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Elphaba Thropp would like to say she enjoyed her life, her life was satisfactory, her life had been everything she'd ever hoped it to be, she'd reached all of her goals. And she did. She was the boss at only twenty years old of a huge publishing company. She didn't have any family to bother with and friends were completely zero, another drama she didn't need in her life. Her salary was amazing and she lived in a wonderful loft in the center of the Emerald City. And she was the one with the big office. Oh yeah. She was wearing her customary black blouse and black skirt with her black flats, she didn't like heels; they were unrealistic and painful. She always had a company car pick her up in front of her building. She walked outside, and saw the black sleek car parked there, waiting for her.


Meanwhile, Fiyero Tiggular was waking up across the Emerald City in the more...run down parts. His digital clock started beeping madly over and over again. He opened his eyes groggily and looked at the time. Shit! He quickly jumped out of bed and ran to his closet and put on his suit, grabbing his brief case as he ran out the door. He ran down the busy, crowded sidewalks and straight into the starbucks on the corner. There was a long line. Shit again!

"Fiyero! Over here!" Megan called. Fiyero looked up to see her with his daily coffee orders.

"Life saver!" he breathed, picking up the coffee and running back out. He came to the Golden Books office building. He ran inside and dived into an elevator that was already mostly crowded and closing. He knocked someone over and then hit his head on the wall of the elevator.

"Ouch! Ozdammit! Sorry, is everyone alright?" he asked. Nobody said anything, "Good, me too." Fiyero sighed. The doors opened and he ran out. It took him about ten seconds to realize he was on the wrong floor. He started to run back to the elevators, but the doors were closing and the lady inside was pressing the 'close door' button rapidly.

"Oh c'mon lady, I don't have rabies!" Fiyero said. The doors closed and Fiyero went for the emergency fire stairs. He ran up four flights of stairs and finally came to his floor. His floor consisted of about forty cubicles, a secretary's desk and then there was the bosses office.

"One of those days, huh? You're really late." said Oliver as Fiyero walked in.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." said Fiyero, "Please tell me she's not in yet."

"You're lucky she's not, there's bad traffic in the square." said Oliver, "But knowing her, she'll probably yell at everyone till they cry and traffic will clear up like that." Oliver snapped his fingers.

"Knowing her." Fiyero agreed.

"Or she could just stick her hand out the window and all of the cars will think it means go." Sydney shrugged. Everyone laughed at that. Fiyero made his way over to his cubicle when he ran into an intern. One of the coffee cups spilled and went everywhere.

"Really?!" Fiyero yelled at him, "Really man? Look at my shirt!" his white shirt as completely covered in coffee.

"Uh, sorry Mr. Tiggular." said the intern.

"Don't Mr. Tiggular me!" Fiyero yelled, "Ozdammit, you know, what give me your shirt."


"You ruined this one, give me yours." said Fiyero.

"But I--" began the intern.

"I'll have you fired if you do not give me your shirt." said Fiyero, "I will tell the boss that you were the one that cancelled the call when J.K Rowling called about publishing her book, so there for you are the reason that damn Scholastic Inc. stole our thunder because you were the one that hung up on J.K Rowling and her billion dollar Harry Potter books. And if I tell the boss that, she will do more than fire you--" the intern was already taking his shirt off.

"Well what am I going to wear?" asked the intern.

"You will wear this shirt that you spilled coffee on after I change out of it, in the mean time you can walk around wearing nothing, the chest of shame because you spilled the bosses coffee and now I have to give her mine." said Fiyero. Fiyero snatched the shirt and walked away, he really was not in a very good mood today. As soon as he sat down in his chair, his computer beeped and a message came on the screen: she's here! Shit for the third time! Fiyero quickly flung off the coffee shirt and put on the clean white one from the intern. He put his jacket on over it and straightened his tie. Everyone else was shoving magazines beneath their desks or closing computer games on their computers and the intern was running around wildly looking for a shirt.


Elphaba walked into the office calmly, even though she was still a little pissed about the morning traffic. Fiyero never would admit it, but he thought she was actually a rather beautiful woman—no, girl. She was just a girl, but she was the boss of this major incorporation. She must have really worked hard for this.

"Remind me why we're all so scared of her?" murmured Fiyero to himself. She started walking to her office when she saw an intern without his shirt. She stopped in her tracks and stared at him. And he froze, scared out of his wits.

"Oh, that's why." Fiyero muttered.

"Tell Mr. Acapul, how old are you?" asked Elphaba.

"Um...24...." the intern said nervously.

"That's right, and how many 24 year olds do you know that come to work without a shirt?"


"It's probably about the same percentage of 24 years olds that are still interns because they couldn't get a real job. And here, we do not have time for those who are categorized in the lowest statistics possible, so I will give you two hours to clear up your cubicle and leave. And I will give you a word of advice, not to start all of your sentences with 'um'." she said and continued on into her office. The intern looked like he'd gone into shock. He stood there blinking a couple times before turning around and going to his cubicle to clear it out. Fiyero smirked and picked up the only full cup of coffee left and went into Elphaba's office. She was sitting at her desk which had at least five large manuscripts on it. Her office was very large and modern with an expensive air about it. The carpet was so white it always made you think you had to take your shoes off to step onto it. Fiyero handed her the coffee.

