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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 11: A Killer's Past ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Last Time:

Naruto was happily chatting with his family and laughing with them when Kunon walked in the room with some food and Kyoki was right behind her with some more food. As soon as they set the food down Naruto got an idea, he wanted everyone to be around to eat with them and he new just how to do it. Naruto bit his thumb and went through a series of hand seals before putting the blood on his right hand and said ' Gama Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Toad Summoning Jutsu ' and summoned a little Toad as big as Gamakichi, when the young Toad was little.

" Hello Naruto-sama, what can I do for you? " asked the little Toad looking at the future Toad sage

" Can you find Ero-sennin for me and tell him to come to the Uzumaki compound Gamao " Naruto said looking at the little Toad with a smile on his face. The little Toad quickly disappeared in a puff of smokes and went to find Jiraiya for his student.

" Why are you sending for Jiraiya? " mumbled Kutame looking at the boy suspicious

" We having a family dinner " smirked Naruto looking at his grandfather

" Why you didn't just say that, let me go find some sake " Kutame yelled before quickly standing up and running out of the room

Naruto wiped some blood on his hand again but this time it was the left hand and he went through the same hand seals but finished with a different seal before he said ' Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Jutsu ' and slammed his hand on the ground in front of him, a small little lion appeared in front of him with a whirlpool Hitai-ate around his neck, the lion was about the same size as Pakkun, Kakashi's little dog.

" What can I do for you Naruto-sama? " groaned the small lion looking at the yellow head boy

" Yes, Shin can you go find Itachi and Kisame and tell them to come here " Naruto looking at the small little lion with a smile on his face

The small lion ran out of the room and jumped over the gate of the compound making his way toward the Namikaze compound following the scent of Itachi.

~~~~~~~~~~~ At The Namikaze Compound ~~~~~~~~~~~

Itachi was sitting on top of a tree looking over the lake that was in the back of the Namikaze compound which reminded him a lot of the lake behind the Uchiha compound but he was pushing back all those memories. He did not have his mask on so his soften face was visible while his hair was blowing under the wind, he was wearing some black cargo pants like Naruto's and the anbu top that he wore under his Akatsuki coat was still on while the coat was gone. Itachi had a short anbu kantana strapped to his back and there was a black crow on his shoulder. Since he's been back in the village he has never really walked around without his mask on, only a few people in the Anbu knew he was back in the village and also Kakashi, and the Hokage knew about his return. He was glad to back in the village that he would give his soul for, the village he made his little brother hate him for, the village he killed his whole family for, and he knew that he would do it all over again to keep the village safe. Itachi sensed something approaching the compound coming his way so he stood up and put his mask on while he jumped down from the tree top. The small lion jumped over the entrance of the big compound and ran toward the Uchiha progidy at full speed to get him to go meet with Naruto.

" Hello, Itachi-san. Naruto-sama sent me to tell you and Kisame-san to go to the Uzumaki compound " said the small lion looking at the masked man

" Thank you, I'll get Kisame you can dismiss " the young Uchiha bowed in front of the little lion.

The small lion disappeared in a puff of smokes leaving behind the young Uchiha, Itachi started making his way toward the house where Kisame was currently taking a nap. Itachi knocked on the door but Kisame didn't even budge from the nap he was taking, Itachi not wanting to waste anymore time decided to kick in the door but as soon as he did he jumped back dodging three kunai which came flying at him. Kisame finally sat up from the couch he was sleeping on to see the young Uchiha prodigy standing in the doorway looking at him.

" What do you want Itachi? " asked Kisame looking at the boy rubbing his eyes

" We're going to the Uzumaki compound " said Itachi immediately walking back toward the entrance of the compound

" Wait up " said Kisame appearing besides the young Uchiha.

