School Days Gaurdian Angel (By motakaijohn)

Authors Note: I decided to rewrite the author's note....I would like to get one thing straight, I got the idea from Dr. Shu Hagase. He got me started on my first story....But let me get another thing straight....the story is COMPLETELY different....Now where was I? oh days.


My name is haiko nai. I am an 18 year old teenager who is attending Sakakino high school. Why? the normal answer would be to learn, which is

exactly what i thought i would do. I was sent here on a mission to protect 3 different students. Itou Makoto, Katsura Kotonoha, Sekai Saionjii. Thats

my job. Its pretty boring, i watch them, nothing happens, i get paid....Thats what i thought at least.

My first day of attending the high school was pretty average. Also my first day attending Japan too...Well, i rented a hotel at the saki house, and met

the hotel keeper. She was about 30 years of age, looked pretty angry in the morning...Ah what i get for staying in a 2 star hotel...

I didn't say anything as i got dressed into the school uniform and quickly grabbed two sandwitches for lunch. I waved at her and left the


I got on the train station and unpacked my bags. I had normal teenage stuff. An ipod, cellphone, notebook and stuff. You wouldnt know I was an

agent just by looking at me, the only thing I had for the mission at hand was a piece of paper containing the 3 students addresses, phone number,

and id. And my first target, standing right in front of me, Itou Makoto. He was standing next to the train door, looking bored. I stared at him,

who was also staring at someone else....

I followed his gaze, saw ANOTHER target...

Katsura Kotonoha. "MY god this will be easy" i smiled, stuffed my papers in my bag. She was reading a book, completely oblivious to Makatos stares

and the fact that he just took a picture of her with his phone. I laughed quietly.

I followed Makoto towards class. I purposely changed my schedule to his so i could keep an eye on him, saved me the hassel. I took a seat in the far

back, yawned and pulled out a sandwach to eat. "Screw it, lunch can wait, im hungry NOW." I was about to take a bite when a hand snatched the

food away. "I was about to eat that you know.." i said in a seemingly calm voice, but my stomach was screaming in protest. I looked up, to see a

green haired teenage girl with a stern glare at me. "You are not allowed to eat during class time" she said, holding the sandwich like a club, i


seeing as bread can really hurt..

"hah, says who?" I retorted, playing along. "Says me, i am the class rep" and with that, she walked away with a haughty expression.

"Bah, woman these days." I stared after the sandwich, drooling, when someone screamed "Hey stop staring at Setsunas butt you pervert!"

She turned,

her cheeks turning several shades of red, but she didn't hit me, thank god. "Nice to meet you Setsuna." I stood, brought out my hand to shake

hers in the sincerest way i could muster. She looked shocked, at my sudden change in courtesy, i smiled, "So your class rep huh" She didn't say

anything, simply took my hand and shook it. She blushed again and walked towards her seat. I turned toward the lady who had screamed at me.

"You are a serious pervert!" she yelled, then WACK! i had the most painful slap in my LIFE! "God lady! what did i do!" I sounded sarcastic, however

my face DID hurt. "You were hitting on my friend wern't you?" she approached me, glaring. I was about to respond, when i recognized her face...

"Sekai Sainjii?" I asked, letting go of my cheek. She cried out "HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!!" she slapped me again, this time i smiled.

"STALKER!" She cried, then with another slap, (my face was screaming for a doctor) she stomped toward Setsunas seat. "I guess thats Sekai" i

muttered to myself, sat back down. I was about to fall asleep, when the bell rang. "Oh my god...." I moaned. Welcome to Sakakino High school.


I saw Makoto come into class, late. He took a seat next to the violent lady who hit me...But they seemed to be getting along. I sat through class,

hardly listening because i already knew this stuff from private school...but i took notes. I scanned the room, looking for kotonoha.

She wasnt there.

I sighed, then took a look at our class rep, who was staring right at me..

"Oh god." I quickly dropped my stare, returned to writing in my notes.

The bell rang, and everyone packed up for lunch...I went towards the rooftop to eat, simply because i thought it would be the most quiet area of

the school...Until i got there...wooh...

I opened the door towards the rooftop, when the same girl who yelled at me earlier chucked a rock at me! "Why are you following me!" she cried,

she chucked another rock at me, but i dodged it. "Hey i just came up here to eat...Im hungry..." I looked around, saw Makoto sitting down next to

her, he stared at me apoligetically. "sorry about that, she's a little aggressive sometimes.." I smiled and sat down toward the edge of the roof.

I pulled out my only sandwich...seriously regretted losing the other one now..I ate in silence, staring at the horizon.

"Hey." I jumped in shock, almost falling off the roof. I looked up, saw Sekai staring at me. "yeah what is it lady?"i said sarcastically, something

i regretted immediately, but she didn't hit me. "What's your name?" she asked. I swallowed the last part of my sandwich and faced her. "Its Haiko

Nai." She raised her arm to shake mine, then stopped, "Im sorry about earlier" She said. I smiled, "hey dont worry about it, your rock chucking

skills are getting better and better," i expected to get hit for that snazzy comment, but she smiled and gave me something. "here, Setsuna wanted

me to give this back to you" I gasped as i saw my other sandwich, "Ohh yeah....more food!!" I snatched it up and ate it in the most disgusting

manner possible. THAT earned me a smack to the head. "Ugh, boys are so immature" Sekai stalked away, sitting back towards Makoto, who

stared at me in silence. I got up and walked towards Makoto. "Hi, seeing as im going to be eating up here for a while, i thought it would be nice

to meet you" I said, He shook my hand, "Yes my name is-" "Makoto Itou, yeah i know." He looked very shocked, i smiled inwardly. "Dont we take

the same train?" Makoto asked "Yeah, we do." "well its nice to meet you" he said abashed, Sekai glared at me...

"well i better get going" I took my bag and got up. "Where?" I stopped, seeing as i actually had no idea where i was going...

"to say thank you to Setsuna." I slowly backed out of the roof. One heck of a lunch..


"well, i got myself into this mess, no backing out now" i muttered to myself as i approached the group of girls that the class rep was eating with.

Setsuna saw me coming, looked away, completely flustered. I was really confused....what is she so abashed about? Another girl noticed my

presence, shook Setsuna's shoulder, "hey its him" she said, "the guy you were talking about." I didn't say anything, to protect her dignity.

Slowly, i sat down next to the group of girls and scratched my head in embarresment. "Hey uh...Setsuna." she looked at me, her cheeks

completely turned into a shade of pink. "thanks for giving me back my sandwich, i was really hungry!" my voice carried a humor in it...which was

pretty obvious seeing as sandwiches isnt a pickup line. Setsuna still didn't say anything..."man what is she so shy about" i thought to myself.

"anywhoo" i got up "i just wanted to thank you, heh, was gonna die of hunger this lunch.." and trying to not do anything more stupid, i left

with as much pride as i could muster......which wasn't much...

"Sandwiches?" i say to myself, "man i gotta get out more."

Class ended, and school was out, i slowly packed my bags and watched Makoto part with Sekai....I followed Sekai outside, remembering my job.

She crossed the lane right outside school, everyone was talking, so much energy...When i saw it. A car was going down the lane at 80 miles per

hour, "DRUNK DRIVER!" My training kicked in and i sprinted towards Sekai at a speed most would say was impossible. I grabbed her by the waist

and pulled her back just as the white bmw sped past the pavement she was walking on...

"phew...close one huh?" i let go of her, who was quite shocked. I turned to see the whole school staring at me..."Oh god.."