kalli shuddered as Kyla did, both not fond of clowns, but she came out to stand in the doorway, right in between the kitchen and the living room.

"What brings you guys here?" Kalli asked, always happy to see Kyla.

"You see—" Dean tried, but Kyla held her hand up and he glared but shut his mouth.

"We were all enjoying a nice breakfast when Dean came running down the stairs screaming like a little girl about candles and next thing you know, BAM! Pyro here burned the whole house down…can we stay with you?" Kyla asked.