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Shippings: My usual. Mangaquest, Frantic, Oldrival, small Special. (May contain hidden hints of Viridian, not sure.)

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Summary: The Dex Holders have faced many challenges; from contests to gym leaders to defeating evil organizations. But now they're faced with a challenge they never expected. Parenthood.

Disclaimer: Pokemon is not mine no matter how much I wish it was.

"Are we there yet?"

I sighed heavily, wiping off a bead of sweat. "No Sapph, we're not there yet."

Sapph, who was trudging along right next to me, sighed loudly as well. "Where are we going again?"

I swatted at a pesky fly that had landed on my arm before answering. "Professor Oak assigned us to go on a mission to catch that rampaging Celebi. Apparently, there were some fanatics who wanted to try and restart Team Dim Sun from Almia. They got hold of a Gigaremo Unit and sent the pokemon in this area into frenzy. Officer Jenny calmed most of the Pokemon, but she called Prof. Oak for backup, so we're here."

Sapph gave me a look that said "huh?"

I shook my head in disbelief. "Basically, we're going to go catch a Pokemon."

"Oh," Sapph said, mouth wide-open in understanding. "But why are they here?" She pointed a thumb back. I looked back, grimacing.

The first ones I saw were Gold and Emerald. Both of them were trying to annoy Silver by sneaking up on either side of the red haired boy and yelling. Silver was rolling his eyes and sighing. Ruby, who was next to Silver was frowning at the loud duo. Blue was watching them and giggling, while Red and Green were talking. Well, Red was talking at Green who was nodding every now and then. Yellow was walking next to Blue, shyly peeking at Red occasionally.

"Let's see…" I muttered. "When Officer Jenny gave us the call, Prof. Oak decided to send me, Red, and Green. Blue decided to tag along and dragged Yellow into this. Silver is always watching over Blue, so he came. Then, Gold and Emerald completely showed up out of nowhere and decided to follow us. And finally, you came swinging from a vine with Ruby chasing you with that dress he wanted you to wear."

Sapph gave me the blank look again. I smacked my forehead lightly. "They just decided to come."

"Okay." We walked in silence for about two seconds before Sapph asked, "Are we there yet?"

Closing my eyes, I counted to three before answering. "No we aren't there yet Sapph."

-10 minutes later-

"Whoa…what happened to this place?"

No one answered Red's question. We were all too busy staring in shock at our surroundings. We were looking at a barren land that was completely dirt, not a single blade of grass, a few short shrubs, and for some odd reason, some very large boulders.

"What in Mew's name happened?" Blue said. We all walked forward slowly and cautiously.

"Where's the grass and trees?" Sapph cried out.

I watched Green bend down and run his hand over the dirt. He picked up about a handful, rubbing it with his thumb, before dropping it and brushing off his hand on his pants. Then he went over to a shrub and examined it.

"Hey." Everyone turned to look at Green. "Come over here." We all walked over to where Green and the shrub were. "Look."

I looked down to where Green was pointing. I just saw a regular little shrub. Sure it was very green and seemed fragile, but it was a shrub nonetheless. "It's just a shrub. What about it?" Ruby said, voicing my question.

Green sighed. "Don't you see? This shrub is actually a very young tree. And this," here he picked up another handful of soil, "is the grass." He brushed away most of the dirt, leaving small white specks in his palm.

"Ah! They're seeds!" Yellow cried out. Green nodded grimly.

"What about the huge rocks?" Gold asked, pointing at the massive boulders.

"I don't know…" Green said. "Rocks grow smaller as they're worn out over time by rain, Pokemon, etc."

"Wait…" Now everybody stared at me. "The only way all the trees, grass, and rocks could have re-inverted into their earlier states would be if they were hit by something that could turn them younger. And the only Pokemon that can do that is…"


We all turned to gape at the small green Pokemon that was floating in front of us. Though it was still quite a distance away from us, we could see its eyes narrowed angrily at us.

"Celebi!" it cried out again. Suddenly, it rushed straight at us, shooting large green bolts at us. We immediately ran and ducked for cover behind some of the rocks.

"Latios that thing was fast!" Emerald panted. We all nodded in agreement. Cautiously, we poked our heads out from behind the rock and looked at the Celebi. It was still zooming around, furiously throwing large balls of power at anything it saw.

Emerald stared at the small fairy Pokemon before saying, "I'm going to try and shoot it." Before we could protest, he was already dashing away, large, mechanical legs pumping furiously.

"Emerald!" Though he was only two years younger than me, I felt the need to watch out for the blond boy.

I stood up, about to run after Emerald when Gold grabbed my arm. He stared at me for a moment before speaking. "Don't go out there. It's dangerous!"

I was about to protest, but Red's voice interrupted me first. "Wait, where's Yellow?!?"

We immediately scanned the area, looking for Yellow. "Over there!" Sapph cried out, pointing at Yellow who was hiding by a different boulder that was closer to Celebi. Yellow's face had a determined look and I knew that she was going to try and use her powers to calm down Celebi.

"Yellow!" Sapph yelled out. Both Yellow and Celebi looked at Sapph. The Celebi started to fly straight at us in fury. Yellow ran out, straight in front of Celebi, trying to stop it.

"Yellow!" Red jumped out in front of Yellow. Silver, who was the closest to Yellow, also ran out to try to push her out of the way. At the same time, Emerald came running, gun aimed at Celebi who fired at that exact moment.


The green bolt hit all four of them dead on. I looked away as a bright light flashed. Cautiously, I opened my eyes when the light faded. The others also opened their eyes and we all looked around the rock for our friends.

"Oh my Arceus…"

-back at Professor Oak's lab-

"Hi Professor Oak…"

The professor, a rather old man, turned in surprise. "Oh Crys! Back so soon?"

"Yes…" came the forlorn reply.

"I suppose you managed to help fix the problem?" the professor asked, rummaging through some files, holding his cup of coffee.


The professor nodded. "Good, good. Well Crystal, I thought that today we could start on the…"

"Professor?" Crys' voice interrupted Professor Oak's rambling.

"Yes Crystal?" said the Professor, clicking his pen idly.

There was a pause. "We have a new problem."

"What? A new problem? What is it?" The professor spun around in his chair to face the direction where Crystal's voice was coming from.


The dex holders stood in front of the professor. The only difference from the group that had left that morning and the one that was before him now was that now four of the ten were babies.

The professor dropped his cup of coffee. It shattered into many pieces, spilling hot liquid all over the floor. But the professor could care less. "Latios…What happened?!?"

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