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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Chapter 1: After the Battle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto was in the hospital room with bandages all over his body thinking about the promise he made to Sakura and that he didn't bring Sasuke back like he promised. The door opened and Shikamaru walked in the room and sat besides him.

" How you holding up man " said Shikamaru

" I'm OK, I was just thinking about the promise I made to Sakura " said Naruto lowering his head

" Naruto, Sasuke almost killed you with a chidori and you thinking about a stupid promise of bringing back the person who wanted to kill you " snapped Shikamaru. Just then Sakura walked in the room.

" Sakura-chan, I'm sorry........... " said Naruto but he was cut off with Sakura hitting him over the head.

" What the fuck was that for you bitch " yelled Shikamaru.

" The first time I asked you for anything and you couldn't do it, I knew you couldn't defeat Sasuke-kun. You're not strong enough to defeat Sasuke-kun. You always were weaker than him, holding him back " yelled Sakura.

' Sakura-chan, I promise I will bring him back ' thought Naruto through all the pain.

Shikamaru looked at her with disgust and said " And you was strong enough not to hold him back. At least Naruto never waited for things to be handed to him. He worked hard for every thing. I'm sure Sasuke-teme told you that he wasn't the one who saved you from Gaara. Naruto didn't bring Sasuke back because he held back since he didn't want to kill the jerk "

" That's not true Naruto can never beat Sasuke-kun " yelled Sakura.

' Sakura-chan..................... ' said Naruto to himself.

' She never believed that I could bring him back ' thought Naruto

" I'm sure Gaara wants to know what you said " snapped Shikamaru.

" Sasuke-kun can beat that crazy monster " yelled Sakura

" Why didn't he then, where is he now. " yelled Shikamaru. Sakura ran out the room crying.

Jiraiya suddenly appeared by the window and saw Naruto's wound bleeding. He looked at Shikamaru demanding an answer, since he didn't know what could have made the wound to open up again. Shikamaru looked at Naruto then at Jiraiya and started crying.

" Call for a nurse " yelled Jiraiya

" Hai " answered Shimaru before he called for a nurse. The nurse sealed the wound once more and walked out the room.

" Ok, what happened " said Jiraiya calming down.

" That bitch Sakura hit him " said Shikamaru with venom when he said Sakura

" Don't call Sakura-chan a bitch " said Naruto still in pain.

" Shut the fuck up IDIOT " yelled Jiraiya

" What................... " said Naruto

" She almost killed you after you almost got killed by a promise you made to her, you think she would like if you brought the Teme, who she's been in love with since you was in the academy. STOP THINKING THAT YOU CAN MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY. " said Jiraiya

" You can't keep every fucking promise you make, this is not a joke this is your life, not just that you're a ninja you don't let your emotions cloud your judgment, you keep following that bitch like she's something tell me one time you asked her out that she didn't hit you, tell me one time that she supported you, tell me one time that she agreed with you over the Uchiha even if you was right. HUH, Tell " yelled Jiraiya getting angrier by the second.

" Naruto, what I'm trying to say is that the Uchiha left on his own free will, just like Orochimaru-teme did. I promised to bring him back too but I gave up on that promise the moment he tried to kill me. Sasuke wants to kill his brother and he will do anything to do that. You must make a choice now, protecting your friends or devoting your life to follow around the Uchiha. " said Jiraiya serious

" I will protect my friends " said Naruto smiling

" Orochimaru will teach Sasuke all kinds of forbidden jutsus to make sure he's strong, I will make you stronger than him, but you be focused on your training. " said Jiraiya with determination in his eyes

" You was so blinded by your love for Sakura that you never saw that Hyuga princess following you " said Shikamaru smiling

" You really are dense " said Shikamaru

" What do you mean following me " said Naruto confused

" Don't you ever see that se faints and stutter around you only " said Shikamaru

" She loves you Gaki " yelled Jiraiya slapping him on the back of his head.

" What. S-s-s-s-s-he Lo-lo-loves me " stuttered Naruto banging his head in his hand.

' Now that I think about it, it was always obvious ' thought Naruto

" You deaf " said Naruto

" I got to talk to her before I go " said Naruto

" Before you go where " asked Shikamaru

" I'm making Naruto my apprentice " said Jiraiya looking at the lazy kid in front of him

" I'll be right back, I have something to check " said Jiraiya getting up

" And Shikamaru meet us tomorrow before we leave " said Jiraiya as he disappeared in a puff of smokes.


