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Rating: Ranges PG-13 to R
Summary: Jack rescues Sydney and someone familiar appears while they're in hiding. Let's just pretend we've jumped in time from the end of Crossings to the summer. Lauren is gone and Vaughn is trying to grovel at Sydney's feet…and Jack didn't sleep with Katya
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The Beach

Sauble Beach, Ontario

"Dad, are you sure we'll be safe here for two days?"

"Yes. And I would appreciate it if that were the last time you asked." He turned the car down a strip of road a street back from the water. Half a mile down the road he turned into a driveway, turning the engine off, thankful for the cover of night

He glanced in the rearview mirror at Vaughn who was looking sufficiently pensive and unnerved with the lack of information he had provided when he found them earlier that day.

Sydney and Vaughn had been on a mission in Montreal regarding a member of the Covenant with former ties to the Alliance. It appeared as though he had information linking Sloane to Covenant activities the CIA had not approved or even been notified of with his double status.

The mission felt wrong from the beginning but the CIA was adamant they follow up on any Covenant leads; subsequently setting Sydney and Vaughn up to be killed. Jack had reached them in time but the concern for their lives demanded they seek out a place of hiding for a day or two.

"Is this another of your little storage facilities of toys?" Vaughn eyed the house warily.

Jack glared at the younger man as he pulled their meager belongings from the trunk of the car. It crossed his mind that Vaughn should have at least pretended to be grateful that he had saved his sorry ass; however, Jack managed to rein his temper in and walk toward the back door of the house.

"It would seem Mr. Vaughn, that the CIA neglected to teach you to censor your speech. The house belongs to a contact of mine and will be safe for the next two days while the people who are trying to kill you, grow disinterested and look for another target."

Dropping the pack he carried at the door, Jack stepped off the wooden back porch to wander to the tree closest to the fence line.

"Do you think whoever is after us is just going to give up?" Sydney watched her father with growing interest.

"For now, yes," he replied. Standing on his toes he reached into a small notch in the tree, pulling out a key.

"How convenient," Sydney narrowed her eyes, worrying that danger still lurked around the corner.

"We'll sleep tonight and reassess our situation in the morning." Opening the door, he motioned them to enter. "Make sure whatever lights you turn on are at the back of the house and keep them to a minimum. The front," he indicated the part of the house away from where they came in, "faces the beach and is not very far back from the main road."

"Gee, thanks Dad, is there anything else we should know? Like maybe how to walk a straight line?" Sydney responded snidely.

Biting down the bitter retort on his tongue, Jack set his face in grim determination. "There are two bedrooms on the main floor; I'll take the one upstairs. Goodnight." He nodded to both of them.

"Dad," Sydney called as she rushed to beat him to the stairway on the left. "I'm sorry Daddy. Thank you for coming to get us." She wrapped her arms around him in one of the hugs that was becoming more frequent. The ones that said she was still his little girl and she needed him to protect her.

"I'll always come to get you." He held her close, kissing the top of her head. "Goodnight Sydney, I love you." Her answering smile soothed the worry that had previously consumed him. "Mr. Vaughn," he stared at the other man over his daughter's head before pulling away and climbing the stairs.

"My Dad was right, I'm tired." She stole a glance at Vaughn, hoisting her bag onto her shoulder and walked toward the other small rooms. The house was quaint but seemingly serviced every need, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms a kitchen, living room and small dining area. Once again her father had taken care of her.

"Are you going to be alright by yourself?" Vaughn's coy smile indicated he would be more than happy to keep her company.

Mentally rolling her eyes at him, she smiled brightly, "No, I'm fine. Night Vaughn."

With a devastated looked, Vaughn watched the door to her room close in his face. Turning around to the door directly opposite that was clearly his for the night.

The activity on the beach had died down almost an hour before the car pulled into the driveway of the small beach house. Seeing the other car parked in the dark back drive put her on guard. The house was awash in black, with the trees growing high around the back of the property and the clouds hiding the full moon.

Removing the gun from the back of her pants, she stalked to the back door of the house, finding it unlocked. With the ease of many trained years, she opened the door soundlessly, sliding through the entryway.

Her body seemed to divest itself of mass, floating over the hardwood floors without even a muted shuffle. Navigating the creaky stairs, she entered the large loft area, hidden away from the rest of the house. The door to the bathroom was open and a few articles of clothing were strewn on the floor, irritating her sense of organization.

Keeping a hold on her gun, she tugged her shirt over her head and pulled off her pants, socks and shoes. Taking a moment to place the gun on the bedside table she slipped between the sheets, molding her body to the side of Jack's.

The second her skin touched his she could feel him tense, she issued a calming 'shhh' in hopes of getting him to relax.

"What are you doing here?" His voice was neither clear nor whispered.

"This is my safe house. But I'll be a gracious host and refrain from asking the same question." She dipped her face to rest against his shoulder, pleased that her hairstyle wouldn't cause it to drape around her like a sheet.

"You'll have to find a new hiding place for the key, Sydney and Vaughn saw me take it out of the tree."

"Ah, so they're the ones occupying the rooms downstairs." Her voice was unrecognizable in its low whisper.

"I'm so glad you're here Katya. I've missed you." Jack pulled her close from behind, running his hands over the exposed skin of her back.