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Chapter 1 - Introductions and curiosity.


It had been three years since the Nero-incident. Three years since Amanda Grayson had died. Three years without her comforting, but terran, words. He missed that, and he missed her.

It had also been two years since he and Nyota Uhura had come to the logical decision that they were not compatible, and they had parted as friends. Uhura had requested, and had been granted, a transfer to another star ship. She had thought it was more logical to separate and not see each other every day. It was more logical for her, since she could not bear to see him go on away-missions and worry to death every time.

He would have been fine with her staying onboard the Enterprise, though he would not admit it, he worried too, when she came with them on missions. His human part would worry too much and almost made him illogical, though he would never say that to her.

Enough reminiscing.

Rising with practised ease, Spock walked to the window in his office and looked out on the facilities of Star Fleet Headquarters. He could see cadets walk about to their different destinations; mess-hall, classes, labs or the library.

He was back in his role as teacher, but just for six months, as the Enterprise had encountered another black hole, which had appeared after a star had died. It was not like the one Spock Prime had told Kirk about, but it had caused damage to the ship as they were there to witness the death of the glowing orb.

Montgomery Scott had a fit bigger than the super nova when they got back to Space-dock in orbit around earth. Sure, Enterprise had, as Spock remembered, almost lost the right nacelle. The technicians of space-dock had told them that any attempt of going into warp one more time and the whole thing would have fallen off.

The cracks of the pressure from the black hole were almost as bad too, but it would take time to repair all damages. Montgomery Scott would not leave the Enterprise at all, he would sleep close to the warp-core if they let him, but they had convinced him to sleep in guest-quarters of the space-dock, with a window over-viewing the Enterprise.

Spock found Mr. Scott to be almost childishly attached to the ship; it was only pieces of metal after all. But he knew if Mr. Scott heard him say that, he would most likely throw a fit and declare Spock colder than ice, and with no love for the engineering and finesses and beauty of a star ship like Enterprise.

He glanced at his PADD and saw that it was twenty minutes to his first lecture in Vulcan history. Spock turned away from the window and took a dark blue shoulder-bag with his lecture notes and started to walk towards the Sato-Complex, where language and history of alien ancestry were taught.


Silence just before class. So serene, just to clear the mind and prepare it for class. No one to chat with about silly things, just to focus on the task ahead.

'Who am I kidding?'

Sighing, she slumped in the chair; the mediation to clear her head is not working this time. Too much to think of, too much to do and too much things that can't be ignored.

'Final year sucks.'

All pressure was on now, to get on a good ship and to get out in space, to explore new worlds. That was on her mind, just to get away from this world and see some other planet. That was her goal for now. And to accomplish that, she would have to get good grades, and to get good grades, she has to focus on her studies, which was at the moment too hard to do. She seemed to have lost focus.

Turning off her PADD, so she won't see the essays that need to be done, she looked at herself in the dark screen. An oval face; not fat nor thin, almond-shaped eyes; dark-blue in colour, a cute little up-nose and dark-brown hair, with thin mahogany high-lights coloured in. Her hair was now up in a simple French twist, with two hair clips holding it up and away from her face, making her look more professional and more alert.

A quick look on the watch in the front of the classroom, she saw she had about fifteen minutes before class started. Pulling up an old-fashioned sketch-pad and a pencil, she began to write in a language she couldn't speak, but understand when listening to and reading it.


Ten minutes before class started, Spock entered the room, and saw a few students already sitting in different places, readying their PADD's or speaking with each other in low voices. As he began to set up his notes on the desk in the front, the control-board next to the desk, told him that one of the connections to the screen he was to use, was offline, and to make it function was to switch it on manually.

As he made a mental note to report this to maintenance after class, he walked up the stairs in the room and accessed the faulty connection and made it work temporarily. As he turned to walk down again, he saw a female student write something in an old-fashioned sketch-pad. It was not unusual to see some students use one to express their artistic side, but it was unusual to see a human female write in the language of his ancestors, his Vulcan ancestors.