"You're coffee." he said, standing by her desk. She took the coffee.

"Thank you Fiyero." she said, not looking at him. Fiyero nodded and started to walk out, when she stopped him, "Would you mind telling me why my coffee has: Jillian, call me 816-938-2938?"

"Oh..." Fiyero said, "That's actually, my coffee."

"Mind telling me why I'm drinking your coffee?" asked Elphaba.

"Because..." Fiyero considered coming up with some clever lie to make himself sound less incredibly idiotic, he couldn't believe he was squirming beneath his twenty year old boss, how pathetic. Fiyero finally realized all he could do was tell her the idiotic truth, "...you're coffee spilled."

"So you've given me yours?" asked Elphaba. Fiyero nodded, "That's right." Elphaba took a sip.

"Hmm." she said thoughtfully, "You drink coffee with a dash of cinnamon and apple and exactly two packets of sweetner too?"

"Yes." said Fiyero, "Because it would be very pathetic if I were to get myself the exact same coffee as you because every day I would be afraid that you're coffee would spill and I would want to make sure you still had your coffee to drink. Yes, that would just be very pathetic and it just so happens that I drink the exact same coffee as you and I have for five years."

"Uh huh." Elphaba smirked, taking another sip of coffee. Fiyero nodded again awkwardly and quickly got out of her office. Ten minutes later, Elphaba walked out of her office and into the one next to her. Three minutes after that, she walked back out and was almost to her office when Henry walked out of his office looking really mad.

"You can't fire me!" he shouted. Elphaba stopped just short of her office and rolled her eyes and turned around to face Henry.

"Go ahead Henry," she said, an impatient, almost amused look on her face.

"You can't fire me! You treat us all like your little slaves because you have no life outside of this office! You are a cold hearted bitch!" he yelled, pointing a satisfied at her. Everyone in the office ooed. Elphaba smiled at him, not nicely and walked towards him.

"Henry, you are forty six years old, I would think someone of your age, would've been smarter than this. I told you I'd give you two months here to find a job, but now you've gone and ruined that deal. So you will be escorted out of the building by security and I'll have Fiyero here get in on video and then put it on that little internet site," she turned to Fiyero.

"Youtube." Fiyero said.

"Youtube." Elphaba nodded. Henry looked like his plan just backfired in his face. He quickly ran back into his office.

"Five, four, three, two--" Elphaba began the countdown and right at one, Henry ran out of his office again with a cardboard box with all his crap in it and he ran to the elevator. Elphaba nodded and continued on her way to another office.


"You needed me?" Elphaba asked the Mr. Jeris and Mr. Davis, they were her bosses.

"Ah yes, Elphaba," said Mr. Davis, "You see, you're visa just came back and it's been denied."


"You're being deported."

"What? It's not like I'm an—an immigrant! I'm from—Munchkinland, it's not like I came here with swine flu and a hardly understandably accent. I'm a Munchkinlander." said Elphaba.

"Either way." said Mr. Davis, "You're being deported."

"Oh, well, that's fine—I can still work for Golden Books, you know, meeting vie satellite, yeah, it'll work." said Elphaba.

"Actually, without a visa, you can't work for any company in the Emerald City." said Mr. Jeris.


"Elphaba, you don't know how much we want you to stay, you're the best, but there's no way around this. We're giving your job to Henry." said Mr. Davis gently.

"Henry?!" Elphaba almost yelled, "You mean the guy I just fired?!" Just then the door opened and Fiyero stuck his head in.

"Um...you got a call from the Wizard, but I told him you'd call him back because you were otherwise...engaged." said Fiyero. Elphaba stared at him. Engaged. She motioned for him to come inside. He came in awkwardly.

"You see, actually this whole deportation thing, won't be a problem." said Elphaba, "Because, ah, Fiyero and I are...getting married."

"Whose getting married?" asked Fiyero.

"We are." said Elphaba, "We are....getting married."

"Getting married...we are." Fiyero muttered in shock, what?!

"Isn't he your secretary?" asked Mr. Davis.

"Uh...no, he's my...assistant." said Elphaba, "And besides, it wouldn't be the first time one of us fell for our secretary's." she gave Mr. Jeris a pointed look.

"Married...wha??" Fiyero was asking.

"We...uh...tried to fight it, but you...uh, can't fight a love like ours." Elphaba patted his shoulder and Fiyero just stared blankly ahead, lost in shock. Elphaba took a step away from Fiyero as though he were the swine flu infested immigrate she was just talking about. She looked at her bosses, "So, uh, we're good right?" she asked.

"Make it legal and we'll pretend this whole thing never happened." said Mr. Davis.