Okay I admit, I have an obsession with the Kingdom Hearts games and Dragon Quest VIII. I started to do this comic for another website but I started to think nah not worth the time and hate how the pen is acting "throws pen out the window" PIECE OF SH""! The story takes place during the Dragon Quest VIII game. This is Sora, Donald, and Goofy's Story of it. Yeah, I know they weren't there. But wouldn't be more fun if they were? Messing with the events of the game is Fun! "Thumbs up" This is how things would have be done.

It's been a few years since Riku and Sora defeated Xemnas. Sora is now in his early twenty's. Missing Donald, Goofy, and all of their friends, Sora felt it was time to have a little Reunion. After meeting Donald, Goofy and Jiminy again they sit in the Gummy ship figure out where to go first. Goofy looks at them. "Why don't we go to see how everyone is at the Olympus Coliseum?" Sora folds his arms "Nah. Lets not risk getting mixed up with Hades's shenanigans." Donald looks at Sora. "How about Twilight Town?" Sora shook his head." Hardly anyone there worth Visiting." A cursed vine wraps around the front of the Gummy ship. Sora makes a suggestion. "Hey, I know. Lets go see how Leon and the others are doing" Goofy nods in agreement. "Good thin', Sora". Donald looks at the front of the ship. "Yeah, one problem. WHAT IS THAT?!" He points to the front of the ship. Sora and Goofy looks. Sora walks to the windshield of the ship. "It looks like a vine" Donald and Goofy walks up to the windshield to get a closer look. Sora thinks out loud. "Don't tell me it's the Heartless or the Nobody!" An alert goes off. Chip appears on the screen. "Sora. You guys are in danger!" Dale follows Chip. "That thing is pulling you guys to another world." Sora looks at the screen. "What should we do?" Chip looks at Sora. "Well, that's the easy part." Dale follows Chip. "Yeah! You just-" The screen went blank. The vine started to pull the ship to the unknown world quickly.

Soon after the crash landing, Sora, Donald, and Goofy crawled out of the ruined ship. They had clothes on that matched the unknown world. After a few seconds the ship spontaneity combusted. Sora looks at what's left of the ship. "That's gonna cause some major environmental problems." Goofy called Sora over. "Uh, Sora." Sora looks back and saw Donald and Goofy standing facing a castle with a dark cloud over it. Donald looks at Sora. "I think we've found what made us crash here." Sora looks around. "What do you think happened here?" He looks at Donald and Goofy. They both either shrugged or shook their head. Sora look at the castle. "Let's go see if anyone's in there." They run to the castle. When they walked in the court yard they look and saw how bad the castle was. Sora folds his arms. "I wonder how long this looked this bad." As soon and Goofy and Donald caught up with Sora, Donald noticed a horse and a small wagon. He points to it and quacked. Sora and Goofy looks at the horse. Goofy thought it was strange. "What's a horse doing here?" Jiminy jumps to Sora's shoulder. "It is a horse but why would a horse be in a place that seems so abandon?" Sora looks at them. "Maybe there's some one inside"

The doors of the castle open and a boy around Sora's age walked out. He wore a red bandanna, yellow long vest, blue long shirt light gray pants and black boots. He had a sword on his back, a small bag on is left side and a small mouse in his right pocket. He just looked at Sora, Donald, and Goofy then he went to the horse to see if the wagon was on right. He didn't say a word. Donald starts to get irritated that he didn't even say hi. "HEY! HOW CAN YOU JUST IGNORE US LIKE THAT!" Sora and Goofy looks at him. "Donald!"

A green monster wearing a brown cloak with the hood down, runs out of the castle and up to the boy. "Well Hero, are we ready to make departure?" Hero got up, looks at it and nod. The monster nods. "Good. The fist place we have to go is Farebury. There's an old man there named Master Rylus. He just might have enough information to aid us on our search of finding that despicable jester! Just look at the Princess. Seeing her as a horse only proves we have to hurry." Goofy looks at Sora. "A horse Princess?" Donald looks at them. "Shhh! "The monster looks at Sora, Donald, and Goofy and talks to Hero. "Who on earth are they?" Hero shrugs. The monster looks at Hero. "I think they had something to do with that deceitful Dhoulmagus!" The horse snorts with disagreement. Hero shook his head in agreement with the horse.

