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"What are you getting at, Potter?"


"You're really..."


I nodded and Malfoy's - I should probably start thinking of him as "Draco" - face sagged. He looked decidedly unhappy and moreover confused. My breakfast turned in my stomach. Had I really expected anything different from him? I kept thinking of what he'd said: 'But I do entertain notions about fucking the innocence out of one Harry James Potter...' If he didn't really feel that way, why'd he say so?

I instantly regretted telling him. I wish I could take it all back and return to hating him. It was much simpler that way.

"You're gay..."

He took a step back and exhaled, running a hand through his pale hair and trying to avoid my eyes. Little did he know I was trying to do the same by studying the side of my trainers where the sole was tearing away from the upper.


Draco sighed and backed away, leaning heavily on a nearby table. He put his hand down but immediately picked it up again, inspected his palm, then wiped it on the front of his robes before placing his hand in his lap instead. I could see the hand print he had made in the dust on the tabletop and I concentrated on it.

He stared at me.

"Just tell me that this is all part of some intricate plot to humiliate me."

"It's not a plot... I-I... really like you! I didn't mean for it to turn out this way."

He shook his head.

"I just wanted to see... and I heard about you and Pansy and... God, you're so beautiful, I don't know why I never realized it before."

"But... I'm... I'm not..."

I wanted to scream at him and tear his clothes off and fuck him against the table.

Instead, I stood and kissed him again.


When Harry first felt the pressure of Draco's hands on his chest, he thought the other boy was trying to bring him closer, not push him away. It wasn't until Harry's back was against the opposite wall and Draco was wiping his mouth with the sleeve of is robe that the Gryffindor realized what had happened. Draco's molten silver eyes flashed dangerously.

"You were just using me to test the waters, is that right? And now that I've figured you out, you think you can just... smooth this all over with your adorable stuttering and unnecessary flattery and... and by kissing me?"

Harry growled. "No, you stupid git! Haven't you heard a word I've said?" Draco glared at him, his mouth pressed into a firm, hard line and Harry sighed. "Yes, it started that way. I needed confirm my feelings and you and Pansy were there, broadcasting your sexcapades in front of the whole class. I thought it'd be easy. If I didn't like it, then I wasn't... well, you know..."

"I supposed you liked it then or we wouldn't be in quite the same position we're in now..." Draco mused quietly. Harry nodded in agreement, thinking that if he had said anything different, Draco probably would have killed him.

"But you could have used anyone!" The Slytherin said suddenly, startling Harry out of his contemplative stupor. "Even Weasel, for chrissakes. I'm sure he'd go for it, the way he pines after you, follows you around like a dog. Although, I never pegged you as one who'd fancy a redhead." Harry got the distinct impression that Draco was talking about Ginny more so than Ron, but he ignored his urge to go off on a tangent about his love for Ginny; because Harry did love her, just not in the way everyone expected him to.

"You didn't..." Draco sighed and turned away from Harry, biting his bottom lip nervously. It seemed to take an age for him to steel himself for what he was going to say but when he opened his mouth again, he kept his eyes averted from Harry. "You didn't have to trick me like that. If you'd have asked, I'd have probably gone for it." The Slytherin exhaled and seemed to shrink; he was no longer leaning upright against the table, but rather slumping over and staring at the floor, his hands uselessly gripping the table edge just to give them some place to be.

Though Harry knew it was probably the worst possible time to laugh, he couldn't stop himself from doing just that. He let out a loud, agitated guffaw that seemed to have been trapped somewhere in his chest since he had woken up that morning. Harry felt lighter after it, but he could tell that Draco wasn't as amused.

"Now comes the part where you tell me this was all a joke and your fan club jumps out from behind the furniture and yells 'surprise,' is that right?" he spat, his pale face reddening with a combination of chagrin and anger.

Harry instantly sobered. "Do you really think I would Polyjuice myself to look like Pansy, of all people, to fool you into having sex with me-" Draco shuddered like Harry had just uttered Voldemort's name instead of the word "sex"- "just to laugh at you? I'd say that's more embarrassing for me, especially since I bottomed..."

Surprisingly, Draco's frown melted into something that could be called a weak smile. "I suppose that's true..." he mumbled, giving Harry a hollow and highly unconvincing chuckle. "But the fact still remains that I had... sex with my enemy." All traces of the smile disappeared from his face, which now looked drawn and almost frightened.

"Enemy? If this hasn't at least made us casual acquaintances, I don't know what will..." Harry said, giving Draco a pointed look along with adding a subtle inflection to the words "casual acquaintances" that he hoped the Slytherin was clever enough to interpret without Harry having to explain any further because he wasn't sure if he could without giggling nervously.

