Chekov knows that Sulu loves him, because despite the hormonal mood swings that comes with being pregnant (even as the result of dubious alien technology), the tears, abnormal cravings and the days where the Russian just ends up snapping at everyone around him, Sulu still brings him bunches of flowers from his botany collection and calls him beautiful, even though Chekov knows he resembles a beached whale.

#137: Effort

Uhura knows that this is something more then a fleeting relationship when Sulu walks up to her after his shift and asks her to help teach him Russian so he can surprise Chekov for his birthday

#138: Present

When Chekov buys Sulu a rare Japanese Bonsai adorned with tinsel for Christmas, Sulu is more touched by the fact that the Russian took time and cared enough to spend ages sourcing the right plant, even though Sulu was sure that when he was telling Chekov about how he'd love a Bonsai, the Russian wasn't even listening

#139: Clothes

If Sulu hadn't seen Chekov naked, he would have sworn there was nothing sexier then Chekov in his dress uniform, which does make it hard to keep his mind of professional things when they are both attending a diplomatic meeting together.

#140: Honour

Spock may be better at hiding his emotions then most, but he still can't help feeling honoured when Chekov and Sulu name him and Uhura godparents to Demora.

#141: Religion

Sulu hadn't mocked or laughed at Chekov when he found out he was Jewish, even though religion seems quite outdated by the 23rd century, but the helmsman can't miss the look of gratitude in the Russian's eyes when Sulu offers to celebrate Passover with him

#142: Bar

When a drunken Andoran punches Chekov in a bar, Sulu is the first one to leap to his defence, and it takes all of Kirk's authorative skills to stop the helmsman from breaking the guys nose.

#143: Wonder

Sulu often wonders what Chekov sees in him and wonders why the Russian chose him to love, but when he asks about it, the young man simply smiles and tells him to stop thinking so hard

#144: Hair

In all the years Chekov is on the Enterprise, he never cuts his hair too short because he knows how much Sulu likes running his fingers through the Russian's locks after a stressful day

#145: Quiet

It always seems too quiet when Sulu has to sleep by himself because he's gotten used to falling asleep next to Chekov and listening to the Russian breathing and occasionally muttering Sulu's name in his sleep.

#146: Command

Sulu never thought he'd leave the Enterprise, but almost fifteen years later, he finds it's time to move on and accepts command of the Excelsior. It doesn't take much of a decision to choose Pavel as his first officer, and the Russian barely pauses before saying yes.

#147: Safe

The sound of fighting has just finished, the sound of phaser fire fading into nothing, but Chekov's first thought is to whether Sulu is safe

#148: Pronounce

Chekov may have been living aboard the Enterprise for over two years, but Sulu still smiles when he hears the young man pronounces his v's as w's.

#149: Paternal

Bones would have vehemently denied it if someone had said he had some paternal feelings for the Russian whiz kid, but he can't help grinning proudly when Chekov asks the doctor to give him away at the wedding.

#150: Generations

Kirk knows he's getting old when his newest helm-officer is Demora, fresh from the Academy and all grown up from the toddler who used to call him Uncle Jim. However he can't help thinking she's definitely Chekov and Sulu's child when he sees her talking animatedly at a hundred miles an hour to her helm partner, running her fingers through her hair with exasperation when the computer doesn't do what she told it to, and when the Enterprise doesn't leave dock immediately because she forgot to disengage the subsidiary connections to star base.

Well, guys that's it. I was only originally going to write 25, and I'm kinda shocked I actually managed to write 150, but I have to stop somewhere. I'll still be writing up requests, and remember: if anyone has any, send them in, and I'll see what I can do. Thanks to everyone who took the time to review, I am very grateful and you all have a special place in my heart.

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