Goofy looks at Sora. "Uh oh Sora, that Monster might think we did this!" Sora looks at them. "Why don't we explain what happened?" Donald looks at him. "Are you crazy?" Jiminy looks down from Sora's shoulder. "Well if it clears our names. I think Sora's idea is great." Donald shakes his head. "And I say your nuts." Sora looks at Hero, the horse, and the monster. "We didn't do this. We just got here."

Sora, Donald, Goofy and Jiminy explained what just happened to them. Sora looks at Hero who was the same height. "Then we saw this castle and wondered what happened." The monster looks at them. "Well, according to your story Sora, you seem to know very little about this frightful ordeal" Sora looks at them. "So what exactly happened here?" Hero and the Monster explained with happened to them. Sora looks at them. "Oh, so the horse is actually a human Princess?" Donald looks at the monster. "And your a king?" He starts to laugh. The monster gets a bit irritated. "That's King Trode to you! And I'd rather be a monster then a quacking duck!" Goofy looks at them. "So your going to go after this jester?" King Trode's head hung low. "We have no other choice. We have to defeat the one that put the curse on in order to lift it." Sora steps up. "We'll help. We're stuck here and don't know what to suspect." King Trode looks at the Medea. Medea nods. Then Trode looks at Hero. Hero nods. King Trode looks at Sora. "Well since you here for the same cause and you volunteered." Sora smiles a looks Donald and Goofy. King Trode realized something. "We can't waist anymore time here. We have to go after that Jester!" Sora, Donald, and Goofy nods. Hero puts King Trode on the seat at the front of the wagon and they started their journey.

They walked to the bridge of Trodain. Donald looked over the edge and laughed nervously. Sora looks down. "Sure is a long way down." Hero puts a hand on Sora's shoulder. Sora looks at Hero then looks at the bridge and starts to cross it. A bandit with an ax stands in the middle of the bridge. "'old it right there. Who gave you premissions to cross my bridge then, eh?" Sora looks confused. "Your bridge? " Looks at King Trode who started to get irritated again. "Premission!? I don't need PERMISSION to cross a bridge that lies in MY kingdom!" Sora nods. The bandit looks at them. " Why would a monster like you be a king? Don't make me laugh!" Sora looks at him. "But he's not a Monster." King Trode looks at the Bandit. "And who do you think you are?!" The bandit looks at the king. "The name's Yangus, the one and only legend'ry bandit, 'imself!" Donald and Goofy looks at each other. King Trode snickers. "The one and only Yangus? Too bad there isn't more of you. Now kindly remove yourself for MY bridge!" Yangus growls. "I would've let you go if you'd kept your gob shut. Now we have to do this the 'ard way." Sora takes out his keyblade. Yangus jumps at them and attack but ends up getting stuck to the floor of the bridge and falls through. King Trode chuckles. "Now's our time to cross" They all run across the rest of the bridge before it collapse. Hero and Sora looks over the edge and saw Yangus was hanging one then thet looked at each other. They both start to help Yangus up. King Trode looked back at them and got off the the wagon and up to them. "Hero, Sora. What are you two doing. Just leave him! It's divine justus!" Sora and Hero pulled Yangus to safety. The three breaths hard. Yangus looks at Hero. "Th- thank you guv. Thought i was done for." Donald and Goofy runs up to Sora. King Trode walks up to them. "What is this world coming to?" Yungus looks at Hero. " Guv, I really owe you one. Your the bees knees." King Trode looks at him. "This boy is my servant. If your in anyone's favor, it's Mine!" Yangus looks at the King. "Put a sock in it! They're the one that saved me!" King Trode backs up one step. 'P-p-p-put a sock in it!?" King Trode and Yangus starts to argue. Sora sighs and looks at Hero. "This is going to be one long journey." Hero looks at him and nods.