Kisame was wearing the Konoha anbu outfit just like Itachi except that he didn't have the tattoo on his right arm that all the other anbus have. They both had on their mask on and they started going toward the entrance of the Namikaze compound, as soon as they made it to the front of the compound they both jumped up and started jumping from roof tops to roof tops toward the Uzumaki compound.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Elsewhere in a Dark cave ~~~~~~~~~~~

In a dark cave located near the border of the Hidden Mist Village, Seven figures was standing around in a circle in holographic forms. In the darkness, almost pitch black, all anyone could make out was the vaguest outline of anything. Only their eyes stood out, and the smallest details of their clothes. Though all different shapes and sizes, one thing was similar between the group. Black cloaks, with red clouds on them.

" There's been interesting happening's in Konoha- Interesting events indeed..." Zetsu, a man with what looked like the jaws of a Venus flytrap around his head, began, both parts light and dark, chiming in.

" Explain " demanded the figure of a man who seemed to be made of the shadows themselves with Lilac-ringed eyes and numerous piercings on his face.

" Its seems that Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame are currently in the village, I found the rings, that they found a way to take off back in the old whirlpool country " explained Zetsu looking at the man

" The fucking bastards betrayed us " shouted a man with a gigantic scythe strapped on his back

" Calm down Hidan, I want Tobi to go and bring back Kisame. Kisame is needed for our plans " demanded the man with the Lilac-ringed eyes without looking toward the man's way

" Tobi is a good boy " a tall man in the circle said in a small boy's voice

" What about Itachi? " asked Zetsu looking in the direction of the man with the lilac-ringed eyes

" We have the Sharingan in our possession already, we don't need him anymore " answered the man with a hard look on his face

" Zetsu, you will go with Tobi and bring Kisame back here " Instructed the leader before they all disappeared

Back in their real bodies, Zetsu's head was visible but the rest of his body was in the ground, besides him Tobi was standing up with a Sharingan eye showing through the whole in his mask. Zetsu had no real emotion on his face and Tobi because of the mask he had on no one really knew what he was thinking.

" Are we going to Konoha Zetsu? " groaned Tobi looking down at the man in a childish whiny voice

" Of course we are Tobi " answered the dark part of the venus flytrap looking man in a deep voice

" Not yet " the light part entered the conversation

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back in the Hidden Leaf Village ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In the Uzumaki compound everyone was already present, Jiraiya was in the corner writing in his notepad, Itachi was talking with Kyoki and they both were smiling, Naruto was talking to his grandparents laughing with them, Kisame was stuffing his face with food. That's when Kutame called for all of them to come eat but he didn't see Kisame already stuffing his face all around the table. They sat around the table talking and laughing around with each other.

" Naruto, why do you want to be Hokage of this village? " asked Itachi looking at the boy

" Oohhh um-mm........... Well first I wanted to be Hokage to be recognized and acknowledge by the villagers of the village as a hero and not just a demon like they saw me. Then when I met Team Seven and Kakashi-sensei I learned that only when you fight to protect something precious to you will you truly become strong. I want to be the Hokage now because I want to protect everyone who believed in me and get the villagers to have faith in me and for that I would give my life anytime " Naruto finished with a big smile on his face rubbing the back of his head

" Good answer Naruto, I remember when I was chosen to be Hokage of the village " laughed Jiraiya looking at the no one in particular in the room.

" Wait what?.............. You was chosen to be the Hokage? " asked Naruto with his mouth hanging and his eyes wide open

" Yes, Sarutobi-sensei chose me to be the fourth Hokage and I was also chosen to be the fifth Hokage three years ago " answered Jiraiya looking at his apprentice with a smile on his face

" Then Jiraiya-sama why are you not the Hokage? " asked Itachi looking at the man

" They probably realised he was a pervert. " mumbled Naruto before he was whacked in the by the Toad Sage who was glaring at him " I heard that brat "

" Now for your question Itachi, the first time I refused the position because I wanted to travel the world after I finished training Minato. I didn't want to stay in the village because I had to run my spy network outside the village and Minato had already surpassed me, so I nominated him instead. So then after I nominated him, the choice for the Hokage position was between my student and my teammate Orochimaru. Sarutobi sensei always saw Orochimaru as kind of like a son, so he was the first choice after myself but when the old man found out that he was doing experiment on the villagers the position was given to Minato and Orochimaru deserted the village.............. Orochimaru wanted to be Hokage so he grew a profound grudge against the village for choosing Minato over him " Jiraiya started telling the story in deep thoughts

" When I first met Sarutobi-sensei I didn't like him one bit.................... " started Jiraiya with a smile on his face

~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback: Jiraiya as a Kid ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jiraiya was in the academy sitting in the back of the room looking at a blonde girl in the front sitting by a pale skinned boy. The boy stayed looking at the girl until it was time for them to go. Jiraiya walked out the academy and went to do some research for the day. Jiraiya walked to the nearest hot spring and went up a tree near the hot spring to peep at the bathing girls. Its was now late and Jiraiya decided that it was time for him to go home. Jiraiya was on his way home when he saw Tsunade walking home, he walked up to her scratching the back of his head blushing

" Uhmm... Tsunade-hime " Jiraiya mumbled looking at the girl blushing blushing

" What baka " yelled Tsunade looking at him.

