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21-year-old James Potter was lounging across a couch with his 1-year-old son sitting on his stomach. James was entertaining little Harry by playing with a training snitch, while his wife, Lily, watched from across the room.

Suddenly, a crash came from outside, and the front door started to shake violently.

"Lily! It's him! Quick, take Harry and go!" James hissed, as both he and his wife jumped into action.

Lily ran to snatch up her now crying son, and ran to the only place she could – upstairs. James grabbed his wand off the coffee table and positioned himself at the bottom of the stairs.

He watched as cracks began to form in the heavily protected door.

His eyes landed on a picture of his son on the mantle, and he whispered, "We love you, Harry. I hope you can still lead a good life if you make it through."

There was a blinding flash, and the door exploded, just as James was flooded with rapidly changing memories.

Younger versions of Lily and himself, staring at the man who was the Defense professor, saying at the exact same time, "You're our son?" … Harry, pulling out of a high speed Wronski Feint, inches above the ground … Harry talking about Auror experiences with his arm around the shoulder of the woman he was madly in love with … Harry explaining the various pranks he pulled over on James and his friends … Harry and Ginny spending Christmas Day with he and Lily, exchanging gifts with each other … Harry's voice, saying "Thank you for your sacrifice, dad. I love you, and am glad I could spend the time with you that I did."

And he was back in reality, face to face with Lord Voldemort. He raised his wand and stood his ground. Within seconds though, Voldemort had uttered those fateful words, and James crumpled to the ground at the foot of the stairs.

Unfazed, Voldemort started up the stairs, his robes trailing over James' body.

Meanwhile, in the nursery, Lily was hastily placing Harry in his crib, saying, "We're so sorry, baby. We tried. We know you'll be a great person if you make it somehow."

Lily stood between the door and the crib, listening to the approaching footsteps.

Suddenly, memories flooded her brain.

SheandJamesconfrontingadoubleofJames' intheofficeoftheDefenseprofessor,andsaying, "You'reourson?" … HarryasthebestDefenseprofessorthey'deverhadHowdevotedHarrywastoGinnyHarrytellingLilyandJamesabouthishalf-adoptingTeddyFinally,itwasHarry'svoicesaying, "I'llbeokay,mum.Ipromise.Thankyousomuchforwhatyou'reabouttodo.Ilivedbecauseofit.Loveyouforever,mum."

And then Voldemort was in front of her, offering to let her live, saying she didn't need to die. She held her ground, and shortly after, Lily Potter's body also hit the ground.

There was a third flash of green, and it faded to leave only the emerald eyes of Harry Potter, gazing out through the bars of his crib.

The End.