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Fred's Gift

Chapter One

Shell Cottage



A full moon cast silvery shadows on the riotous waves as Luna Lovegood watched on, sitting on a blanket on the moonbeam drenched sand a short distance away. Behind her, high up on the cliffs, the sound of laughter was beginning to quiet as the occupants of Shell Cottage slowly gave in the to the effects of firewhiskey and sought out their beds to sleep it off.

It wasn't typical for the group to spend their time seeking relief from a bottle, and they probably wouldn't have then, except that unexpected visitors had arrived that evening on an impossible mission. And, as they expected, there had been no dissuading Harry Potter and his traveling companions (and best friends) Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, (Along with the goblin known as Griphook) from undertaking their extremely dangerous venture the next day.

Though Fred and George Weasley were officially representing the Order of the Phoenix, it was patiently obvious that the true request was coming from Molly and Ginny Weasley. And so, out of their reluctance to return to their somewhat scary mother and sister with bad news, they had decided to imbibe greatly of the king of the wonderful world of intoxicating beverages...firewhiskey...taking several others along with them for the ride, including Luna.

Luna was mesmerized, watching the waves crash upon the rocks, wondering how such a violent act could create a sound that was so incredibly peaceful. What she found truly amazing, was that such horrible terror could be taking place at the exact same moment that she had found such peace.

The war wasn't going very well for the good guys. Voldemorts reign of terror was at it's peak, or at least, Luna, fresh off her own rescue from the home base of the axis of evil, couldn't imagine how it could get much worse than it already was. She was constantly haunted by the things that had taken place during her imprisonment at Malfoy Manor, things that she swore she would never tell another living soul...and her father was wrongly imprisoned for failing in his attempt to turn over Luna's three best friends in the world.

Luna was feeling more than her fair share of guilt. For the first time since her escape she had managed to find peace on the silvery-blue moonlit beach. The quiet of course, couldn't last forever. A single voice broke free from the cottage, announcing that it's owner fancied a walk on the beach.

"Hello Fred Weasley." Luna said softly as he approached, not bothering to turn around.

"How did you know it was me?" He said as he came to a stop just behind her.

"It wasn't hard."

Fred laughed "May I join you?"

Luna smiled up at him and nodded in the affirmative. Fred semi fell down onto the blanket, he was a bit more drunk than Luna.

"So tell me" He grinned at her in the semi darkness "Really, how did you know it was me?"

"I pay attention." She dimpled at him "The cottage has been getting much quieter over the past half hour, the last past few minutes, the only laughing came from you and your twin brother."

He grinned "So in other words, you narrowed it down to two and made a lucky guess?"

"Emm emm" She shook her head "I heard you say you were coming down here."

"I could have been George though."

"No. Your voice is very different from your brothers. Deeper."

Fred looked at her, his face slightly surprised "I'm impressed, people usually can't tell us apart."

"Really?" she looked away from him and back to the water "I've always been able to tell you apart."

"You have, have you?" Fred laughed "How?"

"I told you, I pay attention." Luna grinned "You do look very much alike, but, there are little differences that are fairly obvious to the astute observer."

"What differences?"

"Well, your a little bit taller than George is. And his hair and eyes are just a little lighter than yours are." she looked back at him "And, like I said before, there are the differences in your voice. There are some variances in mannerism as well as..."

"Okay...enough." Fred laughed "You've convinced me."

Luna gave him an exaggerated nod "Told you, it's a simple matter of paying attention. Most people don't you know."

"You're right, they don't." His eyes gleamed with mischief and he lifted an eyebrow"But you realize Luna, the logical next question would be, why were you looking at us close enough to notice such subtle differences?"

If it hadn't been so dark Fred would have seen that Luna was blushing madly.

"I didn't really, not until we were were in D.A. meetings together." She turned her attention back to the water "But, once we were in the same room so often, I picked up on them. I guess you could say I have always had an eye for fine detail."

"You sound like my brother." Fred smiled "George has a memory like a steal trap. He's always picking things up from people that go right over my head."

"What kind of things?"

"Oh, you know, subtle nuances, moods, things like that. He's a lot more sensitive than I. Not that I am insensitive, mind you. I just have a remarkable talent for saying and doing things without thinking, where George is more careful, a planner if you will."

"That's okay though isn't it?" she asked "Just because you're twins, it doesn't mean you have to be exactly alike."

Fred just smiled. For someone who didn't really know him and George, she was terribly in touch with their deep, inner feelings.

"It's pretty isn't it?" Luna relaxed back on her hands to look up at the moon.

Fred followed her gaze "It is, it would be nice to be there wouldn't it? Far, far away, far from all the chaos and destruction going on here."

