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So I sit down at my computer to clean out old files and come across this old thing that I had started who knows when. I even had three entire chapters written out. After re-reading it, I decided to continue with it, expanding the idea to a full-fledged plotted out story with love triangles, confusion, and just a whole lot of mixed up fun! It's been a while since I've written for the fanfic world and I'm excited to be back!

I'm an old school Pokemon lover having grown up watching the original trio and knowing absolutely nothing about the new generation so several ancient but much loved characters will be appearing here. If you're like me and miss the old days, you've come to the right place! Enjoy!

Genre: Romance/Humor

Main Summary: Misty is a successful matchmaker at 22 and everything's going smoothly until one day, a stranger enters her shop. She seems to know him but can't tell who he is. He keeps coming back, wanting a match, but not with someone else. He wants a match…with her.

Disclaimer: I only own this fic and Serena and any other characters I may make up. Oh, and the last names for some of the characters…I had to make up so I own them too.

Misty the Matchmaker

Chapter 1: The Stranger

"And another match made perfectly!"

The automated cash register made a satisfying cha-ching! as twenty-two year old Misty Waterflower slammed the money drawer shut with a smile. Gazing around, her sea-green eyes took in the lavish décor of her tiny shop. Pinks, reds, and purples wallpapered the interior in the form of hearts and flowers. Various pictures of couples both young and old literally covered an entire wall.

Yes indeed. Fresh out of college, Misty had made it big in the matchmaking department. Every client had so far been successfully set up by his or her ideal match all thanks to Miss Misty. Though matchmaking was not the career this young woman had in mind when graduating, it was a good way to be on her own for a bit before heading back to be a trainer at her family's aquarium. But for the time being, she was making money and was able to afford many things that most her age couldn't, which was surprising given her job.

Once Misty had made a few couples blissfully happy, news about her service spread like wildfire and she had new clients every day for the past few months. It was Friday today, and Misty was ready to close shop for the evening. She untied her pink apron that had "Misty the Match-Maker" splashed across the front and gently hung it on the coat rack. Locking up the register, she made her way to the front door, pausing here and there to straighten stray objects and fix crooked chairs.

As she was carefully taping a paper heart back on the wall, a jingling of a bell floated to her ears and she looked up, expecting a last-minute client. Despite the bright, fluorescent light shining from the ceiling, Misty squinted at the man who had entered.

Straightening up, a twinge of familiarity flooded her body, yet she couldn't put a name with the face. He was fairly tall and muscular. A fact that was obvious even with his arms hidden under a leather jacket. A mass of jet-black hair sat slightly disheveled on his head, a few strands dangling into his chocolate brown eyes.

"May I help you?" Misty asked politely, shaking away the odd sensation she was getting. She didn't know this guy. No way.

For a moment, Misty sensed a feeling of disappointment coming from this young man, but if it had been there at all, it was quickly shoved aside as a lopsided grin broke out on his face.

"I was hoping you might be able to," he replied, stuffing his large hands in his jacket pockets. "I realize it is a bit late to stop by, but I suddenly had the impulse to check out the matchmaker that everyone in town has been raving about."

"Oh?" Misty gave one last pound to the picture she had been holding to the wall and walked closer to the man.

He nodded. "This is a cute establishment with an equally cute matchmaker to match!"

Oh bother! Not one of these guys again! A growl teetered on the edge of Misty's lips, gasping to escape and lunge out. But she kept herself in check. She was a woman of business after all, and even if these wolves kept coming, she had to remain placid.

"Sir, would you like to sign up for my service?" she inquired, ignoring his last comment and looking coolly into his eyes. Unexpectedly, a flutter of familiarity once again shot through her veins but yet again, she shook it off for the shivers.

The young man walked over to a small coffee table situated in the middle of her small waiting area with five cushioned chairs surrounding it. His fingers trailed along his jaw line as he peered down at the cluster of papers stacked atop the table.


He looked up. "Yes, I believe I would like to sign up Miss…Misty is it?"

She nodded in affirmation. "Yes. Misty Waterflower. I am sorry but I am going to have to ask you to come back tomorrow. It's actually my closing time and I must be on my way. Perhaps if you come by in the afternoon, I can interview you in order to get your requirements?"

"Oh I'm sorry for keeping you! I'll come back tomorrow. What time is preferable?"

Misty quickly walked to the counter and glanced at the agenda situated by the computer. "Two o'clock is fine."

"Wonderful!" The man said and went to the door. "It's a date then!" With a wink, he swept out the door and into the night, leaving behind a fuming and confused Misty.


Twenty-one year old Duplica Anderson laughed heartily as her friend and roommate relayed her story.

"A date! That's what he said! He's a player if I ever saw one!" Misty ranted loudly from her bedroom, her voice carrying over to the living room where Duplica was curled up on the couch.

Finishing changing into her pajamas, Misty stormed out of the room and marched over to her friend who was still giggling helplessly. "I'm sorry Mist," she said, trying to suppress the laughter. "It isn't that the situation in itself that's so funny, but your way of telling the story! You should have seen the facial expressions and heard the tone of your voice changing so rapidly…going up and down!"

Misty rolled her eyes in exasperation. "You are so easily amused. I'm happy that at least my face and voice can entertain you."