The council was in an uproar, partly because they knew what had happened, and who had won, and who had lost. "We should have never trusted him!" one of the members yelled, he was one of the five civilian members of the council, "He has always been a menace to this village, and it's probably his fault that Sasuke left!" The other four civilians backed him up with a collective yell of approval.

"Don't you dare say that!" Another member yelled, Inuzuka Tsume, a feral-looking woman with wild brown hair and twin red fang marks along her cheeks, "He has done nothing but love this village, he has been nothing but a role model for my son, and he has nothing but a good heart!"

"He's a demon!" another civilian cried.

"Silence!" This time, Chouza of the Akimichi clan spoke, "My son Chouji also sees him a great friend, what demon would even care for a child?"

"He's the Fox! Aren't foxes known for being the sliest creatures on the earth? He is probably poisoning you and your children against the village." A third civilian member called out.

" This is so troublesome." Nara Shikaku mumbled. "Are you too arrogant and ignorant to know the difference between a sealing scroll and the object sealed in it? "

" Oh, shut up you ninja freaks! " A fourth, and less controlled civilian member of the council yelled.

" You cannot deny that the Fox has an influence over the boy, it is written on his face, as evidenced by the whisker marks. He may not be the actual Fox, but he's still the body of it. " said the same civilian member of the council

Aburame Shibi remained silent, but under his cool exterior, his blood was boiling, " Freaks!? Freaks, huh? You want to see a freak just look in the mirror. Any man who won't let a boy have a chance in his own home is worse than dirt! "

Yamanaka Inoichi voiced Shibi's thoughts. " You are an idiot! If Naruto really was the Fox in a human body, he would have destroyed the Village years ago! "

" He's a Fox in a human's clothing! " The fifth member of the civilians said, " He's only selling the deception by acting like he cares! "

" Acting like he cares huh, why would he do that when he could have killed all who treated him bad already " yelled Inoichi glaring at the council member

Only three members of the council didn't speak, Shibi, who would not speak because of his cool demeanor, Danzo, an old war hawk who was trying to find a way to have this play to his advantage, and Hyuuga Hiashi, who was trying to figure out where he himself stood with the boy.

' Hinata loves him, that is simply unacceptable! ' he thought, 'And yet…there's something about him…He even help Neji…but still, getting close to my daughter is dangerous.'

"Order! " Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage yelled over the din of the voices.

" I will have order! " yelled Tsunade once again

The council members began to quiet down. When silence was achieved, Tsunade began. "This petty arguing is not why this meeting was called. We came here to discuss what we are to do about Uchiha Sasuke."

Danzo, that shrewd and sly snake of a man, spoke up." "We should punish the one responsible for his leaving, and send more…'experienced' ninjas after him."

Tsunade instantly went on guard. " What do you mean by the one responsible? "

" I am only agreeing with Teinousha-san (moron), it is probably Naruto's influence that led to Sasuke's leaving." said Danzo with no emotion

The clan leaders, excluding Shibi and Hiashi, yelled in anger. " How dare you even suggest that! " Tsume yelled.

The civilian members on the other hand, agreed with Danzou. " Yeah! Let's execute him! "

Tsunade cried for order again. Once the silence returned, she stared down Danzo. " You have no proof of this, I can't and will not accept the idea of punishing him."

" I'm sorry, Hokage-sama, but you honestly have no say in the matter, the law states that if one third of the council agrees to a motion, then it must be taken to a vote, and as you can see, half of the council is agreeing to the motion. " said Koharu one of her advisers

Tsunade cursed under her breath. " Alright, but first of all, we won't kill him, I will never accept a boy with such a good record to be killed under my reign. The worst I'll ever allow you to do is exile him." Tsunade said.

" Fair enough, I suppose we should reward the boy's 'kindness' towards the Village with letting him leave with his life, but if her ever comes within five miles of Konoha we have the authority to treat him as a missing nin." said Homura

Tsunade glared at him, however she was confident that this would never happen, she knew that the clan heads would vote for Naruto to stay while the civilians would vote for him to leave, ending in a tie, and as the law stated, in the case of a tie, the Hokage got to give his/her say. " Very well, Danzo. I agree to your terms. All those in favor in exiling Uzumaki Naruto raise your hand."

