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Waking up on the first day of the 12th grade, I am completely and utterly excited. I am finally on the top of the High school food chain! I quickly grab a dark blue baggy shirt and black leggings and put them on. Racing down stairs, I woof down breakfast.

"Slow down Abigail, with the stuffin and the chewwin, o you know what I mean!" My dad reminds me, reading the Wall Street Journal.

"But Dad, Abby don't wanna be late for her first day of the 12th grade!" I whine. Rushing out the door, I take my backpack, yell goodbye to my dad and head toward the bus stop.

My best friends, Rachel and Kuki, are already at the stop waiting for me.

"Abby!" Kuki screams gleefully. She runs and hugs me, while Rachel ambles over to say hi behind our overly enthusiastic friend. Kuki today is sporting a baggy green jacket over a white tank top with jean short shorts. Rachel is wearing a form fitting orange t-shirt, jean capris and a necklace her best friend/crush Nigel gave her. I smirk at the necklace, remembering that she never takes it off for any occasion.

"Can you guys believe we are in the 12th grade?" Kuki exclaims. Rachel and I nod.

"It's going to be so weird!" Rachel says. "Especially since we are still taking the bus!" Kuki and I grin at that. "Anyway, what are your guys' schedules?"

"Abby's got 1st Period Art, 2nd History, 3rd Science, 4th English, 5th and 6th Tennis, 7th Math and 8th Geography." I list off. Kuki starts jumping up and down.

"I've got History 2nd period too!" Kuki yells, drawing everyone's attention. Rachel and I finally calm her down as the bus arrives. Jumping on the bus, we see that people are already on, including Fanny.

"Hey Fanny!" Rachel shouts. I smile. Rachel has never been a loud person, but when with Fanny she becomes… like a leader and more confidant. Besides, you have to be those things when dealing with "Saber tooth Fanny." We sat down and started chatting about our last weeks of summer.

"I swear this past summer couldn't go by fast enough! I missed you guys so much!" Fanny announces.

"We were Patton's party with you just a month ago! Anyway," Rachel says. "Hawaii must have been a lot of fun! I mean surfing, swimming, hiking…"

"And hot guys!" Kuki interrupts. I smile smuggly. Kuki thinks of nothing, but cute guys and Wally, her not so secret crush!

"All in all, I think you didn't miss us that much, expect maybe Patton." Rachel chuckles.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. You will never know! And I did not miss that egotistic, air headed…." Fanny begins to rant. We all are still laughing, when the bus stops in front of the school. Jumping off the bus, Rachel and Kuki waltz off to find Nigel and Wally. Leaving Fanny and me with each other.

"So how was your summer Abby?" Fanny asks, calming down from her tirade. I shrug.

"Abby's was okay. Though she was really bored most of it. After Abby turned 13, she has not really been having fun with weekends or summer." I confess. Fanny looks at me shocked.

"Same here! I thought I was the only one who was bored with it all!" She says. We look at each other. I couldn't believe we felt the same way! Maybe we weren't the only ones! We were walking around, talking about our new revelation. I didn't notice where I was going and bumped into someone. They grabbed me as I was falling.

"Sorry! Abby didn't see where she was… going" I say as I look at him, my jaw dropping to the floor. A lanky, drop dead gorgeous guy, with longish brown hair, blue eyes and an aviator's hat was holding me.

"No it's my fault Abby, not yours." He says looking into my eyes. I got butterflies in my stomach and feel light headed. I could've stood there looking in his eyes forever. Unfortunately, Fanny ended the moment.

"Hey stoopid boy! Take your hands off her so we can go to class!" Fanny yells. He lets go of me and steps away, mumbling, "Nice to see you to Fanny." So only I can hear. I giggle uncharacteristically and he smiles at me.

"See ya later Princess Abby. Fanny." He turns and walks away. Fanny grunts.

"Who does he think he is? The queen of Spain?" She yells. I smile.

"Abby doesn't know." I answer. "She wonders, have you seen him before?" I question.

"No. I didn't know there are any new students." Fanny informs.

"Abby didn't know either." I exclaim.

"Well, he's bad news!" Fanny announces. I smirk.

"Abby thinks you say that about every guy!"

"'Cause I'm normally right!" She retorts.

"Abby thinks that it's going to be funny once you get a crush!" Fanny blushes. "Even though you already do on Patton." I mumbled.

"Well that's not going to happen anytime soon! Anyways, we need to head to class, so forget about that guy." Fanny says, while heading to class. Maybe you can forget about him, but I won't! Now I'm figure out who he is. I think about him as I head to Art Class. I stop. Wait, how did he know Fanny's name, if she has never met him before?

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