" I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me? " asked Jiraiya smiling at her with a blush on his face

" Hell no baka " yelled Tsunade punching him back to the nearest wall.

Tsunade walked away from Jiraiya leaving him on the ground with a broken nose. Jiraiya got up and went home to rest for the exam coming up the next day.

The next day Jiraiya got up and went to the academy to take the test. The class took the test and even when Jiraiya passed he was at the bottom of the class while Orochimaru the pale skinned boy was the rookie of the year with Tsunade the top female in the class. The class sat down while the instructor gave out the teams.

" Ok Team 7 will be.... Jiraiya..... Tsunade Senju.... and Orochimaru " announced the instructor which had Tsunade both happy and pissed. Happy because Orochimaru was on her team and pissed because Jiraiya was also on the team.

" Your Jounin instructor will be Sarutobi Hiruzen " the instructor said after looking at all of them

Sarutobi walked in the room and told Team 7 to follow him on the roof. The three followed him and sat down.

" First of all, lets introduce ourselves " Sarutobi said looking at the team in front of him

" My name is Sarutobi Hiruzen, I like the village, my wife, and training, I dislikes people who thinks they're better that others and put others down. my dream is to become the Hokage " said Sarutobi smiling.

" You next " said Hiruzen pointing at Orochimaru sitting down.

" My name is Orochimaru , I like ninjutsus and training, My dream is to master every ninjutsu in the world " said Orochimaru with no emotion at all.

' He got problems ' though Jiraiya

" You next " said Sarutobi pointing at Tsunade.

" My name is Tsunade Senju, I like Orochimaru and my village, and training, my dream is to be the best medic nin in the world " said Tsunade looking at Orochimaru who didn't even look at her.

" You " said Sarutobi pointing at Jiraiya.

" My name is Jiraiya, I like Tsunade-hime and training, I dislikes people who put others down, and my hobbies are doing research, my dream is to one day travel the world " said Jiraiya grinning.

" Ok meet me tomorrow at training ground 7 to take your genin test and don't eat breakfast you might throw up " said Sarutobi Hiruzen as he disappeared in a puff of smokes leaving the genins behind.

The three made their way down to the streets and started to go home. Tsunade started running after Orochimaru calling him. Orochimaru turned and looked at Tsunade with impatience.

" Orochimaru-kun.......would you like to go on a date with me " said Tsunade blushing hard.

" No " said Orochimaru as he walked away with an emotionless expression. Jiraiya ran up and caught up to Tsunade breathing hard.

" Uhmm...Hime don't worry about the Teme you're the prettiest girl around " said Jiraiya scratching the back of his head.

" Since we're teammates and all do you want to go out so we can get to know each other better " said Jiraiya smiling and blushing hard.

" Hell No Baka " yelled Tsunade punching him upside the head.

Tsunade walked away from Jiraiya leaving him on the ground with two broken ribs. Jiraiya picked himself up and went to the hospital to get himself checked out. Jiraiya got treated from the hospital and went home.

