Title: Before The Snow Melts

Pairing: Emil x Marta

Rating: T

Disclaimer: ToS is not mine…or I wouldn't be writing Fanfictions or praying that I will get the good ending on the game every time I do something wrong.

Author's Notes: Yay, my first Emil x Marta fic (and maybe 34th to 36th story)! It's so nice…those two. It just makes me smile every time they're together…aw…(for those who have just started the game…just wait until you reach the end of the Temple of Ice level…and there are other parts…but I say no more…)


Enjoy! *Maybe some spoilers for chapters 3 to 5 and foreshadowing for the end of the game.*


When she felt he knees weaken and her body scrape against the cold dark Earth of the Triet Ruins, her first thought was not for herself. Someone was screaming inside her head, Emil! Please be okay! I'm sorry I couldn't…protect you!

There was more yelling, only in a deeper voice this time, and there were red and purple lights shining all around here. A man was declaring proudly that he would protect her with all his power, and then there was white flash.

When the battle was over and those evil looking red eyes gazed down upon her weakened body and asked her if she was all right, she responded with a meek, "Yes."

"Don't worry…I'll protect you."

The battle was over and she found the strength to walk back to the icy town of Triet and relax on a bed without much trouble. Still, the ache in her heart had not eased since she first met the boy. She had commanded him to speak up like a man and, before she knew it, she would collapse in battles while her friend transformed into a completely different person and fought off every enemy with minimal stress. To make her feel even worse, that was the first time she realized how desperately he was fighting for her…and he hadn't even asked for it!

She blamed herself for his transformation, and even wondered what would happen to him at the end of their journey. What if she never saw him again? What would happen? The many thoughts made her head spin around in circles.

"What a useless person I am…" she said out loud as she stretched her arms across the bed, her fists tightly clenching the sheets in frustration. She turned around and slid down on to the floor, her brown hair fanned out in every direction. "Emil…did I drag you into doing this?" A sudden black cloud manifested on her bedside and the Centurion of Darkness loomed over he with a wise little smirk on his face. She grimaced and sat up. "What is it?"

"Nothing, nothing," he chuckled, turning his head slightly to the side. "I've never seen you so glum Lady Marta…perhaps you would like to talk to me about it?" She began to sulk again, her blue eyes filling with tears. "It's just…ever since we recently arrived in Flanoir…I keep remembering everything from the Triet Ruins to the Temple of Ice. How he saved me so many times…and I've done nothing to thank him…. Tenebrae, what do you think Emil would like as a present?" she questioned her friend. He thought for a moment as he levitated in air and swooshed his tail back and forth. "Well…considering you are the first woman to take intere—"

"That also reminds me," she rudely interrupted, putting Tenebrae in a foul mood once again. "When we were at the Temple of Ice and Emil thought I died…was he about to say something…" There was an uncomfortable silence between the two before Marta interrogated her friend again. "Should…I tell him how I feel now? I know I say it all the time, but this time it should be real. I don't know if things will ever work out…I want him to hear how much I…I love him." Tenebrae let another chuckle pass his lips before speaking again, no more serious than he was a few seconds ago. "We have a few days to spare…because we've helped out so much…we should have a little vacation!" Marta gave the Centurion a surprised look and barely stuttered the reply, "A...va-vacation?"

He floated upwards towards the ceiling and rested on top of the armoire playfully. Marta ran closer to him and sat cross-legged in front of the large piece of oak furniture. She played with her flower barrette and gazed up at Tenebrae. "Can…we really…?"


Lady Marta…I'm only letting you do this because…I don't think your wishes will come true. If you want to spend time with Emil…now is the time to do so.

As for the present…I'm sure she'll figure that out.

Regal was staying in the room next-door to Marta talking to Emil when the brown haired teen loudly opened the door and slammed the handle right into the brightly colored plaster walls. "Hey guys, Tenebrae says we can take a vacation!" Regal's eyes widened and he sat up off the bed. "Wow, that's very kind. I have been pretty tired recently…"

Emil let out a small smile, but it immediately vanished as another frown consumed his face and blew his flame of happiness out like a cold ocean wind.

"Me too!" and eager Sheena chimed in as she wrapped and arm around Lualdi's neck and grinned sweetly. "That's just the thing we need to lighten our spirits! I say we spend some time in Meltokio rather than here…if you know what I mean." Flanoir was cold and still carried the depression of those who had passed away. It wasn't the most cheerful place to go for a vacation currently.

There was a collective nod, even from Tenebrae who had just entered the room. "Sorry Regal…I guess it's our fault that you are so tired…" Emil whispered, looking down at the floor.

"Emil, please stop apologizing." Regal turned around and said with a stern hand planted on his hip. "I asked to come along because I wanted to find Lloyd. There's no reason for you to feel that you're responsible." Sheena agreed with a strong nod and looked to Tenebrae. "Why the sudden longing for a break Tenebrae? You know we're racing Lloyd to find the cores…"

"She's right," Emil added modestly, standing up besides Regal and facing the floating Centurion with emerald eyes clouded with confusion. "There's no time to take a break."

