I never thought I would be the type of author who would post a faux update, but I wanted to share some good news with you all.

My novella, The Selkie's Promise, is now published and available on Amazon for download, and will soon be available in paperback, too.

My real name, in case you don't already know, is Claire Guyan.

I had such a fabulous response, and following for Spellbound, as well as my other fanfic's, and for that, plus all your support, I am truly grateful. I sincerely hope you enjoy my writing enough to go read and review The Selkie's Promise.

I am always writing, and will continue posting stories on FFN, too, but will also be concentrating on original works.

Thank you all, again, for your continued support. Love to every single one of you x

Claire Guyan aka Claire Bloom