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Ch1 Sexual favours

The handcuffs were chaffing my wrists. I could feel the blood trickling down my hand as I longed to plunge them in cold water to numb the ache and cleanse my skin. But I was chained and had no water, so instead I kept my head lowered, with my hair falling from its clips and covering my eyes, hiding my face from the guards who lead us through the corridors towards the cells.

The fetid stench of unwashed bodies and excrement assaulted my senses and I struggled to retain my breakfast.

With his hand on my arm just above my elbow, one guard pulled me along roughly. My feet shuffled over the stone floor and scattered the old straw, which had been haphazardly strewn across its surface. The shackles around my ankles were just as tight as those on my wrists but I remained silent, uncomplaining. I did not want to draw any more attention to myself.

"Wait here!"

The guard with his hand on my arm shoved me against the cell bars, and pressing his hand upon other prisoners behind me, he commanded them the same.

I took a moment to glance about me, being careful to keep my head down, only raising my eyes to view my whereabouts.

We were stood inside a cold, stone foyer. It housed one long table and two small stools, no other furniture was present. There was a tiny window high above the wall directly in front of us. It offered no fresh air from outside, and would be impossible to reach even if one placed a stool upon the table and tried.

The three bars, two horizontal and one vertical, would hinder any successful climber at an impasse.

The foyer was situated before four cells; each cell located side by side, equated in an L shape, and separated from each other and the foyer with even more bars.

The cell to my right was inhabited by an elderly man, his white beard dirty, tattered and long down his chin. He sat upon a bunk but had no blankets. Also in his cell were a young couple. They sat huddled against the back wall, obscured by shadows, holding onto each other with obvious desperation.

The cell behind me appeared empty.

In the cell to the left of that was a young man. He was eyeing the new arrivals with interest, whilst meowing like a cat. I stared in wonder at him but suddenly felt my gaze drawn to the final cell. It was closest to the door through which we had entered from the corridor.

It too, housed another lone prisoner.

However, unlike the other's, this man was chained by both hands to the prison wall. He was sitting on the floor, his hands raised above his bowed head. His feet were bare and dirty, and his trousers ripped and bloody.

His naked chest was covered with scratches and bruises, but despite the dried blood which had fallen from the wounds, they appeared old and fading.

Although the heat in the room was stifling, I shivered with the idea of having to spend many a sleepless night curled up on the cold stone floor with nought but my clothes to cover me and keep out the chill. It was warm now but it would cool with the passage of night.

Another guard entered the foyer. He was dressed smarter and appeared cleaner than the others. They stood and conversed around the table, pointing at paperwork and ignoring us.

I glanced back at the chained man. His hair was long atop and ended just above his shoulders. It was the most striking copper colour and I felt a need to go to him and sweep it back; to try to smooth it with my fingers.

It was obvious from his unkempt state and the mess of his hair, sticking up in knots over his head that the chained man had spent many a night here. I could imagine hands gripping him to raise his head, the dirt and grease causing the tresses to remain clumped even when released.

As I watched him, he shuddered as though becoming aware of others in the room. His head lifted until his blazing glare found mine. I gasped and looking about me with worry, I realised with slight relief no one had paid any heed to me.

I looked back, unable to resist. It was magnetic. A pull so strong, I had to look, as if willed by a force beyond my control.

I prayed silently that he had stopped his perusal of me and had lowered his eyes but alas, he had not.

His stare was vivid. The blackness of his irises appeared so dark it seemed like I was staring into the fathomless depths of a demon's stare, it was inhuman and yet mesmerising.

I couldn't look away.

He parted his lips, his breath becoming ragged, and then to my horror he drew in a deep breath, closing his eyes as if savouring a delicious aroma. A low growl emitted from his mouth and snapping his eyes back open he stared at me, wild and panting.

I was terrified. I pushed myself back against the bars, fighting to turn my head away and look straight before me or down at the floor, anywhere but at that murderous face. But I was unable.

He seemed so angry and yet desperate. Pulling against his chains he lifted his body towards me as if drawn.

I gripped the bars with my chained hands behind my back and hoped no one had noticed this bizarre, yet intense interaction.

The hatred in his stare made my blood run cold, but in the same instant I shuddered. He turned his face away and slumped back against the wall. He was breathing hard and uneven; his cuffed hands balled into fists were his only evidence of a struggle within him.

I had no idea what had invoked this response from him, but hearing the guards turn their attention back to the waiting prisoners, I was finally able to tear my wide eyed stare away from him. I tried to steady my own breathing. My petrified heart beating so hard against my chest, I was sure it could be seen.

I awaited the guard's instruction.