The next day, The team reported to training ground 7 for their genin exam . Sarutobi explained the exam and told them to begin. Jiraiya got caught in every trap Sarutobi laid and always failed in any attempt to get a bell. The time was up and Orochimaru and Tsunade each had a bell and Jiraiya was tied to the tree stump of the training ground. Sarutobi told the others to go home and Jiraiya was still tied to the tree.

" Jiraiya where do you be going that makes you not train " said Sarutobi seriously

" Doing research " said Jiraiya grinning

" Maybe I should do that research with you one day " said Sarutobi nervously.

" Oh Sarutobi-sensei you're a perve " said Jiraiya laughing.

" Whatever " said Sarutobi

Sarutobi let Jiraiya loose and took him to get some ramen. Jiraiya ate and got ready to leave.

" Don't forget the training session tomorrow " said Sarutobi smiling

" Ok sensei " said Jiraiya running toward his home.

Jiraiya didn't go home straight instead he went to the hot spring and started peeking through a little hole on the fence wall. Jiraiya was giggling with blood coming out his nose. Jiraiya stayed at the hot spring until all the ladies left. Jiraiya then headed home to get some sleep.

The next day, Jiraiya went to the training ground and saw that the team already started the training session without him. Jiraiya just sat in the tree and watched as Sarutobi trained Tsunade and Orochimaru for the day. Jiraiya was pretty pissed off because they started the training session without him since he was only 10 minutes late. Jiraiya jumped down from the tree and walked toward the team not in his usual hyper-active behavior. Sarutobi saw Jiraiya coming and didn't want to stop training Orochimaru since that was his favorite student and threw him a scroll containing the shadow clone jutsu. Jiraiya took the scroll and started walking away.

" Where are you going Jiraiya? " Sarutobi asked looking at the boy walking away

" To find some other teacher to help me duh " said Jiriaya not looking back.

" What about me? " Sarutobi protested looking at the boy walking away from him

" You think I'm stupid, you only train Orochimaru-teme and Tsunade-hime " Jiraiya still walking

Jiraiya just went to another training ground and started working on the jutsu alone. He tried hours but couldn't get the jutsu right. Jiraiya wouldn't give up until he got it right so he kept trying. Jiraiya tried until he got it right then went back to the training ground and gave the scroll back to Sarutobi and started walking away from the team

~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback End ~~~~~~~~~~~~

The whole room sat down and was listening the Toad Sage talk about his childhood and for Naruto who has been with Jiraiya for sometimes now that was the first time the man ever talked about his past. In fact Jiraiya did not like to talk about his past, because it reminded him of all his mistakes in his life. Naruto listened to his sensei until he realised that the story sounded familiar, that sounded just like his genin team.

" Wait........... Hahahaha Baa-chan liked Orochimaru-teme? " laughed Naruto looking at his sensei

" Yeah hahahahahah............... and Orochi-teme didn't even like her that idiot " laughed Jiraiya looking at the boy

" Baa-chan sound just like Sakura when we started as genins " Naruto said looking at his sensei laughing remembering his times with the pink haired medic

" Hahahaha............ she was like that for a long time Gaki " laughed Jiraiya looking at the boy

" One time.............................. " started Jiraiya looking at the boy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback: Jiraiya Back in the Days ~~~~~~~~~~~~

The twelve year old Jiraiya gaze at his long time crush Tsunade who was completely ignoring him only paying attention to her crush the pale teen Orochimaru, he smiled in his mind today was going to be the day that he will ask her out on a date. Sarutobi stopped seeing the Hokage tower in the distance he gazed at his team with a smile.

" All right everyone good job today I am going to report to Hokage-sama you all did a good job, you all deserve a rest we'll meet up later " with that said the young Sarutobi left walking to the Hokage tower.

" Well everyone except for Jiraiya-baka " Tsunade muttered but loud enough for Jiraiya to hear which he sweat dropped at her comment.

Orochimaru didn't say a word he left his two teammates walking to another location in the village Tsunade couldn't let him go, without asking him out. She was determined that today she was going to ask him out no matter what, she went to him catching him off guard without making any eye contanct with her.

