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Chapter 1- A Haruno is born

On the night of a September moon, September 10 to be exact a young child was born. Her hair was the color of sweet cherry blossoms that shined in the silver moonlight, her eyes the color of vibrant emeralds in a mighty mountain. The baby was born with a very appropriate name, Sakura, meaning cherry blossom. She was the Haruno clan's newest member. She would certainly bring great pride to the Haruno clan.

Her mother held her newborn baby in her arms, close to her heart, as her Sakura slept. 'Very soon Fugato and Mikoto would want to see the new born. Mikoto wanted to see the baby before I even had given birth the baby. She silently laughed at her best friend. As soon as she had that thought Mikoto walked into the room with her husband, Fugato and her two sons, five-year-old Itachi carrying two-year-old Sasuke.

"She's Beautiful!" Mikoto cooed at the bundle of joy in her best friend's arms.

Sasuke put up a fuss to get his big brother, who was carrying him, put him down on the hospital bed where his mother was playing with the baby. He crawled up and sat in his mother's lap and curled himself into a ball so no one could pick him up again.

"Where's your husband Gina?" Fugato asked as he watched his son, Itachi interact with the new born. He looked at the baby as if he didn't care about her, but secretly he was beaming inside.

Gina sighed, "Loki is on a mission. He won't be back until later tomorrow afternoon."

"Want us to hold him down so you can beat him up or something?" Mikoto joked. Her eyes watched Sasuke as he climbed out of her lap so he could see Sakura. She silently laughed at Itachi who had his index finger in a death grip of the new born. Every time he would attempted to remove his finger she would grab the other index finger on his other hand. He finally admitted defeat as he sat there and watched the young child squeeze his finger in the iron grip.

Sasuke stared at the baby. His eyes stared at her mesmerized at the way she laughed. He was hypnotized by the melodic laugh that came from the baby girl that sat in front of him. He had a longing to pick her up and cuddle the baby like she does to him when he was upset about something. He sneezed and baby started to cry, scared at the loud noise. Sasuke stared at his mother in a panic. His mother noticed this and sighed. She picked up Sasuke and cuddled him, tickled him to make him laugh. Sakura stared at the raven haired boy who scared her and reached up for his hair and pulled, hard.

Sasuke jerked his head out of reach so the baby could no longer torment him with her hair pulling. Itachi sighed as the baby lost interest in his finger and laughed at his brother who was on the verge of tackling his older brother.

"Itachi, Your finger is purple." Gina chuckled. "How is Sasuke and his hunger problem? Is he still having a hard time?"

"No, Sasuke has gotten much better at controlling his urges." Fugato answered.

"Sometimes I forget that the Uchiha clan is a Royal Vampire clan." Gina sighed.

"We should leave." Mikoto looked at the sleeping Sasuke in her arms. "Sasuke needs to get to bed." She smiled gently and picked up the sleeping Uchiha. Itachi got up from where he sat and have Gina a big hug as Fugato left the room quietly. "Call us if you need anything." Mikoto whispered to Gina and gave a kiss on sakura forehead.

"And then there were two." Gina whispered to the night air. A few nurses came in and took Sakura out of Gina's arms and placed her into a hospital cradle and placed a glass of water on Gina's nightstand. It took only a few minutes for Gina to fall asleep and she dreamed of her sons: Damien, Shun and Kin.

Damien was her oldest son and he was about 17 years old. Shun was 15 years old and Kin was 14. They weren't her birth sons but they were born into the Haruno clan. They are all brothers and when the Great War started their parents were killed. They moved into Gina and Loki's house and were adopted by them. If they hadn't they would be living on the streets on their own, so they are truly grateful.

Sakura fell asleep in her mother's arms. The sleeping baby cooing softly as she slept wrapped up in a pink soft satin blanket Mikoto had brought for her. Her pink hair looked like peach fuzz but a pit longer. She's going to grow up strong if she is like her father, hating to babied when he was younger. Hating to be bought expensive gifts and trying everything to protect his friends even if it meant killing himself. A young cherry blossom born into the Haruno clan but I fear she holds an ancient kaki genki. She's going to be called a "Graveyard Fairy" when she learns her gift. I hope her brothers teach her well when its time."