The civilians raised their hands, and Danzo.

" All in favor of not exiling the boy who defeated the Shukaku during the invasion, brought back the fifth Hokage. Raise your hand " said Tsume. And all the shinobi side of the council raised their hands.

" So its decided, Naruto will not be exiled " said Tsunade smiling

" And do you not know of his heritage " said Tsunade smiling

Danzo stood up, "Hokage-sama, Naruto was an orphan, he has no heritage."

Tsunade smiled, " This only proves to me that Sandaime didn't trust you at all Danzo, because Naruto does have a heritage, and it is beyond that of anyone here."

" What? Is Naruto an Uchiha? " Danzo asked mockingly, and several laughs erupted from the civilian members.

" What Naruto is puts the Uchihas to shame." A voice said, they all turned to the source of it to see Jiraiya, back from his meeting with Naruto.

" In fact, Naruto belongs to a clan so great, that even the last member of the clan was held in the highest honor." said Jiraiya glaring at the old war hawk

" Who could that be, hm? Jiraiya-san? " Danzo said, sarcasm dripping form the question.

" Look at him, the way he acts, his smile, just look at him. You Idiot. So troublesome " said Shikaku going back to sleep

Jiraiya smiled " Naruto belongs to the Namikaze line, the line of Yondaime Hokage."

" What? Naruto is the son of the 4th Hokage " yelled Tsume laughing

" What " shrieked a woman with pink hair in the civilian side of the council

" What are you deaf Banshee " said Jiraiya holding his ears.

' How can this be ' thought Danzo thinking about the situation

' Now he can make the perfect weapon with those powerful jutsus of his father ' thought Danzo

" How dare you say that the demon is the son of our fallen Hero " yelled another civilian council member.

" If he wasn't his father's son, this village would be destroyed already " said Hiashi remembering his late friend Minato.

" So, I say he does community service for his punishment " said Danzo with a smirk.

" Punishment for what " yelled Hiashi getting angry now that he knew about Naruto's heritage

" For putting his life on line to save the village over and over " yelled Inoich, Ino's dad

" No, for failing his mission " said Homura, the adviser

" No can do, we going on a training trip " said Jiraiya smirking

" He cannot leave the village yet, I will train him " said Danzo looking at the Toad sage

" Looking for a weapon again " said Hiashi smirking

" I also believe that he shouldn't leave the village " said Homura looking at Danzo

" You just voted to exile him a few minutes ago " Shibi finally snapped

There was instant silence.

" Naruto was the son of the greatest ninja in the world, and you was about to exile the heir to the greatest clan in the world." said Tsunade looking at everybody laughing

" When are you leaving Jiraiya " said Tsunade

" Tomorrow mourning, and Sakura almost killed Naruto in the hospital " said Jiraiya disappearing in a puff of smokes

" WHAT " yelled Tsunade releasing an insane amount of killing intent directed at the pink haired council member in the corner. While there was an even larger released by Tsume, Choza, and Hiashi.

" Lady Tsunade please calm down, I can't sleep with all this killing intent in the room " said Shikaku smiling.

Tsunade calmed down and looked at the coucil smiling.

' I'll make her pay for messing with one of the closest thing I have to a family ' thought Tsunade

" I will be giving the girls medical training. That includes Hinata Hyuga, Ino Yamanaka, Tenten, and Sakura Haruno " said Tsunade putting a bit of venom when she said Sakura's name.

" You need to start giving the boys more advance training to protect themselves because with Orochimaru training the Uchiha you don't know what kind of forbidden jutsu he's teaching him. And with Naruto training with the strongest of the three sannin he needs strong teamates " said Tsunade.

" Hai " the Shinobies council members ansewered.

" And I thought Orochimaru was the strongest of the three sannins " said a civilian looking at Tsunade

" Jiraiya can defeat Myself and Orochimaru together, he's just too much of a pervert to give a shit about anything but those he loves " said Tsunade thinking about her teammate

" But I see you beat him up all the time. " said Hiashi.

" Troublesome. My wife is a chunnin and she beat me up everytime I do something stupid. The strongest of shinobies are weak against the person they love " said Shikaku getting up to leave.