" What do you want Tsunade? " asked the genin Orochimaru.

The teen Tsunade blushed slightly before looking at him " Orochimaru do…you want to out with me? "

" No " was his quick replied before leaving.

Tsunade sighed in disappointment she was expecting that he was going to say no, she always knew that he never paid any attention to her looks like she wasn't very pretty although she was very wrong because she was one of the most prettiest girls in the village at least Jiraiya thought so. Jiraiya smirked at the scene he knew Orochimaru was going to neglect her offer now he had the chance to ask her out, he went to her before meeting a death glare from the blond genin which obviously she was not happy that Orochiamru turned her down.

" What do you want idiot? " she asked in a cold hostile tone obviously she was in a bad mood.

Jiraiya just gave her a goofy smile while scratching the back of his head " um….Tsunade-Hime I was thinking if you will like to go out with me " he blushed slightly.

Tsunade on the other hand growled in pure anger " No you idiot who the hell do you think you are to come and asked me out the answer is NO, get this on your head Jiraiya I WILL NEVER GO OUT WITH YOU even if you were the last boy on the planet"

" B…but Tsunade-Hime come on, it will be fun you know that Orochimaru will never accept to have a date with you so why bother with someone like him? "


Tsunade has punched him on face sending him a few feet away he landed hard on the ground while she marched up to him, grabbing his collar making sure he was looking at her in the eyes " Jiraiya I'd rather die than go out with someone like YOU, Orochimaru is worth my time because he's good looking cool and talented, you on the other hand you don't have any of those qualities so you're not worth my time "

With those cold words said Tsunade left not caring that she hurt her teammate badly, he was bleeding with a broken nose. If she would've stayed a little longer she would've seen the look of a heartbroken Jiraiya with a couple of tears falling from his eyes. Jiraiya that day decided that he wasn't going to chase after Tsunade no more since she didn't like him.

" She wants strong huh, I'll show her strong" groaned Jiraiya on the ground with his body all bruised up

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback End ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" That's when I started taking my training seriously, and started getting stronger everyday " finished Jiraiya with a smile on his face

Jiraiya sat back just looking at nothing in particular, he was wondering if he could would he change anything in his life right now. He was a well respected, rich writer, at least to the male population anyway. He trained the man that became the youngest and strongest of the five Kages of the hidden leaf, Namikaze Minato who became one of the most feared shinobi in the Third Great Shinobi War. He always wanted a son, but he never got married or had the time to have one with all his traveling. He considered and treated Minato like his own son, he was devastated when he got there too late to help him with the Kyubbi. He looked at Naruto, the boy he considered a grandson and couldn't help but smile at how much the boy resembled his father, Namikaze Minato. He trained Naruto and one day he knows that the boy will surpass him and eventually surpass his father in ninja skills.

" Itachi I don't want to bring this up, but its something I would like to know. Why do you hate war so much, that you was willing to sacrifice your family and happiness to stop it from happening? " asked Naruto looking at the man in front of him with a serious look on his face. He did not want to bring Itachi's past up, because he knows that it would be a hard thing to talk about the family, that you killed yourself.

" It happened when I was a child two years after I graduated from the academy I was already a chunin, when I was eight I fought in the third great ninja war along with the forces of the Uchiha clan. We were to send protection to a nearby village in the fire country because it was being attacked by stone ninjas they needed to pass through the village in order to get to Konoha. Other forces were already providing backup to the main battalion while others left to destroy the Kannabi Bridge. However one of the things I have learned from war is that good things never happen in your favor…" Started Itachi with an stoic look on his face

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback: Itachi's Past ~~~~~~~~

Eight year old Itachi was running through the empty streets of the half destroyed village. They have arrived a little too late in order to provide protection from the enemy forces of the hidden stone village. The young Uchiha was wearing his leaf Hitai-ate on his forehead like many Konoha ninjas wear it. He was wearing a blue jacket with the Uchiha clan crest on the back with a black shirt, black cargo pants and blue ninja sandals. His shuriken pouch was on his right leg while his kunai pouch was on left back side he also had a katana strapped on his back. His father Fuugaku have taught him to used a sword in order to defend himself more effectively and he mastered the art of the sword in a couple of months. The young Uchiha was not having a good day indeed things have become complicated to him.

