Galactik Football Struggle: Galactik War

It had been twenty years after the incident in Akillian Headquarters and the galaxy had gone into array. Brim Simbra had been overthrown in the flux society and Aarch had replaced him with Dame Simbai, and there were regular rebel battles between Aarch's pirates and Technoid. The galaxy was a dire place and football was completely dominated by Aarch and his rules; only approved players could play in Galactik football and it had lowered the standard by quite a bit.

On the debris planet of Akillian, a devastated man explored the ruined building of Akillian headquarters looking for any helpful technology. He explored the building everyday for nine years but he never gave up even though he never found anything.

"Nothing," He sighed.

He jumped of a slab of concrete and onto the snowy ground and made his way towards his old snowmobile. He jumped on a revved it up.

He drove through the hills and through the valleys, arriving at his destination he jumped off the snowmobile and hurried inside to the cave.

"You didn't find anything did you?" A woman said.

The man shook his head "No Tia, I didn't find anything,"

Tia stood up from next to a bonfire and walked over to him "Rocket you've got to stop this!" She looked away "Aw why do I try, I tell you this all the time!"

Rocket held Tia next to him "Tia, I'm trying to do this for us…for our son! And for crazy old man Barney!"

Crazy old man Barney sat by the fire and clapped his hands mentally.

Tia looked away "Please don't mention Brody,"

Rocket frowned "Tia, we need to live with the fact that Aarch had taken our child and we can't do anything about it right now,"

Tia's eyes welled up and she looked up at Rocket "…Bugger," She said.


Secret Technoid base

"General Bleylock, we have just received word about where we can find an ex Snow Kid," A Technoid solider saluted.

General Bleylock studied the surroundings out of a window "Good, who is it?"

"Yes sir, it seems that we have found D'jok," The solider stated.

Bleylock turned around "D'jok is alive?"

"It seems so General," The solider confirmed.

Bleylock nodded slowly "Okay, send Captain Ahito in,"

The soldier nodded and gave the orders on his com-system. A little while after Ahito walked into the huge room. Ahito and grown a bit in muscle since the incident and he had a long scar on his cheek courtesy from the crash following the explosion of Akillian headquarters.

"Sir?" Ahito said.

Bleylock gestured to Ahito to sit down, which he did "It seems Captain Ahito that our search for the original Snow Kids has brought us to find a certain person,"

Ahito raised an eyebrow "Well who is it?"

"It's D'jok, he's alive," Bleylock said dryly.

Ahito scratched his head "You're having a laugh?! D'jok died in the explosion fighting Sonny Blackbones didn't he?!"

Bleylock shook his head "It doesn't seem so, we found him on recordings in the crowd of a football match,"

"So where is he?" Ahito asked.

Bleylock pointed to an image on the computer "He's there,"

Ahito looked at the computer "Windows XP?"

Bleylock looked at the screen "No! It's gone to screensaver," He moved the mouse and the original image came back onto the screen.

"Akillian stadium?!" Ahito exclaimed.

Bleylock nodded "I have already sent word to Captain Thran and the Wamba team; they are on their way to Akillian now,"

Ahito nodded "Okay, have you informed Duke yet?"

Bleylock shook his head "No, unfortunately it doesn't seem like Duke has a lot of time left. The illness is spreading throughout his body and he doesn't have much time left,"

Ahito frowned "Okay, well keep me informed,"

Bleylock nodded "Will do,"


Aarch's fortress planet – The prison

Work in the prison was none stop; the prisoners were forced to break rocks and do hard labour all the time.

"My arms hurt!" Mei complained.

"Just get on with it!" Micro-Ice frowned "You may have developed the perfect body while we've been in prison but you are still annoying!"

Mei put her hands on her hips "Shut up Micro-Ice! Just because you've grown a bit!"

Micro-Ice flexed his massive muscles "What are you talking about?! I'm as big Luur and a little bit more muscular!"

He pointed to Luur who was relaxing on a particular large rock. He noticed they were talking about him and he waved "Yoo-hoo!" he called.

Yuki wiped her forehead "I keep telling the guards that it's too sunny for me here! Being ginger I burn easily!"

"Ah shaddup snowball!" Kernor scolded.

Yuki frowned "Why do you keep calling us snowballs?! We haven't played for the bloody Snow Kids for twenty years!"

Kernor shrugged "I'm bored,"

Yuki nodded slowly "Yeah…me too,"

End of Chapter 1