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The planet earth is a wonderful place, but everyone knows the true magic lies beyond the Veil.

Where the air's fresh and clear, the pixies fly free, and where all magical beings reside. The ruler, known as General Omri Pantheon to the mortal world, ruled the great kingdom of Etherea with a fair hand and an open heart.

He and his beloved wife, Jenna had three wondrous daughters; each with promise of great beauty, not merely the physical beauty they already possess, but a beautiful soul to match.

The youngest, Dana, was the very image of her father, green-eyed, rosy-cheeked and flaxen hair that fell in waves past her shoulders. She was free-spirited, honest and noble, traits very few younger children have.

The middle one, Beth had short red hair and her eyes were large and a shade of sapphire blue. Her family's overprotection made her headstrong and impetuous, yet her heart made her kind.

Now the third was a young girl they'd taken in as their own, just the same age as Beth. She was a pale child with almond azure blue eyes and long hair. Like brightest gold it shone and flowed down over her white shoulders like sunshine over snow. Her name was Kylie and she was shy, rather bookish but also courageous and compassionate.

All day long the young girls played in the green hills of the forest with the woodland creatures, or among the other magical beings.

Yes, the happiness of its crown family and protectors cast a spell of hope and prosperity over the realm.

Now it happened one day, that a group of friends had separated themselves from their camping party to explore the forest.

They were an odd looking bunch,

One is and eight year old boy with brown hair in a white sweater and a red shirt over it, tan pants and sneakers. Next to him, was a little blue blob with arms and a face. They were Mac and Bloo.

The third person was the only girl among them. She had straight brown hair, olive skin, black eyes and wore a pink T-shirt and blue jeans. Her name was Kimberly.

Behind her was a boy with scruffy brown hair and light blue eyes. He wore an orange long-sleeved shirt and brown shorts, by name, Tony Goodman. He was talking to another boy was black haired with a huge black strand and wore glasses. He had a black coat, a blue shirt with a picture of Noodle Boy in the middle, black pants, and black shoes. He was Dib Membrane.

Leading the way, was the oldest of the group; he was a boy with black spiky hair, a white leather jacket, jeans and Nike sneakers. His name was Bruce David.

And right now they were discussing the strange stories and legends they heard or read about the forest, most of them implying, to most of their skepticism, "fairy sightings".

"Dib just because weird stuff happens here every now and then, doesn't exactly mean they come true." Mac said to him.

Kimberly spoke up, "But nobody knows for sure. When I was smaller, I've heard a lot of stories about fairies that live in this part of the forest."

Dib added, "As a matter of fact, the legends say that the meadows are owned by Omri Pantheon, himself. And many people still claim him to be king of the magical dimension."

"King of the Magical--?" questioned Tony, "Is it even possible. . . ?"

Dib leaned in with a book of legends in his hand, "Oh believe it. Ruler of Etherea, the Kingdom of the entire Magic dimension; Husband to Dr. Jenna Aegis, Father of two beautiful daughters, starting from the oldest, Beth and Dana; adopted children Prince Vegeta of the Saiyans and a magical orphan by name Kylie, is rumored to be half--"

"Shh!" Bruce interrupted, putting a hand on Tony and Dib's shoulders. "Hear that?"

Dib frowned. "Bruce, this is important. Maybe the Global alliance might even know--"

"But I heard something, " Bruce looked out into the meadowy forest. "It sounds like. . ." he squinted as he tuned his hearing in, "….somebody singing."

Then Kimberly blinked "Wait a sec, I hear something too…"

Bloo raised his head sharply also, "Yeah! It's coming from the woods!"

Everyone looked over the hills over looking the vast meadows and forest, and heard the very same sound. It was a little girl's voice vocalizing a song in higher notes. Neither one could recall the melody, but they all thought it was a song about hope, life and dreams.

"Ahh ahhh…. Ahh-Ahhhhh….
Ahhhhhh-ahh… Ahhhhh- -AHHhhhh!"

For mere seconds the group stood there in blissful silence. It was the most beautiful voice they've ever heard.

"Wow…." drooled Bloo

Bruce was entranced, "That was amazing!"


Dib asked excitedly. "Well, then what're we waiting for?"

"Nothing!" answered Tony enthusiastically.

"So let's go find it!" yelled Bloo

"Yeah, let's run!" cried Kimberly

At once, the kids began running towards the woods in search of the mysterious, beautiful voice.

Just as quickly, Bruce ran back leaving some stickers on trees so that they wouldn't get lost. Then he ran off after the others.

Unfortunately they weren't the only one's who had heard the voice..

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