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Misty the Matchmaker

Epilogue: Five years later

"Something new?"

"The necklace from my mom."

"Something used?"

"My bracelet. I've used it a lot."

"Something blue?"

"Does my underwear count?"

"Shouldn't that be white like the dress?"

"It should be black. I mean tonight is their first –"

"Okaaaay moving on. Children are present. Blue underwear is fine. Lastly, something borrowed?"

"The tiara. From my sister."

"That's everything."

"I can't believe this!"

"I know!"

"You're getting married!"

"I'm getting married!"


Misty squealed along with her friends and smiled at the beautiful bride. Melody was positively radiant in her lovely white gown. Her hair was professionally curled, half her hair put up in a fancy bun, the other half flowing perfectly down her back. Her sister's tiara sparkled and winked as the light hit it, nestled amongst the curls on top.

Serena began to organize the children in the bridal party. Misty could hear Serena lecturing the flower girls and ring bearers about proper bridal party etiquette and that if they did this right, they could expect a prize at the end. Meanwhile, Duplica was fussing over Melody's veil which kept catching on the sequins on the back of the dress.

Misty kept an eye on her watch, waiting for the hour hand to hit one o'clock. That's when the girls would have to line up and get ready to leave the bridal suite. The guys walked into the main room at one and soon after that it was the girls' turn.

Five minutes to go till showtime.


"You ready man?" Ash asked, clapping a hand on Ritchie's back.

Ritchie grinned back nervously. "It's now or never, right?"

"You won't regret it," Todd said.

"How'd you manage to keep so calm on your wedding day? I never thought about it but you were cool as ice!" Ritchie asked his photographer friend.

Todd let out a laugh. "You think I was calm? I was just so dazed that I was about to marry Duplica that I didn't have time to panic and I just appeared calm. I was a nervous wreck inside."

"Kinda like I am now, huh?"

"Actually," said Gary. "You're a nervous wreck on the inside and out."


The men shared a laugh and made sure their ties were on straight, their flowers pinned on just right and then lastly, that Ritchie didn't faint before he had to enter the ballroom where the wedding ceremony was to be held.

As Todd gave Ritchie a glass of water, Gary nudged Ash.

"You okay?"

"What? Of course I am. Groomsmen duties aren't so tough."

"I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about…well you know. For later. You good with that?"

"Oh. Psh. Easy as pie."

"And yet you know nothing about making a pie."

Ash was about to respond when he noticed the wedding coordinator walking up to them and nod her head in his direction.

"Guys? It's showtime."


It was time. Ohmygosh. Melody drew a deep breath and stared at herself in the full length mirror. The rest of the bridal party had already left to line up in the hallway outside the ballroom. Misty and Serena had been worried about leaving her alone. Did they think she was going to pull a Runaway Bride move? Luckily Duplica, being the only married one, assured them that every bride needs a moment alone before making the plunge.

And this was her moment alone.

There was no denying it. She looked every inch the bride she had always wanted to be. Perfect white dress. Perfect hairstyle. Perfect friends as her Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids. And perfect groom waiting for her just a hallway away.

Someone rapped on the door gently.

"Come in."

The door opened and her father stuck his head through. He smiled and instantly any worry she might have, any doubts that might be lingering vanished. If her daddy knew this was right, then it was.


Melody locked eyes with her reflection once more before standing up. "Let's do this."


Ritchie gazed out across the sea of faces all seated in their chair and staring up at him on stage. Todd as his Best Man was to his left and slightly behind him while Gary and Ash stood on the floor. The music started and the audience turned in their seats to look towards the back of the room where the curtains slowly opened about a foot to reveal the bridal party waiting in a line.

Ritchie could see his cousin tap the flower girls who straightened their backs, tightened their grip on their baskets and marched forward. A smile came to his lips as he watched Brock's four-year-old daughter May toss clumps of petals directly into the faces of those who sat closer to the aisles, Brock and his wife Joy being two of the lucky ones to taste rose petals. Meanwhile, Melody's five-year-old niece Maya scattered them on the carpet in front of her, made sure each petal had landed then carefully stepped over them. Trailing them was Selena, his and Serena's three-year-old niece. He saw Sabrina's husband Drake proudly take furious snapshots as his daughter toddled down the aisle.

Next came Max and Matt, Misty's four-year-old nephews, Daisy and Violet's sons, who Ritchie was surprised to see were not actually running down the aisle as they had done during rehearsal. Instead the cousins carefully held the ring pillow between them and took slow, painstaking steps towards the front.

