Kasahara was in despair.

She had no idea that the incident in which she tripped over and accidentally kissed Dojo would become one the most juiciest gossip topic in the Kantou Library Base.

While she often had Komaki, Tezuka and Shibasaki to help her when some nasty rumours came up, but this time, poor Kasahara only had Dojo on her side.

"Why? Shibasaki, I thought we were friends!" wailed Kasahara in despair, after she came back from work.

"Of course we are. That's why it's even more important for me to make sure you will find someone to love and care for," answered her friend.

"W-what about you? Ever since you had dinner with that Asahina guy, you haven't dated anyone, right?" It was hopeless in fighting to get Shibasaki back. Her room-mate was quite determined to get Dojo as Kasahara's boyfriend.

"Oh no. I'm touched that you're worried about me, but after I helped with Tezuka's promotion test, he took me out for dinner as a thanks. As an extra I could even have a dessert buffet. Isn't that wonderful?" Shibasaki continued. "So now, though we aren't offically girlfriend and boyfriend, we often go out for dinner together. His treat of course," she added.

"…Poor Tezuka," Kasahara thought. It took her a few seconds though, before she realized it was THE stoic Tezuka who was taking out her friend for dinner.



In the guys' dormitary, Komaki, Dojo, and Tezuka were drinking bear and playing poker.

"Did you hear something?" Komaki asked.

"Yeah. I thought I heard your name, Tezuka," nodded Dojo.

"No. But it sounded like your girlfriend," replied Tezuka curtly.

Komaki unsuccessfully tried to hide his laughter. Dojo glared.

"What? I don't have one."

"Oh yes you do, sir," Tezuka said in a serious tone, while Komaki continued to cover his mouth so he wouldn't laugh so loud.

"Komaki! Stop sniggering. I don't know what you two are talking about."

"Aye aye, sir."


Back in the girls' dormitary, Kasahara sneezed.

"Ack! I must have caught a cold. Gotta sleep."