For Kalli.

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Sam was not as excited about Halloween as Dean was when it rolled around. Kyla was rather excited to dress up and take the kids Trick-or-Treating with Kalli, and Kalli was happy about the kids getting to spend time together and Dean wanted the candy—Sam had just found a hunt. He was pretty sure Dean would be on board with it even though the wives wouldn't be, and at the same time, Dean could hoard some candy for himself.

"That isn't a real costume!" Dean told his eldest daughter when he saw her Jonas Brothers t-shirt. "What are you, a groupie?"

Charlie nodded emphatically. "I'm a dead groupie—see the wound Mom made me with stage make-up? God, Dad, you're blind."

"He knows it." Kyla replied, kissing Dean to shut him up. "Now say 'goodbye' to your Zombie Groupie, your Robin, and your Tinkerbell right now."

"Robin? Seriously?" Dean asked Trevor and then looked at Kyla. "I told you not to name him, 'Trevor'."

Sam sighed loudly. "Don't pick on him until you see Noah's outfit…"

As if on cue, Noah came down the stairs with his mother and his brother and Dean started to laugh as Kyla 'awwed'. Hunter had decided to be a ninja this year, while Noah wore a pink tutu and a tiara. Kyla smacked Dean's arm when he laughed even harder and Rose smiled at Noah and went over to take his hand, handing him his jack-o-lantern for getting his candy in.

"What in the world are you supposed to be?" Dean asked Noah, tears starting to come out of his eyes.

Noah made a face. "I'm a Goddamn Princess!"

"Noah Tristan Winchester! Where did you learn—of course…Dean." Kalli said, shaking her head and sighing. "Don't say it again. Now are we ready to go or not because if we don't leave in the next five minutes no candy at all."

"Will you people move?!" Charlie and Hunter asked at once.

Dean nodded and called to Charlie, "Don't forget to get extra for your sick brother!"

"You can get your own candy, Dad!" Charlie called back. "I'm keeping the extras for myself!"

"Don't you miss when she actually did what you wanted her to do?" Kyla asked Dean as Kalli laughed and the kids filed out of the door.

Dean made a face but kissed his wife as Kalli kissed Sam. "You make sure I get some Halloween candy, Woman."

"Buy it yourself." Kyla replied and then kissed Dean one more time before they headed out the door.

"Finally they're gone." Sam breathed out and Dean looked at him funny.

Sam had wanted to get the hunt off of his chest all day and now that the kids were finally with their mothers trick-or-treating, Sam could fill Dean in. There was a ghost that haunted a place nearby and it wasn't just some legend—Sam was pretty sure he'd seen it before but had called in another hunter. Before Dean came to live with him and his family, Sam hadn't hunted…he had done what Kalli wanted.

Dean sat down next to his brother. "Nice to know you wanted everyone out."

"Well I have a hunt." Sam explained.

"Really?! Fantastic!" Dean exclaimed, genuinely excited about it. "Well…spill!"

Sam nodded and turned his laptop to face his brother a little more. "Hector Frost died in the house in 1953 because he was poisoned by his daughter. She wanted her father's money and decided to poison him on Halloween because it was the easiest way to make it look like an accident. Problem was her father haunted her until she went crazy and killed herself. Now both ghosts haunt the place and anyone who goes in gets hung from the chandelier."

"Let me guess—the crazy bitch hung herself from there?" Dean asked his brother.

"Yeah, that's how the story goes." Sam admitted.

Dean whistled unhappily at the pictures. "Wow…I sure hope Charlie never tries to off me."

"Oh please, Dean—you're broke and bumming off of me." Sam told him with a laugh.

Dean shot his brother a look but knew there was no way he could protest his way out of that one. He was bumming off of his brother and though at first it seemed unfair to him, Dean liked the arrangement they had now. The kids got to see each other, Kyla and Kalli got to hang out more, and Dean had actually missed Sam. He would never admit it to anyone, but Dean had rather enjoyed Sam's company and after all the settling down, Dean had missed being near his little brother…and now he got to be around him 24/7 and it was enjoyable.

"Let's just head out." Dean said.

Sam nodded and they gathered up some things for hunting as Kyla and Kalli walked behind the kids and talked a little. They were pointing out the fun costumes, and the lame costumes, and then they were occasionally keeping the kids in line. Turned out that absolutely nothing got in the way of Hunter and Charlie and their candy.

"Seems to me like you've got a pretty evenly distributed gene pool amongst your kids." Kalli said with a laugh.

Kyla smiled and nodded. "Yeah, actually. Charlie is her father with some me mixed in, Trevor is me with some Dean mixed in, and lucky Rosie got mine and Dean's best qualities—she's my little miracle."

"I'd say you were lucky getting Dean drunk but it would be a lie—he was prolly easy to get drunk." Kalli said, laughing.

"He most certainly was." Kyla agreed with a grin. "Now don't hit this lady, Hunter."

Kalli laughed loudly. "Even though the look on the last one's face was priceless."

"He takes after you, you know? And Noah is like the spitting image of Sammy." Kyla explained to her sister-in-law.

"Are you implying that Sam is a princess?" Kalli asked her as the kids got the candy from the old lady in the house they had stopped at.

Kyla shrugged a little. "If the tiara fits. Charlie! Say 'thank you'!"

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