" Dismiss " said Tsunade, before she left.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With Sakura~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sakura was in her room crying thinking about her precious Sasuke-kun and what happened with Naruto. Sasuke left her in the village alone, maybe she should have left with him.

' Sasuke-kun why did you leave knowing that I loved you ' thought Sakura

' Naruto will bring you back to me, I know it ' thought Sakura

' He never goes back on his words, He was always there for me ' thought Sakura.

' I will bring you back Sasuke-kun ' said Sakura to herself.

" I should apologize to Naruto first " said Sakura out loud

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With Naruto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto and Shikamaru was sitting in the room playing shogi. Naruto was still waiting for Jiraiya since he wanted to know how long he was going to be gone. He was also thinking of his past actions and what happened to his friends and also what Sakura did to him. The door opened to reveal Kakashi with the orange book in his face.

" Yo " waved Kakashi with an eye smile.

" Kakashi-sensei, what's up " said Naruto

" Naruto, how are you doing " said Kakashi putting the book away. ' My student almost killed my other student with a jutsu I taught him ' thought Kakashi as he sighed. Shikamaru looked at Kakashi before greeting him.

" Hey Kakashi-sensei " said Shikamaru

" Yo " said Kakashi waving to him.

" I'm ok sensei " said Naruto

" You heard I was leaving on training trip with Ero-sennin " said Naruto smiling

" No, when " said Kakashi surprised

" I don't know yet " said Naruto

" Make sure you come back strong now you hear. Gotta Go " said Kakashi as he disappeared in a puff of smokes.

Jiraiya appeared outside the window of Naruto's hospital room in a puff of smokes. He got in through the window and sat on the bed.

" Gaki, you're going to see your friends before you leave " said Jiraiya smiling

" We leave tomorrow mourning " said Jiraiya. Naruto got up and quickly got dressed. He wanted to see his other comrades before he left like Neji, Choji, Kiba, and especially Hinata.

" OK Ero-sennin, I'll see you in the mourning " said Naruto waving to him

" QUIT CALLING ME THAT BRAT " yelled Jiraiya

" NEVER " yelled Naruto back.

Naruto and Shikamaru walked out of the room heading to Choji's room to see their good friend. The opened the door to the room and walked in the room smiling talking about the mission, Shikamaru looked at Choji and saw that he was already back to his original weight and was eating some chips, Choji layed on the bed with a big stack of chips by his side.

" Choji, what's up body " yelled Naruto as soon as he entered the room.

" So energetic already. Troublesome " murmured Shikamaru.

" Naruto, Shika, what's up " said Choji as he ate

" Nothing, we just walking around so that Naruto can say his good-byes " said Shikamaru

" Its troublesome you know " he said

" Where are you going Naruto " said Choji

" On a training trip with Ero-sennin. So you guys better get stronger , because when I come back I'm going to be stronger than ever. Believe It. " said Naruto with determination in his eyes.

" Yeah " said Choji.

" Its getting late I have to pack my stuff. Tell............................. lets see Ino, Neji, Kiba, Shino, Lee, Tenten, and Hinata to come see me off by the west gates tomorrow mourning......................... Oh and Gaara and his family too " said Naruto running out the room.

" He forgot to mention Sakura " said Choji confused

" He didn't forget, I'll explain later " said Shikamaru looking at his friend

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With Jiraiya ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jiraiya jumped in the Hokage office through the window and stood in front of Tsunade who was sleeping on her desk. Droole was everywhere and she was snoring loudly. Jiraiya hit the desk and she woke up and threw a punch at him which he easily dodged. She looked at him with anger on her face.

" What the hell do you want Baka " yelled Tsunade

" Keep it down. If you wasn't sleeping on the job, I wouldn't have to wake you up. " said Jiraiya smirking.

" What do you want Baka " said Tsunade calming down a little

" I came for Naruto's stuff " said Jiraiya.

" Just go get them. I never stopped you from doing what you want before " yelled Tsunade

" Yes, Tsunade-sama " smirked Jiraiya

" Don't call me that " said Tsunade

" Lady Tsunade " smirked Jiraiya again

" Stop it Baka " yelled Tsunade

" OK, OK, what are you going to do with Kakashi since he don't really have a team anymore " said Jiraiya

" Anbu Head.......... Until Naruto comes back " said Tsunade

" And when Naruto becomes a chunnin he'll go back " said Tsunade.

