All the stories in this collection will be inspired by the 100 fairytales prompts on LJ. This particular one was inspired by #060- Staying With A Friend In Rainy Weather

Rin had always loved the rain. She liked to run through it, feeling as the wet grass squished beneath her bare feet. She would try to catch the small droplets on her tongue, and was fascinated by the small frogs and lizards that came out from their hiding places to sit out on rocks and enjoy the wet weather.

But this was simply too much for her. The rain had been pouring down in bucketfuls for many hours now, and Rin was soaked to the bone. The downpour was so heavy she could barely see a few feet in front of her, and all other sounds were drowned out by the constant patter of water hitting earth.

At first Rin tried to take refuge beneath a large tree, but the rain battered heavily upon the leaves and Rin was no drier than she would have been if she sat out in the open. She tried tree after tree, but none of them seemed to provide adequate cover. Her search for a dry hiding space earned an annoyed sigh from Jaken. He was small enough to fit himself in the knothole of one of trees Rin had tried and abandoned, and was sitting cozy and dry while the girl searched on for proper cover. Ah-Un didn't seem to mind the rain in the slightest, and was sitting contentedly beside Jaken's tree with no cover at all. The rain simply bounced off his scales, and the soggy earth he was sitting on gave him no trouble.

"Rin, you foolish girl," Jaken called, "The more you run around, the wetter you'll be. Just settle down somewhere."

With a sigh, Rin sat herself down beneath the nearest tree. The ground was muddy, but the leaves blocked out most of the rain. Most of the drops that made it through the tree's guard fell to the ground around her. However, there was a continuous flow of raindrops that kept falling right upon her head. The downpour began to slow, but the dripping continued until Rin contemplated moving to another spot. She was just about to rise when she realized they had ceased.

She looked up to see Ah-Un's twin heads looming above her. The dragon had positioned himself so that the drops of water ran down his neck, over his shoulder and to the ground instead of on Rin's head.

"Thank you, Ah-Un!" Rin cried, throwing her arms around Ah's neck. "You're a good friend to Rin!"

The dragon purred his approval.