I apologize for not updating sooner! This one of the hardest chapters I've written, mainly because I do not know how to speak Portuguese and have never been to Brazil. Hopefully, I made these translations correctly and my descriptions of the country. Please feel free to correct me! I do not want to offend anyone.

This chapter is going to be a little… different than my other chapters. Numbuh 5 is on edge with the Credonian artifact being found. So, due to emotions that come with being on edge, she will seem out of character, because she is normally so laid back. Also, Numbuh 468… Well, Abby doesn't really like him. He's like the opposite of everything Hoagie is. Therefore, bring on the jerkiness! (translations at the bottom of the page)

The road to Ceará was uneventful. Sonya and Lee whispered to each other from their stations. Harvey yelled at Shawnie to stay on course and other things. All this leaving me to my thoughts, which were not so comforting.


A word that I hoped never to hear again in my lifetime. One of the oldest and rarest languages in the history of our world and the only two people in the world who know it is my sister and me. Fortunately for Cree, she lost the knowledge once she became a Teen. She begged Numbuh 274 that it would be the first memory erased. Whenever an artifact of Credonia was found, she would be brought in. When she came back from those missions… She made sure I was never put on those. Cree did everything to protect me from exactly what I am about to do. That thought alone scares the crap out of me.

Finally landing in Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, everyone raced out of the aircraft to the precipice by the vehicle. Taking a deep breath, I joined them. The waves crashed onto the rocks below, sea foam filling the crevices.

"Belo, no?" came a voice from behind me. Spinning around, I found Numbuh 468 looking out over the edge.

"It's gor-ge-ous!" Chirped Sonya. Lee muttered in agreement, while Shawnie and Harvey shrugged.

"Yeah, it beautiful. Now can we get to your tree house." I demanded.

"Of course, of course gatinha. But let us enjoy the vista." Numbuh 468 said, while trying to place his right arm around my shoulders. As quick as a whip, I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back.

"Podemos apreciar a view, depois de ver o artefacto. Ok, gatinha?" I quietly threatened.

"Sim, Commander! I will take you there now, sim?" He begged wide eyed. Releasing his arm, he fell to the ground and groaned.

"Well?" I challenged. 468 stood and rubbed his arm.

"We will go in my shuttle. Numbuh 464 will get yours later." He answered. He began walking to the tree line. I turned to my team. Sonya's mouth gaped open, Lee rubbed his arm and looked away while whistling, Shawnie stared, and Harvey had set his lips into a thin line and nodded. I nodded back.

"Well," I barked. "Let's go. I want to get this thing done, so we can get home in time for Saturday morning cartoons tomorrow." Sonya closed her mouth and followed Numbuh 468, so did the rest.

Numbuh 468 led us further into the woods. Local flora covered the ground and the trees. Little parakeets chirped around our group. He finally stopped in a little clearing. Our team looked around.

"Uh, dude. Where is the shuttle?" Lee asked, puzzled. Numbuh 468 grinned.

"Oh, you mean this shuttle?" He clicked a button on a keychain and the craft appeared from out of nowhere. A chorus of woahs echoed from Lee, Sonya, and Shawnie. Harvey sneered.

"That is so not regulation gear. Where did you get a cloaking thingy? Moonbase doesn't have it." Harvey stated.

"Eh, we pick up a few things here and there, no big deal." He aired.

"Then I expect a full report on all 'no big deal' items from now on." I stated with authority.

"Sim," He shrugged. "Whenever we get around to it." Choosing to ignore that comment, my team and I entered the shuttle.

Thankfully the trip was short. I was not sure how long I could have stood to be in a confined space with Numbuh 468. Upon landing, I took in the site of the facility we would be staying in.

Sector B's tree house was not a normal tree house. In fact it was made of Caesalpinia Echinata, Brazilwood, an endangered tree for which Brazil was named. Because of the rarity of the wood, I was surprised that the whole house was made of it. Lifting an eyebrow, I turned to Numbuh 468.

"O quê?" He asked. I glared.

"Numbuh Five wants to know how you got all this wood for your house. Especially when it's under the adult government's protection!" I restrained from yelling, but not by much. Numbuhs 83, 84, 85, and 364 all stepped back, not wanting whatever negative feeling I have been having directed towards them.

"Oh, you mean the pau-brasil?" Numbuh 468 questioned.

"Yes, the 'pau-brasil!'" I mocked.

"It's our country's most defining plant! Why wouldn't we make our tree house out of it?" He questioned.

"I don't know! Maybe because it's ILLEGAL!" I raised my voice ever so slightly. Sonya, Lee, Harvey, and Shawnie slunk into the shadows; each shocked at my temper filled self. Before he could answer, a girl of about eleven walked out the entrance of the tree house.

"Olá! You must be Sector W and Supreme Commander, Numbuh 5!" She exclaimed excitedly.

"Uh, yes," I started.

"AHHH! She screamed in delight, pulling me into a hug. "Oh meu deus! I cannot believe this! I am talking to the legendary Numbuh Five from the legendary Sector V! Is Numbuh One really such a stickler? Is Numbuh Four really that unsmart? Is Numbuh Three really that clueless? And is Numbuh Two really as cute as he is in pictures?" I barely registered her words. Pushing her away, I gave her a hard look, disturbed by her embrace.

"Do not do that again. And all the answers to your questions are yes." I stated. I did not hear Lee's yo-yo drop, due to the intense blathering by Numbuh 464.

"I knew he was that cute! Everyone else told me no, but I knew it! He's smart, funny, slightly athletic, a pilot and so handsome!" She sighed. "And so dreamy… We are going to have the cutest babies!" My eyes widened, while the rest of my teams faces blanched.

"Numbuh 464! Calm yourself!" Numbuh 468 ordered. "Go get dinner ready or something." She nodded, while still giggling, flouncing her way back inside. He sighed.

"I apologize for her behavior." He said. "She is, how would you put it, a.."

"Stalker." Shawnie offered.

"Enthusiastic!" Sonya exclaimed.

"Wacko." Lee stated.

"Obsessed!" Harvey bellowed.

"A fangirl." I voiced.

"Sim, a fangirl and obsessed." He affirmed. "But, she has a pure heart and she is a bom teammate. Please do not judge her." I shook my head.

"Numbuh Five won't judge her, as long as she doesn't do that stuff again." He dipped his head.

"That is all I could ask. Let us go inside." Gesturing towards the doorway, Numbuh 468 led us into the illegal tree house.

Wow! That took forever to write! I've rewritten this chapter 1, 2, 3… (Counting fingers) way to many times. I hope I did all the translations right. Anyways, it is finally ready for your enjoyment! So what do you think of the characters? Is Numbuh Five to harsh? Are we getting enough Numbuh 83, 84, 85, and Harvey? Numbuh 468 is an… what do you think? What do you think should happen next? Ideas anyone? Your idea may make it into the story! (I take money order, cash, credit cards, and shoes! :P) Anywho, I'll try to update again in the near future! No flames por favor! Happy fourth of July!

In God We Trust,

Numbuh 145362


Belo – Beautiful

Gatinha – Baby, kitten, babe

Vista – view

Podemos apreciar a view, depois de ver o artefacto. – We can enjoy the view, after we see the artifact.

Sim – yes

O quê? – What?

Pau-brasil – Brazilwood

Oh meu deus - Oh my God!

Bom – Good (adj.)