Ever wonder why Atem, Yugi, and Timaeus look so much a like? Why Atem and Timaeus like exactly a like? What if they each had a twin brother? And what if they all had ancient powers given to them as a birth-right?

Chapter Summary:

Random scenes and ideas for later in the story. All of these take place either during Season 3 or after.

Born Destiny


"Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please."

The Pharaoh's eye twitched at the Silent Sorcerer's constant begging.

"Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please."

"Will you be quiet!" the Pharaoh yelled. "I said no!"

"Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Sing."


"Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing. Sing."

"Cease this incessant chattering at once! Before I kick you swiftly in the groin!"

The Pharaoh didn't even look bothered as hundreds of Duel Monsters closed in on where they all stood together.

"I thought you said this guy was going to help us!" Duke yelled at the Silent Sorcerer.

"He is!" the Sorcerer yelled back. "We aren't dead, aren't we!"

"We will in a minute!" Tristan yelled as everyone started backing up.

"You all sound like a bunch of newly discovered Shadow Mages," the Pharaoh snorted. "None of these Shadow Creatures shall attack."

"What makes ya say that?!" Joey yelled as a lion shaped monster roared at him.

"All of these creatures must obey my commands." The Pharaoh abruptly yelled something in another language and all the Duel Monsters flinched and took a step back. He turned to look at the gang behind him. "I told them to stand down or I shall inform the Sisters of their . . . disobedience."

Suddenly, a beautiful voice that appeared to come from everyone sighed. "I see you are the same as ever, my child."

The Pharaoh jumped as though had had been electrocuted. He turned to the right and smiled the brightest smile that any of the gang had ever seen on the man's face.

But his next words surprised them more than the smile.


"You think I want to be this . . . this monster!" the Pharaoh yelled at them angrily. "If I could have chosen, I would rather have never been born!"

Joey roared with laughter as he watched the scene in front of them. "Ha ha! It's looks your Blue-Eyes has switched sides, Kaiba!"

"Don't be an idiot, Wheeler. Wait, your always and idiot." Looking away from Joey's snarling face, Kaiba glanced at his Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

The beast was curled around the two Yugi-look-a-likes. The one who claimed to be the "Pharaoh's body" was standing at the dragon's head, petting it and murmuring in some other language. The one who called himself the "Pharaoh's mind" was sitting on the back of the dragon and waving his legs like a child.

"Unless you've forgotten, which is very likely," Kaiba continued, "didn't your precious Red-Eyes attack you instead of him." Kaiba jerked his chin toward the duo at the Blue-Eyes.

"Eh, shut up, Kaiba!"

"Honon, Honon, Honon," Tristan said sarcastically as he waved his arms around. "That's all you guys ever talk about. Who the hell is this Honon guy?"

The glare the Pharaoh gave him surprised him. "Honon-sama is the being that the descendants were created from."

"So Honon made you guys?" Joey asked curiously.

"No!" the Pharaoh yelled furiously. His face grew slightly red in anger and he glared harder than ever at Joey, if that was even possible. "We may have been created from Honon-sama, but it was not by his free will!"

"You mean he was forced?" Yugi asked as she tilt her head slightly.

The Pharaoh's glare faded away as he looked at her. "Yes. Honon-sama, the God of Chaos, was envied by other power-hungry Gods. They believed that Honon-sama was not a 'true' God, so they tortured him and, as a result of a spell, we descendants were created."

"You speak very highly of him," Anzu said with a small smile. "You must really like him."

The Pharaoh snorted. "I? I despise Honon-sama."

Everyone stared at him shocked.

"But you just said—" Joey began.

"I may respect Honon-sama," the Pharaoh said as his hands clenched, "but I hate him more than I have ever hated anyone or anything. For he ruined my life."

"Do not touch me, dark one," the Pharaoh growled at Joey. "Touch me again, and I shall tear your arm from its socket."

The Pharaoh jumped onto the stove, the very hot and on stove, with his bare feet as he opened cabinets furiously, apparently looking for something. With a cry of joy, he pulled back, holding a bottle of wine.

"Ya know that's illegal," Joey said.

He watched as the Pharaoh returned with three bottles of whiskey, giving one to each of his siblings and keeping one for himself.

"Technically, it's not," the Pharaoh commented nonchalantly. "I am over the American legal drinking age."

"What?" Tristan asked skeptically. "You don't look older than seventeen! There's no way you're over twenty-one!"

"Well, I am. So suck it up and shut the fuck up."

"Man, you sure like to swear for a Pharaoh," Tristan commented. "Aren't you suppose to be all aristocratic and—"

"If you had my job, you would swear too." The Pharaoh gave him a bland look. "Amending laws, punishing criminals, dealing with foreign diplomats, keeping up peace treaties, abolishing laws, negotiating trades with other nations, worrying about having an heir to the throne, keeping your guard up for assassins—"

"All right, all right," Tristan interrupted him. "You made your point."

