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Part One

Jacob knows that if his pack is caught, they will be killed.

The humans, who live in tall, technological towers where life is perfect, are scared of them.

The humans see them as a threat, instead of a creature that exists to protect them.

Jacob has seen the signs posted on every building. He knows how valuable they are, how much humans will be rewarded if they catch a werewolf.

When Jacob first heard that werewolves were being hunted, he told Leah, hoping she would know what to do. He remembers her words clearly. "Jacob, we have to hide."

And so they did. They have been hiding for three months now, Jacob, Seth, and Leah. So far no one's caught them, but every day is a risk.

Jacob remembers when Seth saw them. The people who wanted the world to be rid of werewolves, the people who would do anything to make sure that all werewolves were executed.

When Seth gave the description of the people to Jacob, he knew that it was more serious than he thought.

Every day, Jacob remembers these things and knows that he has to protect his pack.

Every day, he hates hearing Leah cry. She never cried before the werewolf hunting started, but now the tears she's kept inside for so long are finally coming out.

He hates to hear her cry because he wants so much to assure that everything is all right even though it isn't.

He hates hearing her cry because sometimes, he wants to curl up next to her, and cry, too.

But he knows that he can't. He knows that he must make sure that it's safe for them. He has to make sure that Seth can still run as a wolf when he wants to, that Leah can still speak freely, and that he will still have his pack, his family.

Once a week, one of the wolves from Sam's pack will come and tell them how their pack is doing. The news is always bad. Paul is dead, Jared is dead, Sam is dead.

One week, no one comes. Jacob assumes that this means that everyone in Sam's pack is dead.

When all hope for his pack seems to be lost, Jacob curses the one who started all of this.

It was the last person he would have expected to tell them about the werewolves, or rather, show them about the werewolves.

He never guessed that his imprint, Renesmee Cullen, would do this to him.

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