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Summary of what happened next….

Things were looking up for Geoff. Oscar had dropped all the charges and given a awkward, yet honest apology. Joe, Alf and even Don had started showing more respect towards him, not much though especially in Dons case. He teased Geoff even worse now he was actually going out with Dawn; he soon shut up though when Alf realized that if Don went out with Gina that would make Geoff his Nephew in law. The best thing though, was Dawn. His first real girlfriend. He loved her so much. He never got tired of holding her hand. Yes holding hands is as far as they had got since they had been going out, Dawn realized that when Geoff was sober he was really frigid, but she was fine with that, it was nice just to take things slow. Overall Geoff Younger had never been happier.

2 weeks later...

"Geoff get down here" Dawn screamed from downstairs. She hadn't been to well recently, she had been throwing up a lot and Gina decided it was time to call Carol in to check up on her. Geoff had decided to stay upstairs out off the way, he hated to admit it but Dawn had been a little moody lately. He ran down the stairs as fast as he could, and then traced Dawns voice to the back of the bar. "What's up?" he asked trying to catch his breathe back. He studied the faces of the people around him, they all looked mortified. "Dawn?" he whispered, hoping he didn't sound too frightened. "Geoff im not dying, relax!" Younger let out a sigh off relief. "Im pregnant"


The end 

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I might write a story about Dawns pregnancy and how Geoff takes to being a Daddy.