"We have four cells and twelve prisoners!" The cleaner looking guard who spoke was, as I had first assumed, in authority. His long hair was blonde and tied with a leather thong at the nape of his neck. His clothes may have been cleaner but his boots were just as scuffed and dusty.

I kept my eyes on those boots, too scared to look up.

"We'll have to commence with elimination immediately!"

A sudden gasp from one of the other female's in the line alerted me to the guard's words. I forced my mind to focus. It felt as though my life may depend on it.

Pointing at prisoners without pre-meditated thought, the guard chose his prey.

"Take him, him, her and those two." He turned to another guard beside him. "You."

"Yes Captain James"

"Alert the executioner to prepare the gallows. I have no room for these bastards here! Maybe the Devil himself will be ready for your place in hell, hmm?" The blonde guard pushed his face before the female who had gasped. He lifted her chin with his finger and eyed her thoughtfully.

"What's your name?" He asked her softly.

"La – Lauren, Sir," She stuttered in reply.

The blonde guard turned his head slightly as the rancid odour of her breath touched his face.

Dropping his hand, he motioned to the other guards. "Her too."

"NO!" Lauren screamed. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The guards grabbed her, one on each side and lead her along with the other's, towards the door.

The other doomed prisoners walked silently, their heads bowed in prayer as they realised there was no chance for escape, no way for freedom or justice to intervene. I closed my eyes, unable to watch their departure.

Their fate had been called.

I was left with just five other new prisoners now. Shaking, I felt the blonde guard halt before me. I opened my eyes, tears blurred my vision but I kept my face lowered; only seeing the fuzzy outline of his boots and the straw on the stone floor.

"And you," he addressed me. "What is your name?"

I swallowed; unsure I would be able to speak.

"I asked you a question!" His hand gripped the back of my hair, and tugging roughly he pulled my head back until the sight of his boots was replaced with a view of the ceiling.

I cried out in pain as I felt his fingers tighten.

"What is your name?" He demanded.

"Isabella," I whispered.

His face loomed in my vision, his blue eyes cold and shallow. "Isabella" he purred. He lifted his other hand and ran his finger down my neck, pushing gently into the hollow at its base. I felt the pressure against my pulse, almost as if his force was compelled to halt its beat.

His face leant in closer, and taking a deep breath he sniffed along my jaw and down my neck. He didn't stop where his hand lay.

Moving his hand away from my collarbone, he pulled my bodice away from my breasts. He gained a clear view of my bosom whilst my clothing remained fastened.

He lowered his face and inhaled from between my cleavage.

I felt tears spring forth and roll down my face, but I had to ignore them as I was unable to lift my chained hands and wipe them away.

"Ahhh," he murmured. "You smell – divine!"

Releasing my hair, he turned away from me to locate the papers. Searching for my details he tapped the page with interest.

"Tell me, Isabella, what witchcraft did you work to smell so tantalising to a man? You are not at all putrid, Witch. Nor are you as sullied as the others."

I kept my eyes down. I could not reply.

"Do you cast a spell on me now?" He whispered in my ear. "Do you tempt me with your illusions? I think you are not a young girl as I see before me. No! I think you may be haggard and old and disguised in a bid to outwit me."

I remained silent. I had been judged prior to my arrival here, hence my imprisonment. To plead innocence would only antagonise him further. I feared my number was up and I would soon be led from the room to follow Lauren in her fate.

"What do you say to my sampling your wares, Sorceress? Hmm? Shall I undress that illusion before me or shall I go ahead and seal your doom?"

He gripped my hair again and pulled my head up to his eye level.

"You will look at me when I speak! I am the Captain of this guard! Granted that authority by the King he and I command your respect!"

I stared at him, my eyes betraying my silent demeanour with tears falling quickly.

"Please," I whispered, my dignity abated, only my will to survive was strong. "Please, don't hurt me. I'll do whatever you wish. Anything"

He lifted his brows in interest, tilting his head to the side in contemplation. His eyes narrowed and a small smile lifted his lips. He sickened me with his repulsive thoughts.

Just then, I heard a growl growing in volume until it burst forth in a murderous howl.

Myself, the other guards and the remaining prisoners, turned in shock towards the first cell. The chained man was on his knees and leaning forward with his head thrown back. He screamed, pulling with all his strength against the shackles that bound him.

"Ahhh, I see you invoke Edward too. That is some sorcery you display, Witch!" Captain James looked back at me, his eyes lingering on my chest.

"He has not been tempted by anyone or anything that I present to him, but yet you –" He sniffed at my hair again. "You seem to entice him the same way you entice me. But don't fret Sorceress, he is weakened with hunger and cannot break those chains."