"I do admit it keeps me from boredom. Your stories are always entertaining! I mean, you work in the department of love! What business could have more interesting stories to tell than yours?" Duplica said, sitting up a bit straighter.

"That is true," Misty conceded. "So, anyway how was your day?"

Duplica shifted her position on the couch to become more comfortable. "Fairly good. Todd's decided to give me a raise if I continue to pose for him! He said that since I can imitate nearly anyone or anything, it's great for advertising purposes!"

Misty grinned. "And the fact that he wants to keep you with him."

"Nah," Duplica casually waved a hand. "He's only four years old than me but he still insists that I call him Mr. Snap."

At this Misty burst out in giggles. "It's been two years since you've worked for this guy!"

Duplica rolled his eyes. "Tell me about it. I highly doubt that he has any romantic interest in me. I'm so desperate that I'm nearly ready to try out your service Mist!"

Misty threw a cushion at her friend in retaliation.

"Hey!" Duplica protested.

"My business is not only for desperate people! I'll have you know that Giselle Louis was one of my clients a while back!"

Duplica's bright eyes widened in shock. "Giselle? You mean the most popular girl from our class Giselle? The one who had jocks falling at her feet faster than gnats get buzzed by electrical light Giselle?"

"You certainly do have a way with words," Misty commented.

"It's an art. If I'm to imitate others, I have to learn how to speak in many ways."

"Anyways," Misty continued. "Yes that Giselle."

"I can't believe you never told me!" Duplica whined, throwing the cushion back at Misty, who caught it perfectly.

"We weren't sharing an apartment then. It was when you went home to visit your parents for a while," Misty explained.

Duplica was mollified for the time being because her next question was, "So? Who'd she end up with?"

A secretive, amusing smile spread over Misty's face. "You'll never guess in a million years."

"Ritchie Kirk?"

"Serena's cousin? Please! She's roast me alive for setting up a family member with a girl like Giselle."

"Good point. Hmm…Gary Oak?"

"Mr. Popular Playboy? I don't think so."

"Lesse…is it someone I know?"

Misty nodded, the smile on her face growing larger.

"Ralph Aker?"

"I think he went with Emily Laur," Misty recalled.

"Didn't they used to argue, like, all the time?"

"Unconditionally. It was insane the way they fought over everything! And in college!"

Duplica shrugged. "Some people never know how to show their feelings, I guess. So, are you gonna give me a clue at least?"

Misty shook her head.

"C'mon Misty! I'm scrambling around for names of guys that she'd never go for and I'm coming up flat!"

"That's surprising, since it was more than half the male population that she wouldn't go for," Misty replied.

"Well, I remember this one guy she really, really used to hate all throughout high school. He had like, mousy brown hair and was the nicest guy you'd ever meet. What was his name-oh yeah-Joe! Joe Phelps!"


The second cushion that Duplica had been holding, ready to launch it at Misty for being uncooperative, now tumbled to the floor from her lap. "Joe? She got together with Joe Phelps?"

Misty leaned back on the couch. "Surprising isn't it? She would tease him mercilessly and the poor guy always was nice to her."

"So how'd you get them together anyway?"

"Well, you know how I have all my new clients fill out a form and then I interview them?"

Duplica nodded, leaning forward with great interest. She wanted to know how the most popular girl in school was set up with the one guy she seemed to hate for no reason. And how Misty had managed it in the first place.

"Turns out, all the things Giselle was looking for in a guy was in Joe. And everything Joe wanted in a girl was in Giselle. Joe had come in actually the day after Giselle. I knew that they were meant for each other but I knew that if Giselle actually saw Joe, she'd walk right on out. So I had them talk on the telephone a few times and told them not to reveal their names to each other. Then, gradually, I decided on a day for them to meet and viola!" Misty snapped her fingers.

"You mean she didn't freak at all when she saw him?"

"Well she went into a state of complete and utter shock and Joe nearly fainted that he had been talking to Giselle. But once they started to talk face-to-face, everything was smooth sailing."

A dreamy, faraway look sparkled in Duplica's eyes as she stared off. "That's so romantic!"

"I guess."

"It's so weird the way certain people end up, isn't it?" Duplica pondered. "Who would've have thought? Giselle and Joe…"

Misty nodded in agreement. "Yeah. But, love's funny like that!"

"In that case, if love's supposed to be funny, I want some humor in my life! Preferably in the photo shop where I work."

Misty just laughed as Duplica's mind wandered off again. Yes, love was certainly a funny thing. And with the job Misty had, she had definitely seen enough humor to last her a lifetime. Even though she didn't want to voice it to her friend, Misty too wanted some humor in her life. Maybe just a little.

***Author's Note***

So, did you all like the references to some old pokemon characters? Except Serena who is mine. If you've read my other pokemon fic, she's in there so I thought I'd mention her. All these characters may or may not come into play. We'll just have to wait and see! ^_~

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AngelicFairy aka *Maura*

Preview of Chapter 2

"And exactly how do you plan to go about with this joke? What are you gonna do?"

Ash poured his eggs from the bowl into the frying pan and watched the yellow mix spread out evenly. "I'm not sure yet…I'm kind of making this up as I go along."

"Ash, you're a grown man and you're going to play such a puerile prank on a childhood friend?"

Brock only received a mischievous grin in reply as Ash turned back to his breakfast.

"Poor Mist," Brock muttered.