" OK " said Jiraiya walking away. Jiraiya touched the wall and took a box out and walked back past Tsunade and opened the window.

" See you in three years Hime. Don't miss me too much now Ok " said Jiraiya smirking

" Not in your dreams Pervert " said Tsunade. Jiraiya then disappeared in a puff of smokes.

' I will miss you Jiraiya ' thought Tsunade

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Next Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In front of the gates of the Hidden Leaf Village were standing multiple shinobies. Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Lee, Tenten, The Konohamaru Corps, The Sand Siblings, Gai, Kakashi, Kurenai, Shizune, and the Hokage of the village was present to see the blond ninja off. Naruto and Jiraiya was walking slowly toward the ninjas. Naruto had his backpack on and his hands was behind his head. The two finnaly made it and stopped in front of them.

" Well I think this is good-bye for now huh " said Naruto scratching the back of his head.

" I know all of you will become strong while I'm not around, make sure you are " said Naruto with a glee of determination in his eyes.

" I'm really sorry I let all of you down during the mission, Neji you will become strong, if you willing to work with others like on that retrieval mission, Lee I know you will let nothing stand in your way of being a true Taijutsu master, Ino you let that bastard take all your time and now that he's gone you should take your training more seriously, and Shikamaru you're strong and smart but you're too freaking lazy, but that's what make yourself you right. Choji make sure Shikamaru trains. and Ino keep them alive. " said Naruto walking toward Hinata smiling and she started turning red.

' Speech of a true leader ' thought all the jonins

Naruto started to whisper in Hinata's ear " Hinata-chan, when I come back, would you mind going on a date with me ? "

" Ummm Ha-i-i, Naruto-kun " answered Hinata softly.

" Just make sure you're not taken when I come back Ok " said Naruto smirking.

' Naruto-kun just asked me out ' yelled Hinata in her mind

' And he called me Hinata-chan ' she was jumping around in her mind

" Konohamaru-nii-san............ " said Naruto

" Make sure you train hard Ok, oh I got something to show you when I get back " said Naruto

" Yes Boss " yelled Konohamaru

" Then Here I go " said Naruto

" I'm going to get strong enough to protect everyone, I will be Hokage one day. " said Naruto. Kakashi walked up to him and handed him a scroll smiling.

" I was suppose to teach those to you. I'm Sorry " he said walking away.

" Thanks Kakashi-sensei, Its Ok, Obito will still be proud of you " said Naruto smiling as he put the sroll in his pocket.

" OK, Baa-chan take care of the village " said Naruto

" See you all later " said Naruto.