"When I was little..." Luna smiled "I use to think that there were wizards on the moon, I imagined that they were using their wands to make the stars." she looked over at Fred and smiled sheepishly. "It's silly, I know."

"Not at all. " Fred lay back and crossed his arms behind his head "It's kind of nice really."

Luna reached into her pocket and pulled something out, slowly working it with her fingers, as if trying to bend it into shape.

"What's that you have there?" Fred asked curiously

"Just something I was trying to make..." Luna began "...It's suppose to be an angel." She held it up so he could see it. It was simple, string joined together then bent in half, tied on the top and sides to give it a head and arms so it took on a human-ish form, then, two braided loops on the back formed something remotely resembling wings.

"It's not very good."

"Let me see." Fred put out his hand and Luna handed it to him. He examined it closely.

"It doesn't much look like an angel, I know." She smiled

"I can see an angel here." Fred grinned as he held the badly lopsided angel in front of his face "Sort of."

"You're holding it upside down." Luna rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Oh. Right." Fred laughed and turned it around. "Hey, it does look like an angel. In fact, it looks like you."

"ho ho." Luna deadpanned "Give it back now."

"What do you mean Ho ho?" Fred moved the angel away from her hand.

"I mean, I know what I look like, and an angel isn't it. Now give it back." She made to grab the angel from his hand but he jerked it away "Hey!"

"You gave it to me." he grinned "I'm keeping it."

"I did not!" Luna giggled and reached for it again but Fred pulled it away. Luna shifted on her hip as Fred held it in his opposite hand, holding it far away from her and as she lunged her breasts brushed over him, raising bumps on his arms.

"No, you gave it to me." Fred laughed as he slid over and raised his hand up over his head, frustrating Luna in her attempt to wrestle it away from him. Luna, not to be outdone, and the firewhiskey lending her a enormous amount of bravery, straddled his hips to keep him from moving away again and leaned down over his chest as she made another attempt to wrestle the angel from Fred. Her hand clasped over his,trying to force his fingers apart, and their faces met, only inches apart.

Fred stared up into her eyes, his heart hammering in his chest. Then, he closed the distance and his lips captured hers. The now forgotten angel rolled from his hands as he brought them up to cup her head and tangle his fingers in her hair.

Luna was in a state of shock, sure she must be dreaming, her mind unable to register the fact that she was actually being kissed by Fred Weasley.

Her hands slid to his chest, even in her half dazed state, she deeply appreciated the firm muscle under her fingers. Fred sat up, deepening the kiss, his tongue slid over her parted lips to caress her willing tongue. His hands moved from her hair to her back, then to her hips, pulling her even closer as his lips slid over her jaw and down her neck. A hand slid around to cup a breast as she slid her arms around him, pulling him closer.

"Fred..." she whispered, her voice full of longing . Fred's mouth moved lower, kissing the shallow cleavage at the top of the thin strapped summer top she wore. His hands brushed over the buttons, then, he popped them open and slid it down her arms. Luna strained against him, her hands in his hair now, pulling him closer as his mouth covered a breast, the nipple hard and taut.

Then, he stopped and pulled back, burying his face in her neck.

"Luna..." he breathed hard against her pale skin "If you want me to stop...tell me now." He kissed his way back up her neck to her lips, then back to her jaw to her ear. "If we go much further...I won't be able to."

Luna pushed against his shoulders to look into his eyes. She wanted this, needed this. As she was now, basking in the heat of Fred Weasley's desire, Luna believed that this one act could erase the ugliness she had endured while imprisoned at Malfoy Manor. She wanted to forget it all, the feel of unwanted hands touching her, the memory of ugly and vulgar words, her feelings of filthiness as she read obscene thoughts from perverted minds.

Now, as she looked into Fred's eyes, things felt different. His were advances that she welcomed. Desire that she could return. She wanted this...and she wanted it badly.

"Please...." She whispered as she reached down and pulled his shirt over his head. "...I don't want you to stop."

Fred smiled as he took her lips again, then, he gently lay on her back, covering her body with his. He reached down and ran his hand up her bare leg, bunching her skirt up around her waist, then he hooked his thumb in her panties and slid them off. Luna tore at the buttons on his jeans, her fingers fumbling badly until Fred grinned at her and finished the job himself, finally pulling them off.

"Are you sure?" He asked softly as he lay next to her, his hand stroking her bare skin. Luna nodded and he carefully moved over her, his weight braced on his elbows as he carefully pressed into her.

Luna gasped at the unfamiliar sensations, she had never experienced anything like this before, it was like a whole new kind of magic...but this was like magic of the soul. Fred was incredibly gentle with her, drawing it out for as long as he could bear. He didn't want to just meet his needs and desires, he wanted Luna to enjoy it, he wanted her to remember it always, to cherish it.

