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"Are you coming for a drink Joe?" Don Weatherby asked. "First round is on me"

Joe mason nodded his head and replied "I have never been one to turn down a free pint"

Don nodded and then turned to Geoff Younger "How about you? I think you'll get your moneys worth, a free pint and eye candy if you know what I mean" Geoff laughed slightly, "yes, im coming". So together they walked out of the station and got into there motors. Well except Geoff who didn't have one and had to beg a lift off Don. When he did he started to wish he hadn't. "Oh Geoff, kiss me baby" said Weatherby trying to mimic Dawn. Geoff just sighed; he had heard it all before "don't give up your day job will you?" he replied. Don just laughed and pulled into the free parking space outside the Aidensfield Arms.

The Aidensfield Arms, like always was beaming with its warm, friendly glow. Joe, Don and Geoff pushed there way through the regular crowd to try and find there way to the bar. "Ill have three pints and whatever you're having please". Joe and Geoff sighed at the same time, typical Don. "Gina seemed to be thinking the same thing but she just smiled "very kind off you". She passed him three pints and poured some orange juice for herself. Joe and Geoff left Don to get a table. They knew the drill, they go in with him so it looks like he is just out for a pint with his mates, and then leave him at the bar to talk with Gina.

Just as they sat down Carol and Dawn appeared from nowhere and joined them at the table "Hi guys". Joe noticed Geoff's cheeks go bright red, they always did when he was near girls, he suddenly felt a pang of brotherly love "aw bless" he thought to himself. "So how you two lovely ladies doing this fine evening" Joe conversed. Carol and Dawn laughed. As Carol and Dawn answered the question and then recalled the days events, Joe kicked Geoff under the table and muttered under his breathe "say something". Geoff waited until a lull in the conversation and then shyly said "You look lovely tonight Dawn" He then dropped his head in embarrassment. Dawn didn't seem to notice Geoff's embarrassment and happily answered "oh thanks Geoff, I wasn't too sure about the top because….." she carried on talking abut her clothes, telling him where she got them from and how much they were. Carol and Joe smiled at each other, young love.

Four hours later and the pub was empty, the only people left at the bar was Dawn, Geoff and Peggy. Well Peggy wasn't exactly there; she had fallen asleep after 3 whiskeys. Earlier, Geoff and Dawn had briefly considered waking her up but decided they liked her better asleep. Geoff wasn't in any fit state of mind to consider anything now, he was drunk up to the eyeballs, and he could barley stand up. Dawn wasn't exactly sober herself; she had had a couple of baby shams and was a bit giggly. "Hey, hey I have an idea" she giggled. "But its mean". Geoff smiled and slurred "t-tell me" Dawn walked to the back of the bar and got a pen off the table. She then presented it to Geoff. "We could draw a mustache on Peggy" she whispered. Geoff burst out laughing, he made Dawn get the giggles too together they laughed there heads off until suddenly Dawn pulled Geoff close and started kissing him, if he was sober he would of gone bright red and pulled away but he wasn't. He put his arms around her waste and pulled her closer. It had seemed like an eternity before Dawn pulled away "bedroom" she whispered. Geoff nodded, he looked quite shell shocked, "just let me do one more thing first",