" Hey Gaara lets go Ero-sennin has to talk to you " said Naruto. Gaara and Jiraiya walked out the gates with Naruto, Temari, and Kankouro behind them but unable to hear what they were saying.

~~~~~~~~~~ Gaara and Jiraiya ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" OK, what I'm going to tell should stay between us only " said Jiraiya

" Hn " answered Gaara

" There's this group who call themselves Akastuki who goes after the Jinchuuriki, I don't know what they plan to do with them but I know they're all S-class missing-nins. They travel 2 at a time so that's why I'm training Naruto to take care of himself. You are very good with the sand but you need to expand your skills. " said Jiraiya

" Huh " said Gaara

" You have many weakness, first is that you're too slow, you really need to work on your speed. Don't get me wrong Naruto is slow as hell that's why I will make a all around shinobi except for genjutsu since neither one of use has any talent for it, Two is that you only use the sand style ninjutsu, and three is that I hear the demon keep talking in your head when you fight " said Jiraiya.

" I got the perfect solution " said Jiraiya thinking about it.

" Travel with me and the brat for two months and I can help you out " said Jiraiya smirking

" OK " said Gaara.

" Temari, please tell the council that I will be back in two months, and that its not a paying mission " said Gaara in his monotone voice looking at his sister

" OK " said the two as they sunshined out of the area.

" Naruto, Gaara will be traveling with us for two months, we'll be going to the desert for your speed training " said Jiraiya to Naruto who was really happy of the news

" Yippee " yelled Naruto jumping around

As Naruto, Jiraiya and the Sand Siblinds walked away from the gates of Konoha, there was an unusual silence between the warriors left their birthplace. Naruto was lost in thought trying to grasp what was being asked of him. First, he was going to leave the only home he had ever known for three years. Second, he was going to have grown strong enough to defeat an organization of S Class shinobi known as Akatasuki. Finally, he was going to grow strong enough to defeat Sasuke and save himself from himself. Each of these tasks could be overwhelming for anyone let alone a 13 year old boy. He kept thinking about what Jiraiya said about Sakura and Orochimaru with Sasuke and he knew that everything was true even if he didn't want to accept that fact about his best friend and teammates.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With Tsunade ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tsunade exhaled a heavy sigh, as she poured another cup of sake and then drank it in one fell swoop before slamming the cup back onto her desk in disgust. Standing up to walk out onto her balcony and gaze over the village in the setting sun. She could only shake her head in frustration, as she relived the day's events in her mind. Turning around and going back to her desk, Tsunade grabbed the sake bottle once more and began pouring another cup of her most treasured elixir, when a voice rang out behind her startling the blonde Hokage. The yellow head boy just left the village for three years.

Kakashi was standing in the office looking at Tsunade but he made sure that he didn't take out the Icha Icha book. Tsunade looked at him and smiled.

" Kakashi, since you currently don't have a team, I will make you head of the Anbu " said Tsunade

" You mean head of the whole Anbu division " said Kakashi

" Yes, I will be the only one above you. That makes you my right hand man " said Tsunade

" And when Naruto comes back " asked Kakashi thinking over the situation

" You'll be put back in team 7 with a new member replacing Uchiha Sasuke " said Tsunade

" What will happen with Sakura " said Kakashi

" She almost finished the job on Naruto at the hospital " said Tsunade with anger in her eyes

" You can't mean.................... " said Kakashi with his eyes widen

" Yes, she hit him and re-opened the wound. But I will train all the rookie kunoichies in medical ninjutsu. " said Tsunade.

" OK, you know what to do " said Tsunade as he threw Kakashi his old dog anbu mask.

" Hai. Hokage-sama " said Kakashi catching the mask

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With Sakura ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After Naruto left, everybody was standing outside the hospital talking when Sakura walked up heading toward Naruto's room. The only one who knew about what Sakura did to Naruto was Shikamaru and Choji, the others didn't know yet. Ino saw Sakura coming and called her over.

" Where are you going Forehead-girl " said Ino

" I'm going to see Naruto in the hospital " said Sakura

" Where the hell have you been, Naruto left the village with Jiraiya-sama " said Ino

" What, Why didn't he tell me " yelled Sakura

" Why the hell do you think you bitch " yelled Shikamaru who was sitting in the back

" What's your problem Shikamaru " yelled Ino

" Oh you don't know, Me and Naruto was sitting in the room talking about the mission when Sakura walked in the room. Naruto tried to explain what happened to her but she wouldn't lesten to what he had to say and just hit and re-opened the wound on his chest. If he was alone in the room with no one to call a nurse he would've died. And she just ran out the room crying like she was a victim because the Uchiha jerk wasn't back " said Shikamaru looking straight at Sakura with a bored and angry expression

" What " yelled Everybody except Choji who already knew

" Is that true Sakura " asked Ino looking at his fries

" I was angry at the time " Sakura said in her defense. Hinata was looking at her with her Byakugan active with so much hate in her eyes.

" Because you was angry that gives you a reason to almost kill a teammate " said Ino looking at her disappointed.

" I hit Naruto like that all the time, he never got mad why are you guys making this a big deal " said Sakura looking at them

" Because he almost got killed by the one person he considered a brother " said Kakashi appearing in front of them looking at Sakura with disappointment in his eyes

" When you hit Naruto over Sasuke its not the physical pain that hurt him, its the fact that he would give his life for you and you treat him like he doesn't even exist " said Kakashi looking at her

" How do you feel, when Sasuke reject you " asked Kakashi looking at her

" I-I-I-I................ " said Sakura crying

" Exactly " said Kakashi leaving them

' Naruto left, He didn't even tell. I'm sure he'll be asking for a date when he comes back ' said Sakura to herself to make herself feel better about the fact that he didn't tell her he was leaving.


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