His father gave orders to split up with his team but he hasn't seen them in a while, so far he has only killed two stone ninjas that were hiding using their camouflage jutsu. But they couldn't hide from the sharingan as he managed to detect them quickly the worst he was thinking is that the rest of the stone ninjas went to ambush the rest of the Uchiha squadron. If that was the cause then he needed to fall back and find them although he had faith in the Uchiha, after all they were the most elite ninjas in the hidden leaf village. Running on the destroyed streets of the village he suddenly heard the sound of metal clashing, it was the sound of kunais and shurikens crashing against one another. He picked up the pace as he was now running towards the source of the sound. He arrived at a large clearing in the village there were lots of destroyed houses along with others houses that were still burning by the fires that the stone ninjas caused.

He spotted a familiar figure a young boy the same age as himself with messy dark hair, his leaf headband was also strapped on his forehead. He was also wearing a similar outfit. Itachi recognized his best friend he was having trouble with a couple of stone ninjas. He kept on deflecting kunais with a kunai of his own. Itachi went straight at him using his sharingan to locate the stone ninjas that were using the camouflage jutsu.

" Shisui get back! " he yelled to the young Uchiha.

Shisui took a step back while Itachi with sharingan activated performed some hand seals before whispering ' Katon: Housenka no Jutsu- Fire style: Mythical Fire Phoenix Jutsu ' to himself, while multiple small balls of fire came out of his mouth toward the hidden stone ninjas. The stone ninjas in hiding got burned by the dozens small fire balls before they started screaming in agony and it wasn't long before their bodies were burned to ashes.

" Shisui are you all right?! " yelled Itachi after stopping the jutsu

" I am now that you're here Itachi, I'm glad you came I was having a hard time against those ninjas. " Shisui said looking at his cousin and rival

" What happened where did everyone go?" asked Itachi looking at the boy

" I got separated from the group, stone ninjas came and used an earthquake jutsu separating me from the rest, and I've been trying to find them ever since…" replied Shisui looking at the boy

" We'll search for them together maybe they already help the civilians escape…" said Itachi looking at his cousin

" Yeah and you handle those stone ninjas well " Shisui said feeling some envy for his friend.

Itachis smirked " you handle yourself well too Shisui…"

" No I didn't compare to you, you already unlocked your sharingan and I haven't yet…" said Shisui putting his head down

" You will eventually after all you're my rival…" said Itachi trying to comfort his friend

Shisui grinned " yeah someday I will unlock my sharingan and then I will beat you bad."

" In your dreams " the young Uchiha smirked.

" Someday I will…" said Shisui with a smile

Itachi and Shisui have been running through the wasteland looking village for a while and they still haven't found the rest of their comrades. It wasn't long before they reached of what used to be the main village district. Both of them gasped in horror at what they were seeing, the whole destroyed burned down district was full of dead bodies. Itachi was in complete shock there were hundreds of dead bodies from the villagers. The blood was everywhere that it could make a sea of blood and from that moment Itachi was truly horrified. His sharingan eyes widened seeing the bodies of men, women, children and even babies all dead. This is where the painful truth hit him hard this is how innocent lives got caught up in the way of war. So many people lost their lives all because of a conflict that the hidden villages were having. Innocent blood has been spilled all because of their ideals and ambitions.

Tears were now falling from his sharingan realizing the cold reality of war. Shisui was shocked and horrified too this was all too painful to see. He was taught in the academy just like itachi that death was common in the life of a ninja but this was something that they weren't ready to witness. They were only eight and they have already witnessed so much dead bodies and blood more than a regular child could ever witness.

" What….what's going on why are they so many civilians here?" asked the shocked Shisui.

" I…I thought our group would've evacuated all of them and help them escape the village….don't tell me…" Itachi was quiet as he let his tears fall.

