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You might want to read Mitchie loves hugs because there are some references to that story in this one... just incase you do get confused.

Mitchie Loves Memories – Part 2

Mitchie smiled and closed the album. She picked it up as she silently walked out of the room, closing the door. Shane could still be heard downstairs, putting his stuff away.

"Mitch" he called again.

"Coming" Mitchie replied as she made her way downstairs. She placed the photo album on the table at the end of the staircase before walking into the kitchen to see Shane getting himself a drink of water.

"Hey" she said quietly, sitting up on the bench next to Shane. He quickly finished off his drink before moving to stand in front of Mitchie.

"Hi" he said just as quietly, running his hand through Mitchie's hair. Mitchie smiled up at him.

"Do I not get a proper greeting?" she asked, her eyes shining with laughter. Shane looked at her for a moment before dipping his head to gently kiss her. Mitchie wrapped her arms around Shane's neck to bring him in closer.

"How did recording go?" Mitchie asked once they had parted.

"We got two new tracks down today which is good. Is Travis sleeping now?" Mitchie nodded her head.

"I put him down about 20 minutes ago"

"Where were you when I got in?" Shane questioned. Mitchie smiled.

"I was still in Travis' room. I found an old photo album that I was growing through"

"What pictures were in there?" Shane asked as Mitchie jumped off the bench and started to walk toward the stairs.

"There were the group ones from camp rock, when Caitlyn and Nate fell asleep on the couch and a picture of our first kiss. I was thinking back to that day when you came home" Mitchie replied as she reached the table where the album was.

"That was the day I took you to my secret spot and I kissed you behind a waterfall wasn't it?" Shane asked as he followed Mitchie into the living room. Mitchie smiled and nodded as she sat down on the floor in front of the fire place. Shane grabbed a rug that was draped over a chair and joined Mitchie on the floor.

"I still can't believe you took a picture of when I kissed you" Shane said as Mitchie stretched out on her stomach on the floor, the album open in front of her.

"Well aren't you glad I did now" Mitchie asked, showing Shane the picture. Shane stared at the picture for a moment before speaking.

"It kind of just happened, didn't it?" Mitchie nodded turning to look at the picture, once again recalling that memory of her first kiss.


"I think we should take one together" Mitchie said, moving to stand next to Shane and holding the camera above them. Shane laughed but scooted closer to Mitchie. Both smiled up at the camera before Mitchie took the picture. Mitchie turned to look at Shane but was not counting on him being so close. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked at Shane, their noses almost touching.

"Hi" Shane whispered.

"Hi" Mitchie whispered back. Slowly, Shane moved his hand up to Mitchie's face and brushed back some of her hair to behind her ear. Mitchie leant into his hand and closed her eyes.

"This is nice" she mumbled. Shane laughed as he caressed her cheek. Mitchie opened her eyes and once again her breath caught as she saw the intense look in Shane's eyes. She could feel Shane's hand moving down her cheek before settling under her chin, his thumb resting below her lip. He started to pull Mitchie closer to him and Mitchie slowly started to follow. She could feel Shane's breath on her face which told her exactly how close they were. Shane stared once more into her eyes before he closed the gap between them. The kiss was soft and gentle and not rushed at all. It was exactly what Mitchie imagined her first kiss to be like. After a few seconds Shane pulled away and looked at Mitchie. Mitchie still had her eyes closed but a small smile was on her face.

"Can you... do that again?" Mitchie asked, opening her eyes to look at Shane and smiling at him. Shane smiled back at Mitchie before once again lowering his lips to meet hers. Shane's arms wrapped around Mitchie's waist while hers snaked up around his neck, the camera still in her hands.

End Flashback

Mitchie snuggled up to Shane as they continued to look through the pictures. The warmth from the fire provided a glow throughout the room, making it seem really romantic. The next picture was one of Shane and Mitchie on New Years Eve. The two had been together for 6 months at that point.

"That seems so long ago" Shane commented. Mitchie nodded her head in agreement.

"You said 'I love you' to me as soon as the countdown ended" she said softly, running her finger over the picture. Both had really rosy cheeks due to the cold weather but they were standing close to one another with large smiles on their faces, eyes shining with compassion for each other.

"It seemed like a good way to start off the New Year, take our relationship to the next level" Shane said.

"You're so sweet" Mitchie said, turning her head to look at him.

"I try" Shane said with a laugh before he gently kissed Mitchie on top of her head. Mitchie smiled as she turned the page of the album. The next photo was one from Shane and Mitchie's engagement party.

"I still can't believe you managed to get that ring onto my finger without me realising straight away"

"If I do remember, you were a little bit caught up then" Shane teased. Mitchie looked at him, a small blush covering her cheeks.