Spock's eyebrow was the only sign of his surprise, as it twitched slightly. If Jim had been around, he would have easily seen the surprise in Spock's eyes, but now, as no one in this room knew him, no one noticed.

He walked down, glancing at her once more, before focusing on his lecture. As a couple of the students ran in and sat down, trying to catch their breath, he began speaking in a composed manner.

"I welcome you to these lectures of Vulcan history. Since you all are seniors, I expect you to know that you arrive on time to my classes." He saw a few students sigh and began with the first part.

"I trust that you have already familiarized yourselves with the textbook, as we are going to use it frequently and you are expected to read the chapters I will talk about before the next class. As this is the first lecture, I will mostly go through how to use the book most efficiently and which chapters you should read to each lecture."

Everyone started to add notes to their PADD's, as they foresaw a series of lectures which would be hard to follow, if they didn't wrote down the information he said to them.

May the stress begin.


"Class dismissed."

Instantly, books were closed, tossed down in bags and ignored until next class.

Two minutes later, Spock sat alone in the room and started to pack down his PADD's into his own bag. The silent 'whoosh' of the door was heard again and he turned towards it.

"I am sorry sir. I forgot one of my PADD's." It was the female who had written in the Vulcan language. Spock nodded to her, and she walked to her seat and found the missing PADD.

As she walked down towards the door, Spock rose from his seat.

"Excuse me, cadet...?"

"Archer, Skye. Sir." She stopped a few feet from him and waited for him to speak.

"When I repaired the connections before class, I could not help to see your writing in Vulcan. May I inquire where you have learnt to write almost with a master's skill?"

"From my former room-mate, Sir. T'Pila of Vul... New Vulcan." Skye thought of the events three years ago. "Her father is a scriber for the High Council."

"I see. May I ask for his name?"

"Varnak, son of Verkon. Sir."

Spock found it interesting that the cadet knew of the Vulcan way of telling another's name with respect, as she did when she told him of who Varnak's father were, she apparently knew more than required for this class.

"I believe my father know of him. Do you also speak Vulcan?"

"No, Sir. But I do read and understand most of the language when spoken." Skye wondered where this was going; she couldn't tell if he was curious or just really interested in her knowledge.

"Then you must tell your professor in Vulcan to assist you with the verbal part." He put away his PADD's in his bag. "It is not logical to read and write the language when you cannot speak it."

Skye shifted on her feet and looked away for a moment before she looked at Commander Spock again.

"I am not enlisted in any linguistic class, Sir. It is not my focus." She felt a bit embarrassed to admit it, as she got praise from a Vulcan, who obviously liked her writing.

"You are not? Then what is your focus?" He was surprised, if she could write the complex language of his father's heritage, then she must have attended some linguistics classes.

"Engineering, sir. Mostly astrophysics, and the basics of warp design, transporter theory, quantum mechanics and quantum chemistry. I have also attended the Interspecies protocol and ethics."

"I would strongly recommend you to enlist in a Vulcan linguistic class, since it would be logical to know every aspect of the language. Your writing is almost perfect; it would be a waste if you would not have use for it in the future, Cadet Archer."

"Thank you, Sir. But I'm afraid that it won't be possible, as my schedule is full until graduation. Unless one of my professors is willing to grade me now, but as I have not completed any of my ongoing courses, it is impossible."

"I understand. Thank you for your time cadet." Spock nodded to her.

Skye nodded back and started to walk to the exit.

"Cadet Archer, may I inquire one more thing?"

"Yes, sir?" Skye turned around.

"Are you perhaps related to Admiral Archer?"

Skye smiled softly and answered him.

"In a way, Sir. He is my great-grandfather's nephew."

Spock nodded to her as thanks and she walked away to her next class. He remained a moment in the room, contemplating the information he had been given, then he left, heading to his office and at the same time, connecting his PADD to the lists of cadets enlisted right now on Star Fleet Academy, finding a file marked; Archer, Skye.


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