Title Where I Belong
Chapter iHome (1/?)
Pairing Spam, Spencer/Sam
Rating PG - currently
Words 635
Warnings none Spoilers Nada
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AN unbeta'd

Sam stared at the familiar Shay apartment door as she balanced her daughter on her hip.

Taking a deep breath she lifted her fist and knocked on the door before she lost her nerve.

Maybe no one will be home, she thought half hopefully.

She raised her hand to knock again but stopped mid arch as the door swung open.

He looks the same; exactly the same. Dark hair -- long over his ears and forehead -- brown eyes with good nature and energy pouring out of them. And Tall. He's still tall and lanky. She stopped thinking when she saw his lips move.


Before she could say yes, or even nod her head, he'd hooked her into a hug, embracing her and her daughter closely.

"Jesus! Sam! Where the hell did you disappear to?"

Lightly pushing against him with her free hand, she mumbled into his chest, "Kinda can't breathe here."

"Huh? Oh, sorry." He released her; his eyes sweeping over her until they came to a rest on the blonde moppet in her arms.

"Uh, who's that?"

She smirked. "'Uh', can we come in?"

He hit his head with the palm of his hand and shifted out of the way, letting the long lost Samantha Puckett into his life once again.


When he answered the knock at his apartment door, Spencer Shay was greeted with the last sight he had ever expected to see again – Samantha Puckett.

Five years after walking out of all of their lives without a call, or a note, or a word of 'why' and she was back. She was still no taller than a pixie, with long blonde locks and big blue eyes, but she was back. At his door.

He'd known he missed her, but he hadn't known just how much until she appeared in front of him again. And he couldn't – didn't -- resist the immediate, overwhelming desire to hug her… to hold her… to make certain she was real.

He was happy to find that her hair still smelled of Jasmine; and as he released her from his arms, he wondered briefly when he'd learned that her hair smelled like jasmine. And then he wondered about the miniature version of Sam that he finally saw resting on her hip.


"Spencer Shay, I'd like for you to meet Lilah Puckett." She wrapped an index finger in her sleeping daughter's hand; soothed as always when her little fingers closed and squeezed around her.

Spencer stepped closer and asked the question he already knew the answer to. "Yours?"


He filed the momentary drop in his gut for future analysis and wiggled his fingers in Lilah's direction.

Sam chuckled and handed the nine month old child over to Spencer.

As Spencer cooed at Lilah, Sam stuck her hands in her back pockets and took in the Shay apartment. It was largely unchanged… although, it felt somehow less cluttered than it had felt years ago. There were less of Spencer's projects and supplies lying all over the place, although a few pieces – like the green robot – still lay here and there.

Done with her study of the only true home she'd ever known as a child, Sam turned back to Spencer.

Her breath caught; he was cuddling the sleeping child in his arms, his hand stroking the riot of golden curls that lay atop her head. He was lost in the beauty of her child, holding her safe.

And then he lifted his eyes, affection still pouring out of them…. Pouring out of them, onto Sam.

A moment of awareness, so small it was barely recognizable, passed through them.

Sam pulled her hands out of her pockets and self-consciously, unknowingly, wrapped her arms around her waist. "So… uh, you have anything to eat around this place?"