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The Life and Times of Percy & Annabeth

(one lifetime, one love)

1. Lovesick

"Come on, Annabeth! We've been here for, like, seven hours now! Can we leave already?" Percy complained for the hundredth time that day.

Ever since being appointed Olympus' new architect, Annabeth had been spending most of her free time watching over the process of building a whole new Olympus. And ever since their kiss in the pavilion, Percy had been going everywhere with Annabeth. Which meant spending his day watching Annabeth scribble a bunch of stuff on blueprints and shout orders at the satyrs helping with the rebuilding of Olympus. What fun!

Annabeth rolled her eyes at her boyfriend- her cheeks just flushed at the thought of Percy officially being her boyfriend now.

"I seriously doubt we've been here for seven hours, maybe for four hours and a half, but…"

"Okay, okay, four hours and a half, can we just go?"

"Jeez! Calm down, I just have to get this one marble column in the right place and then we can – HEY! GIVE IT BACK!" Percy had snatched her blueprints right from her hands just as she was making an important change to the architecture. Oh, Gods, he could be really annoying sometimes.

The Seaweed Brain just smirked at her and waved the roll of blueprints in his hands at her mockingly.

"Come and get it!"

With that, he raced through the mess of marble blocks and gold fountains and other crap Annabeth was using to rebuild Olympus. Annabeth crossed her arms, but raced after him anyway. Someone was going to have to teach him a lesson not to mess with her.

She's catching up to me, Percy thought glumly as he felt her running behind him.

Annabeth grinned as though she had heard his thought and, as soon as she was close enough, jumped onto Percy's back.

The force of her jump had caught him by surprise, and Percy was sent crashing to the ground laughing the whole time.

Annabeth had him pinned down and was pressing him harder and harder into the ground until he finally gave up.

"Okay, okay! Here you go, Wise Girl! Your precious blueprints. Seriously did you need to tackle me down just to get them?" Percy got up and rubbed his elbows – invincible or not, Annbeth tackling him had not been fun.

"Oh, shut up, you big baby," Annabeth giggled, playfully elbowing him. He lifted his head up and gave her a lopsided smile. The smile sent butterflies to Annabeth's stomach and her cheeks reddened. Percy was watching her the whole time – amazed at how she could surprise him with her reactions.

"Why are you blushing?"

"Whatever. Come on, Seaweed Brain, I guess we can leave now."

"Seriously? Yes! Let's go!"

He intertwined his fingers with hers and they quietly escaped – not without coming face to face with Travis and Connor Stoll smirking at the both of them and laughing "Have fun, lovebirds!"

Gods, can you say embarrassing?

They decided to take a walk through Central Park. It was by no means quiet, but with all those people walking or jogging or biking around, it made it too complicated for a monster to attack without too many mortal witnesses. They were a huge pain in the butt, but you couldn't forget about monsters when you were a half-blood.

So they strolled through Central Park, hand-in-hand, and Annabeth couldn't help thinking how they must've looked like such a typical couple on a typical date out in New York. They would laugh and joke and argue about stupid things because, of course, they were Percy and Annabeth, which meant that they could never agree on one thing.

And sometimes, they wouldn't say anything at all. Percy would just lead Annabeth down the paved path and through the trees, stealing glances back at the beautiful girl with golden locks and paralyzing gray eyes, wondering how they had ever come this far.

At the end of the night just as they were deep into an argument, the moonlight would catch Annabeth's tumbling hair and it would shine in a way the made Percy speechless. Then he would gently press his lips to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer. Once they pulled apart, Annabeth would smile and say, "Does that mean I win our argument? Or do you still have something you'd like to add?"

Percy would shake his head and whisper, "Shut up."

And he'd kiss her. Again and again and again until Annabeth gently pressed her hands against his chest and sadly told him that they needed to head back to camp.

Percy, looking all sullen and disappointed, whispered into her ear, "Do we have to?" sending all sorts of chills down Annabeth. She just laughed and pulled his hand free from her hair, and together they got a cab and headed back to camp - happy, excited, and completely lovesick.

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