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The young man looked up to the castle in front of him and gritted his teeth, trying to decide whether or not he was insane. But still, he straightened his dark cloak and adjusted his grip on the massive trunk he was carrying behind him, and began the long walk up to the castle doors.

He marched directly to the headmaster's office and stopped in front of the passage way leading to it, pulling a weathered piece of parchment from within his cloak and muttering something about being up to no good. Seconds later, he muttered something else, and folded the parchment before turning to the stone gargoyles blocking his way.

"Chocolate frogs," he said, before walking up the spiral staircase and knocking on the door that greeted him.

"Please come in," came the voice from behind the door.

Taking a deep breath, the man pushed the heavy door open and walked inside.

"Ah! Mr. Potter! What a surprise. What brings you here?" Albus Dumbledore asked from behind his desk, blue eyes sparkling.

"Well, sir," the young man said, "I am a Mr. Potter, but not the one you think I am. My name is Harry Potter. I was wondering if you had an open Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position."

Curious, Dumbledore said, "Mr. Potter, would you mind answering a few questions for me?"

Harry nodded. He had been expecting questions.

"Are you related to James Potter? You bear a striking resemblance to him."

Pursing his lips, Harry answered, "Yes, sir, I am. James Potter is my father."

For a moment, Dumbledore actually seemed shocked. Then, composing himself, he asked. "And your mother? Would I know her as well?"

"My mother's name is Lily Evans, sir."

Not bothering to control his smile, the old man said, "When were you born, Mr. Potter? How old are you, and how did you end up here?"

Harry answered, "I'm 19 years old, and I was born in 1980. As to how I got here, well, sir, I'm sorry about being so blunt about it, but in my time, you are dead. You left me your pensieve and several boxes of memories.

"One day, I was looking through those and found one labeled 'Harry – to become familiar with your parents.' It was a message to me from you, telling me about the young teacher from the future who taught during the last year my parents were at school. I was instructed to gather whatever I would need for the next year, and to watch another memory.

"I put that into the pensieve, and I landed on the front lawn. So, here I am, sir. I'd like to teach Defense if the position is open."

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows. "That is certainly interesting, Mr. Potter. May I ask how you are qualified to teach?"

Dully, Harry answered, "I've fought Voldemort many times, finally destroying him at 17. In my 5th year, I taught a group of fellow students Defense, in place of the terrible teacher we had. I became a licensed Auror last month. I've lost so many people to Voldemort, and I know too many people in the same boat as I am. I hope that by teaching I can save the lives of some of these students and their families."

"Very impressive," Dumbledore said, "I believe you, Harry, and I'm positive you'll make a valuable addition to our staff. To be sure, though, I'd like to have you tell me the same thing while under Veritaserum, to be sure you're not working for Lord Voldemort."

Harry agreed, and then repeated his story under the influence of the truth potion.

Please, Dumbledore said, "Excellent! Welcome to Hogwarts, Professor Peterson. I'll have a house elf show you to your room, office, and classroom."

"Um, Professor Peterson, sir?" Harry questioned.

"Yes, yes. You can't go by Potter, it will just arise unnecessary questions. You should probably alter your appearance as well, "Dumbledore mused. "A change of hair color, and possibly eye color, as I can see you've inherited your mother's eyes."

Harry obliged, silently changing his long messy, dark hair to light blonde, and changing his brilliant emerald eyes to a duller green-brown color.

"Oh, and Harry," Dumbledore said, "You must not say anything about the future without thinking about it. If you do decide to say something, before you leave either you or I will be performing a selective memory charm."

Harry nodded. "I was already planning on it, even if I didn't mention anything. Is there anything else, sir?"

Dumbledore smiled. "Not that I can think of. Students are going to be arriving at quarter to seven tomorrow night. The feast starts at seven, so if you would be there by a little before 6 :45, it'd be wonderful. Sleep well."

Harry grinned back at the man in front of him, before following a house elf to his room, where he fell asleep greatly anticipating the next day.