Impressive, Ritchie thought, wondering what Serena had used to bribe the boys.

Now it was time for the bridesmaids. Serena walked in first and Ritchie had to admit his cousin looked great in the lavender dress that swished about her ankles as she glided down the aisle. Duplica followed her and the two girls stood behind the flower girls in front of the stage to Ritchie's right.

Misty came next, smiling brilliantly and Ritchie didn't miss the wink she sent in Ash's direction. She took careful steps up the stage and as the Maid of Honor, situated herself behind where Melody would stand.

Misty's appearance indicated who was to come next. The music stopped and everyone held their breath. It started up again, different this time, special just for the bride. The curtains in the back shut once more to build up the momentum and as they reopened, the crowd stood as one.

Ritchie's breath hitched in his throat as the most beautiful woman stepped between the red velvet hangings, her eyes traveling until they locked with his. And she smiled ever so slowly.

"Don't faint man," Todd whispered from his left.

"I'm…I'm trying not to," Ritchie whispered back, not sure if his legs would hold him through the ceremony.


"Now it is time for the vows. These lovely children have decided to write their own," the minister said to the crowd. "Ritchie, you may go first."

Ash looked up at his friend. Ritchie gulped nervously as Todd handed him his notecard.

"I know that a lot of people do not believe in love at first sight. In fact, I didn't think I ever would either. I thought love came gradually, over time as you got to know someone. But love is something you can't control nor know when it will hit. It comes different for each and every one of us and for me, Melody, the first time I saw you, I knew I wanted to marry you. Finally this day has come and…and I cannot express my intense joy and happiness…the overwhelming urge to just jump around and shout out to the world that you accepted my proposal and will soon be my wife. You couldn't give me any better gift in the world other than when you say 'I do.'"

Ash grinned and felt proud that Ritchie had managed to say his entire vow without passing out. They had all been quite worried about that. Afterall, Ritchie had fainted from joy when Melody had first accepted the marriage proposal last year. Who knew what could happen when she finally did say 'I do.'

"Melody, if you please?" the minister said.

Melody nodded and accepted her vow card from Misty. She cleared her throat before starting. "Ritchie, the first time I met you, you pretended to be my fan and I was happy. The second time I met you, you kissed me and I thought you were a jerk. The third time I met you, you asked me out on a date in the most outlandish way possible and I thought you were crazy. The fourth time I met you, it was our first dinner date and I thought you were funny. The fifth time I met you, we had a movie date and I knew I was starting to like you. I could go on. About the sixth time we met, then the seventh and eighth. But I won't. The point is, each and every time we met, you made me like you more and more. It wasn't the flowers you bought for me or the dinners you tried to cook. It was the caring I saw in your eyes and the love you so openly displayed that made me feel safe and wanted. If that is how you were while we were dating, then I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you because I really love you."

Wow. Ash had to hand it to the girl. She knew how to give a heart-warming speech. He even felt a little tug at the corner of his heart. He glanced over at the girls' side and noticed all the women's eyes were glistening just slightly.

At this, the minister now wrapped up the ceremony. Ash listened as they both said their 'I do's' and exchanged rings brought up by Misty's nephews. Ash was impressed they had stood still for so long and hadn't managed to lose the rings.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Cheers and clapping went up as Ritchie and Melody looked shyly at one another before embracing. Ash let out a wolf whistle while Gary howled. Todd grinned down at them and gave them a thumbs up. It was over. Their boy Ritchie had managed to get through the ceremony without fainting.

The music started once again and the new Mr. and Mrs. Kirk came down from the stage and walked back up the aisle, disappearing behind the curtain. Next came Todd and Misty. Ash waited until they had passed before holding his arm out to Duplica who was grinning from ear to ear. After them came Gary and Serena, the latter whom Ash could hear chattering excitedly that she had a new sister-in-law.

The bridal party and groomsmen all congregated in the lobby, everyone exchanging hugs and kisses with one another, laughter and excitement aplenty. The children were now running around, their jobs finally done. The guests were also filing out of the ballroom.

Melody was talking to the wedding coordinator asking her to make sure the ballroom was set up for lunch promptly so guests could go back in while Misty was with the photographer. Duplica and Todd were trying to keep the children from getting too crazy while Gary looked like he was trying to sneak off and talk to some of the female guests.

Ash watched as Misty's nephews crept up behind Serena then pounced.