Itachi glared reaching to his katana " wait…"

" What's wrong? " asked Shisui taking a couple of kunais.

" Enemies " Itachi was still glaring at the location of the attackers with his sharingan.

" More stone ninjas how many?"

" There's three of them let's be careful….look out! "

' Earth Style: Earthquake Palm Strike ' Itachi and Shisui jumped in time to dodged the massive tremor that destroyed half of the ground, however they landed in separate locations splitting up in the process.

Itachi saw two stone ninjas hiding using their camouflage jutsu near Shisui's location " Shisui look out they're near you! "

The young Uchiha reacted as he blocked a couple of shurikens with his kunai. The stone ninjas released their jutsu as they charged at him double teaming him. Shisui blocked a punch while dodging a kick from the other stone ninja. Shisui was quick and stabbed one of them with his kunai on his abdomen making him knelt on the ground. However he was punched hard on his face by the second stone ninja.

" You little bastard! " he punched Shisui again making him coughed some blood.

" No wait this son of a bitch is mine! " the stone ninja who injured in his abdomen said " I'm going to enjoy beating you up you little shit."

" No Shisui! " shouted Itachi seeing his best friend in trouble ' I have to do something.'

' Doton: Iwarou no Jutsu - Earth Style: Rock Prison Jutsu ' said the stone ninja after doing some hand seals, Itachi was quick thanks to his sharingan to dodged the incoming earth pillars prison, he landed next to the stone ninja unsheathing his katana.

" You're quicker than I thought for a brat " the stone ninja grinned while looking into his eyes.

" Let Shisui go or you will die! " Itachi's voice was cold and venomous.

" Sorry I can't do that…." said the stone ninja

Itachi saw as Shisui was being beaten up by the two stone ninjas on the other side.

" That's enough we can't overdo it remember we need him alive. " said the supposed leader of the group of stone ninjas

" Yeah we need to get all the information we can get from this brat…"

Since they were too far Itachi has read their lips with his sharingan ' No they are going to torture him to extract information from him, I have to stop them…'

Itachi was about to head out to help his best friend when suddenly he heard a soft cry. The cries that belongs to a little girl when he gazed at the stone ninja in front of him and gasped, he was now holding a girl who seems to be around five who was obviously sobbing hard.

" Look what I found this little girl seems to be lost on her way she must've been separated from her family, or perhaps they are gone already…." said the stone ninja

" Please…let me go…..mommy I want mommy….I miss my mommy….save me mommy…" she her face was full of tears and she was very frightened.

" You bastard she's just an innocent civilian let her go now! " Itachi shouted in anger.

" If you move an inch to try and save your friend over there I will kill her! " the stone ninja took a kunai putting it on the little girls' neck.

Itachi stood down as he lowered his katana in anger there was nothing he could do, one wrong move and he will kill the little girl. She was an innocent and she had nothing to with this entire conflict just like the rest of the villagers and he was going to be too damned if he let any more innocent people get kill for the sake of this war. Suddenly he gasped as he looked at Shisui's location concern was written in his face that is until he saw that Shisui has punched and kicked one of the stone ninjas. The real surprise was when the young Uchiha opened his eyes seeing the crimson orb with two tomoes he has finally unlocked his sharingan.

Itachi smiled at the sight " Shisui you did it! "

" What the hell?! " yelled the stone ninja who was the closest to the young Uchiha

The second stone ninja charged at him but Shisui stabbed him right in his heart with a kunai.

" You son of a…"

Shisui cut his neck with his kunai letting the blood fall on the ground, both ninjas were now dead and just like that he was done.

" Shisui you did it you unlocked your sharingan! " Itachi shouted to his best friend.

Shisui smirked hearing his voice " heh…I know I can see his chakra."

The stone ninjas that was holding the little girl hostage saw the whole thing and he was shocked " that's it I'm not staying here to die I'm out of here! " he started running off taking the little girl with him.

" You're not going anywhere! " Itachi charged at him with his katana ready to cut him down.