"Excuse me, you were there as well and you were just as caught up as I was" Mitchie defended herself. Shane laughed at her.

"You know, you never actually said yes that night, you just almost bowled me over" he said. Mitchie glared at him.

"Do you honestly think I would have been able to think properly right then?"

"It's one simple word" Shane said.

"I still married you didn't I?"

"And I can't imagine my life any other way" Shane said.

"And again with the smooth lines" Mitchie said with a laugh before turning the page again. Photos from their wedding now decorated the pages that Caitlyn had taken. The very centre photo was of Mitchie and Shane's first dance as husband and wife.

"Do you remember how we danced that night?" Shane asked. Mitchie nodded.

"My feet were killing from the heels I had to wear so you told me to take my shoes off and stand on your toes while we danced, just like the prom scene from Twilight" Mitchie said.


A groan escaped Mitchie's lips as she sat down at the head table at the reception for her wedding. Her feet were absolutely killing her.

"You okay Mitch?" Shane asked as he sat down next to her. Mitchie nodded.

"It's just my shoes"

"Why don't you take them off then?" Shane asked as he pulled Mitchie's legs onto his lap, taking off her shoes and massaging her feet. Mitchie smiled and closed her eyes, resting her head on Shane's shoulder.

"That feels really good" Shane laughed and turned his head to kiss her forehead.

"Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?" he asked. Mitchie opened her eyes and looked at him.

"To be honest, I have kept a tally of how many times you have said that to me tonight" Mitchie said with a playful smile. Shane raised his eyebrow at her.

"And what would my tally be now?"

"Your tally for the night so far would be 15 and the night is only half over" Mitchie responded.

"I've seriously said that you look beautiful 15 times tonight?" Shane asked. Mitchie laughed and nodded.

"That's not counting this morning and this afternoon, only tonight"

"I hope you are happy that I pay you a lot of compliments" Shane said with a laugh.

"I'm beyond happy Shane" Mitchie said softly and Shane could see what else Mitchie was talking about. Shane opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Nate and Jason standing on the small stage in the room.

"We would now like to welcome the newly married Mitchie and Shane Grey as they take to the floor in their first dance as husband and wife" Nate said. Mitchie smiled at Shane as she reached over to grab her shoes but Shane held them out of her reach.

"Shane I need to put my shoes back on" Mitchie said.

"I thought you just said that your feet were hurting you?" he questioned. Mitchie opened her mouth to say something back but found she had nothing.

"Fine, you win" she said before standing up, wincing a little as she felt the pain in her feet again from where her shoes had been hurting. Shane noticed this.

"I have an idea" he said as he dragged Mitchie out onto the dance floor.

"And what would that be?" Mitchie asked as they stopped walking. Shane kept quiet as he walked closer to Mitchie. Mitchie raised her eyebrows as Shane came to a stop right in front of her. He placed his hand on her waist and quickly lifted her up, settling her back down on his own feet. Mitchie let out a gasp as Shane lifted her up.

"What are you doing?" she whispered to him as he started to move.

"Well I know how much you were looking forward to this dance and I also can see how much your feet are hurting you right now, so I compromised. You can still have your dance but you can still rest your feet for a few minutes" Shane said to her. Mitchie smiled at him before reaching up and pressing a light kiss to his lips. They pulled apart laughing as they heard the cheers from their friends.

"You really are the sweetest guy ever" Mitchie said as she rested her head on Shane's shoulder as he continued to slowly spin them around the room, everything seemed to have disappeared, leaving only them

End Flashback

Shane suddenly stood up, startling Mitchie.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked softly, bowing slightly and extending his hand out to Mitchie. Mitchie laughed and shook her head as she stood up, taking hold of Shane's hand. Without warning Shane lifted Mitchie up and set her down on his feet. Slowly he started to move them around the living room. Mitchie wrapped her hands around Shane's neck while his rested on her hips.

"I love you Shane" Mitchie whispered, leaning forward and resting her forehead against his. Shane smiled before leaning in and connecting their lips together.

"I love you too Mitch" Shane whispered once they had pulled apart. Mitchie rested her head on Shane's chest while Shane started to hum a random tune. Could it really get any better than this? A cry from the nursery cut through Shane and Mitchie's moment together. Mitchie gave Shane a small smile and a kiss on the cheek before walking up the stairs towards Travis' room. Shane watched Mitchie's retreating back before he sat down in front of the fire again and continued to flip through the photo album, enjoying being able to recall some of his most treasured memories.

So that's the end of that story. The next part of this series is going to be a little more sad.... instead of happy all the time....lol. I want to practise writing sadder stories. So tell me what you think of this :D