"Hey don't pull!"

"Aunty Serena! Where's our candy?"

"So you did bribe them," Ritchie said coming over to give his cousin a hug. She squeezed him back, smiling widely.

"It's coming out of your pay Dr. Kirk. Anyways, just for the official record, congrats cuz!"

Ritchie gave Serena a small peck on the top of her head. "Thanks."

"Okay everyone, the photographer wants to take pictures!" Misty shouted above the chattering. "Can someone grab – Max and Matt do you want me to get your mothers? Maya and May, you girls are fine. Just keep holding hands with Selena. Yes like that. Good job. Everyone now just listen to the photographer."

They turned to Todd's assistant, a recent college graduate, who was taking over for his boss since Todd was the Best Man. The stood around in several different poses, combinations of groups and such until Todd was satisfied they had taken enough.

"You're not the photographer today," Duplica chastised hitting her husband's arm. "Stop telling poor Kip what to do."

"But –"

"But nothing. Keep going Kip and don't mind him. I'm the boss's wife so you should know that's a much higher position meaning listen to me and not him."

"Haha thanks Mrs. Snap."

Now family and friends wanted to take photos so Ash and his friends melted away to the sidelines towards some empty couches. The girls immediately plopped down, complaining about their heels and wondering if their dresses were too tight or too loose.

Ash unbuttoned his suit jacket then perched on the armchair beside Misty.

She looked up and grinned at her boyfriend. "Having fun?"

"So far."

Gary took a seat beside Todd. "Man, usually a wedding is supposed to be a great time to make dates with the bridesmaids."

Everyone looked at him. "I know, I know. This wedding it's a bit impossible to hook up with the bridesmaids since I sort of know all of you."

"That and I'm married and Misty's already got a boyfriend," Duplica pointed out with a laugh. Then all eyes turned to Serena.

"Looks like you're the lucky single bridesmaid that gets to go home with Gary!" Misty exclaimed as her friend rolled her eyes.

"Great. It's a dream come true," Serena said in a deadpan voice. "At least for Duplica's wedding I had a date."

"Oh yeah what happened to that guy?" Todd asked loosening his tie. "He was nice."

At this, Gary started snickering and Serena glared at him before replying. "Well, someone decided he didn't like him so he paid him off to dump me."

Todd looked at Gary incredulously. "You paid that guy to stop dating Serena?"

Gary shrugged. "He was rude."

"Just because he didn't recognize you as The Gary Oak, does not mean he was rude."

"Hey if he really was such a great guy, he wouldn't have accepted the bribe. I was just being a good friend and looking out for you."

"Gee thanks. What a good Samaritan. Anyways, you better stay away from this new guy I've just met."

Gary leaned towards her. "Just so you know, invisible men don't count."

She ignored him and turned glowing eyes towards Misty and Duplica. "Danny Navel!"

"The model?"

Serena nodded excitedly.

"Isn't he the one you've been forever fawning over?"

"Melody met him during some benefit program and invited him. Rudy introduced us before the ceremony and he asked for my number!"

"Just cause he took your number doesn't necessarily mean he'll call."

Serena glared at her friend. "Can't you be happy for me for once Gary Oak?"

He shrugged with a cocky grin and leaned back. "One day."

"So those two are moving to Cerulean right?" Todd asked changing the subject.

Misty nodded. "Yup, since Ritchie's doing his residency at Cerulean Hospital. And because Melody just finished up her winter tour, she can relax a bit this spring before the summer shows."

"I think she's still doing shows around the area though," Serena added.

"Probably. I will be sad that she won't be our neighbor anymore," Duplica said.

"Well Viridian and Cerulean aren't that far apart so we'll all take trips to see each other."

"Hey what about Pallet?" Gary asked.

"No one cares that much about you," Serena replied with a smirk.

"Okay then what about me?" Ash asked pointing to himself. "I'm also in Pallet."

"Yeah but you come to Cerulean so much it makes no difference."

Misty laughed at Serena's comment and Ash's mock look of hurt before turning to Duplica. "So how are the plans looking for the modeling school?"

Duplica grinned. "Pretty good!"

"Modeling school?" Gary asked. "You're already a top-rate model. Why do you need to go back to school for it?"

"Oh not for me. I decided to start a modeling school for girls in conjunction with Todd's business. Sort of like an extracurricular activity. I'm going to kick off the opening with a modeling day-camp this spring."

