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Sweet Dreams

" Pen I love you"

"I love you too Derek"

"No Pen, I am IN LOVE with you"

"No your not"

He grabs her hand pulling her close.

"Yes Pen I am. I have never been so sure about anything my whole life"

"But Derek, I'm not…"

"Don't you dare say it Penelope Garcia! Your beautiful! My type of woman. The only woman I want and the only woman I need!" He said glaring at her with anger for thinking that way about herself and also with love. He wanted to make all of those doubts in her mind go away but he knew it would take time. The first step it to convince her that he truly loves her with all his soul.

Tears were slowly running down her face. She wanted to believe him, she wanted to grab him and hold him just to say that she's in love with him too and has been since he first called her baby girl. She couldn't though. That wall was to high for her to be letting down over something that could be a joke.

"Baby Girl look at me. I really am in love with you." He looked deep into her eyes seeing here fear then placed a kiss on her sweet red lips.

"Derek, I love you too…" She shut her eyes praying he wasn't going to laugh in her face but she knew her best friend he wouldn't do that. "This has to be a dream, don't wake up Penelope!"

He smiled. "Baby girl if this is a dream I don't ever want to wake up." He smiled his amazing Derek smile only made for her.

They both laughed at the thought of them dancing around each other all these years. "Baby I have loved you since the day I locked eyes with those beautiful green ones of yours. I guess it just took me a while for my brain to actually catch up. I'm sorry for making you wait Goddess."

"Its ok handsome, I knew you would catch on sooner or later." They laughed as she ran her fingers up and down his well built chest.

He groaned at her warm touch "Baby girl you need to stop that before this leads somewhere bad"

"Who said it would be bad" smirking at him only using her nails this time

" Well the only reason it would be bad because I haven't even taken you out on our first date yet. Plus maybe we should tell the team. They would never believe it."

"Oh alright… If we must" she said with a pout on her face, but Derek could see right through it and smirked "Yes Goddess we must." So until we tell them tomorrow how about we get a movie and maybe some take out? I feel like a little cuddle time with my beautiful Goddess."

She gasped and started walking away only for him to grab her hand and pull her back. "Why are you so surprised that I think your beautiful Goddess?"

"Because handsome, I've never had someone so amazingly sexy even pay mind to me. Now I have the man of my fantasies telling me he loves me and he just called me beautiful. This is overwhelming my Chocolate Adonis "

"No baby girl, what's overwhelming is that I finally have the girl of my dreams in my arms and I'm never letting go!" he kissed her passionately feeling her loosen all over, moving his tongue to her fire truck red lips. She opened them only to intensify the kiss even more. Their tongues sliding together exploring each others new found desire. It was clear now. This is what was suppose to be. He started pushing closer and closer only for her to feel his new found hard on up against her thigh making her moan in pleasure. She fell on the couch, not knowing it was there they laughed. " Baby girl… we have to…. Stop…. or I wont be able…… to resist myself." he said panting as he walked toward the phone only to put it down and say " Hey Goddess, I know if we stay here we are going to get in trouble, so how about we go out for dinner and a movie? Not as our first date but as a…. Distraction." he smiled

"Sounds good with me handsome" trying to regain her composure "I need some cold air after that anyway"


The next day

The night before was full of excitement, romance, passion, and pleasure. No they did not have sex but just being together was so perfect. Awaking next to Derek was the best moment of her life. Watching him sleep, holding her, and smiling in his dreams. She placed a tender kiss on his chest before getting up from bed and starting to get ready for work. She showered, dressed, and put all of her make up without Derek even nudging so she snuck out of the room and started to make breakfast for them both to enjoy together.


He started to get cold without her by his side so he reached to pull her close only grabbing air and the blanket. "Baby Girl?" he started to worry but the then the rush of aromas from the kitchen came towards his nose. "mmmm seems my goddess is makin breakfast" he said getting up heading towards the kitchen.

Not seeing him coming in she was dancing around the kitchen singing My boo by Usher and Alicia keys

(there's always that one person who will always have your heart. you'll never see it coming cause your blinded from the start. Know that your that one for me its clear for everyone to see oh baby you will always be my boo!) he loved how perfect that was for them, it will now and forever be their song. He watched her dance and sing for a few more minutes until he decide to cut in. "Goddess may I have this dance?" she gasped not knowing he was watching her. "Of course sweetness" they danced not caring about anything else, him and his boxers and her wearing her apron.

"Penelope Garcia, I fall more and more in love with you each day." he said placing a sweet kiss on her lips

"I love you too handsome but you have to get ready for work and I have to finish cooking breakfast or we will be late for work."

"Alright baby girl. After breakfast we tell our family about us and start our first day as a couple" he smiled hearing those words finally being said

"Sounds amazing sweetness, now go get your cute tush in that shower before I make you" giving a very seductive grin.

"Oh goddess, promises promises promises" he laughed


to be continued...

next chapter we will enter the BAU and tell the team or "the family" about our new couple

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