Ever wonder why Atem, Yugi, and Timaeus look so much a like? Why Atem and Timaeus like exactly a like? What if they each had a twin brother? And what if they all had ancient powers given to them as a birth-right?

Chapter Summary:

Part four of the duel between Yugi and Pegasus.


This chapter is based off episode 38 of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Translations at end.

Born Destiny


The shadows coiled around them and Tristan knew that Bakura had called them. "Bakura, you . . . "

Bakura laughed at him. "Well, it's nice to know that you remember me. I do hate being mistaken for my pathetic host."

Tristan looked down at the necklace around Bakura's neck. That was the source of all their problems. The spirit lived in that thing.

"The Millennium Ring?" Tristan murmured, which Bakura ignored.

"I want the key that Mokuba carries," Bakura said, surprising Tristan. He held out his hand. "If you give him to me, I might not feed you to my Man-Eater Bug."

'He won't do what he says even if I were to give him Mokuba,' Tristan thought. 'As long as Ryou's has the Millennium Ring then Bakura can control her.' He knew what he needed to do.

"All right, all right! Just don't hurt me man." Tristan slowly held out Mokuba. Bakura moved foreword to take the boy, when Tristan made his move. "Catch!" he yelled as he tossed Mokuba toward Bakura.

Preoccupied with catching Mokuba, Bakura was unable to defend himself when Tristan delivered a blow to the back of his head and knocking him out cold.

"Forgive me, Ryou, but you'll be better off without this," Tristan said as he slid off the Millennium Ring and turned toward then doorway that he had nearly fallen from. "Take this you, son of a bitch!" he yelled as he threw the Ring as hard as he could into the forest. Hopefully, no one would find it.

"Asshole," he swore as he turned to gather Mokuba and Ryou.

"Now begins the Shadow Game," Pegasus leered as the shadows spread around them, encircling the two of them.

Yugi could do nothing but watch helplessly as they entered the Shadow Realm.

"A Shadow Game?" Anzu asked, confused, as she and Joey watched as their friend disappeared from view.

"What's gonna happen?" Joey asked, although he didn't expect an answer.

"Yami ga . . . (1)" Yuki whimpered, making Anzu and Joey look at him.

The boy looked absolutely terrified. He held his head in his hands as though it hurt, but his face showed fear instead of pain. He eyes were clenched shut.

"Yami ga . . . kite imasu (2)."

They weren't able to ask Yuki anything because Tristan had arrived.

"Joey, give me a hand!" he yelled as he appeared with Ryou and Mokuba thrown over his shoulders.

"What happened?" Joey asked as he eased Ryou off Tristan and leaned her against the wall.

"I had just gotten Mokuba out of where he was being held when Ryou showed up," Tristan explained as he sat Mokuba next to Ryou. "Only problem was that it wasn't actually Ryou but that Bakura guy we met before controlling her." He looked over toward where the duel ring was once visible. "Damn it! Here too!"

"What?" Anzu cried.

"What's going on, Tristan?" Joey asked seriously, surprisingly calm.

"A Shadow Game," he answered.

Joey and Anzu looked at each other, surprised that Tristan had known that it was called a Shadow Game when Pegasus had just called it that.

"We can't see inside," Anzu said, looking back down at the strange bubble below.

"Let's go down there and check it out," Joey said.

"We'll just have to leave them up here," Tristan said, referring to Ryou and Mokuba.

Joey turned to Yuki, who seemed like hewas going to be sick. "You stay here too, Yuki."

Yuki sat down on the floor and nodded, his eyes still closed.

"All right, come on," Tristan said and Joey and Anzu followed him as they ran to the doorway that would take them to the lower level.

They had only been gone a few seconds when Yuki heard a voice behind him. "Some descendant you are, afraid of the dark. That's your element.

Yuki finally opened his eyes his once amethyst eyes were now pitch black, almost as if his pupils had eaten the colored part of his eyes. He looked up at the person who had spoken to him and felt like he was looking in a mirror.

This person's face looked exactly like his, sharp eyes and cheekbones, tri-colored hair with blond streaks, black eyes. He even wore all black.