"That sounds like a good plan," Gary said with a nod.

"Thanks. So has running the company a little easier now that you and Ash have your MBA degrees?" Duplica asked.

"Well, there's more that we know, so yes, I suppose it is," Gary responded.

Ash added, "If nothing else, the meetings are easier to run when everyone's not looking at you like some uneducated kid."

"True," Gary said with a nod. "We just had to fire someone because of his attitude."

"Is that allowed?" Serena asked.

"Well no. But lucky for us, it wasn't just his attitude that was the problem. He was embezzling money."

Todd snapped his fingers. "Giovanni right? I read the Rocket Report on that scandal."

Ash nodded. "Yup. The jerk was so condescending towards me and he tried to boss everyone around so no one misses him."

"Good riddance then," Misty said then turned to look see the wedding coordinator rushing towards the group. "Ah looks like it might be time for us to make our re-entrance."

"Alright!" Ash exclaimed then made eye contact with Todd and Gary.


The three women let out sighs and shook their heads affectionately.



The wedding was now in full swing. Pictures had been taken, lunch had been served and now people were up on the dance floor or just mingling. Melody and Ritchie were making their rounds, greeting each table. All the kids were bouncing around in their own little dance circle. Maya and May were twirling around, fascinated by the way their skirts flowed out. Even Matt and Max were behaving. Sort of, Misty thought wryly as she saw them try to jump over one another before Daisy, holding her two-year old daughter, rushed over to scold them.

Serena was sitting with her sister and cuddling Selena who was quickly falling asleep. Todd was harassing his assistant again and Duplica, who had been sitting with Misty, ran off to stop him. Gary was chatting with some women at the next table and despite the loud music, she could hear him saying he'd never met women from Shamouti Island other than Melody to which the women giggled. Misty rolled her eyes and now looked around for Ash. He'd disappeared some time ago, saying he had to go to the restroom. Had he eaten spicy food again? But…nothing on Melody's menu was even remotely spicy.

So where was –

"Miss me?"

"Ash! Where did you run off to?"

"Bathroom. I told you."

"For ten minutes?"

"Hey do I ask you why you take twenty minutes in the bathroom sometimes?"


"So, dance with me?" he asked holding out a hand as the first strains of a slow song floated out through the speakers.

She nodded and they walked over to the dance floor.

"I still can't believe Ritchie is married," Misty said as they gently swayed. Other couples were around them, each talking and whispering to each other. "I mean, he's like a brother to me. I've known him since we were kids and Serena and I would bully him. And now he's a husband."

"Poor guy. No wonder he's the way he is now."

Misty laughed as Ash twirled her out then brought her back in. She continued, "I guess it's always the more quiet ones that surprise you, huh? I didn't even know he had been planning to propose during Duplica and Todd's wedding!"

"He was probably afraid you'd ruin the surprise and tell Melody."

"I would not!"

"When he told you about his plan to take her to –"

"Okay that was Serena. Not me."

"But who told Serena?"

"Usually she's pretty good with secrets."

"Didn't Ritchie make her mad about something and in revenge she spoiled his plans?"

"Something to do with chasing off her date."

"No wait – that was Gary who chased –"

"Which time? When – "

"No, I don't think it was then."

"Oh well," Misty said with a laugh. "Wow. I can't believe it. It's been five years since we've all really become a group and since you and I met again."

Ash grinned. "Why is everything so hard to believe?"

"I don't know. I mean…I guess 'cause everything's just been going so well, you know? Not that I'm complaining. It's great. I've never been happier. All that drama that went down when I was the matchmaker. If it wasn't for all that, we might not all be here together right now."

"So my lie was actually beneficial for all of us!"

"Don't push your luck Mr. Ketter."

Ash chuckled then said, "So…you don't think anything can make you happier than you are right now?"

"I doubt it. What more is there? We're at our friend's wedding. Two of our other friends have already been married a year. I'm working at the aquarium again, dating my childhood crush, and my best friend is finally a teacher while your best friend is soon to be the CEO of Oak Tech. I mean, we've all got it pretty good, don't you think?"



He didn't meet her eyes. Instead he was mumbling to himself and taking deep breaths.

"Ash? Are you feeling okay?" she asked growing concerned as they stopped dancing.

"Yeah. I'm…I'm fine. Um. Misty. How do you feel about traditions?"

"I like them quite fine depending on what it is."