"Please Fred, ...please...more!" She demanded, bucking her hips into his as she began to climax . "Please...PLEASE! MORE!"

Only then did he let go, moving faster and harder, pressing as deep into her as he could. He whispered her name over and over, panting heavily against her neck as he climaxed deep inside her.

Unknown to Fred and Luna, a lone being stepped to the edge of the cliff above and upon seeing the lovers down below, turned and hastily returned to the cottage.

- - -

Sunlight forced it's presence under Luna's tightly closed eyelids, the sound of the wildly tossed waves washing over her. She groaned, her head throbbed in protest to her overindulgence the night before. Then, a soft warm body pressed into her back, strong arms wrapping around her middle.

"Luna" He whispered softly into her ear then kissed along the outer ridge. Luna rolled over onto her back and opened her eyes. Fred smiled down at her.

"I wasn't dreaming then." She said softly, careful not to disturb her aching head more than she had to.

"I hope not." he laughed as he reached over her for the pile of clothes next to her, kissing her softly as he pulled them over her. "I think this is your's." He held up her panties, making Luna blush profusely. Luna grabbed them then discreetly wiggled into them. She dug her top out of the pile and put it on, then averted her eyes while Fred stood up and, bare naked and unashamed, dressed right in front of her.

He bent over, picking up something from the ground. It was Luna's angel. He sat down next to her, handed it to her and smiled.

Luna's stomach twisted nervously as unasked questions circled around them.



"I hope you can understand, right now...things are so uncertain. I'm part of the Order...I can't commit to a full time relationship, not till this all ends. I don't want you to get the wrong idea about last night..."

Luna looked away sadly, she'd known the risks when she hadn't stopped him. Still being given the brush off...

Fred cupped her chin and turned her face back to his "I don't want you to think that I was using you, or that last night didn't mean anything to me."

"It's okay Fred." Luna smiled sadly " I could have said no, I could have stopped you...but, I didn't. The things your saying now, I knew it all last night. You don't owe me anything."

Fred looked at her and sighed deeply

"Last night, Harry told me and George in private that what they are doing today is putting one of the last pieces they need to destroy you-know-who into place. He said they are getting really close, after this, it won't take much longer."

He smiled and took her hand in his.

"Once the war is over, I'd like to get to know you better."

"You would?" She looked unsure, as if convinced he was just trying to be kind.

"Of course I would." he kissed her hand "I know it will be weird, I mean, we'd be sort of starting in the middle. But, I want you to understand something very important. Things like last night...I don't just do them randomly. I mean, yeah, we were both a little loaded, but, I wasn't so far gone that I couldn't have stopped myself."

Luna looked at him, her eyes wide and confused. Fred grinned sheepishly, a slight blush tinging his cheeks.

"I'm just trying to say...I wouldn't have done what we did if I hadn't wanted to."

Luna smiled, her eyes sparkled.

"So, when the war is over, is it okay if I call on you?"

Luna giggled, a little surprised at how formal he was being considering the fact that they had just had sex hours before.

"Of course." She smiled and squeezed his hand "I think I would like that very much."

"Thank you Luna." Fred pulled her into his arms and gave her a lingering kiss "For everything."

One Week Later

Luna stood watching, hiding behind a large tree until the last of the mourners departed. She'd gone to the funeral, sitting far back in one of the last pews. She hadn't been able to bring herself to view his body, that would have made it too real for her and she likely would have ran screaming from the cathedral. The burial had been mostly family, the funeral for Colin Creevey had been only an hour after this one so many had skipped it. Luna had chosen not to make her presence known, afraid of being conspicuous as one of the few non-relatives in attendance. Besides, after all that had happened a week ago, she would have felt odd in the presence of his family. She knew she never would have been able to look his mother in the eye without blushing horribly.

Now alone, she stepped out from behind the tree and walked to the freshly covered grave. Luna knelt down next to the freshly placed headstone and ran her hand over the picture of Fred Weasley that had been stuck to the marble with an everlasting sticking charm.

"I'm so sorry we never got a chance to truly know each other" A trickle of tears trailed from the corner of her eyes to her chin. "I would have liked that so very much." She stopped and too a deep breath "I want to tell you something Fred, something I should have told you a week ago...that night we shared, it...it meant a lot to me too."

Luna reached into the pocket of her sweater and pulled something from it and set it among the white lilies that lay next to the headstone.

She kissed her fingers and pressed them against his lips on the picture, then she stood and walked away.

Once she was gone George Weasley left his hiding place behind a tree and stepped up to the head stone.

Sitting among the white lilies was an angel made of string.



Chapter Two Preview

Luna returns to Hogwarts

to begin her 7th year, but fate has other

plans, plans that will place

George Weasley prominently into her life...

….whether she wants him there or not.