Running his free hand over my hip, Captain James pulled me closer to his own body. "His lust for your blood will not be sated." He chuckled. "Well, not this evening anyway!"

I had no idea what the Captain was referring too but I recalled that black stare from the chained prisoner and suddenly I had no doubt this was more than a man. Here was a creature, held captive for reasons unknown to me. He terrified, yet captivated me.

"You say you'll do anything?" Captain James purred, walking around me.

I nodded, quickly. I needed time. To act now on my instincts to try to run would only bring forth my death sentence.

"I think you may be very useful to me, Isabella, temptress for all men." He moved his hand over my crotch and despite the layers of clothing he pushed his hand hard against me. "Yes, there are hidden delights to you. I am sure I will enjoy."

Edward, the man chained behind me, whimpered as though defeated.

The young man in the cell on his own started pounding his chest, making noises like an ape. He ran at the bars and tried to grab at my skirts. Captain James swatted his knuckles with a cane, and howling in pain the prisoner scurried back into his corner.

"Michael!" Captain James wagged his finger at him. "I warned you to behave yourself!" Turning back to me, the Captain laughed. "You'll have to excuse Michael, Isabella; he is what you'd call a retard!"

I stared in shock at the young man whimpering in the corner. I had heard the term loosely but had never witnessed anyone who may display the tendencies. I felt pity for him, he appeared childlike as he rubbed at his hand and pouted.

"Put her in there!" Captain James instructed the other guards. They unlocked the empty cell, and pushing me inside they opened my shackles and stepped to one side.

"See to the other prisoners." Turning, Captain James re-locked the barred door behind him, enclosing myself and him in the once empty cell. I stepped back, away from him.

Instinctively I rubbed my wrists, wincing from the pain.

Captain James tutted "Such abuse cannot be tolerated." Feigning sympathy, he stepped toward me, reaching for my wrist to take a look.

To my absolute horror he lifted it to his face and licked my wounds like a dog. His saliva stung my open cuts even more as I struggled to free myself from his grip.

He snapped his head up and pushed me against the wall. "You will stay still when I touch you, unless I tell you otherwise!"

I nodded.

Licking his lips, he leant closer and whispered in my ear. "Your blood tastes as good as you smell, Witch. I wonder, do you taste good enough to eat else were?"

I watched in horror as he knelt before me, lifting my skirts and petticoats. He held them up as he placed his hands on my hips.

"Open your legs!"

I sobbed silently as I did as he instructed.

Burying his face in my crotch, I could feel the heat of his breath through the fabric of my knickers.

He inhaled deeply, and chuckling to himself he turned towards the chained man.

"Can you smell that Edward?"

I looked over at the chained man he'd called Edward. To my utter disgrace he was paying close attention to everything the Captain was doing to me.

"She smells good enough to eat, doesn't she?" Captain James murmured. Moving one of his hands he pushed his finger between my legs. I could feel the barrier of my underwear being inserted into my most intimate area. As I shook I begged him to stop.

"Please, Captain, please stop."

Dropping my skirts abruptly he stood and gripped my face in his hand.

"You said anything! Do you lie to me Witch?"

I shook my head, his grip squeezing my mouth making it impossible to talk.

"Do you want to die?" His tone turned gentle. It was this voice that frightened me more than his anger. It bespoke of hidden agendas.

I shook my head again. As if realising he was not permitting me to speak, he dropped his hand from my face and cupped my breast. Circling his thumb, he found my nipple and despite my revulsion to him, it reacted to the gentle motion; puckering and lifting towards his touch.

I hated my body's obvious betrayal.

"I just wanted to request –"

His thumb stopped brushing against me and he looked at me. "What? You dare to request something of me?"

Rather than anger, he seemed amused by words. I nodded. "Privacy"

He raised his brow "Really? You don't like an audience?"

I shook my head.

"No," he said simply.

"Then I can't," I replied quietly.

Sighing he said, "Witch, you will bed with me tonight or you will sleep, burning with a funeral pyre at your feet. Which will it be?"

Feeling the magnetic pull again from the man across the room, I turned my head and found his black stare upon me. His gaze was glowering and intense, as though trying to penetrate my thoughts.

I stared back at him, and for one moment I wished I was consenting to lie with him rather than the one touching me so intimately. The electricity he invoked in me from across the room was consuming, and I closed my eyes again as I imagined it was his hand cupping my breast and thumbing my nipple.

Without realising it, I relaxed slightly under the Captains touch. Taking it as compliance, he moaned and pressed his face into my neck, kissing my skin and nibbling gently down to my shoulders. I sighed and turned my head towards the chained man, giving the Captain more skin to caress. He pulled my hair away from the nape of my neck, and turning me in his arms he kissed along my collarbone until he stood behind me, his lips nibbling and licking the backs of my shoulders. I shivered, his touch causing my stomach to knot.

