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Ok, so this may be a little bit confusing to some, but I am going back and forth between Mulder and Scully's thoughts. If you read it, you will understand. =] The italics are their thoughts.

Both Scully and Mulder sat in the waiting area of Skinners office. They looked like they walked out of a tornado. Kimberly would occasionally glance at the pair and try to muffle a giggle. They were in so much trouble.

Skinner slammed through his door, "YOU TWO MY OFFICE NOW!"

The two stood up and walked in his office.

"You have ten seconds to explain how Scully ended up handcuffed to her desk and why you were sitting on top of her, and why your office looks like a tornado ran through it."

10 minutes earlier…

Scully sat at her desk, the heat pounding down on her. The sweat clung to her forehead dripping into her eyes.

She sighed, this is horrible, and I'm sweating like a pig.

She looked over at Mulder who had one of those little portable fans that shot cold sprits of water when needed. He was smiling like a baby with candy, oblivious to the fact that Scully was across the room baking. She had thrown off her shoes, secretively discarded her panty hose, undid the first few buttons of her shirt, hiked up her skirt just enough, pulled her hair into a clip and she was still dying. And their sat Mulder all peachy keen with his damn fan. Scully narrowed her eyes, she wasn't sure if it was the heat, but one way or another that fan was hers.

"Hey Mulder?"


"Could I use your little fan, I am so hot over here."

Mulder opened his eyes and took in Scully's appearance. Hmn, besides the obvious fact that she is sweating, she looks kind of hot. Hold on, did I just refer to Scully as hot? I think I did.

"Um, Scully, I am using it."

"Yes I know, but cant you share. You know like they taught you in kindergarten, sharing is caring." He better share that damn fan.

"Scully I am using it. Plus I have pants on, you have a skirt. You can just deal with it." Don't look into her eyes Mulder unless you want those blue eyes piercing straight through you like a laser.

Scully crossed her arms. Ha, just because I have a skirt on. Well I do believe that this is personal now.

Mulder had once again closed his eyes and propped his feet up on his desk, and had that damn fan pointed at his face. A little sigh of pleasure would escape his lips as the fan shot the cooling water on his face. Scully growled. She pushed her self from her seat and crept over to Mulder.

"Scully, don't even think about touching my fan."

Scully lunged. She tackled Mulder right off his chair and grabbed for the fan.

"SCULLY WHAT IN THE WORLD?" Is she crazy? She just tried to take me out for a damn fan!

"Mulder, give me that fan!" I'm going to get that fan if it's the last thing I do! I'm so HOT!

Mulder had pushed Scully off and was standing by the file cabinet watching Scully. She crept like a lion waiting to strike.

"Scully, stop this right now!"

"Mulder, I want the fan."

Scully grabbed a stapler off her desk and threw it at Mulder. He dodged just before the stapler would have hit him.

"OH, THIS MEANS WAR." She just threw a stapler at my head!

Scully smiled, "BRING IT ON G-MAN!" Oh, he is so going down!

End of part one… This will be like two parts unless my imagination runs wild.. hehe. Well don't be shy tell me what you think! R&R =]