"Tell you what—we'll go to Meltokio like Tenebrae said and prepare ourselves for the next temple. We'll buy materials and gels and even upgrade our weapons. There's no point in fighting if we're going to loose, and it'll only be for a few days!" Regal saw that as a legitimate argument and surrendered to the girl's desires. "Well, okay. Do you agree Emil?" He sighed deeply and slowly nodded. "Yeah…" he mumbled quietly. "I just don't want Lloyd to beat us…"

"He won't," Tenebrae replied. "Remember what Raine said? Lloyd doesn't know the cores are in the places where the Summon Spirits were located. We have barrels of time if we head for Meltokio immediately." Marta threw her arms up in pure bliss and ran towards her room after giving the Centurion of Darkness a big hug. "Vacation! Yay!" Emil wilted like a small flower in the snow and began packing. Sheena noticed his depression and tousled his blonde hair. "Just relax and spend time with Marta, okay? We're always fighting Emil…one day, one of us might not make it."

Those green eyes became wide as saucers and a horrified gasp escaped him. "Sh-Sheena…"

The purple haired women smiled down on him and pulled him into a hug, unconsciously pulling his face right between her exposed breasts. His face turned a deep scarlet color, but in order to not anger Sheena for noticing her ample bosom, he tried to ignore it as best he could.. "Emil…a little break would be good…"

"Yeah…I guess--"

Suddenly, hiseyes turned the color of his blushing cheeks and he pushed the purple haired woman away with a smirk spread widely across his face. "Of course it's okay. I'm starving, and I'll be able to spend time with Marta. Hurry and pack so we can go!" Sheena sighed and nodded. "Well, I can't object now, considering your in Ratatosk mode," she remarked somewhat sarcastically, turning her back and secretly sneering at his seriousness. A vein visibly pulsed from his cheek and he decided to childishly shout back at her. "Don't mock me, Sheena! Listen! SHEENA?!"

Tenebrae laughed. "As testy as ever, aren't we Ratatosk?"


The sunny and wealthy town of Meltokio was glimmering with nicely kept shops and beautiful people dressed in expensive robes and other garments. The men smelled of exquisite cologne and the ladies had painted lips and wonderfully darkened eyes. Regal looked around and smiled. "It hasn't changed a bit since we last came." Emil, however, was less enthusiastic about this whole affair.

"Wasn't there supposed to be a core here?"

"Another good reason to take a vacation, we'll have to look for it!" Sheena ran gleefully to the weapons store and started looking around for any elemental cards to assist her when fighting and Regal started heading towards Zelos's house. "Wait, Regal!" Emil cried, grabbing his white shirt and pulling him back. "Don't go off by yourself, what if Alice is here?" Regal blinked and nodded slightly. "Good point. I'll help Sheena look for upgraded weapons. Emil, you and Marta, and of course Tenebrae, you guys can find us a hotel."

"Where were you about to go?"

"An old friend's house, but he's probably busy. Let's not bother him now. Besides, after this, we'll ask him to help us wih the cores."

"Sounds good to me," Marta gleefully cried, hooking her arm around Emil's and walking them away from the group. "Let's find an inn!"

"M-Marta?! Don't pull like that! It hurts-Tenebrae, help me out here!" The black Centurion merely snickered and followed them to a tall, double-story building with yellow walls and a orange tile roof. The wooden sign bumped into the walls right above the door as the little strings that help it up became more and more weathered from every rain shower or every earthquake. "This looks nice!"

"Plus it's the only inn," Tenebrae said sarcastically. Marta puffed out a cheek and slapped the Centurion right on the head. "Tenebrae, shut up. Let's go in and get us three rooms~!" Emil thought that sounded strange for a moment. "A room for Sheera…Regal…and…" The green-eyed teen turned a shade of red that reminded Tenebrae of ripened cherries. "Don't you mean four rooms?"

Marta looked back sweetly and shook her head. "Tenebrae is bunking with either Regal or Sheena." Tenebrae looked rather startled and unexpectedly butted in the conversation with a sharp, "Excuse me, but do I get to voice my opinion on the matter?" Marta stared at him again and gave him the cold shoulder as she handed the Gald to the woman at the desk. "Three rooms, please."

"Thank you very much!"

"M-Marta?! Does that mean I'm…staying with you or something?"

"As dense as always," Tenebrae chuckled, floating towards the door and turning invisible. He saw dark sparks leap up towards the ceiling and, as a gust of dark magic tossed the blonde's hair, his voice scolded Emil in a rather mocking tone of voice. "Emil, I'll leave you two alone. You two still have some time…before the snow melts…"

Before…the snow melts…? What is that supposed to mean?