"Yes, you're all geniuses," the Pharaoh's mind said sarcastically. "And I like pie!"

Marik glared at the stubborn man in front of him.

The Pharaoh glared back, his left eye glowing a deep brown and his right eye glowing a bright blue.

"Come one, Pharaoh," Marik sneered, "show me what your element is! What is our specialty?"

"My specialty?" the Pharaoh asked as his eye twitched. "Unless you are quite, my specialty is shoving my boot up your ass."

The Silent Magician and the Pharaoh glared at each other as they stood about a foot from each other. The Pharaoh was leaning down, as he was taller, while the Silent Magician had to stand on his toes to get in the Pharaoh's face.

"You asshole," the Silent Magician growled.



"Little fucker."

The Pharaoh and the girl with the Pharaoh's face held each others' hands. They leaned foreword to rest their cheeks together and they looked at the gang. They both chuckled, the sound coming out eerily as they each narrowed their eyes and said something in the Ancient Language.

Smiling slightly, the Pharaoh kissed the young woman on the lips. After he pulled away, he swung his right arm across her shoulders and walked her over to where the gang stood shell-shocked.

The woman was beautiful. She had long, curly hair that bounced with each of her steps. Her sharp eyes were, shockingly, the same startling shade of blue as her hair. She wore a long white dress that reached her mid-calf. The gown was decorated with pieces of gold and blue. She appeared to be around eighteen.

Ishizu stared in shock, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. "The scriptures never spoke of you taking a wife!"

The Pharaoh chuckled as he buried his nose in the girl's hair, making her chuckle slightly. "That is because I never had a wife."

"So," Joey said slowly, a hint of a smile on his face, "is this your whore?"

If he had known how the Pharaoh was going to react to those words, even the daring Joey would have kept his mouth shut.

The Pharaoh's fist flew through where Joey's head had just been.

Thankfully, the Silent Sorcerer had pulled him out of the way, or that swinging arm would have crushed his skull and killed him.

The Pharaoh had tried to kill him.

"Don't you dare ever say such a thing about her! I should hang you by your entrails and—"

The girl stopped him with a hand on his arm. She smiled at them and said in a soft, beautiful voice, "Sorry about that. My father tends to get carried away."

There was a moment a silence, before nine people yelled the same words.


Then Joey yelled:

"Who the hell did you screw?"

"What was that?" Anzu asked as she and Yami followed Ironheart and Chris.

"It is the descendant's mourning cry," Ironheart answered.

"Mourning cry?" Yami murmured.

Ironheart nodded. "The descendents of old are showing their mourning for their descendant."

Yami and Anzu looked at each other, but didn't say anything.

The four of them turned the final corner and they all froze in place at what they saw.

The Pharaoh stood in front of them. Tears ran down his face as he gazed sadly at them.

The mourning cry rang around them.

"Are you trying to kill us?!"

He pointed to the other pot. "And I suppose this would now be called gumbo. It has chicken, shrimp, geese, duck, cabbage, catfish, onions, and garlic."

Then he placed his hands on the basket. "Here are some different breads I made."

"So, you cooked all this?" Anzu asked.

"Yes," the Pharaoh said sharply, making Anzu flinch. "I did say I have been cooking all night."

"I do have cooks you know," Kaiba said with a sneer.

"Yes, well, I kicked all of them out since all they made was shit."

"They are all some of the finest chefs in the world."

"Well, they can all kiss my—"

"Okay!" Heba yelled before they could duke it out more. "Time to eat!"

The Pharaoh half-glared at him irritably for interrupting him, but with a shrug, he sat down between his siblings.

Everyone waited for a moment to watch the monster appear, but nothing happened.

"What?!" yelled Kaiba as he picked up his card and placed it on his duel disk again.

Nothing happened.

"This cannot be happening! My duel disk system is flawless! There is no way that it could be malfunctioning!"

While Kaiba was busy PMSing, Ishizu was staring at him in shock. 'I never saw this in my vision. How is this happening?'

"Yay, yay, yay!" the Silent Sorcerer suddenly yelled as he jumped in place and clapped happily. "Yes! We get to hear him sing!"

"Who, Kaiba?" Tristan asked, shocked.

"Hell no." The Silent Sorcerer turned and looked at the Pharaoh where he stood. "Pharaoh-sama," he answered.

"What?!" everyone, meaning everyone except Kaiba, cried in shock.

"Ya mean mista Gloom an' Doom over there is gonna sing?" Joey ask sarcastically. "Just great. I'm not in the mood for any song he sings right now."


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