"Well, you know how Todd proposed to Duplica at Brock's wedding and then Ritchie proposed to Melody at Todd's? Well…" Ash let go of Misty's waist, fished in his pocket for something, dropped to one knee and held open a ring box. "I hope you don't mind if I propose to you at Ritchie's to keep up with the tradition our friends have going."

It felt as though time had stopped. The dancers weren't moving, the music wasn't going, and everyone was immobile. In fact, if Misty had cared to stray her gaze away from the kneeling man before her, she would have noticed that everyone had in fact, stopping moving to stare at the couple and the DJ had paused the music.

"Misty," Ash said into the silence. "Will you do me the honor of –"


Misty leapt downward to hug Ash and together they landed in a heap. Ash laughed as he sat up, Misty in his lap, the skirt of her lavender dress pooling around them. "I didn't even finish asking my question."

"Oh. Sorry." Misty looked up expectantly, blue eyes sparkling. "Go ahead."

"Will you do me the honor of being my permanent chef?"


"Kidding, kidding!"

Misty smacked his arm. "You just had to ruin it, didn't you?"

"Hey you're the one who knocked me down before I got to finish. And I do like your cooking."

"Jerk." Misty slid off Ash's lap to the floor, turned away and crossed her arms, hiding her grin from Ash.

"C'mon Mist. Marry me?"

"Didn't I already say yes?"

"So does this mean I can put the ring on you now?"

"If you must," she said, still not turning to face him but did reach her left hand back and felt him slip the cool metal onto a finger. She brought her hand back and gazed down at the ring. "Um Ash?"


"Wrong finger."


"Should we try this again?"

"How about this instead?"

Ash tilted Misty's head back and kissed her squarely on the mouth. Cheers erupted from around them and as Misty deepened her proposal kiss, Ash cracked one eye open and used the chance of her being distracted to quickly put the ring on the correct finger.

"You would mess this up Ashy boy," Gary drawled as he walked over to the pair. The music had resumed and people went back to their business.

Ash grinned and shrugged. He held up Misty's left hand. "But I got it done didn't I?"

"And didn't I tell you it was the third finger? Not the second?"

"I'm surprised you know so much about which finger an engagement ring goes on," Serena commented as she came to stand beside Gary, holding a sleeping Selena.

"Well don't you look ready for motherhood. I should start calling you Momma Maria."

"Do shut up Oak Tree."

Misty dusted herself off and stood up with Ash, holding his hand. "Hey."

"Hey," Serena said coming closer. "The ring fits right? I gave him the size."

"You knew?"

"Sure. I told you guys I can keep a secret."

"Except that one time –"

Everyone turned to see Ritchie and Melody walk over, grinning.

"Can we please just forget about that one time?"

"Hey lets get a group picture on the dance floor!" Todd exclaimed walking over with Kip in tow.

Duplica rolled her eyes from beside them. "Fine but you let the poor boy's arm go and stop telling him his job!"

Todd heeded and came to stand beside Ritchie. Duplica squeezed Misty's arm. "Congratulations! Another one to soon join the married people group! Now all we've got left is –"

"- me. I know. I'm workin' on it," Serena said as everyone laughed.

"Me too!"

"Gary," Melody said. "No offense but one's bothered about you because we know you're not in the marriage market."

"True. But I could be."

"You could be. But you're not," Ash said.

"That just makes me unique."

"Or hopeless."

"Shut up Little Maria."

"Hey, Rena you still never told me why Gary calls you that. Rena...?"

"Kip, make sure you get us all in."

"Todd if you instruct him one more time…"

"Ritchie your tie's crooked. Let me fix it."

"Aw the first thing my wife is fixing for me."

"Hey Mist. When we're married, will you fix my tie for me?"

"No. You better know how to fix it yourself."

"Um…guys? Can you all look this way please?"

"Kip, I think you should stand a little more to the left."

"Todd! He's fine!"

"Misty, the story of Little Maria goes way back to when there was this girl and a song and a broom."




"Look at what you did Gary. You woke up Selena."

"Want me to take her?"

"What, so you can start corrupting her? I don't think so."

"Guys? People? Look this way!"

"By the way Ash, did you pick out the ring all by yourself?"

"Yup. You like it?"

"Love it."

"Hello? The camera?"

"Yes Kip. I'm looking."

"You're the only one dear."

"Let me fix your veil Mrs. Kirk."

"Why thank you Mr. Kirk."

"Ugh. That's it. I'm taking the photo."

"No wait Kip! It's not per –"



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