"Brat if you don't let me go then the kid dies, was it going to be? " the stone ninjas was still holding his kunai to her neck and she was still sobbing.

Itachi didn't answered him he took a long jump raising his katana, he has calculated his attack perfectly. He was going to strike him down without harming the little girl but he wasn't expecting what was going to happen next. The stone ninja have cowardly used the little girl as a shield lifting her up straight at him. Itachi was horrified but it was too late he couldn't stopped the attack and he ended stabbing the little with his katana. The little girl was hit in a vital spot her body was covered in blood and before she got a chance to say one final word she was dead. Itachi was still too shocked at what he did, his hands were trembling. Taking a gaze at his katana which was covered in her blood as well as his hands, he has killed an innocent girl who was only five and she couldn't even defend herself.

The stone ninja saw the whole thing and grinned " that was a good attack you really nailed her."

The stone ninja finally left off running like a coward but he didn't went too far because he was decapitated by someone else using a katana. Itachi looked up to see a young man in his late twenties wearing a Konoha jounin uniform he recognized the man in front of him.

" Father…" Itachi's voice broke as tears were falling from his sharingan eyes.

" Are you all right Itachi? " Fuugaku asked his son

The young Uchiha nodded with a sob as Shisui was already there with and gasped seeing the dead body of the little girl.

" No we couldn't save her that bastard killed her! " Shisui let his own tears fall.

" No Shisui it wasn't that stone ninja that killed her…..it was me…."

" What….?! " Shisui was shocked.

Itachi growled " I was going to attack him but he then used her as a human shield the coward I couldn't stopped my attack and I killed her….I didn't mean it " Itachi sobbed as he finally deactivated his sharingan.

" It's all right itachi it wasn't your fault " Fuugaku explained putting his hand on the young boy's shoulder

" What but I…" said Itachi still sobbing

" This sort of things always happens in war no one is safe…"

" I'm sorry Itachi " Shisui said softly.

" Father the villagers…." started Itachi before he was interrupted by his father

Fuugaku sighed " we couldn't save them by the time we arrived they were already killed by the stone ninjas there was nothing we could do, we were too late…"

"Why so many people have to die?" asked Itachi.

" Its obvious why " replied Fuugaku, the head of the Uchiha clan

" This is war and death is always inevitable no matter who they are, us hidden stone anyone and the civilians that get caught in the middle of the conflict." continued Fuugaku

Itachi stood quiet drying his tears while Shisui was trying to conform him but it was futile, he was too damage and broken to feel any better he was feeling terrible right now.

" Come on let's get going you two we have taken care of the stone ninjas in this area were regrouping with the rest of the team " Fuugaku said.

The two Uchiha nodded before they left with Fuugaku, Itachi gave one last look at the dead body of the little girl before he gazed ahead. Now he knew the truth about the conflict that is war and the permanent damage it causes.

' So….this is war…' thought the young Uchiha with a sad look on his face

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback: End ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" On that day I saw the truth about war and it's like an endless disease that kills people after another not caring who they are, whether if they are from Konoha or any other hidden village to just simply civilians and for what war is made? Honor and glory I don't need something so ignorant and meaningless. I have learned the hard way about war and nothing good comes from it, just nothing but pain suffering and death. On that day I secretly promised myself one thing, to do everything that is necessary in my power to prevent another war from happening and that includes killing the Uchiha clan and my family. It was better for the members of the clan to suffer the consequences for their action in planning the revolt rather than the entire village of Konoha…" said Itachi as he continued talking

Naruto hasn't said a single word since Itachi started telling his story. He was just too shocked to say anything at all no words would come out of his mouth. The older Uchiha's story was just too tragic and painful to say a word he was now staring at someone who has witnessed the dark and cold truth that is war. But at least now he understood why he hates war so much that he was willing to sacrifice his own clan to prevent it from happening. This new side of Itachi he has discovered he has come to gain a lot of respect and admiration from his part. He was staring at a man who sacrificed everything dear and precious to him in order to prevent seeing another war from happening and to see more people dying.

To be Continued.................

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