The Latin Series: Miles Militis by AndromedaMarine


I first met Jack right before he escorted and left me on Abydos. I knew then he was a hardworking, devoted and striving Air Force colonel trying to forget...or at least move on from his son's recent death. Colonel Jack O'Neill didn't really like me at first: drastically different, he and I. Me, the psycho archaeologist (his words, not mine)...and him, the United States soldier. While living on Abydos, Skaara often asked when Jack would return. And the year went by...I saw the soldier come back. Jack, the soldier, became my best friend.

Captain Carter came with Jack when he gave me Kleenex on Abydos. I was impressed with her know-how of the Stargate...and surprised to learn she was both a captain (a soldier) and a doctor. She saw the use of my expertise in the field, while Jack didn't (at first). She became like a sister to me, and I always tried to look out for her. I was the first she told of how she felt about Jack. Like a brother, I kept her secret. I kept the soldier's secret.

My previous disdain for the military disappeared with the friendships gained in Jack and Sam.

And the soldiers became more than coworkers, more than just my friends. They became Jack and Sam O'Neill. And despite the hardships, despite the trashed regs, despite the IOA – they stayed my "commanding officers," telling me to duck in the midst of staff-blasts or zat-fire... My soldiers.

I'm fluent in twenty three different languages. Need a disguise? Just pick a tongue and let me do the talking; blend right in. But languages were of use to my soldiers several times over. Miles Militis. It's Latin for 'soldier,' believe it or not. I've told this to both Jack and Sam, but Mrs. O'Neill seemed much more interested than her husband.

Miles Militis. Soldier. It describes a good percent of Earth's population; a massive portion of the residents of Stargate-bound worlds. I could never handle the responsibilities of being a full-on soldier for the military, but I've learned so much from Jack and Sam – though not as much as I've tried to teach them. Jack doesn't especially see the need. Though he probably learned a lot more than he wanted to during that incident with the time-loop...

I still can't figure out why he and Teal'c occasionally smirk at me (or why he shot those curious glances in Sam's direction). Then he had to go and get the whole of the Ancient archive downloaded into his head...twice! Now that would have been a disaster if not for yours truly. I love my job, but worry is a constant, debilitating factor (especially when Jack gets hurt and Sam can barely focus or vice versa). Sometimes I wonder if Jack ever paid attention in the Air Force Academy. He doesn't act like a soldier all the time. His baseball cap, tacky sunglasses, and wry sense of humour make him the Jack that Sam and I love. The Jack who's my brother and best friend.

It pained me to see my soldiers distraught during the time leading up to my first ascension. It opened my eyes to how much they really cared for me.

They insist on naming their son after me, and coming from them, it's quite an honour. Who knows? Maybe little Daniel O'Neill will follow in my footsteps... I wonder how his soldier parents would feel about that...

I am the civilian member of a military team that explores different worlds. I get to work with my three best friends... Three people who look out for me and care about what happens. Jack, Sam, Teal'c. SG-1.

I'm the civilian on a group of loving, caring, soldiers.