"I've wondered when you would come see me, Silent Sorcerer," he said to the person.

The Silent Sorcerer laughed happily. "Well, I've already visited Yuugi-chan a few times already. So I came to see you, Yuki-chan."

"Don't call me that," Yuki snapped lightly. "I'm not a child."

"Compared to me you are," the Silent Sorcerer countered with a big smile. He looked over to the dark bubble. "Yuugi-chan is playing a Shadow Game."

"Yes," Yuki sighed looking back over at the bubble.

"You are a descendant of darkness," the Silent Sorcer said, for the first time sounding serious; the smile was gone, "and one of defense. Why not protect your sister?"

"Because!" Yuki whined as pulled his legs up and buried his face into his knees. "I'm not strong enough! The third descendants were much taller I am! I can never do nothing right! I can't even make a shield to protect myself from the rain on stormy nights!" He looked up at the Silent Sorcerer to yell more things at him but had a small problem.

The Silent Sorcerer was gone.

Then he heard as Joey, Tristan, and Anzu entered the room and ran to the duel ring.

"What is this thing?" Joey asked no one.

"Yugi," Anzu whispered.

Yugi: 900

Pegasus: 600

"From now on," Pegasus said, "only those with strong souls can withstand the pressure of the Shadow Realm. How long will you last, Yugi-girl?"

Already, Yugi felt as though she were breathing in water. It felt like the gravity was increased there, pressing down on her.

'The Shadow Realm is too much for her,' the spirit thought from within the Puzzle as he sensed Yugi's strain. He called to the Puzzle and they switched places.

[Yugi, I'll draw from now on,] he sent to her as he drew a card.

[But we have to work together,] Yugi argued back. [Pegasus will read our minds if we don't switch. I'm fine. Let me duel too.]

The spirit grit his teeth but agreed. [All right.]

"Pegasus, I end my turn."

"All right," Pegasus said as he drew. "I summon my Dark Eyes Illusionist in attack mode." LV-1 ATK-0 DEF-0. "The Kaiba Corp. technology of the duel ring won't be of any use here. In the Shadow Realm, the monsters we summon are real, fed off energy from its summoner. If one were to run out of this energy . . . I'll let you figure that out. It's your turn."

'His Dark Eyes Illusionist has zero attack and defense points,' the spirit thought. 'He wouldn't put a monster like that in attack mode unless it had some sort of effect. I'll have to be careful.' He drew a card. "I summon Curse of Dragon in attack mode and end my turn." LV-5 ATK-2000 DEF-1500.

[You want to fight, huh?] Yugi said as they switched.

'They switched so I can't read the other's mind,' Pegasus thought. 'But Yugi-girl doesn't have to strength to duel here. Soon her soul will break.'

Yugi started to pant as sweat broke out on her face. 'Why does my chest hurt?'

'This is too much for her,' the spirit thougt. 'She will not be able to maintain our monsters for much longer.' He sensed as she had to brace herself on the platform in front of her. 'Hang on, Yugi.'

'Yugi-girl is only temporary,' Pegasus thought. 'Once she's gone, I'll have no problem reading Spirit-boy's mind.'

Anzu flinched, feeling a sudden pain in her heart. Her hand came up and covered the area.

Joey noticed this and asked, "What is it, Anzu?"

"I just felt this . . . all of a sudden. Right in my heart."

"I felt it too," Joey said.

"Me too," Tristan agreed.

"So all three of us felt the same thing at the same time," Joey surmised as he looked from Anzu to Tristan.

"Could it have anything to do with Yugi?" Tristan asked.

"My turn, Yugi-girl," Pegasus said as he drew a card. "I'll place this card face-down and end my turn."

By that time, Yugi's hands were shaking badly.

'Yugi is not used to the pressure of the Shadow Realm,' the spirit thought. 'I cannot let this duel last much longer!' He took control and drew. "Curse of Dragon, destroy the Dark Eyes Illusionist."

The Curse of Dragon dove for the Illusionist.