The Captain snaked his arm around my waist as his other hand move away from my hair, pushing inside my bodice as he cupped my breast again. The feel of his warm hand on my bare skin felt delicious, and peering through my half-closed lids, I looked towards the chained man kneeling in the next cell.

His face was intent, watching the Captain manhandle me so disgracefully. But rather than disgust on his features, he looked lustful. I swept my eyes across his bare chest and fantasized about running my hands over him. Touching his strength and feeling his hard muscles; so defined, yet completely contradictory to the softness of his skin. I pictured my hand moving down and over his groin which I could see was bulging against his pantaloons.

I blushed at my fictional boldness, and smiling tentatively at me, the chained man groaned as if he could actually feel my imagined touch.

I watched as he pulled one of his hands down. The movement caused the other hand to rise higher over his head as the motion shortened the chain on one side, but gave him more length on the other.

Placing his hand over his bulging groin and moving his hand against himself, he moaned with pleasure from the friction.

Watching with awe I reacted to his desire, and following his lead I moved my own hand down to cover my own intimacy.

The Captain untied my bodice, and tugging the material apart, he freed my breasts.

My skin puckered against the chill in the room but I groaned with pleasure as his warm hands moved over me. He lifted my breasts and held them tenderly in each palm. Raising his head from my shoulder he whispered to me.

"Are you as enticed by me as I am by you, Isabella?"

I continued to watch the chained man move his hand up and down the length of his penis, and pretending it was his mouth at my ear and his words I answered to, I nodded.

"Do you want me inside you?"

I closed my eyes and pictured the chained man pushing himself into me, and breathing harder I nodded again.

From outside the cell, someone cleared their throat. "Captain James."

Stopping his movements, the Captain lifted his head but did not turn towards our interruption.


"We need you outside Sir."

"Pray tell, why?"

"Sir, it's the girl. Lauren? She has attacked Crowley."

Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, the Captain let go of me and turned towards the guard.

"Is it too much to ask that you men handle a girl without my intervention?"

"Yes Sir, I mean No Sir, I mean –"

"Leave!" Captain James ordered.

Turning back to me, he spoke softly. "For tonight Isabella, I shall have to depart. But before I go, remove your underwear so I can take as a keepsake!"

I shuddered as repulsive reality returned me to my senses. Covering my bare breasts I stared at the chained man in shock as he too looked back at me. His eyes were wide, as if the sudden realisation of where we were and what had been transpiring had awoken him from a sweet dream into the harsh nightmare of our situation.

"Isabella. I gave you an order!" Captain James kept his voice low, but it still frightened me. The tone hid many awful insinuations, I knew what control he had over my destiny and I had no choice but to comply.

I reached down, and from beneath my skirts I removed my underwear. Handing them to the Captain, I watched as he raised them to his face and inhaled.

I was so disgusted with myself. Captain James had mistaken my desire for the chained man to be desire for him instead, and that desire was evident in my underwear. His action was perverse and mine had been no better. I didn't even know the chained man, I was so ashamed nausea swept over me.

I managed to maintain control, watching as the Captain turned on his heel and stormed out of the cell, through the small foyer and out of my sight.

Running to the corner, I vomited.

There was no water anywhere so I wiped my face with my skirts, keeping them low enough to bestow some of my stolen dignity.

The smell of my vomit stung the air as I curled up into a ball and cried. The nightmare crashed in around me as I remembered their judgement, my arrest, the sexual scene that had unfolded before all these other prisoners, and my disgraceful behaviour in a bid to buy my freedom.

I loathed myself and tried desperately to ignore the idiotic, yet embarrassing jibes from Michael in the cell to my right. He had stripped naked, and sporting an erection he bounced up and down in his cell, slapping himself across his chest and barking like a dog.

I couldn't believe where I had ended up, and turning away from Michael's antics I faced the chained prisoner in the cell to my left.

I was not surprised to find his eyes upon me again. Both of his hands returned to the position above his head.

I stared at him until my eyes began to close and took the vision of him with me into my dreams.

I wondered at his strange black eyes and the wounds on his body. At the intense longing I saw mirrored in his stare, the same look, I had no doubt, was shown on my face.

I had never set eyes upon a man who had invoked such animalistic responses from me. He had mesmerised me, had pulled my attention from across the room and set alight in me desires I had never experienced before.

I had been labelled a witch, a temptress but it was this inhuman being sat across from me that had cast a haze over my judgement, and as I fell asleep visualising my finger running over his full lips before I pressed my own against his, I wondered what supernatural spell he had cast over me.

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