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This is my totally new story; it's set in the Georgian Era of England, I can't name an exact year for you, but know it's set around the end of 1700. I based it somewhat on the film: The Duchess, though it's not exactly the same, I haven't just followed that story. This has taken a lot of research, let me tell you!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! A shout out or two - to my Beta, Arya Nuanen, for helping me to get this story up and running, and being so encouraging all the time! She is completely fabulous, everyone, so all thank her!

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One day, a little girl, whilst running amongst the forget-me-nots in her secret field, an escapee from her latest governess, her white summer dress stained green with grass, came across a boy.

Lying in the flowers, his eyes closed, his hands behind his head, seemingly asleep.

Tilting her head, she stuck her tongue out, biting the very tip as she always did when she was deep in thought. She didn't think he knew she was there, so she stood still for a while, her long and now tangled mahogany hair blowing in the wind.

Who was he?

She knelt down beside him; the governess' cries fading away as she looked at him, taking in his slightly patched clothes and his trousers which were hanging around his ankles, obviously too small.

All of a sudden his eyes snapped open, and she jumped, then at once leaned in for a closer look. They were a vivid, intense green – like no colour she had ever seen before.

"Hello," he said, not seeming at all surprised at their proximity, grinning up at her.

"Hello," she replied, shyly, blushing a little, unable to resist smiling back.

He sat up, holding out his hand, "I'm Edward."

She looked at him for a second longer, then sat down beside him and took his hand, "I'm Bella."

They shook on it, their first deal of their lifelong friendship.

That was where my story began.

That was where it ended.

In the field of forget-me-nots.

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