'You're trying to protect Yugi-girl,' Pegasus thought with a chuckle. "I activate my Dark Eyes Illusionist's special ability."

The eye of the Dark Eyes Illusionist began to glow, stopping the dragon in mid-air. The same eye formed on the Curse of Dragon.

"What's going on?" the spirit cried.

"The Dark Eyes Illusionist has zero attack and defense points," Pegasus explained. "To make up for this, it can steal its opponent's power. But that it only the beginning of what it can do." He flipped over his face-down. "I activate the magic card Black Illusion Ritual. With this, I can sacrifice my Dark Eyes Illusionist to summon my most terrifying creature, Relinquished."LV-1 ATK-0 DEF-0.

"What is that thing?" the spirit asked, shocked at the monster's appearance.

"Now I activate my Relinquished's special ability," Pegasus continued.

The Relinquished's mouth, or the closest thing to a mouth that thing could have, opened wide and sucked in the stunned Curse of Dragon.

"Now, I end my turn."

The spirit quickly drew a card. "Dark Magician, attack Relinquished."

Just as the Dark Magician attacked, Relinquished lowered down two wings and the Curse of Dragon was found as a part of one of the wings. The Dark Magician's attack hit the Curse of Dragon and destroyed it.

"It used my Curse of Dragon as a shield!" the spirit realized with horror.

"Now, Spirit-boy, since you destroyed your own monster, you lose the life points."

Yugi: 900 – 400

Pegasus: 600

"My turn again," Pegasus sang as he drew a card. "I activate Relinquished's ability. Absorb the Dark Magician!"

The Dark Magician was absorbed into Relinquished. LV-1 ATK-2500 DEF-2100.

"Relinquished gains the absorbed monster's attack and defense points," Pegasus explained. "What will you do now, Spirit-boy?"

'This is my undefeatable combo,' Pegasus thought.

'How do I defeat this monster?' the spirit thought. 'I can't do it right now.'

[You can't give up!] Yugi yelled, startling him. [Pegasus will try to read your mind soon. I'll buy us some time while you think of a plan.]

[You're soul is already under too much strain,] the spirit countered. [Don't push yourself.]

There was a moment of silence before, [Let me duel to the end.]

The spirit gasped. [If you reach your limit, your soul will . . . ] The was only silence from Yugi, but he knew that she knew what she was risking. [Yugi, you,] he started to say before they switched, Yugi having to catch herself before she fell.

"My turn," she said softly and reached to draw a card, her hand shaking badly.

'It won't be much longer,' Pegasus thought happily.

'Please,' Yugi thought, 'give me a card that can defeat Pegasus.' She drew the card and her eyes widened. "I place this card face-down. Then, I summon the Feral Imp in defense mode and end my turn." LV-4 ATK-1300 DEF-1400.

[Spirit, use this to defeat Pegasus.]

'This will finish her off,' Pegasus thought as he quickly drew a card. "Relinquished, destroy the Feral Imp."

Relinquished fired the Dark Magician's own attack at the Feral Imp and destroyed it.

The Spirt quickly appeared beside Yugi and placed his transparent hands on Yugi's shoulders. For just a moment, they touched. The spirit's hands were warm and solid feeling on her shoulders. Then Yugi felt nothing.

Yugi's body slipped thought the spirit's fingers after touching those few seconds. The sudden change startled the spirit. Why could he suddenly not touch her? He was helpless as Yugi fell foreword and she made no move to catch herself.

However, she did say three last words

"Spirit, defeat Pegasus."

Then, Yugi's body hit the ground. Soulless.

'Goodbye, Yugi-girl.'


This pain was much worse. It was like all three of them had been hit in the chest with a sledgehammer. Joey, Tristan, and Anzu all gasped as the pain overwhelmed them.

"What the?" Anzu said impulsively. "I've got this bad feeling, guys."

"Me too," Joey admitted.

"Do you think Yugi's in trouble?" Tristan asked worriedly.

"Yugi, hang on!" the spirit yelled.

He didn't know where he was or how he had gotten there. All he knew was that he was still within Yugi's body.

