All the stories in this collection will be inspired by the 100 fairytales prompts on LJ. This particular one was inspired by #013- The Magician and His Pupil

Sesshoumaru watched with rapt attention as his father danced around wielding Tetsusaiga, demonstrating various sword fighting techniques to his son. His footwork would often lead him very close to the edge of the cliff, but he never faltered so much as single step. He jumped and slashed, parried and jabbed, and Sesshoumaru hadn't realized that his mouth was gaping with awe.

"Are you paying attention, Sesshoumaru?" the Inu no Taisho asked with a smile as he launched himself into the air, sword held over his head.

Sesshoumaru nodded and followed his father's jump with wide eyes. His father landed and made a wide slash with his blade, and Sesshoumaru imagined that any enemy standing there would have been cut clean in two. There was nothing short of magical about the way the Inu no Taisho handled his weapon.

I want to do that, the demon child thought, his eyes never leaving his father. This Sesshoumaru will be just as skilled a swordsman as his father. No. A better swordsman. This brought a small smirk to his face, which was not lost on his father.

The Inu no Taisho jumped high into the air again, and Sesshoumaru lost him in the blinding glare of the sun. He whipped around as he heard his father land softly on the grass behind him. Tetsusaiga was slung over one shoulder, his free hand resting on his hip. He smiled at his son, then reached out and tousled his hair. He sheathed Tetsusaiga and instead drew a blunt training sword.

"Ready to see what you can do?" he asked Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru nodded furiously and drew his training sword, more than ready for his first lesson with his father.

One day I will no longer be the pupil, Sesshoumaru thought as he crossed swords with his father, I will be the master, and no one will be able to challenge me.