"It doesn't matter what we are, Harry!" Draco huffed and ran his hands through his hair, obviously stalling. "The problem is that... I liked it too."

Harry felt happier than he had all year, but a strange thought suddenly occurred to him and he thought better to voice it. "Because I looked like Pansy?" he asked dubiously. He wondered if the Slytherin Prince had a secret kink for boys who Polyjuiced themselves to look like slutty girls. It was unlikely, but if you'd asked Harry a day ago if he thought he'd ever sleep with Draco Malfoy, the answer to that would have been "it's unlikely" as well.

Draco took a breath and gripped the edge of the table once more. "No, because the whole time, I was pretending she was you anyway," he said through teeth gritted with effort: Never before had he opened up quite like this, and here he was spouting his innermost secrets to the person he was supposed to hate.

"Instead of her face, I saw yours. Instead of her mouth, I tasted yours. Instead of her body, I felt yours. Harry, I've never had sex with anyone but you."

At first, Harry understood that to mean that Draco had been a virgin until last night. But after seeing the look on Draco's face -- terrific shame almost to the point of being physically sick -- Harry understood: When Draco looked at his partner, any partner, he only saw Harry. The Gryffindor's insides warmed at this sentiment. It was good to know that all those adoring looks Draco had given him last night really were for him and not for Pansy after all.

Draco shook his head and buried his face in his hands as if he couldn't bear to look at Harry. "What is my father going to say?" he groaned, his voice muffled.

Harry snorted. "Your father can go fuck himself." Draco's hands fell slowly and he stared at Harry as if seeing him for the first time. The Gryffindor felt slightly self-conscious at the other boy's unabashed astonishment, but he continued like he was used to people looking at him like that. (Which, as someone famous, he should be, but it always unnerved him to be stared at and it was something Harry thought he'd never get used to.)

"If you're happy, then who cares what he thinks? ...This does make you happy, right?" Harry added timidly.

"Well, I can think of a few things that would make me happier." The beginnings of a smirk appeared on Draco's lips. He stood and walked over to Harry casually, stopping a few feet away. To Harry, the distance felt like miles. If he had been bolder, he would have attacked the Slytherin's face right then and there. Apparently, Gryffindor courage only applied when battling evil.

Harry choked on a breath he had been drawing in and tried not to cough. "Like what, for example?" he asked, attempting to sound seductive, but instead sounding more like he had a severe respiratory problem.

Draco's simper became a full-fledged leer and Harry felt the crotch of his pants tighten. "This..."

He crossed the distance in one step, his hands moving around Harry's waist in the same instant that he pulled the smaller boy's body against his. Their lips met without hesitation, but only for a few seconds, much to Harry's disappointment. Draco drew back, but was still very close: Harry could feel the blonde's breath on his lips as he exhaled.

Draco laughed and licked his lips. Harry could barely feel Draco's tongue against his mouth. "Sorry... Snogging boys is still a bit new to me..." Harry had to smile through his disappointment that the kiss had ended so suddenly. "How am I doing?"

"Just fine." More than fine... Harry wanted to add.

This time it was Harry who leaned forward and connected their lips. He reached up and wound his arms around Draco's neck and ran his fingers through the Slytherin's soft, blonde hair, remembering just in time that he didn't like to have his hair pulled. He twirled a lock around his index finger instead, eliciting a heavy breath and almost moan from the other boy.

The Slytherin sucked gently on Harry's lower lip then backed away, leaving Harry looking very much like a llama, mouth open, frozen in mid-kiss by the disappearance of Draco's lips on his own. He smiled at Harry -- the first real smile Harry had ever seen on the face of Draco Malfoy when the Slytherin wasn't hurting someone and enjoying it immensely -- and Harry, feeling a bit foolish, closed his mouth.

"So... does this mean we can put aside our differences and be friends?" Harry asked, more than aware of the fact that Draco's arms were still around him, his hands at the small of the Gryffindor's back and, amazingly, not straying southward.

Draco arched an eyebrow. "Hmm... I believe something like that is in order..."

Harry smiled toothily and moved closer to Draco, pressing his face against his chest and the cool silk of the other boy's striped Slytherin green tie, which Harry closed his eyes against, lest he be reminded that they were once bitter rivals. Draco's arms tightened as he hugged Harry and his head fell until his cheek was resting against Harry's unruly brown hair.

"Harry?" he whispered, his breath tickling the other boy's ear.

"Yes?" Harry murmured in reply.

"I think I'm gay too."

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