Now, he held her in his arms. This wasn't her body; it was still lying on the duel ring. It wasn't her soul; it had disappeared when the Shadow Realm became too much for her. It must have been her mind he held then.

There were dark shadows under Yugi's eyes. It looked as though she were merely unconscious, a reflection of her body in the real world.

"Wake up, please!" he yelled as he shook her frantically. "Yugi, open your eyes!"

He touched her face, his hand cupping her cheek. He had promised, he may not have said it to her, but he had sworn that he would reunite her with her grandfather. Now that could never happen, even if he managed to defeat Pegasus.

"Please," he whispered as his voice started to break, "don't leave me all alone."

"Yugi-girl is no more," Pegasus chuckled. "Looks like the Shadow Game was too much for her."

"Yugi," Anzu whispered.

"If what we think is happenin' is actually happenin' . . . " Joey began, " . . . then we can't do anything."

"Are we just gonna stand here?" Tristan asked sarcastically as he braced himself and charged into the bubble. And came right back. He quickly stopped as to avoid running right into Joey and Anzu. "What the?"

Anzu walked up to the bubble and stuck her hand inside. Her hand came right back out just a few inches away. She gasped in shock and quickly pulled her hand put.

"Dis thing must not want us to get in," Joey said as he glared at the bubble. "My turn!" He ran into the bubble and came right out, but Tristan and Anzu were gone. The he heard Anzu's voice.

"Joey!" she yelled. "Are you all right?"

"Can you hear us, man?" Tristan added.

"What the hell?" Joey asked himself as he ran back into the bubble and came out in front of Tristan and Anzu. "We can't get in."

"Our friend's in trouble and we can't help?" Tristan asked angrily.

'If we could send her our thoughts . . . ' Anzu thought sadly.

The Millennium Puzzle glowed brighter than ever as the spirit took control of Yugi's body. His sadness had given way to anger.

"Pegasus," he growled at he older man, "I will make you pay for this."

Pegasus chuckled, not intimidated by the threat. "Spirit-boy, now that Yugi-girl is gone, there is nothing you can do to stop the power of my Millennium Eye. Are you going to keep fighting?"

"Of course!" the spirit answered quickly and without hesitation. "Until my heart breaks, this duel will not end!"

"All right, then it's your turn, Spirit-boy."

Spirit: 400

Pegasus: 600

The spirit drew a card and Pegasus quickly pounced.

"You drew the Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1," Pegasus said happily, glad to have his advantage back.

'He's reading my mind again,' the spirit groaned mentally. 'The only card he doesn't know is the card Yugi placed on the field.' He looked down at the card Yugi had sacrificed herself for. 'I'll have to bet everything on that card.'

"I summon the Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 in defense mode and end my turn." LV-4 ATK-1400 DEF-1200.

"My turn then," Pegasus said as he drew a card. "Relinquished, use the Dark Magician's power to destroy the Winged Dragon."

Relinquished hurled magic at the dragons and destroyed it.

"Next I summon the monster known as Jigen Bakudan." LV-2 ATK-200 DEF-1000. "This is a monster bomb that can't be attacked. In two turns," he held up two fingers, "it will self-destruct and destroy all my monsters."

"Why would you willingly destroy your own monsters?" the spirit asked.

"You seem to be forgetting that my Relinquished has zero attack points and your Dark Magician is still considered your monster, not mine."

"But that means that," the spirit began, horrified, before Pegasus cut him off.

"That you'll lose twenty-five hundred life points?" Pegasus finished. "Correct. And it doesn't look like you have enough life points to spare," he said with a chuckle. "Your turn, Spirit-boy."

'Now I only have two turns left,' the spirit thought. 'Two turns or I lose the duel!' He looked down at the cards in his hand. 'None of the cards in my hand will help me now and Pegasus knows everything. I can only draw, but Pegasus will know what it is as soon as I do. What do I do?'

'You can't do anything,' Pegasus thought in response. 'Now you have no way to defeat my Millennium Eye. You've lost! The game is over, Spirit-boy!'


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(1) The darkness . . .

(2) The darkness . . . is coming.