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"Jasper stop moving."

Jasper slid his leg down back to its original position and glanced down at Alice sitting in front of him on the floor with a sketchpad and pencil; he was sitting in his leather chair reading. "What are you drawing?" Her knees were pulled up with the sketchpad resting on them so he could not see the drawing.

"Talking causes you to move," Alice stated simply without even looking up.

She had drawn him so many times that Jasper knew that his moving was not issue, he was almost certain she could draw him with her eyes closed. "What are you drawing?" he asked again, setting his book aside and sitting up.

"Moving," Alice said in a singsong voice as she glanced up at him smiling. He gave her a pointed look and growled playfully. "Don't you dare," Alice said trying not to laugh. Jasper then darted out of his chair attempting to grab her but Alice hopped up quickly out of reach and moved the sketchpad behind her back, smiling the whole time.

"Alice let me see," he said laughing holding out his hand.

Alice pretended to ponder the question pursing her lips out and tapping her chin. "Mmm…no," she said teasingly shaking her head back and forth while smirking.

Jasper then crouched low to the ground as Alice took half a step back and then jutted out her chin daring him to take it from her.

Jasper sprung as Alice darted around his desk. He turned to follow but she moved accordingly keeping the desk between them. Jasper gave an amused smile as they circled around the desk. After going around a few times Jasper stepped up on the desk and walked across it stepping down in front of her. Alice had moved backwards to keep her distance and ended up against a bookcase. Jasper moved forward and placed a hand on either side of her. "Now I am not going to ask again."

"Fine," Alice huffed and rolled her eyes dramatically as Jasper tried not to laugh. She moved the sketchpad around and held in out to him. Removing it from her hands he brought it to his eye level and openly laughed when he saw the picture: It was of them, leaned up the exact same bookcase kissing. He looked down to see Alice grinning like the Cheshire cat. He turned slightly and tossed the sketchpad on his desk then turned back around to face her.

"If ya wanted a kiss, all ya had to do was ask darlin'."

"Having you chase me was more fun."

Jasper moved in a breath away from her lips. "Yeah I guess it was."

Alice smirked before leaning in and kissing him.

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